Bubblemaps: A Revolutionary Tool Creating a More Transparent Environment

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A new tool is quickly advancing a more transparent digital environment for everyone by providing a platform that creates a secure yet well-designed virtual ecosystem for those looking for an interactive experience on a blockchain network.

Bubblemaps is the first DeFi token and NFT supply auditing tool of its kind. The distinct and vibrant color bubbles make it simple to understand on-chain data. As a result, Bubblemaps is a highly beneficial and one-of-a-kind tool that revolutionizes the way on-chain data is understood and visualized.

Bubblemaps aims to make blockchain data more transparent, accessible, and enjoyable. Blockchains generate a steady stream of data, which necessitates a diverse set of skills and the necessary tools. Unfortunately, the majority of available services cater to a technical user base.

This NFT tool enables users to inspect wallets, discover connections, and sift through the clutter of blockchain data. More specifically, Bubblemaps displays a token’s top owners as bubbles, with one bubble equaling one wallet. When ETH, BNB, or FTM is transferred between those holders, the bubbles on the bubble map connect. This represents the token distribution very accurately.

Bubblemaps transforms blockchain data into an interactive experience, making research enjoyable and convenient. They have already signed up thousands of daily users and collaborated with significant blockchains, tokens, and platforms. They have also joined the Crypto.com Accelerator Program.

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Bubblemaps discovered how a notorious NFT collection used wash trading to inflate trading volume and floor price in one of their case studies. Squiggles is an Ethereum-based NFT collection, and on February 10, 2021, the blockchain detective CoffeeZilla disclosed that Squiggles was using shadow wallets to inflate trading volume artificially.

Through Bubblemaps, users can see that three central wallets are circulating ETH to 25 wallets. This trend is expected in wash trading, in which an investor sells and buys an asset simultaneously to generate excitement about a project.

On top of being pitched at international conferences, Bubblemaps is now active on FTM. The tool currently has up to 120,000 unique visitors per month and the Fantom Foundation’s official support. More than 400 tokens, including 1inch, Paraswap, BlackPool, Beefy Finance, and Olympus, have announced their listings on Bubblemaps. NFTKey, Hacken, DEXTools, DEX Screener, and Gemxyz have iFrames natively embedded. In addition, Bubblemaps has been accepted into the first ever Cronos Accelerator Program by Crypto.com.

Bubblemaps is becoming the new industry norm in crypto research, used by all levels of investors and available on all significant blockchains, including the ETH and BNB chains. Bubblemaps’ founders hope to build it into a robust market analytical dashboard for DeFi, powered by unique data visualizations. They intend to raise funds in the first quarter of 2023 to achieve this vision. Cronos and Fantom have officially endorsed Bubblemaps and are willing to help raise funds.

Knowing the token distribution is essential whether you invest in DeFi or NFTs to ensure there are no signs of wallet deception. Bubblemaps has provided its community with a steady flow of updates, integrations, news publications, partnerships, and announcements. “Regardless of market conditions, we truly believe in our product, and our team never stops,” says one of the founders.

Bubblemaps envisions creating a strong and positive contribution to the NFT and crypto community by developing a more transparent and trustworthy culture in the industry.

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