Bryan Gorrita On How Your Outlook Will Affect your Business

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Three hugely underrated pillars that absolutely need to be supported through the tenure of someone wanting to run a successful business are time, mindset, and motivation. Luxury real estate broker, Bryan Gorrita, concurs that What makes business so complex, yet coherent, is the understanding that all three of these traits all work off of the backs of each other and will heavily affect the quality of both your product, as well as your service.

Decorated real estate broker, Bryan Gorrita, believes that the biggest challenges new business owners tend to face, especially in his own industry, luxury real estate, is not having the right mindset. Bryan is a big proponent of the thought “before you embark on your journey you must already believe it before you start. If you are unable to already place yourself in the position of already having it then you will never truly be able to receive it.”.

Not having the right mindset and then in turn affect your motivation. Having a fleeting purpose for becoming an entrepreneur in the first place will not create the workhorse nor allow you to make the sacrifices that are necessary for being successful in the business world. Understanding that just because you don’t have a normal 9-5 schedule doesn’t mean that you can waste your time. You need to be even more disciplined when you run your own business because time is money” is advice commonly preached by Bryan.

Just as the mindset affects the motivation, poor inner motivational skills could easily lead to just flat-out wasting time, and in a more meaningful sense, money. A way Bryan advocates to correct this is to do two things. Hire a time team as well as hire a quality personal mentor. Bryan understands that “People underestimate the power of having a proven mentor on the team. Having the right mentor will propel your business exponentially in a short amount of time”. With a mentor and a team to work behind you, you can greatly accelerate the pace at which your business is developed.

Bryan Gorrita feels that the first steps to owning a successful business truly begins internally. Without a proper mindset to kick things off, all of the other aspects that make those who are successful who they are, go half-baked and undersold.

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