Latin vampires have become fashionable, thanks to GoldHeart Productions and its creator Bruna Rubio, who gave these mystical beings an exquisite Latin flavor.

With the desire to tell original stories where female empowerment is felt, GoldHeart Productions will premiere “Vampiras”, a film that promises to change the traditional image of vampires with its female protagonists Luna (Bruna Rubio) Adriana (Milett Figueroa) Mina (Johana fadul ) Katya (Yuri Vargas) and Ingrid (Maria Conchita Alonso. Female vampires speaking in Spanish will face and fight the most dangerous criminals in a world where anything can happen.

“Vampiras” is a Latin sci-fi and action story about three sisters who are living in LA in present times. Two of them want to humanize, but the third does not agree to become human, and starts a battle with her sisters to maintain their essence as vampires. Throughout the script, we see moral and immoral characters who accompany the protagonists to help enrich the story.

“Vampiras”, with characters from the underworld, will steal the hearts of all Sci – Fi movie fans. In addition to creating this great story, GoldHeart productions, in its mission to support women behind the camera in the film industry brought together a talented crew, mostly women, who contributed to the film with a female view and energy that is eating up the film industry. The crew, Executive Producer: Bruna Rubio, Production Manager: Anais Valley, Cinematographer: Aina Graupera, Makeup-FX: Belen Cortes, Second Unit Director and Line Producer: Diana Sarmiento, Makeup: Pilar Pascual, Location Manager: Victoria Medrano, Script supervisor: Sara Pons and other females want to continue telling stories together and proving that women can get ahead in a cinematic world that is changing in favor of equality and diversity. To further this endeavor, Goldheart Productions has the backing of talented men such as director Ivan Mulero and writer El torres who support the stories of “vampiras” thirsty for acceptance and recognition in Hollywood.

Writer : Diana Sarmiento

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