Brooke Benevento: Understanding How to Turn Your Passion into Purpose

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Mother of three and CEO of LandHome Design and Passion into Purpose Coaching, Brooke Benevento, is a modern-day superhero. Her life did not always follow the conventional path, which probably contributed to her journey of becoming a mega-successful entrepreneur. Yet, she has managed to do something most can only dream of – to turn her passion into purpose.

In a candid chat, we asked Brooke Benevento how she made her source of fulfillment profitable. The tips, she says, are achievable for everyone, and she hopes that readers can achieve similar levels of success by implementing them.

Understand What Sells

The first thing to do when planning your journey from a passion to a career is to study the current market. Note what buyers are paying for. While you needn’t copy what someone else is doing, this should give you a pretty good idea of what sells.

Why is this of any relevance? Let’s say your passion is writing. First, study the market – see what kinds of businesses require writing services, understand the different types of writing services, and note the ones that pay the most. This list helps you gain awareness of your options for a possible career.

“Life becomes less stressful and so much more fulfilling when you learn how to use all the techniques,” explains Brooke Benevento.

Acquire the Skills

Once you have chosen your career, acquiring the necessary skills to execute your plan comes next.

Passion is one thing, but it’s another ball game once you start selling your product and services to others. When buyers spend money, they expect a certain standard, and you have to keep up to stay competitive and get loyal customers.

Building on the previous example: Once you choose a form of writing, you should proceed with understanding what skillsets are needed to gain mastery over that form of writing. This could involve completing certifications, interning to gain on-the-job experience, etc.

Have an Open Mind and Be Practical

It is necessary to remember that your reality could differ significantly from the ending you imagined. But when going down the lesser-trodden path, you must expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything.

Brooke reinstates, “anyone can have success with the right mindset and a lot of persistence and determination.”

Everything else is attainable when you have a clear calling, a defined passion, and a solid purpose. No matter what happens, Brooke Benevento urges readers to have faith in themselves and a belief in their abilities to carry them through any adversities or challenges.

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