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Why do you listen to specific songs in a loop? Is it just because of the melodic tune, or you find the lyrics relatable? A song becomes memorable because of both. It has an uplifting feeling, making you think of that special someone. A great song brings the lyrics to life. It’s as if you wanted to say the same things to your loved one but just couldn’t find the right words and the right tune. But now, you can. Thanks to original, customized songs from Bring My Song To Life, you can tell your unique story in the form of a song.

Dedicate your very own song to your partner

Bring My Song To Life offers a service like no other. You think of an occasion and a person you want to dedicate your song to and leave the rest to the pros at Bring My Song To Life. This music production family can create original songs for any occasion. Whether it’s your marriage anniversary or your mother’s birthday, this will be a gift that your loved one will never forget.

Founded in 2019, Bring My Song To Life shot to fame within a year once people came to know about this unique service. Most people think that customized gifts mean photo frames, a box of chocolates with a personalized message, or any traditional gift you can customize somehow. Bring My Song To Life says, “Don’t limit your imagination to just chocolates, t-shirts, and roses. If you want to see a gleeful smile on your loved one’s face, gift her a song.” That’s one unique way to show your care and affection. 

Contributors to Bring My Song To Life

Tunedly, as the creator of Bring My Song To Life, plays a crucial role in the success of Bring My Song To Life. This music production company has already produced over 5,000 songs since 2015. It offers innovative solutions to music production and publishing for songwriters. Mathew Knowles, one of the most well-known names in the music industry is part of Tunedly’s and thereby also Bring My Song To Life’s advisory board. 

Mathew’s career includes teaming up with Destiny’s Child, The O’Jays, Earth Wind & Fire, Chaka Khan, and Beyoncé. That goes to show that you don’t get substandard music from this brand. They take your feelings seriously and would come up with a song that would touch not only your heart but also the person to whom you are dedicating that song.

Want to know another notable name who is on the advisory board of Tunedly/Bring My Song To Life? It’s Harvey Mason Jr. Harvey, current interim CEO of the GRAMMYs. Throughout his career, he has won the ASCAP Pop award and Billboard Music award as a songwriter. Harvey has had the opportunity to work with big names in the industry, such as Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and the legendary Michael Jackson.

The co-founder of Bring My Song To Life, Mylene Besancon, said, “Initially, we didn’t think of expanding our services to the gifting industry. We got a handful of requests from people who found Tunedly even though there weren’t songwriters, mainly looking for songs they could gift on Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. Once the demand started growing, we realized that this service could be worth taking into the mainstream, so we created Bring My Song To Life. It would touch the hearts of so many people because, as we all know, music unites everyone.”

How Bring My Song To Life makes customized songs?

Bring My Song To Life makes it easy for anyone, even without any songwriting skills or musical talent, to create their very own song. First, you need to provide some information like the occasion, whom you want to dedicate the song, and your story based on which the songwriter will write the song. However, you can also specify the genre, style, and vocal gender if you want, but that’s not compulsory. Many clients prefer to leave everything in the hands of the experts at Bring My Song To Life, and the outcome always exceeds their expectations.  

The specifications help ensure that the geniuses behind Bring My Song to Life can meet your expectations. Once you provide these details, the songwriter and the musicians work in tandem. Sometimes a good song comes out significantly when you shape the words according to a specific tune. Since both the music composer, the session musicians and lyricist work together, they can consult on which words to emphasize to bring out a particular emotion.

For Bring My Song To Life, it’s all about taking part in your unique story. They don’t believe in modifying any tune or rephrasing any lyrics from previous songs. The theme, melody, lyrics – everything is different. Even if you want to dedicate two songs for two anniversaries, you will notice that the songs’ lyrics, melody, and feel are different for each

Everyone hails poets and lyricists because they can convey complicated feelings in a few simple words. This later gives you the feeling that you could also have written the same stories to express your feelings toward your loved one but couldn’t. While most people love to express their feelings, they don’t necessarily have the talent to find the right words at the right time. Poets and lyricists have that talent. And that’s why they strike a chord with appropriate terms set in melodious tunes.

Gifting songs – a unique proposition

The concept of gifting songs is still new. Previously, you may have heard on radio shows that you can dedicate a particular song to your special someone, but Bring My Song To Life takes that quest to a different level altogether. People can hardly believe that they can gift a whole new song to their loved ones.

Although this service is still at its initial stages, customers already have many amazing things to say. The company’s online reviews are full of appreciation posts, thanking them for making their special event even more memorable.

This is the kind of reaction every entrepreneur wants. But it’s the business idea that needs to impress your target audience. And for Mylene Besancon and her team, the target audience wasn’t difficult to find because almost everyone loves good music. It was the business idea that changed their fortunes. Even a decade ago, no one could think that gifting an original song is possible for anniversaries or birthdays.

But Bring My Song To Life made that possible. It’s the founders and the rest of the team’s hard work that allowed them to form partnerships with some of the most well-known musicians in the music industry, helping ordinary people create extraordinary moments during the most special occasions in their lives.



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