Brett Knutson Shares How He Built AgencyBox to 3500 Customers in 18 Months

Building a unique brand is crucial for success in a world where the competition regularly claims to be the best. However, it is not easy. For individuals, small and large businesses, It’s challenging to differentiate and build a unique identity but certainly not impossible. Brett Knutson is a renowned entrepreneur who has built his business from the ground up, established his reputation as an expert, and now shares how you can make your business stand out.

Brett Knutson is a digital marketing expert, celebrated speaker, and entrepreneur. He has started multiple companies across several industries, including top marketing agency Monopolize where he is the president and co-founder. Brett Knutson is also the co-founder of AgencyBox, a fulfillment software currently used by over 3500 agency owners around the world.

Starting early in the entrepreneurial space, Brett Knutson credits his experience for his success. He says that although the journey has not been easy, the lessons learned along the way have helped him reach the top. One of those lessons is the importance of personal branding.

Your brand helps tell your story to the rest of the world and introduces them to your business, says Brett Knutson. He explains that a strong personal brand will help differentiate you from the competition and allow you to build trust with prospects, making it easier to convert the leads into sales.

When Brett launched his fashion company Amare, he prioritized branding to help him reach a wider audience. He is also a co-founder of Hive, a venture-backed platform, and Mediphone, an answering service. His exemplary customer service and extraordinary approach are setting him apart, helping him cement his place in both marketing and software.

Monopolize is a full-service agency providing influencer marketing, digital advertising, PR, design, social growth, and web development, among others. The team is leveraging their expertise to help businesses build a strong online brand and monetize their following and increase the ROI. Knutson has worked with some of the biggest names in personal branding, including Jay Shetty, Jason Capital, Jordan Belfort, and Grant Cardone.

According to Brett Knutson, the key to success, especially in a fiercely competitive market, is doing things differently. He notes that to be unique, you must be ready to step out of your comfort zone and offer your audience something they are not used to being offered. His marketing company gives advice and helps his clients be visible online and grow their reach.

His white label agency, AgencyBox, provides a fast and impressive way to get your name out there and potentially increase your sales. AgencyBox has become the number one fulfillment software and insourcing solution for agency owners and is trusted by over 3000 brands.

Building a unique brand is not impossible. What matters are the strategies you are using and how they align with your goals, says Knutson. As Brett Knutson states, it all starts first by understanding the market you are trying to reach and what you can do that is different from your competition.

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