Break Through Your Limitations and Step Into a World of Freedom With Internationally Recognized Mind Architect Peter Crone

Do you often think there is something holding you back in life? That perhaps you were destined for more than you currently have? Spend some time with Peter Crone and you’ll walk away with a new sense of peace and determination to face the future.

Peter Crone is a man who commands authority in the purest and most gentle way. Spending time with him, you get a sense of his centredness and grounding as well as his passion for sharing his journey and the lessons he has learnt with people. You also get to understand his inspiring belief that we can design the lives we want for ourselves if we break through the limitations of our subconscious and the way we react to events in our lives.

Crone is renowned and respected as The Mind Architect and has worked with entertainers, professional athletes and global organisations for more than two decades. He is a thought leader, sought-after podcast guest, speaker, and soon-to-be author – his book is due for release later this year. As it says on his website, Crone is here to “help humanity reach its greatest potential.” He specializes in revealing constraining subconscious narratives that lurk below the surface that dictate how we think, feel, and consequently behave, impacting our health, our relationships, and our performance.

The testimonials and feedback from his clients attest to his skill in reshaping our thinking to redefine how we want to live our lives and step into a life that we’re consciously creating, and not one that is being lived for us. Actress and Goop founder, Gwyneth Paltrow says of him: “The fact that Peter calls himself a mind architect is apropos, because he can articulate – in such a simple, powerful, and direct way – a blueprint to build the framework for joy, and access tools to help unbridle your potential.”

How He Became The Mind Architect

“I guess it started somewhat organically and not necessarily in the most ideal way. When I was very young I was orphaned. My mom passed when I was seven and my dad passed when I was 17,” says Crone. “I think through what happened in ways that I didn’t fully understand at the time, I developed this incredible vigilance for life. I became incredibly observant.”

He explains how his skill to acutely read people was founded in the need for self-preservation and survival. He did not have the traditional family unit as his support structure.

“It did nonetheless allow me to develop a pretty extraordinary suite of abilities, to really be hypersensitive to my surroundings, general human behavior, and why people were doing what they were doing. Of course, I didn’t want to live in that mindset all the time as it was tiring. Eventually, when I discovered so much of my own internal freedom and peace by doing the work that I share, I developed a profound inner calm, and yet now had the same powerful skills.”

From there a profession developed – he became the go-to guy at school and beyond, and he realised he was able to actively listen, hold space for people, and hear their stories compassionately and without judgement.

The title, ‘The Mind Architect’ was part of his own revelation about the power of language. “Language is not descriptive, it is creative,” says Crone. “By that I mean I had been called a coach, I had been called a happiness guru, and a spiritual teacher. None of those was inaccurate but they weren’t sufficient. They had all been contaminated with meaning. It dawned on me one day that if I was really to share the unique gift and abilities that I have, I had to create a new container. That’s where I created the title ‘The Mind Architect.'”

The Mind Architect was born out of a desire to serve people. Helping end their suffering by finding true freedom in life, and all from a space of love, compassion and kindness.

His work, “frees peoples’ minds, rejuvenates their bodies, and recreates their lives. He helps people access their potential, and helps them upgrade to a greater version of themselves,” Crone says. “And of course, to always have shit loads of fun along the way.”

Create The Life Of Your Dreams

There’s no denying that Crone has created a wonderful life for himself. He speaks often about the life he has created for himself and the joy the work he does brings him. He is changing lives, having fun on the way, and living a life by design.

He is a firm believer that we too can create the life of our dreams and has built his business helping others to realize they are more than the person that first walked in to meet with him. They leave a better, more inspired version of themselves, and experience real breakthroughs in letting go of the limiting beliefs holding them back.

So can you create the life of your dreams?

“There are two answers to this question,” he says. “The first part is: Yes. That is the easy answer. You can create the life of your dreams, whatever that is to you. The second answer, which is a little longer and slightly more complex, but definitely more profound is: No, you can’t, based on the current version of yourself.”

From childhood, we accumulate narratives and dialogues based predominantly from the role model adults in our lives.. All the experiences we went through manufacture and create this identity that we become identified with. Crone explains how we collapse the version of ourselves, which is boundless, limitless, and pure possibility, with a very limited view of who we are.

“This persona gives rise to the thoughts, feelings, actions, and, consequently, results that we have in our life. So if you want to have the life of your dreams then you have to understand that the precursors are the actions you take. The actions are a byproduct of the thoughts and feelings you have. So in order to create the life of your dreams, you need to shatter the limitations and constraints of who you think you are deep in your subconscious so that the life of your dreams becomes available.”

Access The Power Of Your Mind

Are you wondering how you step into a world of freedom? To assist with this, Crone has launched a Mastermind Group that will run for six months this year. Running from February to July on selected Saturdays, participants will get to interact with him in real-time and learn about the power of the mind. The intention of the program is to reveal the subconscious narratives and limiting beliefs dictating your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so you can break free and discover a new world on the other side of them where you can enhance your health, relationships, and performance.

“People are very excited about going on this journey,” he says. “They’ll experience freedom they likely will never have had before, an internal experience of peace, joy, and aliveness that often has been missing from their lives. It will help them transcend anything that’s holding them back. I’ll be showing the group things that are blocking them that they’re usually not even aware of.”

Crone will coach individuals in the group, and then unpack what he did. “Participants who witness the process can both vicariously experience the joy, relief, and liberation themselves and witness how to do it for others,” he says. “For all of the participants who want to learn how to practice what I teach in order to help people, they’ll get to understand how the process works in a priceless, behind-the-scenes way so that they can implement it as they choose in service to others.”

With his credentials and the wisdom he offers, this online group course promises to be revolutionary for those attending. “During this transformational program, you’ll unlock a new relationship to yourself and life and with it, an ability to powerfully create the life you want and help others do the same,” says Crone.

To find out more about Peter Crone visit his website, sign up for his Mastermind course, and follow him on Facebook.

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