Brands Have a New Way to Master Social Selling with Dennis Koutoudis

Social selling is for absolutely everyone.

That’s why it’s so hard.

Online, you’re literally competing against the world. In a saturated market, something about you must stand out.

What are you going to bring to the table that makes a difference?

There’s not one answer. Often, it takes a team to create your strategy, and decide what is the best way to use the available resources.

Using LinkedIn like a pro is one key to the social sales puzzle. So is finding your target prospects, and keeping them engaged with the right content. Because social selling creates the conversations that lead to new business, it’s important to stay relevant. This way, you’ll find the people who will bring your brand forward.

One of the world’s leading LinkedIn & Social Selling advisors is Dennis Koutoudis. He has worked personally with executives at the world’s most famous companies: Microsoft, Google, Nike, Pfizer, Bloomberg, Nokia, Amazon, Deloitte, to name a handful.

With over 4 million social media followers, and hundreds of recommendations, Koutoudis is someone who walks his talk, with his company, LinkedSuperPowers.

Originally from Greece, Athens’ loss is Dubai’s gain, now that LinkedSuperPowers is based in the UAE. With international offices, Dennis Koutoudis and his co-founder and wife, Emily Pappas, lead an award winning team.

They’ve been featured in Forbes, Fortune, CNN, CBS, Nasdaq, Huffpost, Entrepreneur, and appear regularly on global media and podcasts.

“We walk the talk, that’s one of the things that make us stand out. We cannot offer you social media followers without having a significant number, ourselves. [4M+] We cannot offer you LinkedIn presence optimization without having an optimized presence ourselves. We use our lead generation service, first–for ourselves with great success. Our content service is superb. Check out hundreds of our recommendations. All of these capabilities have worked so well that our clients today include household names; the largest multinationals and Fortune 500 companies.”

Koutoudis also says: “We have been helping people, we are helping people and we’ll continue to help people change their lives for the better. This is what our purpose is. This is what makes us happy and fulfils us!”

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