Brandon E. Beal Looks To Save The Day In Financial Services

When is the right time to retire? How much money do you need to retire comfortably? Both are valid questions when considering retirement; however, there is no definite answer. According to financial services professional and influencer Brandon E. Beal, it all depends on your planning, dedication to your goals, and determination.

It becomes easier to plan the necessary financial steps when you know what you need to achieve, says Brandon. This includes understanding how much you earn and spend, your total debt, and what amount you need to raise to reach your financial goals. With his team at Beal Financial Group, where he is the CEO, and Founder, Brandon has made it his mission to help people to better understand their financial status and what they need to do for a better tomorrow.

Brandon is educating the masses on the importance of financial literacy, building generational wealth, retirement preservations, and sharing lessons he has learned.

The number one secret to attaining financial independence is changing your attitude and mindset, says Brandon. This will open your eyes to the bigger picture pushing you to step out of your comfort zone. For instance, when Brandon first began his job, he quickly realized that to attain financial independence, he had to look for another way to earn passive income. He is now teaching his clients some methods to make a living other than the traditional 9-5 job.

Before starting Beal Financial Group, Brandon was into sports. Growing up in a household of athletes, he naturally found himself drawn to sports and excelled in both football and basketball. In 2010, Brandon had a shot at pro football and earned a full athletic scholarship to Northern Illinois University, which marked the start of his journey to becoming a professional football player.

Unfortunately, his dream was cut short when he suffered a torn alignment in his foot, which ended his NFL career journey abruptly. However, Brandon’s athletic spirit was not diminished, and he was not ready to give up. He started personal training, which he did for some years before pursuing something greater.

Brandon explains that although he loved personal training, what he was making was hardly enough to pay his bills. This pushed him to look for other options, transitioning to the financial services sector. Brandon now shows people how to start building and achieving their dreams by becoming financial service reps within their firm. His company has helped hundreds of clients.

Beal Financial Group is one of the few companies in financial services where a person could earn six figures in a 30 day period. As they continue to grow, Brandon says his primary goal is to help everyone take control of their future and start their journey to financial freedom.

“Financial literacy is extremely important. Not just for you but for your significant other, your children, and grandchildren as it will help you in building a secure future,” says Brandon. His goal in the coming years is to expand Beal Financial and serve more clients across the globe.

LA Weekly