Boosting Focus and Energy With Diana Sua and the Next Best Electrolyte on the Market

Faces of Mompreneuer

In a hectic and fast-paced world, almost everyone needs a little boost to their focus and energy now and then. Work days are long, and coffee, energy drinks, and similar stimulants are considered by many to be pure junk that is only harming the body. Even the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health issued a caution about using too much caffeine and energy drinks. Bottom line – they may give an initial boost, but they are more likely to cause anxiety, sleep problems, digestive problems, and dehydration.

Diana Sua, the founder of PowderVitamin, is a busy entrepreneur and a working mom who had the same issue. With an eventful schedule at work and a multitude of chores at home, she was always low on energy and started to lose her grip. The usual “boosters” wouldn’t cut it anymore. In the search for a better solution, Diana Sua decided to make her own solution – Electrolytes Powder Plus – or what she likes to call it, the next best electrolyte on the market.

“As a young mom who likes to work, go to the gym, do the chores and still have enough energy to play with my baby, I was looking for something that will give me that much-needed boost,” says Sua. “But one thing I noticed was that electrolyte powders that promised the energy were filled with junk. A lot of sugars and artificial additives. That’s when I decided to make an electrolyte that will deliver on the promise but keep the body healthy.”

Diana and the Product

According to Sua, Electrolytes Powder Plus is produced with zero added sugars and is free of food additives (including maltodextrin). The powder contains just about the right amount of everything that the body needs to push through busy days – potassium, sodium, chlorides, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and organic vitamin C derived from organic acerola cherries. Besides improving the mind’s focus and body’s energy without the junk, it is a tasty way to optimize hydration and give a little bit of a boost to the body’s immune system.

“The main thing your body needs throughout the day are potassium, sodium, and chloride. And you can’t get that spark of energy and focus if you are lacking these elements,” says Sua. “The science is simple. Everything in your body, on the cellular level, is governed by these sodium-potassium pumps. And if they don’t work as they should, your whole body starts to shut down, and you get the usual symptoms such as headaches, weariness, and fatigue.”

Diana Sua adds that magnesium and calcium are there to help prevent cramps and focus the mind, as they play vital roles in muscle contraction, converting glucose to energy, and transmission of nerve signals. Zinc and vitamin C are neat addition that helps the body with inflammation, boosts immune health, and are known to reduce the risk of age-related diseases. But she does note that this formula doesn’t replace vitamins but just helps supplement them.

“Our product is all-natural, and it’s created with much love and care because I made it for myself and all other moms and people who need that additional boost in life,” says Sua. “After all, healthy and energized life is a happy life.”

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