BongaCams Review By a True Cam Site Expert

In the world of live sex cams, BongaCams is one of the more recognizable names. And that’s exactly what drove me to come up with this review.

With so many live sex cam sites out there that advertise themselves as “free” platforms where you can watch hot, live models perform online shows, I made it my mission to see if BongaCams is worth its salt in this category.

Visit the official BongaCams site here!

I scoured this site, in every way possible…

From its site currency to what kinds of cam models you’re going to see on BongaCams, you won’t find a more comprehensive review than the one you’re reading right now!

Quick Look at BongaCams

What BongaCams Does Well

    • Easy and quick account signup
    • Variety of live sex cams
    • LGBTQ+ friendly cam platform
    • Lots of ways to interact with cam models
    • Affordable token packages
    • Flat rates for private cams

Where BongaCams Can Improve

  • Needs more payment methods
  • Model rates are slightly expensive
  • Search filters aren’t diverse
  • Inefficient search engine
  • Too many pop-up ads

Nice BongaCams Features

  • Fans can support their cam models via Fan Boost feature
  • Private group sex cams available
  • Chat rooms offer lots of interactive games
  • Auto DJ function is a nice addition to the cam rooms!

BongaCams Bottom Line

BongaCams has a lot to offer when it comes to their overall cam model roster, as well as the types of shows you can watch on this sex cam website. That’s not to mention how BC provides some of the best cam model-to-fan interaction around.

And though the BC search functions need some work, it’s not enough to deter you from checking out what this amazing, live sex cam site has to offer.

My BongaCams Review – An Almost Breezy Camming Experience

My overall experience with live sex cam sites hasn’t necessarily been smooth; there are far more crappy ones than actual gold that I’ve checked out in my time.

And, if anything, this has given me the ability to approach my reviews without any expectations so that the disappointment won’t hit me hard.

When I first checked out BongaCams, though, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be one of those subpar cam sites that wastes my time instead of showing me hot cam models playing with their genitals in front of their webcams.

From the eye test, based on the homepage, specifically, everything looked fine:

I especially like how BC keeps it simple with the site layout: there aren’t too many featured cam models here, the search bar is easily visible and you get just the right amount of categories on the upper portion of the page.

Of course, I wasn’t just here to be a tourist. I wanted my loins to be deep into the whole BongaCams experience, so I opted to immediately create my account.

It’s truly a quick and easy process. All you’re going to be required to key in is your username and password. Linking your email address to your BC account is optional, and it comes with some additional features and perks, too.

Like I said: I wanted the full BongaCams treatment, so I verified my account. It didn’t take me five minutes to get all set up with my BC account, which is way more than I can say compared to other live cam sites out there.

And with a fully active and working BongaCams account, I then set my sights on finding the right cam model to watch on this platform.

BongaCams Categories – Finding the Perfect Cam Model

You can basically find everything you need to search for the right live cam performer on BongaCams’ homepage. That’s thanks to the fact that they provide a wide range of methods with which you can discover the cam model that suits your tastes.

First off, there are main sorting categories for the cam models on BongaCams. These include a wide range of genres, from BBW to muscle fetish. You can also sort your search based on cam model prices (for tips), all the available cam models, or your viewing history.

The other buttons on this section aren’t for cam model searches, though: they’re for stuff like purchasing BC tokens, checking out promos and discounts, contests being held by the site and a button for people who want to be a BC cam model (more on this one later).

This results in a rather unorganized section but nothing so major.

What can leave a shitty taste on your pervy tongue, though, is this:

Yes, it’s nice that BongaCams is one of those live adult cam sites that show you how many available models they have working at any given time (there’s a lot), but what I’m mainly highlighting here is the search bar.

It’s not an efficient one by any means and this is perhaps one of the main things that, at least to me, holds BongaCams back from being one of the absolute best cam sites out right now.

The BongaCams search engine primarily only allows you to look for cam models’ names instead of actual categories or genres.

For example, if you key in something like “squirt”, you’re not going to see the available live cams featuring squirt shows. You’re just going to see a bunch of cam models with the word “squirt” in their username.

So, yeah, it’s not one bit efficient unless you’re specifically looking for the name of a cam girl or cam boy you want to watch.

All hope isn’t lost, though…

Because you still have other means to look for the right sex cam model on BongaCams. If the search engine is too crappy and the main cam categories are too general for you, there’s always the tags section:

The tags on BongaCams cover a variety of genres, more so than the categories section itself, but you can only “activate” one at a time. So, if you want a combination of “redhead” and “BBW” cams, you’re not exactly going to find them easily with the tags.

On the plus side, clicking on the “show all tags” button treats you to some of the most detailed cam room information that you can’t find on other cam sites.

BongaCams did a good job here in showing you both the number of available cams and viewers, respectively, for each tag, to further help you find the right performer.

Aside from that, you can also opt for BongaCams’ search filters, which might require you to squint your eyes before you find it.

Unlike other live sex cam sites out there that automatically show you the filters, BongaCams provides you with a more subtle approach by hiding it and allowing you to manually open this section by clicking on the filters button on the upper left corner of the homepage.

It’s right beside the BongaCams logo.

This might annoy some, but I for one like this refreshing new approach to cam site layouts. Yes, I do want some virtual titties in my face, but not at the expense of an organized and streamlined surfing experience.

Then there’s this banner right here that allows you to switch to a BongaCams homepage based on the gender of the cam model you want to see. This platform offers cam girls, cam boys, and trans cam models.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the boys:

There’s a section for couple cams as well, where you’ll find, well, chat rooms made up of two or more cam performers.

I appreciate how BongaCams didn’t just phone it in when it came to offering you models of different genders unlike on other cam sites.

And that’s about it when it comes to all of BongaCams’ search tools and the ways with which you can find the right model for you. Again, it’s not the most efficient live sex cam site out there in this particular aspect, but you can work with it.

Having said that, I then decided to go back to the homepage to check out one of the many available public sex cam rooms on this site. 

Huh. A pop-up appeared. At this point, I thought nothing of it. After all, businesses have to advertise their wares to make those dividends.

Little did I know, these pop-ups were going to be one of the most annoying things about BongaCams.

BongaCams Sex Cam Rooms – A Fun and Diverse Camming Platform

Now, BongaCams doesn’t make it a point to go hard and tout themselves as a free live sex cam site, but I was ecstatic to find out that they actually are.

We’re not just talking about shitty public chat lobbies where the cam model waits for their client to take them to a private room. This is a platform that lets you watch some wet genitals for free.

Although, of course, I highly recommend you tip your cam models when you can. It’s a living, after all, and it allows them to keep making more shows. Speaking of tips, you can find the models’ tip menu in two places:

First, there’s the virtual tip menu that you can see right on the live cam feed so that you can go fullscreen and still see how much you need to send your model to make them do stuff.

Then, of course, there’s the traditional method of seeing the cam models’ tip menu right on the chat window.

You should also know that each and every model on BongaCams sets their own prices for tips, so they vary from one performer to another.

BongaCams’ chat rooms also have these nice little buttons that let you play sexy games with the model, although the availability of these games varies from one model to another. 

What I especially like, though, is their Auto DJ function. It’s not exactly a game; it’s a feature that lets you choose the background music that plays while your cam model plays with you. 

Scrolling down the chat room, you’ll be treated to a quick profile of the cam model that you’re watching. And I have to say that even the “quick” version of BongaCams’ model profiles are chock full of features.

Here, you’re going to find a short description of the model, a section showing what kinds of kinky acts they offer their viewers, and a dedicated section for uploaded content that the models sell to their fans.

You can purchase this, like everything else on the site, using BongaCams tokens.

On a side note, the mini-feed is a nice touch, too, which lets you still see what’s going on with the live cam show while you’re checking out other stuff on the site. 

It even remains active when you go back to the homepage, which means BongaCams makes sure that there’s something to keep you occupied at all times.

Going back to the cam model profiles, though, you also have the option of seeing the cam models’ full bio, which then opens a pop-up window that shows you way more detailed info. about the cam model that you’re watching:

Some of the models also sell access to their social media accounts a la OnlyFans, where fans can get all creepy and kinky with the exclusive uploaded content they provide on those platforms and interact with their chosen performers.

The feature that ups the ante on fan-model interaction on BongaCams, though, is the Fan Boost function:

This thing allows you to help out your favorite cam models by displaying their room right in front of the homepage, meaning they’ll get a better chance at grabbing more viewers’ attention.

The Fan Boost feature is also subdivided into various tiers, depending on what kind of membership you have:

And once you’re able to use this feature, you’re going to find your chosen model to be right in front of the queue:

The Fan Boost badge works like a seal of approval, too: it shows how popular and liked any given cam model is.

Now, when it comes to the type of cam shows you can find on BongaCams, you’re not going to be left wanting.

Public Goal Shows

First and foremost, you have the goal-and-tip shows that all of the cam models on BC do.

I’ve shown you the tip menus and the information about this type of show, so I’m not going to put it here again. All you should know here is that the models perform acts based on the tips you send them and that the cam models on BC set their own rates for these tips.

Private Shows

What I like about BongaCams is that each and every private show offering that the models have is charged at a flat rate.

It doesn’t matter if you’re watching a solo performer…

…or a couple.

BongaCams charges 60 tokens per minute for a regular private show and 90 tokens per minute for a full private show.

The difference between the two is that full private shows allow your model to only chat with you; regular private rooms give you a one-on-one cam feed, but the models can still chat with other people inside their chat room.

Granted, it’s rather pricey considering that 60 tokens cost a lot on BongaCams (more on token prices later), but I’m just happy it’s an option that you can go with.

Group Shows

Group shows help you save money by way of having your chosen cam model perform a semi-private show.

These cost 30 tokens a minute, but you need to meet the minimum number of viewers the model is asking for in order to take them to a group show.

What makes it great, though, is the fact that the models will pretty much do anything you want them to (within reason) on this type of show: things that would otherwise cost way more if you paid it via tips.

Now, since we’re on the topic of tokens, it’s time that I tell you about how you can get yourself some of this sweet, sweet site currency to pay for your cam models. 

BongaCams Tokens – Cheap, but Not Really

I headed back to the homepage to check out where I could get some BC tokens.

Another pop-up. Ugh.

Anyway, once I closed that annoying little pop-up ad, I immediately went ahead and pressed the “Buy Tokens” button on the top of the homepage.

This opened up another, surprise, surprise, pop-up window that shows you the payment methods and token packages that the cam site offers.

First off, I wish that BongaCams offered more payment methods. As of now, they basically offer what most other cam sites use: credit cards, Bitcoin, and Skrill. I wish PayPal was in there somewhere, but these would do fine.

Now, the token packages and prices are where things get a little murky for BongaCams.

On one hand, I will say that the site currency is affordable. Hell, you can get a pack of 26 tokens here for 1.99 Euros (approx. $2.30). On the other hand, 26 tokens will get you nowhere on BongaCams.


Given that private shows cost at least 60 tokens per minute, group shows are 30, and cam models tip rates are, on average, 100 tokens or more, the otherwise affordable site currency is offset by the overall steep rates of the shows here on BongaCams.

So, yeah, it’s either you use BongaCams for free or you go all-in and pay more than the usual amount to get your jollies on watching a hot cam model strut their stuff online.

Decisions, decisions!

More BongaCams Features

If you know where to look, BongaCams has a lot more to offer than just your good ol’ cam shows. Below, you’re going to find some more stuff that I discovered when I went back to the homepage:

Goddammit. Another pop-up!

And let me tell you this, too: these aren’t just regular pop-up ads that disappear when you click on whichever part of the screen. You’ll have to squint real hard to look for the “remind me later” or “no thanks” button to close it, which just makes them even more insufferable.

That aside, though, here are the extra goodies I found!

Save Your Uploads

BongaCams has a section that saves the uploaded videos you buy from the models.

You can find them on your account dashboard:

It’s in the My Clips section, so just click on that and you can find pre-recorded videos from models.

Free Clips!

Even better, too, is how BongaCams gives you free clips as a welcome gift: 

Sweet, right?

BongaCams Promos

BongaCams regularly runs discounts and promotions, and you can find them by clicking on the ALL PROMOTIONS button at the top of the homepage:

Aside from the daily deals that they offer, BongaCams holds seasonal promos that help you get more stuff at a lower price.

This is very useful, especially when you consider that they’re not necessarily the cheapest live sex cam site out there.

Aspiring Cam Models, Where Are You?!

One of the nicest things I found on BongaCams is how easy and convenient they’ve made it for people who want to become live sex cam models to join their roster.

By clicking on the “become a model” button on the top banner of the homepage, you’ll be led to an entirely different site:

As you can see, your BongaCams account is different from the model registration account, so you’re going to have to create a new one if you want to become a model for BC.

Registration is simple, though, as there’s a button that leads you to this online form:

BongaCams recognizes three types of performers on their site: individual models, pairs and groups, and studios.

Once you fill out this form, you’ll have an active account, and then all you need to do is submit all the necessary requirements to them to get you all set up.

For more info, read our guide on how to be a cam girl.

My BongaCams Verdict – It Has a Little Bit of Everything

BongaCams isn’t perfect, that much is true. It’s one of the worst live cam sites when it comes to search tools and the paid shows aren’t the most affordable you can find. And those fucking pop-up ads. Jeez!

However, these flaws melt away when you consider that you can use BongaCams as a full-fledged, free live sex cam website as long as you have an active account.

It also doesn’t hurt that you get lots of available options for paid performances on this platform, from relatively affordable group shows to premium private shows!

All in all, I will say that my entire experience visiting BongaCams was more than pleasant. If you’re looking for a free live sex cam site that’s as close to a premium-feeling platform as you can get, then I highly recommend this one.

Go BongaCams!

My BongaCams Rating: 4 out of 5 sexy stars


Visit the official BongaCams site here!

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