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Think for a moment about all the different platforms and mobile apps you use every day. How many of them are for social media? How about for your day job or side hustle? Chances are that the more platforms you use, the more communities you’re a part of.

While most of the world has been on physical lockdown due to COVID-19, digital social marketers and retail brands alike have been searching for ways to continue cultivating their online presence and grow their communities as a means to stay connected and add value to their followers. Whether through bringing together like-minded people to spur discussion, collaboration, or charitable contributions, digital platforms have evolved to offer users the best and easiest avenues to connect and communicate with one another, but most of those same platforms for the most part still remain largely fragmented in their ability to utilize their potential.

Enter Bonder: the most innovative communication platform you’ve never heard of.

Location-Based Communication for Today’s Digital Age

Bonder was founded in 2017 by Scott Swanson, recently identified as “Buddha in a Business Suit” in Thrive Global. Swanson has spent the better part of the last 20 years helping some of the largest companies in the world vet, buy, and deploy the most advanced platforms, technology, and infrastructure to support and grow their businesses.

Bonder seeks to become the world’s first Location-based Communications Platform (LBCP) that offers a path to build less-fragmented and more meaningful communities — both digitally and in the real world.

As the first social platform in the world that allows you to “Pick, Click and Text” message someone a gift card or contribute directly to a cause with the guarantee 90% of all funds will go straight into the hands of someone or something in need, Bonder seeks to create and foster an ecosystem of giving back and supporting others.

“Traditional proximity apps that seek to connect people based on mutual interest have failed,” says Swanson, who continues with the question, “What’s more important: having 1 million followers on your Instagram, or knowing that there are 250 people within a 25-mile radius of you who would meet you for coffee, schedule a hobby-centric group event, or even have your back in a time of need?”

Due to Bonder’s 100% private and invite-only opt-in network, users of the platform can be guaranteed that others in their proximity — who they can find on Bonder via categories including Interest, Location, and Profession — are there to mutually benefit from the engagement and support of others in their communities. But Bonder isn’t limiting itself only to social engagement.

Innovative Retail Solutions

Imagine yourself as a retailer. While the past year has undoubtedly left its impact on your business, your brand still relies on the engagement of its followers and consumers to make sales. Now imagine if you and your employees could fully engage with customers before, during, and after the retail experience, all while maintaining the health standards of our world’s “new normal”?

This is what makes one of Bonder’s features, its “6 Feet Closer” feature for retailers, so innovative. This feature allows customers to connect to your team without being physically too close to a retail staff member, but also allows your team to send discounts to customers while they wait in line and even follow-up for meaningful engagements after they leave the store.

“This feature allows retail customers using Bonder walking into a store to click the store on our app, see every department, see every person working in that department at that specific time, send them all a message, and receive immediate attention,” Swanson explains. “Then they can get a 10% discount for the exact item they buy. They can also follow up with the same salesperson afterward without ever having to call an 800 number again.”

In building this ongoing line of communication between retailers and Bonder users, Bonder’s platform can help retailers drive loyalty with customers through personalized engagement. Retailers can even drop Bonder-exclusive offers and deals, further elevating the retail experience by transforming their physical retail location into a truly unique customer experience. Other experiences can be made for non-retailer Bonder users who possess the “pro” version of the platform, which allows them to scan physical barcodes of items to receive deals or offers from retailers in a much more personalized manner than similar tools used by outlets such as Amazon.

Bonder— A Peoples’ Platform

The entire purpose of Bonder’s platform is to build a new home where people can create and improve stronger networks with more purpose and freedom. In creating a place where people can connect with others, foster communities, and express or share what they wish without the worry of the digital “Big Brother” leaning over their shoulder. Because of Bonder’s dynamic tools for social and retail users, Swanson ensures that the platform will never have to “sell out” to advertising models that require intrusive surveillance or data points to thrive.

“This is a peoples’ platform,” says Swanson. “Our vision is to be the Rolls Royce of communication platforms and masters of delivering what someone needs, exactly when they need it most,” he explains. “AT&T is voice and data. The iPhone is a device. Social apps are places we post pictures, videos and make statements, but Bonder is the world’s first LBCP where businesses, brands and users alike can equally contribute towards building lasting and meaningful communities.”

To learn more about Bonder, including how you can opt-in to Bonder’s invite-only network or to download the Bonder app for iPhone iOS or Android, visit www.bonder.me today.



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