For three years now, OC Weekly senior editor R. Scott Moxley has been dogging former and would-be Congressman Robert “Shut Up, Fag” Dornan, who last month announced his bid to win back the Orange County seat he lost to Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez in 1996.

It was Moxley, for instance, who reported that Dornan was once sentenced to jail for five days in connection with 16 years' worth of vicious spousal abuse (later, his wife claimed that alcohol and drug addiction caused her to lie about the attacks); that Dornan avoided combat duty in the Korean War by enlisting in drama school; that Dornan stole a handicapped parking space (Moxley has the photo).

Most egregious, when the Los Angeles Times was propping up Dornan's flimsy charges that Sanchez had engineered a “massive conspiracy” of “voter fraud” to “steal” the 1996 election, it was Moxley who dug into the voting reords to show – fully a year before an Orange County grand jury, a Republican-controlled congressional committee and the Times conceded the point – that the former congressman's charges were baseless.

All of which may account for the screed Dornan unleashed against Moxley on the Orange County News channel's weekend talk show Politically Speaking two weeks ago. Here are some highlights (the other speaker is Jim Toledano, former chair of the Orange County Democratic Party):

TOLEDANO: Bob, you should read Scott Moxley in OC Weekly when it's not about you.

DORNAN: Wait a minute, the homosexual paper?

TOLEDANO: When it's not about you.

DORNAN: You're talking about R. Scott Moxley, the homosexual, R. Scott Moxley.

TOLEDANO: Scott Moxley took a piece out of Loretta Sanchez twice. You read those.

DORNAN: Don't quote that scabrous, scandalous, calumny-spreading homosexual tool of [OC Weekly editor] Bill Swaim.

TOLEDANO: Wait . . .

DORNAN [in full animation]: I'm talking about R. Scott Moxley, the homosexual hit man that has been assigned to me personally for three years. That told my son, “I've lived your father's life since he was a handsome young actor in the, uh, 19, uh, 60s.”

TOLEDANO: Was that a compliment?

HOST: Does that scare you, Bob?

DORNAN: Have you seen the cover story in the OC Weekly? The bondage-and-discipline guy with the golf ball in his mouth and all the black leather on?

HOST: Maybe they were talking about [O.C. Congressman Dana] Rohrabacher.

DORNAN: No, no – I know. That was not supposed to be Rohrabacher.

HOST: Kind of looked like him, didn't it?

DORNAN: That paper is Satan's instrument. That is an evil paper spreading infected bodily fluids all over this county and costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars in AIDS care from young men dying in the prime of life.

HOST: Okay. I know we're all having a great time. I hate to change the subject but . . .

DORNAN: Loretta, call Scott Moxley.

HOST: Can't you tell me what the issues are in your district?

-Edited by Sam Gideon Anson

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