Blue Bear Protection and Their KN95 Masks Have Helped Many Remain Safe Amidst the Global Pandemic

Over the past two years, things have drastically changed around the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic helped us learn a lot about our bodies and even basic personal hygiene. Health, wellness, and personal safety became a crucial part of our lives. While taking care of ourselves and our families, the protection of others around us became significantly important as well.

Blue Bear Protection aims to design affordable and high-quality hygiene products to help people stay safe, healthy, and protected. KN95 masks provide substantial protection from harmful particles or viruses. They are breathable and made with multiple layers of synthetic material that include two melt-blown fabric layers and two non-woven cloth layers for optimal protection, breathability, and comfort. Blue Bear Protection’s KN95 Mask’s exterior layer is constructed of PP non-woven fabric. Activated carbon filter, hot contact cotton, and cold contact colloidal cotton comprise the three core layers.

KN95 masks are designed to filter out and capture 95 percent of tiny 0.3-micron particles in the air, which is why the name includes the number 95. Blue Bear Protection produces this type of mask to give people the chance to remain safe and keep the people around them safe as well.

Blue Bear Protection is working hard to make the process of being safe much easier. The company is experienced in producing personal protection equipment and OTC products and has successfully done this for the past couple of years. Since COVID, people have come to understand the importance of these products much better.

Blue Bear Protection is a New York-based company committed to producing and delivering good-quality PPE at affordable prices. They are also taking steps to forge a strong bond with their suppliers and customers. Ensuring that their safety products become the first choice for people around the world is their greatest objective.

Although COVID is transitioning toward an endemic, the demand for these PPE products has not died down. The reason is the awareness the pandemic has given to people. It is necessary to stay prepared since masks are not going away anytime soon. Protecting yourself from allergies and various potentially harmful  pollutants in the air is also important.

Their premium products have been appreciated by their customers so much that the company has earned several Amazon Best Seller and Best Choice Badges. Such a positive response from customers is a testament to the company’s stellar reputation and the top quality of its products. Blue Bear Protection has surpassed 1,000 reviews on Amazon from satisfied customers, which is a commendable achievement for the company.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Blue Bear Protection remained dedicated and managed to keep up with demand. They delivered the products to meet the public’s needs and fulfilled the market gap. It has always been their belief that contributing to public health is their primary goal.

Setting up warehouses around the country helped Blue Bear Protection meet the demand for masks and allowed them to adequately supply schools, medical centers, homes, and businesses.

To learn more about Blue Bear Protection, visit their website.

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