The Blaux Heater is a portable, personal heating unit with air filter technology that delivers targeted, rapid, instant heating in a matter of minutes. Offered exclusively at the official website of, the incredible 50% off discount is available during this introductory pricing only. The Blaux HeatCore Heater is the must-have item for this winter and holiday season due to its highly desirable features and advanced functionality as a personalized heating solution that not only warms up your immediate living area, but can purify and cleanse the air through its two in one dual purpose space heater capabilities.

Blaux, one of the leading direct to consumer health and wellness lifestyle brands for who made a massive splash this summer with the introduction of its Blaux Portable AC unit, is ready to take on the winter’s long and chilly weather temperatures with the release of its Blaux HeatCore unit, a personal space heater that is fit for any flat surface area to warm everything from your hands and fingers, to your toes and feet, to your body and direct living space.

The Blaux portable personal heater is the ideal desktop accessory or bedroom nightstand addition for keeping warm this winter by providing adequate heat to any office, garage, den, garage, dorm room, camper, bathroom, and basement area. This Blaux Heater review will discuss all of the vital details of how the convection ceramic heating technology works and why the antimicrobial filter for eliminating bacteria and odors is a significant advantage compared to the best portable heaters available online. Be sure to read to the end because there is a lot of fraudulent activity about the Blaux HeatCore that consumers need to be mindful of before buying the hot off the shelves ultimate chill killer, the Blaux Heater.

What is the Blaux HeatCore Space Heater?

Blaux HeatCore

Space heaters are a worthy alternative for traditional radiators, although they aren’t half as powerful. The usage of space heaters pops up when you need a more affordable option as central heating can be expensive.

They can also work as an additional heating method. Since they are portable, you can carry it around for usage in rooms or office areas.

The most attractive space heaters’ features are their ability to save your utility costs and par excellence performance. Operating space heaters is also convenient in comparison to other bulkier options.

Knowing there has been a lack of innovation and features in the personal heating space for years, the Blaux HeatCore has made a big splash into the world of customizable heaters to provide extra support and comfort when and where needed most.

What are the Technical Details of Blaux HeatCore?

Blaux HeatCore Reviews

For being a rather petite device, the Blaux Heater offers users quite a bit of functionality for being a compact, lightweight, yet powerful and simple to use personal heating unit. The Blaux HeatCore is the ideal two in one heater fan that provides the warmth exactly where you need it.

Following are the details of the Blaux Heater in terms of technicality:

  • Contemporary, compact design that fits well with any home decor setup
  • Timer option (1-3 hours) – users have the option of one, two or three hour timer presets or can simply turn it on and let it run until done
  • ZPT filter for high-quality filtration with replaceable antimicrobial curtains that are easy to change and swap out with its hassle-free release cover
  • Ceramic technology for less power consumption and fast energy-efficient heating, compatible with any wall outlet
  • Standby mode, with the power button located in the back
  • Lowest heater fan output level is 700 W while the highest heater fan output runs at 1,200 watts
  • Gravitational safety switch that adds topple protection in case pets or small children happen to bump it and knock it over

As one can see, consumers shopping around for the perfect, affordable, highly useful and practical gift idea may have just stumbled upon the clear-cut winner for this 2020 winter holiday season. Let’s see if we can answer why anyone might want or need the Blaux HeatCore Heater. Much like its sister product of the Blaux AC, the Blaux Heater is one of those products you do not know you need until you realize it’s actually an option now to buy on the open market due to the innovative features and direct use case of keeping you warm, even in the coldest corners of your home, office, bedroom or bathroom areas.

Why do you need a Blaux HeatCore?

Blaux Heater Reviews

The manufacturers claim the following reasons as to why you need to purchase a Blaux Personal Heater:

  • Provides instant warmth: Most heaters take significant time before beginning to heat the space. The ceramic heater used in this technology offers a comfortable temperature instantly after switching it on.
  • Portable: Due to its small size, Blaux Heat Core can be carried anywhere for heating purposes. However, it isn’t suitable for large areas due to its size.
  • Antimicrobial filter: This heater is also built with a filter that segregates bacteria and foul odor from fresh air. 
  • Energy-efficient: The ceramic technology used in the heater ensures that there is less power consumption.
  • Affordable: for being a built to last, durable, and seasonal gift item, the Blaux HeatCore pricing makes this a very attractive offer to get your hands on this winter

Oftentimes it is best to review how the Blaux Heater works to see why the hot and heavy demand for the Blaux HeatCore personal heating unit is not surprising.

How does Blaux Heat Core Work?

Blaux HeatCore Space Heater

In winter months, the temperature often drops to below the freezing point in most of the world. To combat the effects of the harsh weather, most houses are fitted with central heating systems. But, central heating systems also take quite some time to heat a full house from the time you switch on the radiator. Also, heating an entire apartment or home can be a waste of power as it amounts to a hefty electricity bill.

This is where the role of Blaux Heater comes in. The Blaux HeatCore can switch it on for instant heating. Furthermore, the heater’s timer feature ensures that the device automatically turns off anywhere between one to three hours per your setting.

Lastly, the Blaux Heater system’s filtration helps refine the air and eliminate dust, bacteria, and any unpleasant smell.

Why is Blaux Heat Core Recommended?

Blaux Space Heater

Apart from the Blaux HeatCore exterior design and quality, it’s also quite rich in internal attributes. The technology uses the widely chosen ceramic material for energy efficiency. This allows you to regulate the power levels from 700 W to 1,200 W depending upon your heating needs. Doing this will help you in saving additional utility costs.

Since it’s small in terms of size, the performance level is quite apt.

The Blaux Personal Heater also has a fan mode, which makes it appropriate even for midsummer time. In the fan mode, the device does not dispense heat, only dispelling optimum air for a soothing effect.

Another remarkable feature besides the time feature is that the heater automatically goes off when it’s not standing upright. This helps in avoiding any unnecessary accidents. This is possible due to the presence of gravitational safety switches.

What are the Quality Standards of Blaux Heater?

Blaux HeatCore Features

The manufacturers and suppliers vouch for the quality of the heater. It’s proven that ceramic material helps in heating faster than any other heater potentially can.

Additionally, it also has a fan that can be used in the summer months for fresh air. The material used in the formulation of the heater is top-notch and hence would last you long.

The installation is also quick and easy, literally with a plug and play aspect to where it works straight out of the box as soon as it is plugged into the wall.

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Does Blaux Space Heater come with a Guarantee?

Blaux Heater Warranty

The product comes with a 30-day guarantee. So, you can decide if the product suits your requirement within 30 days of making the purchase. If not, the highly integral Blaux brand promises money back. The quick to respond customer service team will help answer any questions and provide direct support regarding the order shipping status to product specifications.

What do Blaux Heater Customer Reviews say?

Although Blaux Heater is entirely new in the heater block, it has gathered some remarkable reviews that emphasize the following-

  • Irrespective of the coldness of the room, the ceramic heater heats the room instantly.
  • The fan encapsulated in the heater is also acknowledged for its quality and efficiency.
  • The safety measures incorporated in the heater have been rated positively since they minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Lastly, power consumption is an area that makes the heater quite impactful.
  • One Blaux Heater review on The Health Radar is also worthy of a good read to understand some of the minor complaints and negative reviews

The heater has been rated five out of five in most parameters, making it a worthy purchase. Make sure to read the research on not getting scammed when buying the Blaux Heater, which you can do buy simply ordering directly from the official website.

Where can you Order Blaux HeatCore?

If you are interested in using this mini heater for the coming winter, then you visit the official website to order the same. Herein, you can also choose the number of personal heating units you want to buy. It’s also perfect as a gift for loved ones. You can order for a remarkable limited-time offer of 50% discount on the website while supplies last.

Blaux HeatCore Price

If the pleasant surprise of seeing how big of a discount customers can get when buying one Blaux HeatCore device, just look at the three or four unit option. The Blaux Space Heater offers an insane deal, competitively priced between $62 and $90 per heater, depending on how ordered today. Here’s how the official website breaks down the pricing:

  • One (1) Heater: $89.99 + $8.95 Shipping
  • Two (2) Heaters: $179.98 + $9.95 Shipping 
  • Three (3) Heaters: $202.48 + $10.95 Shipping  (as low as $67 per unit)
  • Four (4) Heaters: $247.47 + $11.95 Shipping  (as low as $62 per unit)

When you stack any personalized heating solution for rapid, targeted, instant heat, the Blaux HeatCore Heater is by far one of the best deals to cash in on this summer given its usability, functionality and affordability by all.

Blaux Heater Refund Policy

The Blaux Heater manufacturer does not refund products that are opened or used. Refund requests can only be made for unopened, unused products in its original packaging: “Blaux offers a 30-day guarantee on all new purchases. Just send the item(s) back to us in the original unopened packaging for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.”

If you have not opened or used the Blaux Space Heater, you can ship the mini fan heater back to the company to request a complete refund. If you have already used the heater and were disappointed with the unit, you cannot obtain any reimbursement type according to Blaux’s terms and conditions. Blaux Contact phone number and email address can be found here:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 844-846-5344 or try 855-756-5448 for Blaux customer support service
  • Address: Strong Current Enterprises Limited – G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Blaux Heater Scam

The Blaux Heater Scam Risk: Is Blaux HeatCore Legit Personal Heater to Buy?

Before wrapping a bow on this Blaux Heater review, one of the most popular questions fielded about the Blaux HeatCore is in regards to its legitimacy as a personalized space heater. And smart shoppers who are taking the necessary steps in due diligence and research are wise to do so because there are a few important steps to take to ensure ultimate consumer protection and user effectiveness.

The first to make sure you absolutely only order from the official Blaux HeatCore website at By doing this simple step, customers will be guaranteed to receive the authentic Blaux Heater unit in the mail and not miss with any shady characters and bad actors attempting to capitalize on the popularity of the Blaux HeatCore device. Case in point, the Blaux Heater Amazon listings are completely fraudulent and posted by a fake company imitating the leading direct to consumer health and wellness lifestyle company. Any Blaux HeatCore product offerings on are 100% a scam and to be avoided at all costs. Not only will buying the Blaux Heater ensure consumers receive the real Blaux HeatCore in the mail and not some cheap knockoff variation that will conk out within days of receiving and using, but it also keeps intact the money back guarantee and refund policy, along with product warranty in case anything goes wrong (these things can happen and it is important to deal directly with the official company).

The other distinction to make is that the Blaux HeatCore Heater is specifically designed for personalized space heating solution. It is not a central heating system, oil-radiant space heater and obviously not a full fledged fireplace. Instead, it is the ultimate chill killer for personal use as it gives users a furnace at their fingertips that provides rapid, targeted relief from the cold temperatures inevitably coming this winter. In other words, do not expect or hope the Blaux Heater will warm up an entire open and big room in a matter of minutes, but rather provide specific, targeted heated air flow wherever you need it most in your immediate living space.

The last caveat to the Blaux Heater scam riddle that is causing customer confusion and user complaints is in regards to the shipping times. While the Blaux HeatCore unit is currently in stock and shipping out to those who already ordered, there is an extremely high demand for these innovative personal heaters. That being said, buying the Blaux Heater today will lock your position in on a first come first serve basis as opposed to waiting weeks and not receiving it as fast as you would have hoped. For any questions or concerns about the slower than expected Blaux HeatCore shipping turn around times, make sure to reach out to the company for clarification if this is an issue. But the obvious comes out in that it is not time to play humpty dumpty and teeter totter back and forth on whether or not the Blaux Heater is right for you.

So long as consumers shop directly on the official Blaux HeatCore website, do not expect out of this world results in terms of its ability to heat up your direct living area, and can withstand the hot and heavy demand this unique personal space air heater fan is getting this wintery holiday season, then the Blaux HeatCore Heater is a very simple decision away. Following these few steps will allow anyone not to be worried about the Blaux Heater scam possibility as the company is very reputable and has a strong rating in the world of customer satisfaction and quality as a priority in anything it puts its name on, like the Blaux HeatCore heating device.

Blaux HeatCore: Conclusive Statement

Mini heaters are in themselves useful in multiple ways. But, Blaux Heater has some exceptional features that make it worthy of a strong consideration.

Made of ceramic material, it heats the room temperature very fast and efficiently. Besides, the safety measures taken with the heater are appropriate for usage around pets and kids. The heater also offers a ZPT filtration that removes dust, odor, and bacteria for the air that it dispenses. Customers have rated the product highly in almost all aspects, making it reliable.

A 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that you can get a refund if the product doesn’t suit your requirement. One important thing to note is that the Blaux Heater is on a first order first get process where whoever orders the Blaux Heater today will be next in line tomorrow. This may be extremely important for those wanting to buy the Blaux HeatCore Heater as a thoughtful and useful gift item this holiday season.

Lastly, the Blaux HeatCore is a new personal space heater and there are many valuable resources to go through if not completely sold on the product’s effectiveness, features and value. Here are a few additional investigative reviews to go look over for more details about the trendy Blaux Heater:

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