By Timothy Norris

It's a big night in Los Angeles for Psych Rock. Dead Meadow's also doing their thing over at the EchoPlex.

I've never heard tonight's opening band, Howlin' Rain, but the effects lineup certainly looks like they'll be worth the listen.

Ahh, the Troubadour's fries… Don't forget the snack shack near the main bar.

Howlin Rain crack it open in grand style. The Oakland band are a perfect match on the Black Mountain tour offering up a tasty bit of “Post Modern Early Era New Retro Style Psych Rock.”

Whatever, it's rock and roll is what it is and they rocked it. Their latest record, Magnificent Friend, will be out March 4th on Birdman/American Recordings. (Hey, that's Mr Rubin in the VIP loft section!)

They can't believe that Dead Meadow's playing tonight either.

Black Mountain get set to take the stage in front of the sold-out crowd.

The lights go down at the top of the set to set the mood. About the same time traces of the funny smoke start wafting through out the air.

Amber Webber of Black Mountain. With the recent release of “In The Future” the band give a tight set.

A few of the notable faces it the crowd included Chris Robinson (Black Crowes), the Gallagher brothers (Oasis) and of course the already mentioned Rick Rubin.

After the set, the band returned to the stage for a two song encore that put the cap on the night.

All photos and text by Timothy Norris.

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