A new esports gaming blockchain protocol that’s for every gamer!

Adding new heights to the gaming experience, Bitspawn has built a new gaming blockchain protocol for digital athletes and social gamers. The all-new blockchain protocol is developed to target the interests of video game players. Players will now be able to experience gamer-oriented features.

The core values of Bitspawn, built on the Solana blockchain, are centered on providing a solution to longstanding issues in the esports industry. This includes the unprotected rights of esports participants and fixing esports broken business model.

The blockchain protocol offers player’s tournament solutions they’ve needed for a long time. The mission of Bitspawn is simple, to make esports accessible and profitable to all gamers across the globe. That means not just the players with huge followings, but everyone who plays.

The gaming industry has previously faced roadblocks from dishonest tournaments and hosts. This means that, until now, competitions have been guilty of not paying on time and regular gamers have little chance of engaging with tournaments. Bitspawn was created as a solution to the need for legitimacy and accessibility in the gaming tournament world.

The focus of Bitspawn is on infrastructure-oriented solutions. Bitspawn’s ambition is to unlock the possibility for hundreds of millions of gamers, millions of teams, and tens of thousands of sponsors, advertisers, and organizers. Using Bitspawn, they can now organize and securely connect with each other and become a part of the global esports ecosystem.

The company, which is based in the Cayman Islands, was cofounded in 2019 by Eric Godwin, Lukas Kamandulis, Rhys Boulanger and Alex Lan. Together, they make a mighty team with expert know-how in blockchain, esports and marketing. The company has several highly developed tier 1 VC funds that help to boost the esports platform and has an estimated value of nine million USD.

The company reaches its millions of followers through top-tier social media, keeping players up to date on the ever-evolving enhancements of Bitspawn. To connect with the growing social media accounts, follow them through the various links provided below.

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