Biotech Solution LLC Introduces Corsa, a Revolutionary Mineral Supplement to Detox the Body

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Minerals have always played a key role in detoxifying the human body. The use of minerals was prevalent in the ancient ages but with the wave of modernization, their importance has been overshadowed by the use of chemicals. Biotech Solution LLC, a company offering mineral supplements, is working hard to popularize this age-old mineral cleansing technique with its revolutionary products. Founded by Yerlan Umarov in 2021, Biotech Solution is already becoming a familiar name in the supplement space in the U.S. Corsa, a new launch by Biotech Solution, is already creating a lot of buzz among health enthusiasts.

It all started when Yerlan Umarov, a Kazakh by nationality, discovered the amazing benefits of minerals in cleansing the human body of all harmful elements. As a way of giving back to society, Yerlan thought of making these beneficial minerals available to people worldwide, inspiring him to start his own line of mineral supplements. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, he graduated as a lawyer and enrolled in the National Technical University to specialize in the development of oil and gas fields.

Yerlan’s journey into the world of healing minerals started with his first job at Alpha Organics. He was the director of the organization involved in the development of the deposits. Since then, he gradually climbed the ladder in this industry and eventually owned a mineral deposit that had a rich history of healing people. Yerlan started formulating supplements in Kazakhstan, and people found it highly beneficial. Besides becoming repeat buyers of his products, people started recommending Yerlan’s supplements to friends and family. Today, he has over 15 years of experience in treating people with mineral supplements.

The goal behind founding Biotech Solution in September 2021 was to popularize the use of minerals in body cleansing. The company imports minerals from Kazakhstan to the US. They got a contract with the New York Manufacturing Company and started manufacturing supplements named Ade. Recently, Amazon started selling sell these supplements in the US, which generated a positive response from users. The company’s first product, ADEO2, is a unique natural mineral supplement that has an overall healing effect on the entire body. ADEO2 increases immunity, protects against viruses, and detoxifies the body of all pathogens.

The new product, Corsa 365, is also a wonder supplement loaded with useful natural minerals. It can help eliminate radionuclides from the body. Studies were in progress on confirming Corsa’s ability to remove not only heavy metals but also Strontium and Cesium from aqueous solutions with an acidity similar to that in the human gastrointestinal tract. Unfortunately, while the studies were carried out by the Kharkiv National University, the war in Ukraine broke out, and the company lost communication with the scientists. Several studies were later continued by other scientists, confirming Corsa’s effectiveness.

As a supplement, Corsa 365 can be taken daily with water to detoxify the body and also boost the immunity system. It removes fatigue to naturally improve vitality and brings youthful energy. Yerlan is optimistic that the launch of Corsa will take the growth of Biotech Solution to a newer level. The company also plans to have its own production facility in the US soon and expand its product range to fertilizers and food additives.

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