Billy Rich Urban Clothing Brand Is Going Global With Its Rugged and Hip Designs for All Ages

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Billy Rich, the promising urban clothing brand from the Bronx, is making waves with its statement ready-to-wear products that clients are raving about. An urban clothing brand, service clothing brand, and luxury rolled into one, it boasts high-quality materials and up-to-date messages, depending on the most prevalent products in the catalog, with a wide array of items for men, women, and children to choose from.

After five years in the business, founder and owner Henry James Gibson is now gearing up to bring the Billy Rich brand to different parts of the world and impact communities. After successfully establishing the brand in the United States, it now has the makings of another trend across the globe. But, at the end of the day, Billy Rich is all about making a difference in the community while enjoying its rugged and hip profile.

“I want to expand. I want to reach not just only my community. I want to relate to worldwide communities and want to get my brand more out there and show what type of products and service I’m providing to all,” Gibson revealed.

Apart from high-quality products, Billy Rich is also characterized by the top values it maintains, including consistency, love, motivation, and awareness. These are the same messages that the brand hopes to send out into the world. In fact, the brand’s name stands for “Believe In Living Life Young, Realizing I Create Happiness.”

The Billy Rich urban clothing brand was established in 2017. The 28-year-old entrepreneur and designer Henry James Gibson has transformed the items into living pieces of art, showcasing his own personal pain in order to be released from the clutches of the past. Gibson has been in foster care since he was only four years of age. As can be expected, he has had a lot of bad days, but he is thankful he is still brave enough to confront his hurts so he can begin anew.

The inspiration behind Billy Rich draws heavily from the personal and painful past of its founder. Gibson saw the business as an opportunity to put out a message that some people might need to read on a bad day and be inspired by it. Interestingly, the messages on the products are depictions of Gibson’s personal struggle in life when he was growing up. Whether it is an all-black shirt, a fatigue hoodie, or a bomber jacket, the items are overflowing with powerful messaging that aims to make people think.

“My brand is a lifestyle. My brand is not for a particular audience. It’s for the world. I design for every and anything, whether it’s an autism shirt, a breast cancer hoodie, a dope designer fit, any type of current events, or daily life struggles. My purpose is for people to be able to relate to the creativity and passion that I put into my designs,” the founder shared.

Creativity has no limits, and Billy Rich has proven that it is a powerful expression of art and the human soul. It has successfully defied the basic standards in fashion and instead added value to how people perceive fashion most of the time. Urban clothing will never be the same again with the rise of the Billy Rich brand among people of all ages, and more so now that it’s setting its eyes on going global to be enjoyed by more people worldwide. You can follow Billy Rich on Instagram @shopbillyrich.

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