By Tibby Rothman
Residents of Bill Rosendahl's 11th City Council District who lamented that their Los Angeles City Councilman's cojones vanished after he won office can rest assured–they've been found.

Rosendahl tells LA Weekly that a really weird City Hall rumor that he's considering a run for U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein's seat, should she step down in 2012, is in fact true.  “I care as much about world events as potholes,” he tells us. Three factors would decide things: “If I become a force in Southern California and San Diego,” and, “if the opportunity viably presents itself,” and if he is seen as a “go-to, get-things-done guy.”

His governing resume is excessively slim. Under his watch, the extremely

troubled Los Angeles City Council has gained a reputation for its poor governance and

its extensive oversight failures, including the forest of

illegal billboards citywide, and the new, unprecedented proliferation of

medicinal pot outlets near L.A. schools and homes.

Although the inveterate name-dropper touts his work on Robert F. Kennedy's

1968 presidential campaign, and he hosted the defunct Adelphia cable talk

shows Week in Review and Local Talk, he has little political profile

beyond the Westside.

Rosendahl cites as one of his accomplishments the installment of

“state-of-the-art parking meters” in Venice, as if it was a major

policy initiative. More substantively, he took on popular LAPD Chief

William J. Bratton by recently voting for a cop hiring-freeze–leaving

many wondering why he suddenly appeared to be a tough guy.

Now, maybe, they may have have an answer.

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