When you have a single concept constantly running through your mind, overwhelming you and getting all your attention, chances are, at one point or another, you’re likely going to experience a breakthrough in it. And that is exactly how it happened with Bill Chalmers, a fitness and health lover, who, ever since a young age, was obsessed with being as fit and healthy as possible.

Fast forward years of hard work and experience later, and Bill Chalmers has done what billions aspire to – make a business off his passion. His tunnel vision, regarding focus on constant workout and exercises, definitely had a thing to do with his breakthrough. 

Bill’s success came in the form of a fitness app by the name of StrongHer. StrongHer is an application that provides workout programs, routines, and nutrition guides for women who seek to achieve their personal fitness goals. With StrongHer, women are not only able to understand and recognize the steps needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but they also get the encouragement required to stick with it.

Most fitness applications tend to be effective in either providing a general guide as to the workout programs required for top-notch health or sacrifice this for a deeply personal approach. What StrongHer does, however, is combine both these traits in the most optimal possible way.

Meaning it provides both a general, holistic approach without being bloated and at the same time adds a highly personal touch that one would get with, say, an expert trainer, without being intrusive. 

Bill’s wife is an avid fitness lover too. Together with Bill, they were able to increase her Instagram following from zero to five hundred thousand, via several social media marketing strategies, including, most predominantly, paid traffic.

Obtaining the followers is one thing, though, converting them to paid subscribers is another. But this is also something Bill Chalmers is quite good at, and after a series of testing and experiments, twelve months later he had become successful in making StrongHer into the perfect tool for making this possible.

With more than 250,000 downloads, the app is already a leader in the world of subscription-based women fitness apps, and subscription-based fitness apps in general. Now what’s even more impressive is the fact that Bill wants to expand the power of the app by bringing something similar to the reach of other fitness Influencers like Bill’s wife who wish to turn their followers into paying customers, without leasing themselves out to companies who merely take advantage.

Fitness influencers, Bill Chalmers believes, are at a level of importance in the marketing world, so profound, that they could very well be making a highly valuable brand for themselves instead of working hard for companies who could choose to cut them out anytime.

So basically what Bill is setting out to do is have the success of StrongHer replicated on a numerous scale, drawing from their predecessors’ success and the experience derived from it. The overarching scope will be massive, but the underlying principle will remain squarely built on a subscription-based monetization — a method already capitalized on by many of the biggest companies in the world.

And this is Bill Chalmer’s ultimate vision — implementing this formula into the world of women’s health and fitness market, and sparking a major revolution in that sphere.  With everything he’s learned, which is a lot.

Bill Chalmers made the dream happen, but he reiterates that the myth behind it being simple is just that – a myth. Yes, it may be simpler than diving into an avenue in which you have no knowledge or experience. But it still requires a strong vision and determination.

StrongHer remains a success thanks to its creator’s vision and skills, but also because of its emphasis on customer satisfaction. It continues to roll out important updates, employ strong influencers to reach out to people who need it the most, and most importantly, it continues to consolidate its strongest areas.

It doesn’t stop there either. If Bill Chalmer’s vision of extending the success of StrongHer to numerous influencers who need it becomes a success, there is no doubt a lot of parties are sure to benefit. And perhaps more people would be able to say they too know how it feels to make your passion your success story.


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