The majority of people would love to gain fame and be successful in society. But have weever asked ourselves what we need to do to be successful? It would help if you had betterexposure to the environment that will enrich you with skills and knowledge on how to getstarted. All you need to get prosperous is to learn how to create and not when to start. Additionally, it requires ambition, inspiration, and focus for you to thrive. Nina Sukhishvili is one of those flourishing women in the business industry. Her story will revitalize and rejuvenate you.

The Background Of The Great Nino Sukhishvili

 Nino Sukhishvili was born in Moscow, Russia. She grew up and went to university in Moscow to study Business Management. By then, Nino Sujkhishvili was still working in her parent’s beauty shop and reselling purses, belts, and scarves to her clients and friends. That is where Nino’s passion for entrepreneurship started. She became very diligent and worked tirelessly to achieve her goals. By 22 years old, Nino achieved all her short-term goals, including travelling the world. Nino’s need to travel around the world led her to drop out of university and moved to the United States.

The transition was not a walk in the park for her. Nino hit rock bottom. Her ex-husband hurled insults at her saying she was an illegal immigrant with no papers. At this point, Nino got discouraged and almost lost hope. It took her a few years to figure everything out. Nino started fresh, first with a $5 an hour job. A year later, Nino changed a few jobs and found herself working for a big company with a suitable career. While starting Big Nino Production, Nino chose her company before her career job, even though it was not stable and made sufficient income. And this was her best decision in life.

Nino Sukhishvili’s Role In The Business Industry

Nino’s role as a business entrepreneur closely goes with her overall life goal of helping people. She does this through different outlets. First is Big Nino Production company and social media management company that she started with her fiance three years ago. They share the knowledge they gained throughout the years to help other models. The idea of sharing knowledge led to forming a new shapewear brand that allows people to achieve their desired body goals while bringing awareness of a healthy lifestyle and self-love.

Nino Sukhishvili’s Great Achievements

Nino understood that the world had gone online. After modelling for a clothing brand in Russia for a little bit and moving to the United States, where she worked with photographers and got a few publishings, she quickly moved her career online. She uses the term ‘Instagram model.’ Nino gained followers throughout the years from daily live broadcasting for two years, endless photoshoots, and TikTok challenges.

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