Best Weed Strains – Top 15 You Can Buy Today

Best Weed Strains – Top 15 You Can Buy Today

Are you looking for the best weed strains money can buy? Below, you’ll find 15 of the most popular weed strains on the market in 2022. To make this list even more unique, each product is a type of delta-8. The best type of weed is the kind that relaxes you, makes you feel good, and doesn’t get you uncomfortably high — that’s why we’ve chosen delta-8 brands! 

But wait? What is delta-8? Delta-8 is the chilled-out cousin of delta-9. Delta-9 is the strain that all the federal laws are written about. Delta-8 has been rising in popularity over the past year, and laws and regulations are constantly changing. 

As of this writing, delta-8 is legal on a federal level as long as it has less than 0.3% delta-9 on a dry weight basis. Every product you find on this list will offer a smooth high that’s completely legal (check the laws in your state because some have decided to ban it). 

Choosing the best weed is similar to choosing your favorite drink. You may want water in the morning and something a little stronger in the evening. Some people like sweet, bitter, fast, slow, gentle, or more intense. It’s up to you to decide what feels best for your body. 

Below, you’ll find 15 of the best weed strains with a variety of delivery methods that hit differently based on what you’re after. 

15 Best Weed Strains For Every Occasion

If you’re a beginner to delta-8, you might be wondering where to begin. Of course, everyone is different and will have a unique experience based on factors like metabolism, genetics, health, etc. But we can give you a rough guideline to follow as you dip your toes into the wonderful world of the best weed buds

As with most things in life, it’s best to take things nice and slow when it has the power to impact your mind and body. You can take smaller amounts at first and see how your body reacts. There’s not much that’s less fun than getting too high too fast. 

If you’ve never consumed hemp products, it might feel intense regardless of how much you take because you don’t have other experiences to compare it to. Start small. Work your way up. Delivery methods matter too. If you’re consuming an edible, it could take a couple of hours to activate — meaning don’t take them more than 30 minutes in because you don’t notice any effects yet. 

The good news is that delta-8 isn’t as knock-you-on-your-butt intense as delta-9. So you can experiment with the best strains of weed without feeling glued to your couch. 

We’ll start with our hands-down favorite weed strain: Delta North. 

1. Delta North Gummies 

Delta North Delta-8 Gummies are the best weed strains around. They set the highest standard for delta-8 in the industry by undergoing extensive taste-testing, experience testing, and third-party lab testing to ensure you’ve got the best weed available.

You’ll love all of the juicy flavors, including Berry, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Watermelon, and Tropical Mix. They’ll melt in your mouth, and you’ll have to restrain yourself from nomming on the whole bottle because they’re so tasty. The experience doesn’t stop at the flavors either. Enjoy the smoothest, gentlest, yet impactful high with Delta North. You know it’s the best type of weed when you feel content and not too high. Buy delta-8 gummies from Delta North today. You won’t regret it! 

Try them here. 

2. Urb Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bar 

Delta-8 gummies aren’t the only delivery method out there. Urb Delta-8 THC Chocolate is another type of edible that melts in your mouth. You’ll find unmatched flavors with Cookies ‘N’ Cream, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Rainbow Rocks. With minimal ingredients, silky smooth chocolate, and high-quality, third-party lab-tested delta-8, you’ll feel relaxed in no time. 

The best weed strains are always the ones that lighten your mood, leave you feeling good, and use high-quality ingredients. 

3. 3CHI Delta-8 Cereal Treats 

Who’s in the mood for some delta-8 cereal treats? 3CHI offers the perfect “munchies” snack with these cereal treats, except delta-8 is less intense than delta-9, so you’ll likely just enjoy these as a snack rather than a side effect. Enjoy the nostalgia of chomping on your favorite childhood cereal while being your full-on adult self consuming legal, third-party lab-tested delta-8. Your mom would be proud! 

Get your hands on some of the best type of weed at 3CHI

4. Diamond CBD Chill Delta-8 Lollipop

It’s not a party until you break out the lollipops. Diamond CBD does a Chill Delta-8 Lollipop that is both delicious and effective. You can unwind from a long day with the comfort of candy while trusting this high-quality delta-8 will carry you to a space of uplifted relaxation. It’s incredible how many ways there are to consume the best weed strains — each offering its own unique experience. 

Try out these lollipops today if you’re curious. 

5. Pure Kana Delta-8 Oil

If you’ve been in the hemp industry for any amount of time, you know that many companies pride themselves on their oils. The thing to remember is not all delta-8 is created equally. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about quality regarding Pure Kana Delta-8 oil. This is the best type of weed delivery for those looking for a simple addition to their morning routine — take the edge off your day! 

Oils typically take around 15 to 30 minutes to “activate” in the body. While they’re a quick and easy delivery method, they don’t last as long as edibles. You can try Pure Kana Delta-8 Oil right here. 

6. Snapdragon Hemp Delta-8 Brownies

Are you looking for another delta-8 edible to satisfy your sweet tooth? Look no further than Snapdragon Hemp Delta-8 Brownie Bites. These little guys offer third-party lab-tested delta-8 inside a tasty little brownie. What more could you want? Pop a chewy brownie in your mouth and wait for the effects of the most popular weed strains to permeate your body. You’ll feel relaxed and ready for whatever life throws at you once this edible kicks in. 

7. Area52 Delta-8 THC Honey

Another brand that produces one of the most popular weed strains is Area52. They make a delta-8 THC honey that is to die for — or rather, to live for! These honey sticks come with 15 mg of delta-8 in each little packet. Just squeeze the golden organic honey into your mouth and allow it to melt away all of your anxieties. 

Area52 is a favorite because they produce edgy, high-quality delta-8 products that are always third-party lab tested — a requirement when searching for the best weed strains available. 

8. Eighty Six Delta-8 Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar 

Think back to the cookies & cream bars that are reminiscent of your childhood. Now imagine those chocolate bars full of high-quality delta-8 that offers a smooth and powerful high. That’s what you get with these Eighty Six Delta-8 Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bars. The company is committed to sourcing ingredients that are GMO and pesticide-free. Each bar is broken into pieces so you can measure out how much you need easily. These are some of the best weed buds around. 

9. Bearly Legal Hemp Co Delta-8 Gummies

Bearly Legal Hemp Co Delta-8 Gummies are an upbeat brand with playful packaging. They have plenty of positive customer reviews, which is a vital part of choosing the best strains of weed. Each gummy contains 25 mg of delta-8, which might seem like a lot if you’re new to the space. Unlike delta-9, delta-8 is much less intense, so a higher amount won’t knock you down like 25 mg of delta-9 would do. Enjoy a sense of calm and contentment with these delta-8 gummies. 

10. Simply Crafted Delta-8/CBN Sleep Gummies

Are you struggling to sleep? All of the delta-8 products on this list could help you fall asleep a little easier. Simply Crafted takes things a step further by adding CBN to their delta-8 sleep gummies, which is beneficial for those struggling to catch some zzzs. CBN is another minor phytocannabinoid found in the hemp plant and is believed to help you get some shut-eye. Try out Simply Craft Delta-8/CBN Sleep Gummies today and see how they nourish your sleep. 

11. Blue Moon Hemp Delta-8 Tincture

If you’re looking for a few different products in the hemp space, Blue Moon Hemp offers different combinations of delta-8 and CBD. These products help melt stress away and take the edge off of anxiety as you move throughout your day. Brands like Delta North are committed to perfecting a product like delta-8 gummies, so you get the best of the best — a less is more approach. In contrast, Blue Moon Hemp plays around with different offerings. Don’t worry, though. They made this list for a reason — because they offer high-quality delta-8 products to meet your needs. 

12. Premium Jane Delta-8 & CBG Oil

Premium Jane Delta-8 & CBD Oil make for a powerhouse combination of stress-busting cannabinoids. The best weed strains contain the highest-quality products on the market, and Premium Jane adopts this idea by bringing you a mixture of two of the best oils. Enjoy flavors like tropical punch and candy watermelon to make the flavor of this oil more palatable. Some people love the taste of hemp oils (they’re earthy and delightful), while others like something a little more familiar on the taste buds. 

13. TabEASE Delta-8 Watermelon Candies 

Some of the best weed might not look like weed at all. TabEASE Delta-8 Watermelon Candies offer a different way to consume delta-8. These tablets taste like candy, are vegan, sugar-free, and full of delta-8 goodness to help you feel relaxed. Each product is third-party lab tested to ensure transparency and quality. Just pop this package in your bag, and take them as needed to release any stress. 

14. Wild Orchard Co Delta-8 Gummies

If you’re in the market for some maxed out delta-8 and higher amounts of delta-9 (but still within the legal range of below 0.3% delta-9 THC), you might enjoy what Wild Orchard Co has to offer. They have some melt-in-your-mouth mango-flavored gummies that customers love. The most popular weed strains are popular for a reason. With delicious flavors, smooth effects, and a transparent company, you’ve got some of the best weed on your hands. 

15. Pur Delta-8 Candy Ribbons 

Last but not least, Pur Delta-8 Candy Ribbons are a playful and delicious take on delivery methods. This high-quality brand brings you accurately measured delta-8 into bite-sized chunks of goodness. These are some of the best weed strains and have a hint of your youth laced within the vibrant colors of these chews. 

Experience a relaxing experience with Pur Delta-8 Candy Ribbons — the perfect gift for yourself and the people you love. 

The Best Weed Strains Concluded

Choosing the best weed strains when it comes to delta-8 can be confusing, especially since the market isn’t regulated at this point in history. Every product on this list meets the criteria for top-grade delta-8. At a minimum, when you purchase delta-8, it should be third-party lab tested to ensure you’re getting what the product says you’re getting. You can find delta-8 gummies for sale at Delta North and take the guesswork out of it — buying the best delta-8 online.  

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