There are hundreds of supplements available over the counter, but most of them just don’t work at all.  It is a fact that losing fat is hard even while hitting a gym regularly and maintaining a regular diet. A good thermogenic fat burner would help you to kickstart your metabolism which will help you to maintain energy while doing workouts and hence it might be easier for you to lose weight.

Of course, you still need to eat healthy and exercise regularly, in order to get maximum benefits from your supplement. The right combination of diet, exercise, and supplementation can give you the results you want. We are going to share a list of the most popular thermogenic fat burners available in the market today.

Best 5 Thermogenic Fat Burners

  1. PhenQ – Best Overall
  2. LeanBean – Specially formulated for women.
  3. Zotrim – Best For controlling hunger and food craving
  4. Instant Knockout – Best thermogenic Fat burner.
  5. HunterBurn – Specially formulated for men.

What Are Thermogenic Fat Burners?

Natural fat burners help you to lose fat by reducing hunger, increasing metabolism, or by reducing the absorption of fat in the body. However, to get the most out of the thermogenic fat burners, it is always recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle and by burning more calories than you take in.

Thermogenic fat burners contain a blend of natural ingredients like caffeine and other stimulants to let your body increase metabolism. Some fat burners may also contain polyphenol-rich ingredients.

Thermogenic fat burners may provide you with even better results if you remain engaged in regular physical activity.

Best 5 Thermogenic Fat Burner Reviews

1.     PhenQ

PhenQ is one of the most popular fat burners that combines herbal ingredients with caffeine and other ingredients, in order to help you in losing fat. It may boost your confidence and improves your mood that you need to keep your weight under control.

The manufacturer claims PhenQ possesses the power of several products in one. Ingredients like caffeine and L-carnitine helps in increasing thermogenesis inside the body which will ultimately lead to increase metabolism. The supplement may also perform well to control your food cravings by reducing your appetite and still boosting your energy and confidence.


    • Caffeine
    • Nopal
    • Capsimax Powder
    • L-carnitine
    • Chromium Picolinate

Does it Really Work?

According to the manufacturer, the composition of PhenQ is backed up by science. Compared to a placebo and other ingredients, people taking α-Lacys Reset®   are able to burn more calories. PhenQ works by suppressing your appetite while boosting your energy and improving your mood. However, it is still recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle along with the dosage of PhenQ to get the most out of it.


    • 60 Days money-back guarantee.
    • 1 bottle free if you buy 2.
    • Suitable for both men and women.
    • Natural ingredients


    • Ingredients may interfere with pharmaceutical drugs.
    • Not suitable for Pregnant and breastfeeding women.

2.     LeanBean

LeanBean is a thermogenic fat burner that will boost your metabolism. It is made up of natural ingredients which are specially formulated for women.
If you are searching for the best weight-loss supplement, look no further than LeanBean. This is a unique formulation of ingredients that help in controlling your hunger and food cravings and at the same time helps in burning fat. The pill is clinically proven and has been used by various people all around the world successfully. Leanbean can boost the fat-burning capacity of your body by encouraging you for better sleep and by providing you more energy for a regular workout.


    • Konjac Fibre
    • Green Coffee
    • Garcinia Cambogia
    • Choline
    • Turmeric
    • Vitamin B6, B12
    • Acai Berry
    • Chromium Picolinate
    • Chloride
    • Piperine
    • Zinc

Does it Really Work?

According to the manufacturer, Leanbean works by reducing your food cravings,  boosting your energy and metabolism, encouraging you for better sleep, and reducing tiredness and fatigue. Ingredients used in Leanbean are natural and therefore do not require approval by FDA. However, if you are on any pharmaceutical drug for any underlying medical condition, then you should first consult your physician before starting your dosage cycle of Leanbean or any other supplement.


    • Effective for women
    • Natural ingredients
    • Gluten free
    • Boosts energy


    • Expensive
    • Not available in physical stores.

3.     Zotrim

Zotrim is one of the widely consumed fat loss supplements that is backed by ample of authentic user reviews. The credit for the effectiveness of Zotrim lies in its ingredients. This fat burner is full of herbal goodness that makes it all-natural and safe product to consume. Its high fiber herbs make it one of the most potent appetite suppressant and proportionally an efficient fat burner.
Zotrim consumption provides stationery results which all you to maintain a lean and healthy body even with minimum workout and normal diet.
Hence you need not worry about losing all your efforts just by a single cheat meal. Its results are positive and long-lasting.


    • Damiana – Leaf Extract
    • Guarana – Seed Extract
    • Yerba Maté
    • Konjac root
    • Vitamin B3, B6
    • Black pepper extract
    • Chromium Picolinate
    • Caffeine
    • Zinc

Does it Really Work?

According to the manufacturer, Zotrim is backed by five clinical trials and over ten expert-approved papers published in scientific journals. It works by reducing your appetite accompanied by a balanced diet and workout routine.


    • 100 Days Money back guarantee.
    • Natural ingredients
    • Get 2 months of supply free if you buy supply for 3 months.
    • Vegan Friendly


    • Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

4.     Instant Knockout

If you are eager to maintain a good muscular physique along with shedding weight then Instant knockout would be your right mate. This fat burner was an initial product for bodybuilders who goals to shred fat without losing muscles. Its immense success compelled its manufacturers to market all fat-losing enthusiasts.
What makes it different from other fat burners? That’s its ability to allow high protein retention along with a calorie deficit diet. Its ingredients facilitate you to stay energized and do an intense workout. Hence, it allows fat-shredding as it gradually lowers your diet, improves metabolism, keeps you energized, maintains good testosterone levels, and saves all your har muscles by protein retention.
High caffeine content keeps you motivated towards a vigorous workout regimen. Additionally, thermogenesis boosting components like cayenne pepper significantly improve your metabolism. It is also high in fibrous content like glucomannan that keeps you full for a longer duration. All this blend makes it a unique and potent combination for successful weight loss without feeling drained or weak.
You would end up noticing a severe fat loss in just 2 weeks of continuous intake of instant knockout.


    • Green Tea Extract
    • Green Coffee Extract
    • Cayenne powder
    • Konjac root
    • Vitamin B6, B12
    • Black pepper extract
    • Chromium Picolinate
    • Caffeine anhydrous
    • Zinc

Does it Really Work?

According to the manufacturer, Instant Knockout acts as a thermogenic fat burner by increasing metabolism while keeping you full throughout the day. Ingredients used in Instant Knockout are natural and multifunctional and is also suitable for both men and women.


    • Effective for both men and women
    • Natural ingredients
    • Get 1 bottle free if you buy 3.


    • Delayed shipping in some countries.

5.     Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn is a thermogenic fat burner specially formulated for men. However, the manufacturer claims both women and men can use it safely. The formula includes mild stimulants like Cayenne pepper and matcha green tea which are meant to raise your body temperature effectively. Other ingredients will let you reduce your appetite and would also increase your energy.
If you continue following your workout regime, it will enable you to lose fat without losing your muscles which is great if you are targeting a lean chiseled body.


    • Konjac root
    • White Kidney beans
    • Konjac root
    • Cayenne pepper
    • Matcha green tea
    • L-theanine
    • Vitamin D3

Does it Really Work?

Ingredients like Konjac root and white kidney beans help you to reduce hunger. Cayenne pepper and Matcha green tea acts as thermogenic ingredients which let you boost metabolism and L-theanine boosts your energy and improves confidence and mood.


    • Proved to be safe by experts.


    • Inconvenient dosage for caffeine allergic people.
    • Costly

How Does Thermogenesis Happen?

Thermogenesis means metabolic heat production without muscle activity. Thermogenic supplements include natural ingredients which help you to boost your metabolism, which will ultimately increase fat burning. Thermogenesis happens through a complex biochemical process and a decent thermogenic fat burner will let you lose weight and water levels by increasing your energy expenditure.

Types Of Fat Burners

  1. Thermogenic Fat Burners
    These supplements let you burn calories by producing body heat and making the fat burn by boosting metabolism.
  1. Appetite Suppressants
    These supplements let you prevent overeating by keeping you full for a longer period of time.
  2. Fat Blockers
    These type of supplements reduces the fat absorption in the body. The non-absorbed fat is then excreted out of the body.
  3. Stimulant-free Fat Burners
    These supplements rely on appetite suppression and fat blocking as they don’t contain any stimulants or caffeine.

How To Choose The Best Thermogenic Fat Burner?

There are many supplements out there and many of these are formulated to help people build muscle, lose weight, and burn fat. There are a ton of different supplements that claim to be the best thermogenic fat burner supplements, but most of them are good for nothing. It is important to read reviews of any supplement that claims to be the best fat burner supplement that you can find so that you can get an unbiased opinion.

The best supplements will offer a money-back guarantee and a high-quality product that is made with only the healthiest ingredients possible. The best fat burner supplements will use only natural ingredients such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional blends that can help to promote energy and vitality while helping to burn fat for good. The ingredients should be able to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. For example, one of the best fat burner supplements that I have come across uses only ingredients that are approved by the FDA for their use in promoting weight loss and to reduce the risk of heart disease. This way, you know that you are getting everything that you need without having to worry about wasting your hard-earned money on ineffective or harmful products.

How To Get Most Out of  ThermoGenic Fat Burner Supplements?

When people start losing weight, they generally have the idea in their minds that they only need to use fat burners and this will help them in their weight loss attempts. This is a common mistake that most people make and it actually hinders their weight loss progress. You should keep in mind that thermogenic fat burners will be more useful only if taken while maintaining your diet and healthy routine.

To get the best out of the thermogenic fat burner, you can follow these tips:

  • Eat a Balanced Diet
    You should continue having a balanced diet to make sure your body is getting enough nutrients to work effectively. Without a balanced nutrition, fat burner supplements may also not work as expected and your body might feel fatigue and low performance.
  • Stick With Your Workout Routine
    It should be your habit just like brushing your teeth. Workout will also enables the thermogenic fat burner to increase your metabolism and hence would help you in losing fat.
  • Be Consistent
    You need to be consistent in your healthy routine. Fat burner supplements are not your magic wand and will only work if you keep on following your balanced lifestyle. Moreover, you should not have over expectations for quick results as each human body is different and yours may respond slowly but just don’t give up.
  • Consult Your Doctor
    If you are still unsure which fat burner would be more suitable for you, then, it is always recommended to consult with your physician, who can guide you by looking at your medical history. If you are allergic to some compound, then your doctor would be the best person to plan your balanced healthy routine.

Mechanism of Top Thermogenic Fat Burners in 2021

Effectiveness of a fat burner solely depends on its mechanism. And ingredients play key role in establishing the overall mechanism of these fat cutters.
What should be taken into account while looking for potent fat burner?

  • Appetite Suppression
    Firstly, its should include ingredients that possess appetite suppression capabilities. Appetite suppressants basically makes you feel full in lesser intake than usual. Hence you consume less calories and end up losing weight.
  • Hypermetabolism
    Secondly, presence of metabolism-boosting components. With weak metabolism, it’s quite difficult to lose fat. Good metabolism improves your overall digestion and food utilization capabilities.
    With suppressed appetite, high metabolism led to a dilution of stubborn deposited fat from all over your body.
  • Boosting of energy levels
    Thirdly, effective fat burners makes you feel recharged and rejuvenated even with a calorie deficit diet and high metabolism. Energy boosting ingredients helps in keeping you refresh and allow you to workout without fatigue.
  • Regulation of hormones
    Fourthly, our hormones play a vital role in maintaining body weight. With hormonal imbalance, you may end up in conditions like hypo or hyperthyroidism or hypogonadism(deficiency of testosterone). Any of these conditions lead you to a weak body with minimum efficiency and energy to workout. So it’s exceptionally important to have balanced hormonal levels for maintaining optimum body weight.
  • Increased thermogenesis
    Lastly, it should include thermogenic constituents to provide heat to your body. By introducing thermogenesis, your metabolism would expedite and you may end up losing fat faster.
  • Burning of fats in the body
    Hence, this overall mechanism allows you to eat less and maintain a calorie-restricted diet along with high metabolism which supports weight loss even with the minimum workout. However, its energy-boosting ingredients like caffeine keep you activated and allow you to overcome fatigue and mood swings.

Health Benefits of Taking Natural Fat Burners

Natural fat burners benefit you in numerous ways as it includes herbal and safe content.
By consuming these natural weight loss supplements you would feel positive results:

  • Suppressed Appetite: being the most challenging part of the weight loss process, eating less and leaving your favorite food always forces people to give up. However, natural fat burners allow you to eat less without you even noticing it. It happens gradually with daily supplement intake and you would start feeling full earlier which results in successful appetite reduction. You would be able to control those mid-night cravings and munching.
  • Boosted metabolism: thermogenic and digestion-improving herbs allow you to utilize food resources more efficiently and drastically than normal. Natural ingredients allow an active metabolism during the night. That means you are burning fat even while sleeping. This way you end up using the consumed calories for just day to day task and being on the suppressed diet it allows you use collected fat for your activities.
  • Increased Energy: with the boring and painful diet you might have felt dizzy and dull. And that where natural fat burners make the difference. Even with suppressed food consumption, fat burners keep you rocket charged and you would never feel low and drained. These super recharging herbs allow you to work out like a pro even with less food intake.
  • Improved focus: Natural fat burners keep your essential hormones balanced to avoid any weakness or mood swings. This keeps you motivated and full of positivity. Thus it improves your focus and overall behavior by keeping you refreshed, motivated and revitalised.
  • Weight Loss: you being on less food intake, with a high metabolism, with balanced hormones, and with exceptional
    Energy to workout without fail results in quick and safe weight loss. You may end up noticing some really motivating changes in just a week of consuming these natural fat burners.

Side-effects of using thermogenic fat burners

When consumed in unregulated dosages, thermogenic fat burners may lead to mild to severe side-effects.  While starting up with the dosage schedule, you may feel mild stomach upsets but in most of cases, it gets better with time. If you have any existing medical problems, then it is highly recommended to consult with your physician before buying any supplement.

Many people are able to tolerate thermogenic supplements without any long term side-effect. However, common short-term side-effects of thermogenic fat burners include constipation and headache, a slight increase in blood pressure, and abdominal pain.


Recently there has been a lot of talk on the internet regarding fat burners and their effectiveness in assisting weight loss. You need to keep in mind there is no shortcut to success, it is true that fat burners work by increasing metabolism and reduce your food cravings, but if you need long-term results you should maintain a balanced diet along with doing a regular workout.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to fat burners. The key to finding success with any fat burner program is in understanding how your body’s metabolism works and what your particular metabolic type is. If you are still confused, then you should consult your doctor and determine your personal metabolic type before choosing a fat burner diet. Then, once you understand your own body and the best fat burners for your body type, you can begin looking for the right diet program and/or program to help you reach your goals.


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