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Anyone who’s ever tried to lose fat would have tried to find, or at least research about, the best thermogenic fat burner.

But chances are, that most of the products that you bumped into, were either shills or outright scams.

Weight loss is a trillion dollar industry that thrives on exaggerated claims, hype, aggressive marketing and most of the times, unscrupulousness.

To make things worse, there are only a handful of natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to produce thermogenesis.

For those who are new to this, ‘Thermogenic’ means ‘Heat inducing’. When described in a weight loss context, it stands for products that increase your body temperature ever so slightly, which accelerates fat loss.

When used effectively, the best thermogenic fat burner can help you burn fat selectively. This means, that you will not have to struggle with weeks of crash diets, calorie monitoring or risk losing your hard earned muscle mass.

You can pop a pill and watch the fat melt away. All said and done, thermogenic is an extremely risky proposition as well. There are chances that you may be sold something as toxic as DNP.

That’s where we step in. We have handpicked the best thermogenic fat burners out there and rated them, based on their efficacy, safety and tolerability. Strap in and enjoy the read.

Top 5 Thermogenic Fat Burners in 2021

#1 – LeanbeanBest Thermogenic Fat Burner for Women

Leanbean is an all-natural thermogenic fat burner that’s designed for women. Now, that might seem gimmicky at first.

How and why design a fat loss supplement purely for women? Aren’t weight loss supplements meant to be universally compatible?

To understand this, it’s important to know the physiological differences in the two sexes. Here’s a clinical studythat shows that women have different food cravings than men and hence, are likelier to be obese.

Here’s another one that shows that women are 15% likelier to snack as compared to men.

That’s precisely what Leanbean is designed to combat. It is a combination of 11-natural ingredients, all science-backed, which help women curb hunger pangs, bumps their metabolism and keeps them energized all day. There are no pharmaceuticals, stimulants, additives or other proprietary nonsense, which we consider huge red flags.

The result, is safe and sustainable fat loss.

Why we like it

  • LeanBean is an all-natural supplement that contains a blend of 11, 100% natural ingredients
  • It has a three-pronged effect on fat loss. It curbs appetite, it enhances metabolism and it regulates fat absorption. It’s not a run-of-the-mill fat burner. It’s a well-rounded fat loss supplement.
  • It does not contain additives. The sheer amount of junk that we’ve seen stuffed into pills and sold in fancy bottles, never ceases to amaze us. LeanBean has none of those. It’s a clean label product with only a handful of ingredients. Fewer the ingredients, the better when it comes to the best thermogenic fat burner.
  • It’s 100% vegan. There are no animal-based products or its derivatives in LeanBean.
  • It’s shipped globally.
  • There’s an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee.

LeanBean Ingredients

Eventually, it all boils down to what’s inside the pill, doesn’t it?

This is why LeanBean tops this list. It only contains science-backed, 100% natural ingredients.

Choline – This powerful nutrient has for long been studied for its potential benefits in improving brain health. However, a little known innate benefit of this supplement is that it accelerates the rate at which your body breaks down stored fat, and uses it for energy. It has also been proven to increase satiety, which means that you are less likely to binge eat, even when you are on a calorie deficit diet.

Glucomannan – This naturally occurring water-soluble dietary fiber is so effective at curbing hunger pangs, that people report feeling full for hours after a tiny dose. It’s extracted from Elephant-Yam. LeanBean contains 3g of Glucomannan in every serving, which is more than what you get with any other best thermogenic fat burner. In a nutshell, if controlling your hunger is your biggest weight loss hurdle, LeanBean is your ticket to glory.

Chromium Picolinate – Chromium Picolinate is a variant of the mineral Chromium, that’s tweaked ever so slightly for better absorption. It is a very effective natural ingredient that helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which can go haywire with dieting. It also helps control hunger pangs.

B6 & B12 – B-Vitamins are critical to normal every day functioning. It keeps you energized all day, even if you are in a calorie deficit. Not to mention that it improves cognitive functioning, boosts your mood and prevents brain fog. Picture feeling bright, energetic and cheerful all day during your weight loss journey.

Chloride – This underrated electrolyte is associated with a plethora of beneficial effects, including maintaining fluid levels. Chloride often works in synergy with other electrolytes. It’s one of the first electrolytes that can get depleted when you are trying to lose weight. LeanBean ensures that your electrolyte levels stay stable.

Garcinia Cambogia – This natural flavor-inducing ingredient used extensively in Asian cuisine, has been linked with a noticeable reduction in visceral fat levels. That’s not all. It helps reduce hyperlipidemia, is anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic and hepatoprotective.

The powerful 5 – LeanBean also contains Green Coffee Bean extract, Zinc, Turmeric, Piperine & Acai Berry, a stack that we call the Powerful 5. Each one of these ingredients are scientifically proven to help curb hunger, improve overall health, boost metabolism and increase fatty acid oxidation.

Click here to Learn More about the Ingredients in LeanBean on their Official Website.


LeanBean Shipping & Return Policy

LeanBean is manufactured by ‘Ultimate Life’ a company based in the United States. They offer global shipping, with 3-10-day deliveries to key destinations within the states, the EU, Canada and Australia.

Deliveries to most other countries are done in 15-days. So the shipping is fast and reliable. What we also like is that they offer an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee.

In case LeanBean doesn’t work for you, you can always send the product back within 7-days of the delivery of your order and request a refund. Their customer service team is one of the best that we’ve dealt with. Replies are prompt and friendly.

LeanBean Pros and cons


  • LeanBean can be used as a standalone weight loss supplement, as well as an adjuvant for a comprehensive weight loss plan
  • It’s one of the best thermogenic fat burners that’s designed for women.
  • It addresses most common concerns that women have about weight loss. It helps reduce hunger, it boosts metabolism, it increases lipolysis and helps the body used stored fat for energy. All this, while ensuring that energy and blood sugar levels are stable.
  • It is a legit thermogenic supplement. You will feel a mild buzz with an increase in body temperature. That’s your body torching fat.
  • It is one of the most effective supplements for burning stubborn belly fat.
  • It keeps you energized and active all day. This allows you to work out harder.
  • It has 11-natural ingredients. None of them cause unwanted, serious side effects.
  • It is backed by a 90-day unconditional money back guarantee.


  • It is not available in online or retail stores. You have to buy it from the official website. That’s not necessarily a con. But a lot of people prefer shopping on Amazon and other online websites.

LeanBean Customer Reviews

LeanBean has a 99% positive customer rating on the internet. There are numerous review websites, social media groups as well as messaging boards, where users are sharing their positive experiences with the supplement.

For instance, Denise R. Lutes from Brantford, Ontario, says ‘After struggling to lose the last layer of fat on my hips and my buttocks, I finally dropped them like a bad habit courtesy LeanBean. It helped me stave off my midnight cravings for sugar. Also didn’t crash me like the three-stim stack’.

Deborah Hess, a 44-year old mother of two started her Crossfit journey last month and LeanBean helped her stay energetic all day. Three months after starting with LeanBean, she has her first visible six pack.

There are tons of testimonials like this that talk about how effective LeanBean is in helping curb hunger pangs and burn off stubborn layers of body fat. Binge eating, frequent day time snacking, stimulant crashes, there are people who have used LeanBean to overcome most of their weight loss hurdles.

LeanBean Pricing

As we mentioned earlier, LeanBean is currently available only on the manufacturer’s official website. There are three different pricing plans that you can choose from.

  • You can try LeanBean for a month. A one-month supply with 180-caps is available at $59. You also get a bonus home workout guide which can be very useful given the current circumstances.
  • There’s a two-month bundle in which you get 360-caps, along with the home workout guide. Shipping in the US is free if you choose this bundle.
  • The best of the lot, is the Bikini Body Bundle, in which you get 3-bottles, along with a free bottle. This means, you get 720-capsules for the price of 540-caps. There are three neat bonuses if you choose this pack. You get a home workout guide, a healthy eating guide and free worldwide shipping.

They accept most commonly used payment methods including Amazon, PayPal and CC.

VerdictIrrespective of whether you are looking to burn fat, or accelerate your weight loss results, LeanBean is a great pick. It’s all natural, science-backed ingredients, made in the USA. Hard to beat!

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#2 – PhenQBest Thermogenic fat burner for men

We first came across PhenQ in 2012, when it was making waves in the world of health supplements. 9-years later, it still continues to tick, in the face of newer, fancier competition.

That’s all the testimony you need for its effectiveness. What’s it about PhenQ that makes it so popular?

Well, for starters, PhenQ is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited, a neutraceutical company with a global footprint. It is considered to be one of the biggest wellness brands in Europe and Germany.

Secondly, it’s all-natural. Just the way we like it. There’s no hidden pharmaceuticals or toxic synthetics that can cook you from within. PhenQ is a safe, tolerable thermogenic fat burner.

Read on to find out more.

Why we like it

There are reasons galore why we like PhenQ. Here are the top ones.

  • It has a tried and tested track record. If you are familiar with the world of weight loss supplements, you’d be aware of the number of companies that have appeared and disappeared over the years. PhenQ has stood the test of time. In all the years that it has been on the market, there have been no complaints of adverse effects.
  • It has a two-pronged approach. It boosts your metabolism. So you can expect the thermogenic effect, in which you will feel warmer all day. This allows your body to burn even-more fat even when you are resting. Secondly, it alters the way your body uses stored fat.
  • It will help you control your appetite. One dose of PhenQ is touted to keep you feeling full until evening. Intermittent fasting, One meal a day, no matter what diet plan you employ. PhenQ will help you adhere to it.
  • It’s very effective. One dose is just two capsules. That’s all that’s needed for most people to drop pounds of body fat. In other words, you won’t have to gobble a bunch of pills at a time.
  • It makes you feel great. A lot of men who use the best thermogenic fat burner, often end up feeling miserable. Their energy levels drop. They lose focus and are unable to perform normally in their everyday lives. PhenQ does the opposite. It makes you feel great. You have stable energy levels that last all day. Your mental clarity is amazing.

PhenQ Ingredients

Let’s decode the PhenQ ingredient list.

Caffeine anhydrous – This is a dehydrated form of regular caffeine that kicks-in a lot sooner than the conventional version. It is considered a safe, performance enhancer that boosts metabolism, reduces hunger and keeps you active all day.

Nopal – It is a dietary fiber extracted from a type of cacti. Nopal is one of the safest forms of soluble fiber that curbs hunger pangs. It also reduces the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol.

Calcium carbonate – You might be surprised to learn that this bone builder also helps reduce weight. It’s a very underrated ingredient in PhenQ.

Chromium picolinate – Already spoke about Chromium’s effectiveness in the LeanBean ingredient list.

Capsimax Powder – Capsaicinoids are active ingredients found in capsicum and chilli peppers. This is blended with capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin.  This blend is so powerful that it blasts fat by producing the thermogenic effect. It enhances metabolism and hence, boosts fat burn.

Piperine extracts – Also called Black Pepper extracts, Piperine helps block fat cell formation. In simple terms, your body does not hoard fat anymore.

Click here to Learn More about the Ingredients in PhenQ on their Official Website.


PhenQ Shipping and Return Policy

PhenQ offers worldwide shipping. The shipping is generally expedited because of the brand’s global warehouses. Your order will ship out from the warehouse closest to your residential address in USA, UK or Germany.

Just like LeanBean, they also offer a 60-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. This assures you that in case it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back. The shipping and handling charges will not be refunded though. That’s a minor quibble really.

PhenQ Pros and Cons


  • Made from 100% natural ingredients proven by science to increase metabolism, block the production of fat cells and amplify the rate at which the body burns fat.
  • Reduces cravings for sugary foods.
  • Proven track record for over 9-years
  • Side-effect free best thermogenic fat burner
  • Burns fat, provides energy and razor sharp focus


  • Just like LeanBean, you can only buy PhenQ from its official websites. We found a lot of online websites selling counterfeited versions though. Don’t fall for the fakes. Buy legit PhenQ only.
  • This cannot be used by pregnant or nursing women.

PhenQ Customer Reviews

There are thousands and thousands of positive reviews for PhenQ all over the internet. There are more than 190,000 people who have used it so far.

It’s been around for so long that it would be impossible to list out the best ones. But here goes.

Andrew Osborn from Ville Patte, LA was struggling to drop his body fat levels below 13%. He tried every trick in the book before finally landing on PhenQ. Here’s his testimonial – ‘PhenQ was like a revelation. I was already eating clean, mind you. But this just made the last stubborn belly fat layer disappear. I am not kidding. I went from 14% body fat to under 9% in 12-weeks. It was insane’

There are tons of other testimonials like this, including people who have transformed their lives with PhenQ, by dropping upto 70 pounds in a year.

PhenQ Pricing

PhenQ is quite reasonably priced for the kind of results it produces safely. There are three-different pricing plans that you can consider.

  1. You can buy a single bottle for $69.95. That’s a 30-day supply.
  2. You can buy two bottles for $139.95. You get one bottle free. So that’s a 90-day supply.
  3. You can buy three bottles for $189.95. You get two bottles of Advana cleanse – a natural detox supplement for free.

Verdict We cannot recommend PhenQ enough. It’s backed by a 9-year track record and a 60-day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose really, and a whole new body to gain.

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#3 – ZotrimBest Appetite Suppressant

Zotrim is a very unique addition to this list of the best thermogenic fat burner. It’s unique because it aims to simplify weight loss.

If you ask yourself, what’s stopping you from losing weight, the most probable answer would be food. We are surrounded 24/7 by the foods we love. There are aromas, visual aids, social media, your neighbors, your colleagues, everybody every time is eating something, which may be counterproductive for your weight loss journey.

Zotrim will block your hunger pangs, allowing you to stick to your diet. It does not make fancy claims. It’s just a very effective appetite blocker.

Why we like it

If the 9-year track record of PhenQ impressed you, wait till you discover more about Zotrim.

  • Zotrim has been around for 15-years. According to us, it’s probably the oldest fat loss supplement that’s still around. It has been used by thousands of users to successfully lose weight and change their lives. We love recommending products with track records such as these.
  • It’s a blend of three simple, botanical ingredients primarily. There are no fillers, additives, colors, flavors or hidden ingredients. As an added perk, all three ingredients have been scientifically proven to be more effective than pharmaceutical ingredients, at reducing appetite.
  • It’s so easy to use. You just take three capsules before a meal and you won’t even realize how it manages to keep you full until your next meal. So, you are not deprived of the vital nutrients mind you. Zotrim just forces you to stop eating mid-meal snacks, which are typically crammed with junk.
  • It is backed by 5 clinical trials. No other weight loss supplement to our knowledge has undergone rigorous testing like this.

Zotrim ingredients

What is it that has allowed Zotrim to remain the UK’s #1 weight loss supplement for over 15-years?

Let’s find out.

  • Yerba Mate – Yerba Mate is an evergreen tree that has been used to prepare herbal concoctions and teas in South America. There’s an ever growing body of evidence that suggests that the herb amplifies your metabolism, increases satiety and improves mood during prolonged exercise. Oh, almost forgot to mention that it also blocks the formation of new fat cells.
  • Guarana – Powerful natural source of caffeine. Keeps you energized without relying on sugary snacks.
  • Damiana – This wild shrub that’s native to Central America finds many uses in alternative medicine. In Zotrim, it functions as a mood enhancer. Weight loss gets progressively harder as you lose the initial few pounds, as anxiety and even depression can set in. Damiana helps you stay on track by keeping your mood elevated. You will never feel depressed or anxious while using Zotrim.

Click here to Learn More about the Ingredients in Zotrim on their Official Website.


Shipping and Return policy

Zotrim is shipped worldwide. They are currently using a set of best practices to minimize contact, while packing and delivering your shipments.

Deliveries in the UK and USA are fast and typically completed in 3-10 days.

While the previous two best thermogenic fat burners offered a 60-day money back guarantee, Zotrim offers an industry-leading 100-day money back guarantee.

If it’s not working for you, you can return any unused and unopened bottles for a 100% refund. The fact that you have 100-days to test the product speaks volumes about its effectiveness. Great customer team available to answer all your queries.

Zotrim Pros and cons


  • Powerful herbal ingredient blend that blocks appetite, burns fat and boosts metabolism. The glorious triumvirate of fat loss that’s so hard to achieve otherwise.
  • Helps users lose 1-2 lb. per week in a safe and sustainable fashion
  • Cuts mid-day snacking and binge eating
  • No highs and lows, or dramatic crashes. Have stable energy levels and great mood
  • Track record that extends 15-years
  • Industry-leading 100-day money back guarantee
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Can cause nausea in some users in the initial stages. This generally does not become bothersome and fades away in a few days.

Zotrim Customer reviews

Zotrim’s official website is crammed to the brim with positive feedback and customer testimonials.

Heidi Lambeth was guilty like a lot of us about ignoring her health, once family priorities took over. Zotrim helped her drop from a size 24 to a size 12.

Louise Hilborne had a habit of frequent snacking which led to an unhealthy weight gain. At one point, she weighed 90-kilograms. She now wears a size 10. Zotrim has helped her control her binge eating.

The customer reviews for Zotrim are 99% positive. That’s a phenomenal track record to maintain in an industry such as this.


Zotrim is available in three different packages. The rule of thumb is the bigger packages typically come bundled with more savings.

  • A one month supply is available at $59.99
  • Two-month supply is priced at $119.98 & you get one-month free
  • Three-month supply is priced at $179.97 and you get two months for free.

They currently have a 20% discount going on which you can avail for a limited time on their official website only.

Verdict Zotrim is one of the most trusted weight loss aids in the world. If you are struggling with binge eating or a slow metabolism, we highly recommend that you try this out.

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#4 – Instant Knockout  – Best Natural Fat Burner

Enough about the best thermogenic fat burner that has been around for years. Here’s a swanky, new addition to this list. This is Instant Knockout, a 2021 fat burner that helps you achieve an MMA fighter’s physique that’s ripped, hard and fat-free.

It’s recommended by Diego Sanchez, Greg Jackson & John Dodson III, three of the biggest names in MMA.

Here’s the typical checklist for an MMA fighter.

  • Needs to eat in a deficit and hence, prefers products that help curb appetite.
  • Needs tons of energy to work out for hours every day.
  • Needs stable mood and energy levels
  • Needs to burn fat for fuel because of the low calorie diets
  • Prefers thermogenic fat burners because of their obvious, fast results
  • Needs products with ingredients that are safe and not banned by WADA

That’s precisely what you get with Instant Knockout. Ever since it was launched, Instant Knockout has become so popular, that it’s now one of the bestselling fat burners in the world.

Why we like it

Instant Knockout is designed for fast results. It’s not the cookie-cutter fat burner with a few mild ingredients that give you a slight boost to your efforts. This is the real deal. It’s potent and it gets the job done.

  • It’s an all-round supplement for accelerated fat loss. It induces thermogenesis, boosts metabolism, curbs appetite and increases energy. The energy helps you workout harder for longer. The appetite blocking allows you to adhere to your restricted calorie diet. Restrictive diets typically slow your metabolism down. Instant Knockout amplifies it again. Lastly, it induces thermogenesis, which allows you to burn fat even when you are asleep.
  • It’s a unisex fat burner. While the MMA-centric branding can fool you into thinking that this is for the boy’s club, it’s not. There are tons of testimonials from women all around the world, who have lost oodles of weight with Instant Knockout.
  • It’s a small dose. Some of the best thermogenic fat burners require you to consume up to 8-9 pills a day. While some people have no problems with that, others find it bothersome. Instant Knockout is just four pills a day. Use it anywhere and anytime.
  • It’s 100% natural ingredients. There are no banned ingredients or synthetics in it.
  • It’s used by pro athletes. That too, some of the biggest names in the business.
  • It switches off the Alpha-2 receptors, thereby stopping your body from hoarding fat.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

We love the fact that there are only scientifically proven ingredients in Instant Knockout.

Green Tea Extracts – Green Tea Extracts is crammed with antioxidants and polyphenols. But it’s also one of the most effective natural fat burners in the world. There are multiple clinical studies that back this claim. It is this ingredient that helps switch off the Alpha-2 receptor in your body.

Cayenne Pepper – Think burn! All day long. That’s what Cayenne pepper brings to Instant Knockout. This is the side-effect free thermogenic that you always wanted. As an added bonus, it also contains vitamin A, C and B6.

Glucomannan – Water soluble fiber from the Konjac plant that keeps you full for hours. Glucomannan is clinically proven to help users lose weight.

Caffiene Anhydous – Get a stable and steady supply of energy, all day long. Think of it like the more potent version of your espresso shot. As a bonus, it also boosts fat oxidation.

B-Vitamin Stack – Instant Knockout contains Vitamins B6 & B12 which work in synergy to amplify your metabolism. These vitamins are also associated with a plethora of other health benefits.

In addition to this, it also contains Chromium, Zinc, Piperine & Green Coffee bean extracts.

Click here to Learn More about the Ingredients in Instant Knockout  on their Official Website.


Instant Knock out Shipping and Return policy

Instant Knock Out is shipped to most countries in the world, barring a few where customs restrictions apply.

The best part is that deliveries are faster than what you expect with most other brands, because they have warehouses in UK & USA. This allows them to ship out orders from the warehouse closest to the destination address.

Unfortunately, there’s no money back guarantee on offer. We doubt if you’ll ever need it though for any of these five brands.

Instant Knockout Pros and Cons


  • Powerful thermogenic fat burner
  • Well rounded product that addresses all aspects of fat loss
  • Completely natural
  • Backed by top pro athletes like Diego Sanchez & Greg Jackson
  • Unisex product for both men and women
  • Rated the best thermogenic fat burner by tons of users


  • Does not ship to some countries. You can find the whole list here.
  • Available only on the official website

Customer reviews

There are tons of positive reviews for Instant Knockout. Customers speak about how it has helped them drop loads of body fat in very little time.

Some of the best testimonials come from pro athletes who are all praises for the consistent energy and amplified mood they get from Instant Knockout. It helps them train much harder, which again leads to better results.


Just like most other fat burner brands, Instant Knockout is available in three pricing models.

  • A one month supply of 120 caps for $59
  • A two month supply for $118. You get free shipping in the UK & USA with this
  • A three month supply is available for $185. You get one free-bottle with this along with free worldwide shipping.

Verdict If you are looking for fast results, go for Instant Knockout. It is hands down, the best thermogenic fat burner in this list.

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#5 – Powher Fat BurnerBest Weight Loss Pills for Women

Last but not the least, we have Powher, another strong thermogenic fat burner from Ultimate Life.

In case you didn’t notice, this is the same brand that manufactures LeanBean. Just like LeanBean, Powher is also designed primarily for females, who grapple with binge eating.

Many female athletes and fitness buffs that we have spoken to, find unisex and male fat burners, too strong, or leaning more towards the thermogenic side of things. Powher aims to tick the boxes that females look for, while shopping for fat burners. It helps them curb their appetite and control frequent, unhealthy snacking.

Why we like it

  • Trusted brand. With two bestselling weight loss products under their banner, Ultimate Life is one of the most trusted brands in the business.
  • It’s the only fat burner in this list that’s also available in a powdered form. For one, this is easier to use than pills. Secondly, it can also be used as a pre-workout supplement.
  • It’s designed specifically for women. It helps curb unhealthy snacking. It also boosts their metabolism priming their bodies for fat loss.
  • It’s one of the only products that comes with free global shipping on selected orders.
  • Just like the rest of the best thermogenic fat burners in this list, it is made of completely natural ingredients.

Powher Ingredients

Powher’s ingredient list is completely different from LeanBean and most other weight loss supplements that we’ve reviewed.

B-Vitamin blend – Most fat burners have Vitamins B6 & B12 in their ingredients. But none have Vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic acid. This very underrated vitamin helps you reduce weight without the unpleasant effects associated with it. The result of this blend of three vitamins is improved metabolism, better mood, razor sharp focus, mental clarity and of course, weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean – This powerful extract is a concentrated form of Green Coffee. It helps alter body fat composition and upregulates fatty acid oxidation. It’s currently considered one of the most powerful natural fat burners.

EnXtra – If you are caffeine intolerant, or are trying to avoid it for some reason, you’d be glad to know that Powher contains EnXtra, which is a natural caffeine alternative. This botanical ingredient is extracted from the rhizomes of Alpinia galangal and produces much better focus as compared to caffeine.

Beetroot and L-Citrulline – Powerful combination that provides a variety of benefits. Use it as a pre-workout stack to increase circulation and vasodilation. It also helps control blood pressure.

In addition to this, Powher also contains a blend of essential vitamins and botanical extracts that improve your overall quality of life.

Click here to Learn More about the Ingredients in Powher on their Official Website.


Powher Shipping and Return policy

Powher is shipped globally. What’s amazing is that you can get free worldwide shipping by just ordering a two-pack.

Deliveries are trackable and within reasonable time frames. In the US & UK, it’s 3-10 days, which is excellent. 10-15 days is the average time span for the rest of the world.

If the products don’t work for you, you can always request a refund within 7-days of delivery. They have a great customer service team who will instantly initiate a refund, minus the shipping and handling costs of course.

Powher Pros and Cons


  • Available in two formulations. One for weight loss in capsule form and one for weight loss and pre-workout use in powder form.
  • 100% natural ingredients proven to curb appetite and boost metabolism
  • Burns fat, amplifies energy levels without the jitters and tremors associated with stimulants
  • A caffeine-free alternative with EnXtra
  • Offers free worldwide shipping
  • Easy returns and refunds


  • It’s not available in any online retail store. You have to buy it from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Maybe a little pricier, especially if you compare it with the other best thermogenic fat burners in this list.

Powher customer reviews

Despite being a reasonably new product, Powher has managed to garner some rave reviews. There are females who have been able to adhere to calorie-restricted diets with Powher.

Judith Granados from DC is one such fitness buff. She wanted to hop on to the 1500-calorie diet being promoted by her favorite fitness influencer. But she failed three times before achieving it with Powher. In the end, it was smooth sailing. She says that she never felt that she was eating less than 1500 calories. It kept her feeling full and active all day.

Overall, the reviews are largely positive. None of the users have experienced even the mild side effects associated with other fat burners.

Powher Pricing

There are two products that you can buy. There’s Powher Cut, which is the fat burner in the capsule form and there’s Powher Up, which is the pre-workout drink.

  • The Ultimate Fat Burner Pack gives you four bottles of Powher cut for the price of three. That’s $199. You also get free global shipping with this.
  • The Ultimate Pre-workout pack contains four bottles of Powher Up for just $135. Once again, you get free worldwide shipping.

You can of course, consider buying single bottles as well. For more details, click here.

Verdict – Powher is a very versatile fat burner. It’s incredibly effective in curbing hunger pangs. Moreover, females also have the option to club it with the pre-workout drink to get a noticeable energy boost without the jitters.

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The Best Thermogenic Fat Burner Buying Guide

There’s a lot of noise and hype in the world of weight loss products, as we mentioned at the onset. This makes it very difficult for someone who’s new to navigate this landscape. Here’s a brief buying guide that explains what features to watch out for while shopping for the best thermogenic fat burners.

The Ingredients – Any fat burner is only as good as the ingredients in it. Always look for products that have clean labels with minimal ingredients. You have to be vigilant about synthetic additives, especially DNP. It’s an incredibly toxic substance that can also cause death. Any natural ingredients that claim to burn fat, or induce a thermogenic effect need to be backed with clinical studies. If there are no studies to back an ingredient, or the studies are inconclusive, that’s a red flag. Some of the best natural fat burning ingredients are Green Coffee bean, Glucomannan, Garcinia Cambogia, chromium picolinate, Choline, B-Vitamins, Caffiene, Capsicain and Piperine.

Brand reputation – Always buy from brands that have a solid reputation. Check customer reviews, read testimonials, check social media pages and messaging boards. Check the manufacturing process. Are the products manufactured in GMP-certified, clean facilities? Speak to the customer care team before placing the order to get a general feel of how they operate. This is why we have only selected trusted brands with a great reputation.

Money Back Guarantee – Not all brands offer a money back guarantee. But most of them do. If you are unsure of whether a particular product will work for you, then a money back guarantee will help you claim a refund if things go south.

Side effects – If you choose the best thermogenic fat burner with natural ingredients, you will not have to worry about side effects. At best, you might experience mild nausea or an occasional headache. Having said that, if you have any known allergies, you might want to cross check with the ingredient list.


If you still have doubts about fat burners in general, then this brief FAQ aims to answer them.

  1. What is a fat burner?
  2. A fat burner is any health supplement that increases the rate at which your body burns fat. The exact methodology by which a product achieves this can vary. Some use thermogenesis, which is a process in which heat is generated within a cell. Others bump up the metabolism, which can also cause thermogenesis.

Some fat burners are appetite suppressants and help curb binge eating. Others are fat blockers, which prevent the body from making new fat cells.

  1. Are thermogenic fat burners safe?
  2. Thermogenic fat burners are generally very well tolerated. They might cause some mild discomfort initially, as you feel warmer than usual. But as your body gets used to this, it shouldn’t cause any other problem.

But as always, keep an eye on the product label.

  1. What is the best thermogenic fat burner?
  2. We have listed five of the best, safest thermogenic fat burners in the world over here. You can take your pick. Our personal favorites are LeanBean and Instant Knockout. But even the rest are phenomenal.

Closing thoughts

That’s it folks. That sums up our list of the best thermogenic fat burners. We hope that this helps you make an informed choice, and helps you achieve your weight loss goals.


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