Have you been feeling tired and weak lately? Men with a decline in strength and muscle mass, along with some problems in the bedroom, maybe experiencing low testosterone. This is actually a rather common problem, especially among the aging male population.

Once you turn 30, your testosterone production slowly starts to decline. This can make you experience a couple of problematic side-effects. With the best testosterone booster, you can increase your levels and avoid these unpleasant complications. We help you choose the right supplement to boost your testosterone levels, and we share the three best options currently available.

List Of The Best Testosterone Boosters:

  1. Testogen – Best for Lean Muscles
  2. TestoFuel – Best for Muscle Mass
  3. Prime Male – Best for Men Over 40

There are many testosterone boosters available on the market. Some of these are able to potentially help to boost testosterone levels in your body. On the other hand, you get a few products that will not give you the results you expect.

After a lot of research, we were able to filter through the supplements to bring you a small list of the best ones that will give you value for your money.

Each of these supplements contains a unique formula. The idea behind each formula is to help increase your testosterone levels. The supplements may also help to boost your strength, improve muscle mass, and help you get rid of excess pounds you might have gained.

How Was This Testosterone List Made?

To review testosterone boosters, we had to take a look at a lot of factors. We first compiled a list of the best supplements that are available at the moment. We looked at user reviews and ratings on several online platforms. All of this information helped us get a list of the best supplements that seem to be worthy.

We also had a survey run on the Reddit platform for a while. More than 300 people responded to the survey. We asked our audience what their preferred testosterone boosters are – and we decided to take a look at the three top options that we identified during our research.

To filter down to a list of only three products, we also looked at other details related to each supplement. We considered the list of ingredients included in each product. We also looked at factors like pricing, the concentration of the ingredients, dosage instructions, and whether the company behind the product offers a trial offer or a money-back guarantee.

Best Testosterone Booster on the Market

Below, you will discover three of the best options that men tend to opt for when they want to boost their testosterone levels.

Every one of these supplements has been used by thousands of people. The list is based on personal responses from people who have used testosterone boosters in the past – along with some in-depth research into the most potent testosterone and performance-boosting ingredients. In this post, you will discover more details about these testosterone boosters:

1. Testogen – Best for Lean Muscles

Testogen has become a recognized brand in the male supplement category. The company has sold its products to thousands of men – and there is quite an impressive number of positive reviews related to the testosterone boosting supplements offered by Testogen.

The supplement uses an all-natural formula and focuses on boosting your body’s ability to make testosterone. There are scientists involved with the production of this supplement. This means the formula used is up-to-date and based on the latest scientific research.

Apart from the main Testogen dietary supplement, the company also offers a Testo Drops product. This product contains a powerful formula that is delivered through a liquid. The liquid is placed underneath your tongue and then absorbed into your body.

This is one of the best supplements for men who have lost their edge in the gym. It also focuses on boosting your libido and helping you burn through excess fat fast. The supplement ships worldwide at no additional cost, and comes with a 100-day trial.


Testogen contains a relatively large number of ingredients. Each ingredient has been selected particularly for its ability to help stimulate testosterone production or improve other factors that are critical to male health.

The ingredients you gain access to when you buy Testogen include:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D3
  • Nettle Leaf Extract
  • Korean Red Ginseng
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • Vitamin K1
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc
  • Boron

The supplement also contains an ingredient called Bioperine. This ingredient consists of a 95% piperine extract. It is included to help improve your body’s ability to absorb the rest of the ingredients used in the supplement.

How Does It Work?

Testogen contains a special formula that uses ingredients such as D-aspartic acid, to help your body create more testosterone on its own. D-aspartic acid is a naturally-occurring amino acid that may help increase testosterone levels by increasing your body’s production of luteinizing hormone.

This is completely different from the drugs that are used to pump testosterone made in a laboratory into your body. The ingredients stimulate the specific areas of your body that create this hormone. In turn, you may feel the benefits that come with an increase in testosterone.

Testogen does not only focus on boosting your testosterone. There are essential nutrients that your body needs to produce energy and perform. This means the supplement also works by giving you better endurance and stamina. In turn, hitting the gym becomes easier. The combined effects of this supplement and weight training may further boost the increase in testosterone you experience.


  • Free shipping to worldwide shipping addresses
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Contains premium ingredients
  • Available in a dropper too


  • Delivery to some countries may take long
  • Pricey when not buying in bulk

2. TestoFuel – Best for Muscle Mass

TestoFuel is another great option when it comes to buying the best testosterone booster. The product was primarily created to help men pack on more muscle mass. The primary goal of the supplement is to help those who are currently finding it hard to increase muscle growth.

The manufacturer has spent a long time researching various ingredients. This allowed them to come up with a formula that uses just the right ingredients to ensure you are able to increase testosterone naturally. Added ingredients in the product help to boost your energy and stamina levels, making it easier to hit the gym and work out.

The product is endorsed by Robby Robinson, also known as Mr. Lifestyle. TestoFuel comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.


TestoFuel uses a proprietary formula to deliver essential ingredients that have been proven to help increase the release of testosterone. These ingredients include:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Oyster Extract
  • Vitamin D
  • Ginseng
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin K2
  • Zinc

How Does It Work?

TestoFuel contains ingredients that have been researched through clinical trials and scientific studies. The formula focuses on providing adequate nutrition to the body, while also using certain herbal extracts that are known to affect testosterone.

The nutrients used in this supplement have been found to affect the production of testosterone, such as vitamin D and zinc. Herbal extracts may stimulate the endocrine system and ensure enough testosterone is released.

Some of the ingredients have also been shown to boost energy levels and enhance muscle growth.


  • Does not include Yohimbe
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Provides five different essential nutrients
  • Secure and confidential shipping


  • Contains silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate
  • Limited trial period

3. Prime Male – Best for Men Over 40

Another excellent testosterone booster that is highly recommended among men is the Prime Male supplement. The purpose of this supplement is to give you a boost in vitality – which means it is an all-around product that focuses on all aspects of masculinity.

The supplement is one of the best products that may help you increase testosterone levels. In addition to this benefit, you may also find that it boosts your mental health, reduces depression, and gives you an increase in physical performance and strength.

Prime Male comes with a 90-day guarantee.


The formula behind the Prime Male supplement is also based on the latest scientific studies that looked at how natural ingredients are able to boost testosterone.

The ingredients in this supplement include:

  • D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate
  • BioPerine
  • Boron
  • Korean Red Ginseng
  • Luteolin
  • Magnesium
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Nettle Root Extract
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2
  • Zinc

How Does It Work?

There are a few ways that Prime Male works to help you best get that edge testosterone can offer.

The product uses some ingredients that have shown positive results when used in men with low testosterone. This is due to a stimulatory effect on the endocrine system. The ingredients stimulate the production of this hormone.

Ingredients like Luteolin are included to help block estrogen production. This means less testosterone is used to make estrogen. In turn, more testosterone can circulate your body and be utilized by cells.


  • Includes BioPerine to increase the absorption of other ingredients
  • Uses estrogen-blocking ingredients
  • Provides some essential vitamins and minerals
  • May also increase human growth hormone production


  • A little pricier than some of the alternatives
  • Shipping options are limited to a selected number of countries

Reasons For Low Testosterone In The Body?

Some men are at a higher risk of low testosterone than others. It is, however, important to understand that physical weakness does not always mean you have low levels of testosterone. Understand what may cause your levels to drop. You can then consider if you are exposed to any of these risks and causes. If you identify possible risks, then there is a chance that your levels might be declining.

A lot of men do have lower levels than what is considered normal. At the age of 65, more than half of all males will have low levels of this hormone. About 40% have symptoms of low testosterone levels by the age of 45.

Some of the reasons why your testosterone levels may drop include:

  • You have experienced trauma in your genital area. An example would be a direct hit to your testes.
  • Your testes were damaged during a surgical procedure.
  • If you suffered from orchitis in the past, your risk increases. Orchitis is an infection in your testicles. This can cause damage to your testes.
  • People who undergo chemotherapy as a treatment from cancer are more likely to experience a drop in their levels.
  • Some metabolic disorders can cause you to experience lower testosterone. Hemochromatosis is one potential metabolic disorder to consider. This is a condition where too much iron is found in your body.
  • Alcohol abuse raises your risk of a decline in testosterone.
  • If you have HIV or AIDS, then your risk also increases.
  • Some men have a pituitary gland that is dysfunctional. This can negatively affect your body’s ability to make enough testosterone.

A few medications have also been shown to affect the production of testosterone in your body. This is why it is best to take a closer look at the drugs you use when you notice signs that your testosterone is running low. Some pills that can affect your body’s testosterone production include:

  • Opioids
  • Steroids, including prednisone
  • Hormones for the treatment of prostate cancer

You should take note that some long-term and short-term diseases can affect your endocrine system too. In turn, this may alter your body’s ability to make testosterone. Sarcoidosis is only one chronic illness that should be considered an example. This condition causes inflammation in your lungs. Inflammation also develops in other organs.

What Are The Signs Of Low Testosterone?

There is a surprising number of symptoms that may tell you that your testosterone levels are running too low. A lot of men tend to overlook the obvious symptoms. At first, you think that a poor night’s sleep caused you to feel tired the next day. This continues day-after-day. The symptoms continue to become worse as you ignore them.

It is important that you understand what symptoms may be a sign of low testosterone levels. This will ensure you know when you will need to take action.

Some of the symptoms that you may experience if your testosterone levels drop include:

  • You may find that you start losing your hair. Some men experience rapid hair loss when their levels drop quickly.
  • Your lean muscle mass will reduce. You will notice that your muscles become smaller.
  • As your muscles grow smaller, your weight will not decrease. Instead, you may find that your stomach grows in the process. Testosterone affects fat distribution. When your levels are low, fat will start to accumulate in your abdomen.
  • Some men find that their breasts start to grow larger when they have low levels of testosterone.
  • Sleep disturbances are common in men with decreased testosterone. You may not be able to fall asleep quickly at night.
  • Infertility is another common concern. Your body depends on testosterone to produce sperm. When you have too little of it, the quality, volume, and motility of your sperm may suffer.
  • A lot of men may experience fatigue and weakness. This can interfere with your ability to get through the day. You may find that your performance at work lacks. The fatigue causes you to suffer from poor productivity too.

Another important symptom to consider is erectile dysfunction. Testosterone has no direct impact on your erections. An erection depends on healthy blood flow. When your levels are low, however, you can still experience poor erectile function. This is due to the effect it has on your brain.

Testosterone stimulates your libido and sex drive. If your levels decline, you may find that you are no longer as interested in sex. A low sex drive means you will have trouble getting aroused during sexual activity. When this happens, your erection will not be as rigid as before. You may also find that your erection goes away too soon during sex. In turn, this may affect your performance in the bedroom.

Testosterone affects your brain in many ways. Apart from causing a low sex drive , there are studies that show low levels of the hormone can also lead to depression and brain fog. Thus, when you are unable to concentrate, feel depressed, and experience the other symptoms noted here, it could be a sign that your levels have declined.

What Are The Benefits Of Testosterone Boosters?

There are a couple of benefits that you should consider if you are not sure whether or not testosterone boosters are right for you. By considering these benefits, you will be able to make an informed decision when it comes to buying one of these products.

Here are a few of the benefits to consider:

  • Testosterone boosters generally contain a range of natural ingredients. This means you are using herbal ingredients to boost your levels. Most of these products do not use any type of drugs or chemicals that could be dangerous – as long as you read and comply with the dosage instructions.
  • Testosterone boosters also offer a natural alternative to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Men who use TRT can experience many problematic side-effects. This includes oily skin, acne, fluid retention, prostate abnormalities, a higher risk of developing blood clots, and more.
  • Testosterone boosters will often be more affordable than pills used when you decide to undergo TRT. Thus, they offer a more cost-effective solution to restoring the levels in your body.
  • Another major advantage is the fact that no synthetic hormones are introduced to your body when using a natural testosterone booster. Whether you are using the testosterone boosters for sex, to build muscle mass, or for another reason – these products stimulate your body’s natural ability to make more hormones.
  • A lot of the testosterone boosters you find today come with a money-back guarantee. This offers you an excellent opportunity to secure your investment in the product. Buy the supplement and give it a try. If there are no improvements in your symptoms, then contact the company for a refund.

Do Testosterone Boosters Even Work?

Testosterone boosters can get quite pricey, and the opinions regarding these products are mixed. This is why you probably ask whether or not these products actually work. If you buy a $100 supplement and it fails to work – that’s a lot of money to throw away!

There isn’t a single or straightforward answer to this question, unfortunately. There are many factors that come into play when looking at whether or not these products work. Some men report that they would not have been able to put out their performance in the gym without a testosterone booster product. Others, however, have used these products with no success.

There are two important things that you have to consider:

  • It depends from person-to-person. Some may respond well to certain testosterone boosters. Others are more likely to have side-effects when they use these. One supplement may work for you, but not for a friend.
  • It also depends on the quality of the supplement and the ingredients that are added to its formula. Some ingredients have been proven in scientific studies to be helpful for those with fatigue and low energy.

To buy a supplement that is effective, you will need to do a lot of research in order to find one that works best. You also need to consider interactions with drugs that you are taking at the moment. Allergic reactions need to be taken into account as well. Some people have allergic reactions to certain ingredients that may be included in the formula.

You will only be able to make an appropriate decision when you know all the details. This includes research about the ingredients in a product – the research should look at the scientific evidence, potential benefits, and consider the side-effects you could experience.

With this in mind, – the answer is yes and no. Some supplements do work – but there isn’t a single one that works for every person. You might have to test one or two to see which one is best for you. It is also important not to fall for false claims. Always make sure the ingredients have been well-researched.

Testosterone Booster: Buying Guide

When you are faced with too many testosterone boosting supplements to choose from, you may feel confused. How do you know which of these products will give you the expected results?

Buy a random supplement, and you may end up with only disappointment. The supplement may not work at all – or it may turn into a dangerous product for your health.

Thorough research helps you choose a supplement that is not only effective but also safe. Different supplements target different audiences. If you are looking at the best testosterone boosters for men over 40, these may often have different formulas than ones targeted at a younger audience.

Even though we looked at a few important facts about testosterone boosters and even shared the best options with you, there may still be a few questions you have in mind. This is why we decided to include a section for frequently asked questions in our article.

In this section, we answer a few questions that you may have about testosterone boosters. We will also answer a couple of questions related to boosting testosterone and avoiding a drop in this essential male steroid hormone.

What is the Best Testosterone Supplement on the Market?

When you are interested in buying a supplement to help you gain an edge in the gym and bedroom, chances are you’ll be looking for the best testosterone boosters. You want a clear and simple answer – this makes things much easier. You would simply need to check one product and click the buy button.

Things aren’t this simple, however. There are a lot of products on the market that claim to boost your testosterone. Every brand tells you that their testosterone boosters are the best. This makes it hard to know which brand you should believe.

There are a few things you should consider when you buy a supplement to increase hormone production and give you a boost in physical performance. Here are a few of the factors that will help you make an informed decision:

  • Consider your budget. Prices for these supplements differ a lot. You get a few cheap options, but these may not give you the best results. Know how much money you can spend. Then, select a supplement based on the budget you have available.
  • Look at the brand’s reputation. A simple search on Google should be enough to give you an idea of whether the brand is trusted or not. Take a look at posts on Facebook and other platforms from real people who have used the supplement before.
  • Consider the ingredients. There are a lot of different ingredients that companies tend to use in the best testosterone boosters. Some ingredients, such as d-aspartic acid, may actually help to elevate your levels by increasing luteinizing hormone production. Others might rather help to boost energy or give you more strength when you work out. On the other hand, you also have brands that use ingredients with no scientific evidence behind them.
  • Look at the concentration of the ingredients used in the supplements. You do not want to overdose on certain natural extracts and nutrients. At the same time, taking a supplement with a low concentration of the active ingredients will not give you any noticeable results.
  • Consider your own expectations. Do you expect the supplement to help you in the gym and in the bedroom? Would you like the supplement to also boost your daily performance at work? Then, consider products with added ingredients that can help you achieve these goals.

When you look at these factors, you will be able to determine what the best testosterone booster might be for you in particular.

Where Can You Buy Testosterone Boosters?

Most of these products can be purchased online, from the comfort of your own home. Natural testosterone supplements are generally legal worldwide and can be shipped anywhere. This includes the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany , France, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, and many others.

How Can I Raise My Testosterone Levels Naturally?

Testosterone boosters are considered an effective way of elevating hormone production in men. This, however, is not the only technique you can use to get your testosterone levels to rise. There are a few other “natural” methods that you can use. These techniques will also focus on getting your body to make more of this hormone without the need to push synthetic hormones into your system.

The best option would be to combine multiple strategies to raise your testosterone levels. This includes using a supplement each day, but also a few other options.

Below, we share a few natural strategies you should consider if your levels are running a bit low:

  • Exercise more. This is probably one of the most valuable tips that we can share with you. There is a large amount of evidence that backs up the benefits that come with weight lifting and resistance training activities for men who want to boost their testosterone. One study shows that exercise may boost testosterone levels, as well as reaction time and overall fitness.
  • A balanced diet is important. Make sure you get enough carbohydrates, healthy fats, and high-quality protein. You need to ensure you have a diet with the right calorie intake each day. Your calorie intake should not exceed your daily caloric expenditure. This will lead to weight gain. You do not want to gain weight – this causes testosterone production to decline.
  • You should also try to reduce your stress levels. When you stress, your body releases cortisol. When there is too much cortisol in your body, your testosterone levels will suffer. There are studies that show cortisol can cause a rapid reduction in your levels. On the other hand, when cortisol levels decline, there seems to be a rise in testosterone.
  • High-quality sleep should also become a priority in your life. When you fail to sleep enough, your endocrine system may not function correctly. This may interfere with your body’s hormone production. In one study, researchers show that only sleeping for four hours each night causes a significant decline in testosterone levels. Make sure you get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

You also need to avoid foods and compounds that are similar to estrogen. Many things can make your estrogen levels rise. When you have too much estrogen, your testosterone levels will decline. Remember that some of your testosterone converts to estrogen.

BPA and parabens are commonly found in containers and other household products. Exposure to these causes the chemicals to leak into your body. In turn, they act like estrogens in your body. This may have a negative effect on testosterone.

What Foods Destroy Testosterone?

When you develop a strategy to increase your testosterone, there are two different things to consider:

  1. What boosts your testosterone levels?
  2. What causes it to decline?

You need to avoid doing things that can lower your levels. This means you also need to take a closer look at the food you include in your diet. Some foods have chemicals that produce estrogenic effects in your body. There are also foods that can suppress the endocrine system. Eating these foods will reduce your testosterone.

Some of the foods you need to avoid to reduce the risk of further damaging your testosterone levels include:

  • Soy foods. Some soy foods may cause your levels to drop. One study tested the effects of soy products on 35 adult men. The participants were asked to take a soy protein isolate product over a period of 54 days. There was a significant drop in their testosterone levels after this time.
  • Licorice root. This natural plant extract is often used as a flavoring agent in both beverages and candies. What you may not know is that licorice root may cause an imbalance in your hormones. In one study, a seven-gram dose of this natural extract over a period of one week causes a 26% decline in testosterone levels. A total of 25 men participated in the study.
  • Flaxseeds may also have a negative impact. Sure, these seeds are high in nutrients and even healthy fats. Flaxseeds are also rich in fiber. Unfortunately, the seed also contains a high amount of lignans. These compounds bind to the testosterone in your body, in turn, lowering its levels.
  • We are going to mention alcohol again – drinking too much alcohol will cause your body to make less testosterone. Even just three drinks a day over a period of three weeks can cause a 8% drop in your levels.
  • Processed foods contain many unhealthy ingredients. They are packed with sugar and trans fats. The trans-fats have been linked to many harmful effects in your body. Your risk of inflammation, diabetes, and heart disease rise when you eat too many processed foods. The effects of these foods can also cause a drop in your testosterone levels.

Can I Test My Testosterone Levels at Home?

With all of the information we shared in mind, you might want to know whether you actually have a deficiency in testosterone hormones. This means you want to test your levels. Most men want to do this at home – as it’s more convenient to buy a testing kit and get a reading without the need to go to a doctor.

There are a few testing kits available. The problem is, these do not provide the same accurate results as a test from a doctor. The testing kits usually require a drop of blood. A reading is then made to give you the amount of free testosterone circulating through your bloodstream.

When you visit a doctor, a blood sample is taken. The sample is then sent to a laboratory. A reading with your free and total testosterone is then provided.

You can try an at-home testing kit, but be warned that the results may not be as accurate compared to a test performed in a doctor’s office.

Are Testosterone Booster Supplements Safe to Use?

TRT is a common treatment for men with clinically low levels of this hormone. The biggest problem is that these drugs tend to cause side effects. A lot of users find the side effects to be both bothersome and concerning.

Natural products are not without their downsides. There is still a risk of experiencing side effects when you decide to try a natural product instead of taking pharmaceutical drugs. The side effects tend to vary from one person to another. Some people are able to use testosterone boosting supplements and experience no side-effects. Others tend to experience unpleasant effects.

Some common side effects linked to the ingredients in these products include:

  • Stomach upset
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

It depends on the ingredients used. Some ingredients can cause side effects like a rapid heartbeat.

Interactions also need to be considered. There are interactions between some ingredients used in testosterone boosters and certain drugs that you may already be taking on a daily basis. Check with your doctor to see if there are any interactions you should be concerned about.


Testosterone is an important hormone in men. When your levels decline, you can feel weak, tired, and your muscles may shrink.

Some may experience a more rapid decline in their levels than others. Taking the best testosterone booster may help your body produce more of these hormones – without the need for synthetic chemicals. This could reduce the symptoms you experience and give you back your edge in the gym and in the bedroom.


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