It’s not uncommon for people to seek advice in their lives. Because your perceptual filter is based on your personal experiences, relying exclusively on your knowledge can be extremely restrictive. 

As a result, many people around the world turn to tarot card readings for future predictions at such unpredictably stressful times. The security that tarot card forecasts provide helps a large number of people all over the world better understand their life.

But where should you go for online tarot reading? 

We have compiled a list of the best tarot reading sites to assist you. Each website is outlined below to offer you an overview of how it operates, as well as some pros and disadvantages for each service for your convenience. 

Top 5 Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites

  • Kasamba – Best Overall & 3 Mins Free
  • Keen Psychics – Cheap Tarot Reading Site With Best Trial 
  • Asknow – Best For Love Tarot
  • Oranum – Best Spiritual Tarot Card Readers
  • Mysticsense – Free Tarot Card Reading For 5 Mins

#1. Kasamba – Best Overall & 3 Mins Free

Kasamba is an online psychic network and one of the best tarot reading sites where people can connect with professional psychics and spiritual counselors who can assist them in their quest to better understand themselves and live a fulfilled life. 

Its psychics have advised almost four million people since 1999. Hundreds of Kasamba advisors offer Astrology readings, tarot card readings, fortune telling, dream analysis counsel, and relationship counsel, among other services.

Kasamba recognizes that some individuals are dubious about psychics and the services they provide, especially if they have never had a similar experience before. Kasamba gets rid of this by providing a well-designed website where newbies can peruse their many service options and network of spiritual counselors for free before deciding how to proceed.


Two Unique Tarot Reading Services

Angel card reading and cartomancy are two unique tarot card reading services offered by Kasamba. To obtain meaningful messages, the former entails connecting with the guardian angel, deceased loved ones, and spirit guides.

A card expert’s cartomancy, on the other hand, seeks to assist you with difficult decisions, relationship challenges, and love troubles. You can also get answers to questions about the future, money, and health.

Strict Onboarding

Kasamba is extremely dependable because of this feature. It has established stringent guidelines for hiring a psychic. It evaluates several crucial variables before making a decision, including a background check, work experience, and specific capabilities.

Even those with no prior experience must go through a set of procedures to be considered for a position. Kasamba’s psychics must also employ several technologies to respond to queries about relationships, love, and profession.


  • Experienced psychic advisors are screened
  • Horoscopes for the day
  • A wide range of readings is accessible
  • Guaranteed money-back


  • Video readings are not available
  • The search choices might be improved

Customer Experience

Customers have expressed satisfaction with the critical information gathered about their relationships, finances, and health. They believe that Kasamba psychics use a variety of reading techniques to obtain insight into their mind, heart, and soul.

Each psychic has a number next to five stars to indicate the number of customer reviews they have received. The great majority of the suggested advisors have excellent ratings. Many people claim that the readings are accurate and that they have helped them better understand their lives.

⇒ Click Here to visit the Official Website of Kasamba

#2. Keen Psychics –  Cheap Tarot Reading Site With Best Trial 

Keen Psychics was founded in 1999, and by 2020, it had a network of around 35 million users. It’s a group of psychics and spiritualists whose goal is to use their psychic and clairvoyant powers to benefit others.

Because this service is so commonly used, it has earned a reputation for being dependable and trustworthy. The website aims to provide people with integrity, hope, and dedication.

They also provide a variety of services, including tarot card readings, astrology, and psychic readings. Keen Psychics’ goal is to help people with their love lives, professional assistance, job-related guidance, spiritual support, and more.

Connecting with the platform’s advisors aids users in overcoming any negative stages they may be going through and assisting them in achieving a healthier mental state. Keen allows users to communicate with advisors through phone or chat, with fees ranging from $1.99 to $19.99+ per minute.


Accurate Information

Understandably, you would expect a psychic reader to provide accurate information and results. Psychics on Keen are extremely skilled and specialized in their respective disciplines. Psychic readers interpret information based on your voice tone and the data you give to them, even if you attend a psychic reading over the phone. As a result, all of the information they interpret is accurate and beneficial to the client.

Reliable & Secure Platform

One of the most appealing features of Keen Psychics is that it ensures its clients’ safety and privacy. They make sure that your credentials, such as your email address, phone number, and other sensitive information, are kept private. 

When you call a psychic counselor, even with a caller ID, the psychic adviser cannot see your phone number. Every transaction is private and secure. In addition, all psychic readings are offered at a reasonable and competitive price.


  • A diverse range of specialties and pricing points are available
  • 3 minutes of free time as an introductory gift
  • 24/7 Customer Assistance Availability


  • Not every psychic’s style is appropriate for everyone
  • Popular psychics might be costly

Customer Experience

Over a million individuals have used Keen Pyschic to find insightful and personal solutions to their questions. One of the best things about Keen Psychics, according to customers, is the accuracy of the advisors on the site.

The Keen Psychic Match tool, which assists people in picking which service to choose, has made some customers feel very happy as it helps them in getting rid of the confusion.

⇒ Click Here to visit the Official Website of Keen Psychics

#3. Asknow – Best Value

Asknow is one of the world’s largest psychic reading websites. Asknow’s stellar reputation allows for deep connections with psychics from a wide range of professions and specializations. Direct communication is possible through phone calls or live chat.

Thousands of seekers have benefited from the website’s network of gifted and licensed spiritual counselors. Every Asknow advisor has been thoroughly vetted to guarantee that they are the real deal, and everyone has a unique level of experience ranging from Elite to Master.

Every psychic’s profile includes information about their qualifications, areas of specialty, and a brief bio. While AskNow is well known for its phone chat readings, some advisors also offer online conversing on themes including love and relationships, numerology, previous lives, and other services.


Ask a Free Question

This is the service provider’s most intriguing feature. Perhaps it’s its patented online functionality, which no other tarot card reading business seems to offer. This feature indicates that the technology works by requiring you to type a psychic inquiry. After that, the concerned psychic responds to you. This is a free service. Well, this is a terrific technique to clear your doubts and verify the legitimacy of this service provider.

Intuitive Website

The homepage appears to be highly interactive, even though the entire website is responsive. This is because it is the center that tends to meet your psychic demands.

The top-rated masters, along with their ratings and images, are included in the next appealing section. You may immediately examine their profiles, check their availability, and call them straight away if everything looks good. It is not incorrect to suggest that looking at a psychic’s physical features recounts a tale about them.


  • The cheapest psychic website, with rates as little as $1 per minute
  • Psychics with qualifications are featured


  • No psychic sorting feature

Customer Experience

Other AskNow psychic reviews claim that the psychic counselors on their website are genuine and professional. The majority of AskNow’s ratings are between 4 and 5 stars.

The firm has a long history, and its network includes some gifted and talented psychics. The tarot card reader has provided the majority of consumers with insightful readings. Although the site has a small number of readers, they only hire the best of them. It’s for this reason that the vast majority of our customers express satisfaction with the readings they received.

⇒ Click Here to visit the Official Website of Asknow

#4. Oranum – Best Spiritual Tarot Card Readers

Oranum is an internet psychic network that provides live video chat psychic readings. When contrasted to phone readings, you can hear and see your psychic through their webcam, providing a more personalized psychic reading experience. If you don’t want your psychic to see your face or if you’d prefer to remain anonymous during the reading, it’s fully up to you.

Information on the reader’s rating, languages, and areas of skill are mentioned beneath each psychic. The majority of the psychics are fluent in English, with a few speaking one or more Continental languages.

Members can navigate up and down the Oranum front page and filter results by topic and popularity. The purple search bar on the left allows you to narrow down psychic responses to certain areas of expertise, such as astrology and dream interpretation. The site has a lavender bar above the thumbnail table with additional pull-down search options.


Extensive Filtering Options

The wide filter choices on Oranum are tremendous assistance when it comes to finding the appropriate professional, whether you’re not sure what you’re looking for and want as many alternatives as possible, or you have a very specific type of reading in mind.

Top 100

The Top 100 list on Oranum allows you to quickly browse and examine the biographies of the platform’s most popular psychics. Simply go to the top of the screen and choose the “Top 100” option to see a list of some of the best psychics available online.


  • There are tarot card readers from all around the world
  • It’s simple to identify readers who understand what you’re saying
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Video call option for reading
  • The top 100 psychics can be found here


  • You can only buy credit blocks
  • Uncertainty about the screening procedure

Consumer Experience

It has a lot of positive feedback on the internet from its users. They find it easy to use and the psychics are accurate too. They like the way they can see and hear the psychics in their live video.

They have psychics operating in many languages from all over the world, and each advisor has a board where they can publish information, list their capabilities, and connect with admirers.

They provide you with a lot of information about each psychic so you can get a good sense of whether or not they are a good fit for you before you commit to a longer conversation.

⇒ Click Here to visit the Official Website of Oranum

#5. Mysticsense – Free Tarot Card Reading For 5 Mins

At first glance, Mysticsense appears to be just another reading site. However, it differs from other tarot sites in various ways. It has a large number of psychic readers with various specialties. The majority of their readers have left multiple reviews, the majority of which are positive.

Mysticsense claims to offer experienced advisors who are well-versed in daily horoscopes, tarot cards, and mental readings, as well as a rigorous evaluation procedure and quality standards to assure the protection of their customers.

The platform provides all of the features you require at a reasonable cost. Because you can filter results based on one or several gifts or expertise, price, ratings, and more, finding the perfect tarot card reader for you is a breeze. There are several user reviews to read, and you can even examine your psychic’s calendar in your local time zone, allowing you to plan a reading at a time that is convenient for you. Readings can be done over the phone, via chat, or via video.


Simple Registration

To use the various Mysticsense services, you must first register and create an account. Its registration form requests more information than other services’ registration forms. The form also asks for the time zone, nation, and phone number, in addition to the email and login credentials.

After you’ve registered, you’ll be sent to the home page. To use any service, you must first make a deposit using PayPal or a debit card.

Three Media of Communication

Most psychic advisors can be reached by phone or chat, as is customary. Mysticsense, on the other hand, allows you to communicate with them via video calls. Many Mysticsense advisors are happy to converse or have sessions over the phone if both sides can see one other. This method of communication provides a sense of personalization to the conversation.


  • Choose psychics from a variety of categories
  • There are a variety of ways to communicate with psychics
  • The first five minutes are free
  • A community forum where you may ask questions and get answers


  • No apps to keep you connected when you’re out and about
  • No free horoscopes

Customer Experience

Even though it’s only a decade old, we’ve heard a lot of positive things about this website. Many users remark that this website provides the best online tarot card reading experience.

The positive feedback is largely due to the accuracy of the reading and the courteousness of the readers and support staff. The majority of consumers appreciate the tarot readers’ thorough responses. If you need assistance with their services or payment, the site also has excellent customer service.

⇒ Click Here to visit the Official Website of Mysticsense

Things To Consider While Choosing An Online Tarot Site

Every online tarot card reading site is different, it’s crucial to select someone who is not only a specialist but also someone with whom you can connect. Some websites provide accurate, insightful readings from reputable advisers. Other psychic reading sites, on the other hand, hire consultants who lack actual intuition or skill, making them a waste of money.

When looking for a free tarot card reading online, look for tarot sites that have the traits listed below:


As a general guideline, it’s best to go with a well-known online tarot reading provider. This implies that it should be giving its services for several years rather than just a few months. After all, only true service lasts for a long time.

At the same time, that legitimate website should supply tarot readers with a significant online tarot reading experience. It would be fantastic to have the opportunity to review their relevant certificates while taking precise readings.

As a result, look for a seasoned service provider who is also a qualified and well-known tarot card reader. Both are necessary for gaining trust in terms of credibility and reliable responses.

Free Minutes

Several psychic websites provide a few minutes of free time at the start of each session. These free minutes are crucial in determining whether the advisor you were paired with is the best fit for your needs.

Some websites additionally provide a money-back guarantee for each online tarot reading session. If you are dissatisfied with reading for any reason, you can contact the company and receive a voucher for a free session. 

Companies that provide free online tarot readings and guarantees are more trustworthy than those that don’t. You can presume that these businesses are confident in their services, advisors, and the pleasure of their consumers. They wouldn’t risk losing money on these transactions if they weren’t.

Communication Media

The majority of tarot readers on numerous psychic websites prefer to do a call and chat session. Some readers, on the other hand, do not mind making a video call. However, such readers will not be found on all psychic websites. So, if you want to communicate via video call, choose the appropriate website and tarot reader.

Discounts for New Customers

Many psychic websites provide discounts to new consumers. Customers can try out a website’s online services for the first time without breaking the bank thanks to these discounts. If a website offers this bargain, you can usually believe it is of excellent quality and trustworthy.

Payment Plans

Most online tarot readings sites charge you per minute. It is critical to select a website that does not waste time. The shortlisted tarot reader, for example, should not type slowly, talk with a lot of pauses, or repeat the same message.

This is simply a gimmick to extend your time and charge you more than usual. If you encounter any of them, you must be able to exit the session. You must be able to file a complaint if your advisor behaves inappropriately.

Screened and Vetted Psychic Readers

How a psychic reading site selects its psychic readers is one of the most crucial factors to examine. To ensure that each of its readers is real and trustworthy, the finest companies employ a thorough screening and vetting procedure.

If a website does not state that it checks its advisers before hiring them, you will have no way of knowing whether or not you can believe the forecasts and advice a psychic reader provides. As a result, we only encourage using websites that are open about their reader-screening procedure.

Customer Reviews

Customer evaluations and ratings are the simplest and most reliable way to determine whether or not a website is trustworthy. They are trustworthy and can point you in the proper direction. If a tarot reader does not have a review, this may be a red indicator that users should avoid. 

Sites will occasionally hire people to write positive evaluations for them. However, these are generic and can be easily identified if one is vigilant. As a result, check the reviews carefully before selecting a tarot card reading advisor.

Benefits of Getting Tarot Card Readings Online Rather Than Offline

Several people are hesitant to put their trust in Internet services. They tend to distrust the service because they are unable to assess it for themselves.

However, online tarot card readings are preferable to in-person sessions in many ways. The following are a few of the most notable advantages of these readings:


One of the most significant advantages of online readings is their convenience. You can complete the full session from the comfort of your own home, rather than having to leave your house, drive to the local psychic, spend a half-hour or an hour in a session, then drive home. Tarot reading websites have made reading easier than ever before.


Customers will find that online sessions are not only more convenient than in-person readings, but they are also more accessible. To participate in these sessions, you do not need to reside near a psychic or have access to transportation. All you need is a computer or smartphone with an internet connection.


Tarot card readings via the internet are frequently quicker than in-person sessions. On a website like Kasamba or Keen, you can complete a session that lasts five minutes or less. These readings are ideal for folks who don’t have an hour or two to devote to online tarot reading due to a busy schedule.


Online tarot card readings over the internet are also less expensive than in-person consultations. The websites on our list all charge roughly $1 per minute for sessions, but you can get discounts that bring the total price down even further. If you wanted to meet with a psychic in person, you could expect to pay up to $150 per hour.


Website tarot readings have a wider range of options than in-person psychics or tarot readers. You can get a customized reading about your unique challenges, objectives, or wants when you plan an online tarot card reading, and you can choose a tarot reader with experience in your preferred speciality when you arrange an online tarot card reading.

FAQ About Tarot Reading 

What is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card reading has long been misunderstood as a means of assisting people in foretelling the future. The forces that a person is dispensing with at the time are what it describes. The universal energies that surround them are the foundation of all tarot readings and procedures.

They can assist a person in emphasizing the most desirable method for them and the people they care about based on the influences that surround them. The route will lead people to success and the purpose of hunting for the rest of their lives.

How Reliable Are Tarot Cards?

The accuracy of your tarot readings is influenced by a few factors. First and foremost, you must ask relevant questions and abandon the notion that tarot cards function similarly to a Magic 8 Ball. Second, the amount of expertise your psychic has with tarot readings can influence the outcome. 

Choose a vetted psychic with years of experience guiding individuals through relationships, professional transitions, and financial challenges, as well as a long list of favourable reviews to back up their online profile.

Finally, stay away from tarot readings websites that use software to perform readings. While you may receive one free tarot card reading from them, the responses will most likely be generic. Real psychics that have passed reputable sites’ rigorous testing can give you a lot more valuable and accurate user experience.

How Can You Tell If A Reader Is Genuine?

A true reader will not always tell you what you want to hear. Look for reviews regarding the reader first. If the majority of the reviews are positive and there are only a few negative ones, you can schedule a Tarot reading and take advantage of the free minutes granted to new customers. 

Now, when you get a reading, go into it with an open mind. Your uncertainties might seriously obstruct a successful tarot card reading. Without hesitation, ask your question.

A genuine psychic reader will provide you with more clarity and provide you with as much information as possible in response to your questions. Expect a lot of speculation when it comes to your future because it is thought to be in the making.

Are Free Tarot Reading Sites Legitimate?

Are Free Tarot Reading Websites Valid? You may come across websites that provide free tarot card reading services. While scheduling free tarot readings may seem appealing, these websites are nearly always a hoax.

Automated software is frequently used by free online tarot card sites to provide templated, impersonal readings. These readings are frequently wrong, and they are a waste of time.

Instead of using free online tarot software, if you want correct answers from psychic professionals, you’ll have to spend at least $1 per minute to speak with a professional psychic counselor. Free online tarot card readings will not provide you with the answers you seek.

What Should I Tell My Tarot Reader About Myself?

You don’t want to reveal everything about yourself to them. They are supposed to gather information about your life and present a spiritual and enlightened viewpoint to the problems you are facing. Telling them too much before they begin reading can have a detrimental impact on the reading.

You want the reading to be unique and unaffected by your ideas. You can go into greater detail regarding your concerns and what the reader thinks or feels about your predicament after the reader has shared their letter with you.

Why Do Some Tarot Readers Interpret the Same Card Differently?

This is primarily determined by how and from whom they acquired online tarot card reading. Every culture has its interpretations of these cards. There are also different decks, which might change the significance of the cards. You can even interpret each card and come up with your interpretation. Because tarot readings are primarily based on intuition, you may trust what your intuition tells you.

Is It Vital to Have Certain Thoughts During A Tarot Reading?

During this session, the counselor or reader seeks to establish a strong bond with you. As a result, you must sit with an empty mind and concentrate on the questions for which the reader is required to provide precise responses.

Conclusion: Which Online Tarot Card Reading Site Should You Go For?

Tarot card reading sites are an excellent way to interact with psychics who are dedicated to delivering insight and answers to life’s most pressing concerns. We hope that the information we’ve provided will assist you in choosing authentic tarot reading websites and gaining a better understanding of how readings function. 

The five websites we discussed in this article are among the best tarot card reading sites on the web and if this is your first time using a psychic service, we recommend Kasamba because it is both affordable and user-friendly.

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