Throughout the United States, cases of Coronavirus are shrinking. We are all eagerly awaiting the end of restrictions in hopes of a bright summer!

Following the Spanish flu in 1918, the  Roaring Twenties sprung into action, a decade famous for the development of art and culture. We will likely see the same again as we are given more freedom. Everyone will be coming together with excitement and increased gratitude for life.

There’s just one problem – many of us have been stuck inside, eating chocolate and binging Netflix, meaning we don’t feel at our prime. Now, with the hope of a buzzing summer social life on the horizon, it is time to take action to ensure that you feel your best and look good doing so.

For many of us, this means committing to a strict fat loss program and toning up our physique. In this article, we are going to look at the best supplements for cutting. These products can work to shift stubborn fat, maintain muscle and promote consistent energy, as well as providing a boost in mood, allowing you to better stick to your habits.

It’s time to get yourself feeling good, ready to emerge as the radiant social butterfly you are.

Check out the 7 Best Fat Burners for Men for a more detailed breakdown of the best supplements for cutting. Here, we will pick our top three.

Fighters Core


Our number one pick and winner of Supplements Wiki best 2021 fat burner award is Fighters Core. An all-natural and vegan product that has been designed to maintain muscle mass while aiding weight loss and boosting energy.


Caffeine – Caffeine enhances energy production, improves endurance and muscle strength. (1)

Theacrine – Theacrine has synergetic effects with caffeine that help to provide smoother energy without a crash. (2).

Chromium Picolinate – regulates insulin and curbs food cravings. (3)

Coleus Forskohlii – Releases stored fat from fat cells. (4) While also suppressing appetite, improving digestion, and increasing metabolic rate. Cutting supplements that contain Coleus Forskohlii have also been shown to boost testosterone, thus maintaining muscle mass.

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper – Has thermogenic effects that are beneficial for weight loss. (5)

Calcium HMB – Calcium is beneficial for muscle growth and bone health. In one study, Calcium, HMB performed better than steroids at helping people gain muscle. (6)

Green Tea Extract– You will find Green Tea Extract in most supplements for cutting. It is a powerful antioxidant that improves brain function. (7) It also increases fat oxidation by as much as 17%! (8)


When it comes to fat burners, you want something that will help you shift stubborn fat, boost your mood so that you can make better choices, and curb your appetite. Fighters Core does all of that while also helping you to maintain muscles! It’s natural, scientifically-backed, and vegan-friendly.


  • Help you to maintain lean muscle mass.
  • Thermogenic properties.
  • Impressive modern formula utilizing up-to-date research.
  • Safe for competitive use.
  • It contains a balanced amount of stimulants.
  • Regularly checked and updated formula.


  • Only available from their website.

You can buy Fighters Core directly from their website here.

Burn Lab Pro

Burn lab pro supp bottle

If you are sensitive to stimulants, then you can still find effective cutting supplements that are stim-free. There is one in particular that we believe will help you to lose weight and hold onto lean muscle, Burn Lab Pro.


Coleus Forskohlii – Aids digestion, improves metabolism, and suppresses appetite. While also stimulating enzymes that break down fat cells and boosting testosterone levels.

BioPerine – Black pepper boosts thermogenesis, improves nutrient absorption, and prevents new fat cells from forming.

Cayenne Pepper Extract – Cayenne Pepper raises your body temperature and improves your metabolism.

Calcium – Improves bone density and improves muscle function. (9)

Chromium – Maintains blood sugar levels to reduce food cravings. (10)

HMB –A metabolite of leucine, a branched-chain amino acid that prevents the breakdown of muscle. (11)


A stim-free, all-natural, and vegan fat burner with powerful weight loss and muscle-maintaining ingredients. It even contains probiotics to improve your gut health, and therefore, your energy levels and mood.


  • Vegan friendly.
  • No stimulants.
  • A clean and modern formula.


  • No vitamins.
  • Only available on their website.

You can buy Burn Lab Pro fat burner directly from their website here.

Instant Knock Out

Instant knockout supp bottle

Instant Knockout was created for MMA fighters and professional boxers, and now it is available to anyone who is looking to lose weight.


Green Tea – A common ingredient in fat burners due to its natural fat-burning properties and its benefits to brain health.

Chromium – Helps your body metabolize macronutrients and supports blood sugar levels to reduce food cravings. (12)

Cayenne Pepper – Raises your body temperature so that you burn more calories per day (13). It also reduces levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin (14).

Zinc – Zinc contributes to protein synthesis and helps prevent muscle loss. Zinc is also beneficial to a healthy immune system.

Glucomannan – A dietary fiber that promotes a feeling of fullness. (14)

B Vitamins – To improve focus and mood, helping you stick to better habits.

Caffeine Anhydrous – Increases energy levels and helps burn fat. Instant knockout contains a 300mg daily dose. This is at the upper limit of daily recommendations.


Instant Knockout is a great thermogenic and appetite-reducing supplement with additional nutrients to help you feel good. If you are looking for a high-stim cutting supplement that will improve your workout and boost your metabolic rate, then this could be the one for you.


  • Research-backed.
  • Suppresses appetite.
  • Powerful thermogenic effects.
  • No artificial ingredients.


  • A high dose of caffeine could have negative side effects for some people.
  • It is available only on the official website.

You can buy Instant Knockout directly from their website here.

Other Fitness Products to Consider

Fat burners are a fantastic addition to your supplement stack if you are trying to reduce your body fat. Here are some other supplements you may want to consider:

  • Protein powder – vegan or whey protein powders are an easy way to ensure that you are consuming enough protein in your diet. Protein is essential for muscle building and helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer. If you are unsure about whey protein vs. vegan protein, then you can find out more information here.
  • BCAAs (Branched-chain-amino-acids) – BCAAs are the building blocks of protein and can help build muscle tissue. BCAAs are taken to boost the growth of muscles and enhance physical fitness.
  • Pre-workout – Pre-workout supplements give you more energy so that you can better tackle your workouts. They also increase blood flow to your muscles so that they can work out harder and longer.
  • Multivitamin – If you are lacking in any vitamins or minerals, then it can seriously hinder both your fitness health and your mental state. A high-quality multivitamin supplement could help you to get more out of your workout.

Best Supplements for Fat Loss: Conclusion

When it comes to fat loss, there is no magic pill that will secure you the physique you want. In order to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn. However, high-quality fat-burners can certainly help you on your way.

If you are implementing a healthy diet and exercise, then the best fat loss supplements will help to shift stubborn body fat while maintaining muscle. The best supplements also contain ingredients to help boost your mood and focus so that you can better stick to your good habits.

Most of us could use a little help to stick to healthy habits, and cutting supplements might be the extra boost that you need. Just imagine how good it will feel when you see your friends and family and are able to show off your toned and lean physic! But for that to happen, you need to take action now!


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