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What are the most effective non stimulant fat burners and low stim weight loss supplements for men and women?

Are you looking for a fat burner that’s low in caffeine, or stim-free? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have written this article especially for people like you.

In addition to providing the five best options available, our article contains information that will help you decide if a fat burner that has zero caffeine or other stimulants is likely to be the best option to choose.

Best Non-Stimulant & Low Caffeine Fat Burners

The list below includes both non-stim and low stim products. All are suitable for men and women – even though they may be marketed as a “women’s weight loss supplements” there is nothing in them that would prevent a man from using them.

PhenQ is our top choice – it contains a very low quantity of green coffee extract (about the equivalent of one small cup of coffee) so cannot be classed as totally non-stim. Its multi action weight loss formula that suppresses appetite and blocks fat. It is pretty much setting the bar!

What is a Stim-Free Fat Burning Supplement?

Supplements that are marketed as stim-free fat burners should not contain any stimulants at all. Although it’s very popular, caffeine is a stimulant so the best non-stim fat burners also need to be caffeine-free.

Supplements that are marketed as being low in caffeine or stimulant-free are sometimes not what they appear to be. Many people who are sensitive to stimulants have learned this the hard way so it’s important to check the ingredients before buying and make sure the fat loss supplement you are considering really is stim-free. 

Things to look out for are supplements that provide caffeine from multiple sources such as guarana, kola nut, or yerba mate. Some manufacturers also try to make things confusing by listing caffeine under its chemical name of 1,3,7-Trimethylpurine-2,6-dione.

Unscrupulous manufacturers may also try to make the stimulant synephrine appear to be a simple fruit extract by listing it as bitter orange or citrus aurantium.

It’s easy to get caught out. Especially if you are not familiar with all the ingredients, so do your research. Better still, stick with the caffeine and stimulant-free fat burners we list lower down the page. We’ve done all the work for you so you know which ones are low in caffeine and which ones are stimulant-free.

Best Choices ‒ Top 5 Low Stim and Stim Free Burners

We’ve done the research, interviewed people using the products, and read countless customer reviews. It wasn’t easy but, in the end, we found the best non-stimulant fat burners.

Our list also includes three of the best low-caffeine fat burners. Although they aren’t 100% stimulant-free, none of them provides more caffeine than you would get by drinking three cups of coffee per day. The caffeine is not included as a principal fat burner. It’s only there to provide additional support.

As you will see, our best stimulant-free fat burners are all marketed as fat burners for women. However, here’s a message to all you guys out there: don’t let that put you off!

All the best zero-stimulant fat burners are female fat burners but none of them contain ingredients that make them unsuitable for men. So don’t worry guys! Using them isn’t going to make you become unusually effeminate or start growing breasts.

Although a minority of men have problems tolerating stimulants, it’s a problem that’s more common in women. Caffeine and other stimulants can interfere with female hormones so the manufacturers that develop the best female fat burners always make sure they are stimulant-free.

The market for non-stim fat burners for men is much smaller, so few manufacturers take the time to develop appropriate products, and the ones that do often get it wrong.

So even though the bottles don’t look particularly macho, our three top non-stim fat burners are 100% suitable for men.

PhenQ (Low Stim Fat Burner)

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PhenQ is a low caffeine fat burner that provides 200 mg of caffeine per pill. You take one tablet two times per day. That makes each dose the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee. Unless you are new to caffeine or have a severe intolerance, that’s not going to have you bouncing off the walls.

Each tablet provides a combination of seven powerful ingredients and several of them are fat burners. One of the fat burners, a-Lacys Reset, is pretty exciting because it helps you burn fat and improves muscle mass too.

The participants in one study lost more than 7% of their body fat while their muscle mass achieved a 3.8% gain.

That’s highly desirable because dieting often causes you to lose muscle mass. When that happens, it can slow your metabolism. That’s counterproductive so, when researchers discovered a-Lacys Reset has this ability, it caused a bit of a stir.

When PhenQ was launched, in 2015, that caused a bit of a stir too. At the time, no other diet pill was capable of offering the same far-reaching level of support.

In addition to boosting fat loss, PhenQ is a powerful appetite suppressant and energy provider (such as acetyl l carnitine). It even contains ingredients to improve your mood. With over 190,000 satisfied customers, PhenQ is one of the most successful low caffeine fat burners and weight loss pills in the world.

Important Product Features at a Glance

  • Safe Alternative to Phentermine
  • Unisex Low-stim Fat Burner
  • Produced in GMP and FDA-Approved Facilities
  • Vegan-Friendly weight loss pill
  • Appetite suppression
  • Free Global Shipping
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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LeanBean (Stim-Free Fat Burner)

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LeanBean is a powerful fat burner for women. The formulation was developed for female fitness models and it doesn’t have any caffeine or stimulants in it at all.

Although LeanBean began as being somewhat of a trade secret, it’s now available for any woman to buy. All they need is the desire to lose weight and look good. The dose is one capsule, three times per day.

As with all the best fat burners, stim-free or not, you can’t expect LeanBean to do all the work. To get the best results you will need to stick to a healthy diet. Getting plenty of exercise will be beneficial too. It will help you to tone up your muscles like the fitness models do.

As with our other top-picks, LeanBean is a lot more than just a stim-free fat burner. It supports your weight loss journey in other ways as well.

In addition to boosting metabolism, LeanBean also provides several natural appetite suppressants to keep your hunger under control. It’s just the ticket when you are dieting hard.

The LeanBean formulation also provides B vitamins to boost your energy levels and prevent fatigue. It has weight loss ingredients that help keep female hormone levels under control as well. This makes it an excellent option if hormonal changes are holding you back. It also contains green coffee bean extract.

Important Product Features at a Glance

  • Non Stimulant Fat Burner
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • GMP-Certified
  • Multiple Benefits
  • Free Global Shipping
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Hourglass Fit (Stimulant-Free Fat Burner)

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Hourglass Fit is a stimulant-free fat burner for women. It’s pretty stylish. The bottle thins in the middle to mimic the typical hourglass figure so many women crave.

Popular with women all over the world, Hourglass Fit is actively endorsed by, up and coming Hollywood starlet, Rachel Swindler, who heaps plenty of praise on the product’s ability to keep her appetite under control.

That’s not surprising. Each dose of Hourglass Fit provides a hefty dose of glucomannan. It’s one of the best natural appetite suppressants in the world.

The Hourglass Fit formulation also boasts a credible quantity of Capsimax capsicum extract.

Capsicum extracts increase fat burning by boosting metabolism and thermogenesis but they can be too fiery for delicate stomachs. Capsimax beats standard capsicum extracts hands down because it’s specially engineered to hang onto its heat for longer and protect the digestive organs from harm.

The Hourglass Fit fat burning formulation also has Vitamins B6 and B12. Their combined ability to help the body extract energy from food will allow Hourglass fit to still provide a decent energy boost even though it’s stimulant-free.

Important Product Features at a Glance

  • Stimulant-Free Fat Burner
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Multiple Benefits
  • Free Delivery in the UK and USA

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PowHer (Low Caffeine Fat Burner)

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PowHer is a low caffeine fat burner for women. You take two capsules, three times per day. By the time you have consumed the full daily dose, you will only have received 100 mg of caffeine, via three small doses.

With small doses like that, side effects are extremely unlikely but it’s still enough caffeine to provide a little energy support.

The PowHer formulation also provides glucomannan to help keep unruly appetites under control. Hunger control is important. Don’t doubt it. All the best fat burners provide ingredients that offer support in this area. There’s no point in priming your body for accelerated fat burning if you are still putting too many calories into your mouth.

The PowHer formulation also contains a little iron and selenium. The iron is there because many women are iron deficient. This can rob the body of vitality by causing anemia. 

Selenium dietary supplements are good for the thyroid. You need a healthy thyroid for a healthy body composition because it produces the hormones that regulate metabolism. If your thyroid becomes sluggish your waist can quickly expand. 

Important Product Features at a Glance

  • Low-stim Fat Burner
  • Multiple Benefits
  • Manufactured in GMP-Certified + FDA-Approved Facilities
  • Free Worldwide Shipping on Two Items or More

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Instant Knockout Cut (Low Caffeine Fat Burner)

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Instant Knockout Cut is a unisex fat burner that doubles as a pre-workout supplement. It was originally only available to professional fighters. Now it’s available to all.

Instant knockout Cut provides 300 mg of caffeine per day. If that sounds a lot, don’t worry. It’s not. The caffeine the supplement provides is delivered via four 75 mg doses that are distributed throughout the day.

When you are involved in fighting sports, a good energy boost is always going to be welcome. Jitters and other related side effects will not. Fighters need supplements that can keep them at the top of their game.

The instant knockout formulation also contains L-theanine. It’s an amino acid that acts as a fail-safe to help keep related side effects away.

L-theanine has a special synergy with caffeine. When the two are combined, L-theanine helps caffeine to do its job while also suppressing the potential for any negative effects.

Instant Knockout also has Vitamins B6 and B12 to provide a further energy boost. It has some glucomannan to control hunger as well, along with green tea and cayenne to burn fat.

If you like to train hard or live a high-octane lifestyle, Instant Knockout will be the best low-caffeine fat burner to buy. It is one of the best selling unisex weight loss pills for fat metabolism in the United States.

Important Product Features at a Glance

  • Low Caffeine Fat Burner
  • Multiple benefits
  • Provides a Significant Energy Boost
  • Doubles as a Pre-Workout Supplement
  • Manufactured in FDA and GMP-Certified Facilities in the USA

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How We Came to Choose the Best Stim-Free and Low Stim Fat Burner

While we were compiling our list we found a lot of products that were marketed as stimulant-free fat burners when they were not stimulant-free at all. We also encountered a lot of supplements that provided caffeine in undisclosed amounts.

Then there were the fat burner that appeared to have no stimulants in them but the ingredient list was incomplete. Supplement that had the aforementioned problems went straight to the bottom of the pile. 

After we got rid of the fat burner we didn’t want, we began looking at the rest to decide which ones were best.

We began by focusing on the ingredients and their abilities. We also made a point of noting if they were included in efficient amounts. All the supplements that had inferior ingredients were removed from our list. So were the ones that had good ingredients included in insufficient doses.

When we say efficient doses, we mean quantities that have been proved their worth in clinical trials.

Some fat burners that initially looked pretty good had to go as well. We changed our minds about them when we discovered the formulations also had ingredients that cause side effects. If customer reviews mentioned side effects or were otherwise poor, the supplement got a black mark as well.

It took a long time and a lot of research but, in the end, we had our top five. All of them come from reputable manufacturers. The kind that respects their customers and doesn’t hike up the price or try to trick people into auto-ship agreements by offering free bottles on trial.

Regardless of whether you prefer a supplement that is low in caffeine or one that’s 100% stim-free, our list of the best fat burner has a product that will fit your needs.

Who Should Use a Stim-Free Fat Burner?

Non-stim fat burners are the best option for people who do not tolerate stimulants well or simply prefer to lose weight without using them.

Caffeine, syneprhine, and other stimulants act on the central nervous system and “stimulate” improvements in mental and physical performance.

Research shows [1] some stimulants can also support weight loss by boosting metabolism and/or thermogenesis. Caffeine has the ability to do both these things.

However, some people find even low doses of stimulants cause them to experience jitters, anxiety, heart palpitations, and other unpleasant side effects. Due to the way they stimulate the brain, stimulants can also cause insomnia.

Needless to say, if stimulants cause you to experience problems like these, it’s best to try and burn your fat stimulant-free. If you need or prefer to do this, there are plenty of natural ingredients that can help.

Cayenne pepper extract is a good example. Although it can’t improve mental focus the way stimulants do, it provides a compound that can help you to burn extra fat. It’s called capsaicin.

Capsaicin is a thermogenic fat burner. It works by boosting your metabolism and causing you to lose extra energy as heat. Green tea extract can do both these things too. However, it also provides a small amount of caffeine so, although it’s an excellent choice for a low-caffeine fat-burning supplement, it’s less appropriate for one that’s meant to be stimulant-free.

Why Fat burners with Stimulants Aren’t Bad

Although stimulants sometimes have negative connotations, it’s not deserved. The ingredients reputable manufacturers use in their formulations have the potential to provide several benefits. It’s not stimulants that are the problem, it’s stimulant misuse.

Some manufacturers load their formulation with high doses of coffee and/or other stimulants. It’s generally a profit-orientated decision.

Caffeine and certain other stimulants are cheaper than some of the alternatives. It’s as simple as that.

However, when used in appropriate doses, stimulants can add much value to fat-burning formulations. Their ability to boost energy and sharpen the mind makes them good for preventing diet-related fatigue. 

Stimulants can also offer much-needed support to people who want to combine their diet with exercise. By fighting fatigue and improving mental focus, stimulants make it easier to train harder and get better results.

Safe and effective doses vary from one stimulant to the next but the Mayo Clinic states 400 mg per day is safe for most healthy adults. You’d get that much if you were to drink four cups of standard coffee per day. Most people can do that without any problems at all.

However, none of the low-caffeine fat burners that made our list, provide that much. The highest dose is only 300 mg per day.

Of course, if you have to avoid coffee because it gives you the jitters, that will be too much. You will need to consider using one of our recommended stimulant-free fat burners instead.

So the bottom line is – we recommend PhenQ if have no intolerance as such but want to reduce the potential for over stimulation. If absolutely want a Stim-free supplement then LeanBean 

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