4 Best Steroids to Get Ripped 2021 – Detailed Reviews

Fat Loss is hands down the most difficult fitness goal to achieve. We might rub some fitness gurus the wrong way with this claim. It sounds blasphemous, especially for people who struggle to gain muscle. But if you look at the surging demand for the best steroids to get ripped, you’ll realize that there’s more people who want to lose fat, then ones who want to gain muscle.

To be fair, there’s no surprises there. Most of us have poor fitness levels and stuff ourselves with more calories than we can burn. We are surrounded by junk food. There’s sugar in just about everything we eat on a daily basis. To add to this, our hormonal levels are skewed as compared to that of our grandfathers. Did you know that testosterone levels in men have been steadily declining?

It’s no wonder then that men in their 30s are struggling with expanded waistlines and low libido. Before you get swayed by the billion dollar TRT brigade and enslave yourself to a lifetime of injections, here’s some help.

We have handpicked the best steroids to get ripped, for you. These are selective fat busters that come with the added benefit of preserving muscle. Almost all of them will influence your androgenic hormone levels positively, which means, that with the right effort, you might even gain muscle while losing fat.

Top 4 Best Steroids To Get Ripped

  1. Anvarol – Dry Muscle Tissue with fat loss (Editor Choice)
  2. Winsol – Accelerated fat loss & Pumps
  3. Testoprime – Powerful muscle builder
  4. Cutting stack – All of the above and more!

So, if you are all set to transform your bodies permanently, strap in and enjoy the read.

#1 – Anvarol – Get the Fitness Model Physique (Editor Choice)

Anvarol has been the game changer in the health supplements industry. When CrazyBulk (the manufacturers) launched D-Bal, it was considered as the new benchmark in safe performance enhancement. But D-Bal was not a steroid for users looking to get shredded.

That’s why the brand launched Anvarol, mimicking the most popular shredding steroid of all time, Anavar.

Anvarol is difficult to sum up in one word. If we label it a cutting steroid, users expect it to be a pure fat burner, which it is not. That’s why we like to call it the fitness model steroid. If you have seen your favorite fitness model’s physique, you’ll get a fair idea of what you can achieve with Anvarol.

You will be muscular but with a very low body fat percentage. Your muscles will look pumped, but hard. Wait, let’s look at this in more detail.

The results you get from an Anvarol Cycle

Anvarol is such an amazing legal steroid for maintenance, cutting and transformation goals. The only goal where it doesn’t fit as a standalone steroid is bulking. But even for bulking, you can easily stack it with D-Bal to achieve phenomenal gains.

Here are the results that you can achieve from an Anvarol cycle.

Fat Loss – Anvarol is a powerful fat burner. In fact, we frequently ask our readers to try Anvarol instead of wasting time and money with ineffective fat burners that cut corners. Anvarol has a multi-pronged approach towards fat loss. It increases the levels of potent androgens like DHT, which will increase lipolysis. At the same time, it curbs hunger and prevents you from binge-snacking. That’s a great way to adhere to calorie counts. But the reason why it is so popular is that it starts to melt fat from your most stubborn deposits, regardless of where it is.

Hard Muscle Tissue – Anvarol produces the finest quality lean muscle mass that you will gain from a legal steroid. There’s minimal water retention within the muscle, which means that you don’t get fluffy looking biceps. Instead, it looks rock hard with veins all over it. It is important for a shredding steroid to also produce lean tissue. Many middle aged men carry very little muscle mass in their body. When they lose fat, they look skinny with no muscle whatsoever. That’s where Anvarol shines.

Paper Thin Skin – Models have to struggle with sodium and water manipulation to get paper thin skin. Anvarol gifts it to you on a platter. You lose subcutaneous water, there’s no bloat on your face or on your belly, you can walk straight into a photoshoot and people would think that you have been prepping for it since weeks.

There are more benefits mind you. For instance strength and mood benefits. But we will only touch on the ones that are connected to cutting, in this article.

How fast does it work?

Anvarol works in weeks. It takes weeks, if not more for fat burners to kick in. Even the strongest stimulants have to be used for at least 8-weeks before you actually start to notice the fat loss. But with Anvarol, you will start to notice visible results within 4-weeks.

It will be a slight pump in your muscle tissue, visible veins on your biceps and then, the fat loss starts. For best results, you should use it for at least 12-weeks. That’s because most of the magic happens in the last 4-weeks.

Does it cause any side effects?

Anvarol may cause some minor stomach discomfort in the first two weeks. You might have to go to the loo more often. This is attributed to the slow absorbing fiber in the formula, which flushes out your intestines. Think of this like a mini-purge or detox.

Your system is being cleansed and it will subside when your body gets used to Anvarol.

5 Dos during an Anvarol Cycle

A lot of first timers who use Anavrol and other legal steroids end up making a mess of what could have been an amazing cycle. Time and again, we have received emails from users who ended up with mediocre results, because they didn’t know how to maximize the results of the compound.

That’s why we decided to do a dos and don’ts series. Here are the top 5 dos while using Anvarol.

  1. Hit the gym – Anvarol is a legal steroid. It is a performance enhancement drug that mimics the results of Anavar, one of the strongest drugs used by pro bodybuilders. If you do not hit the gym, then you are cutting the effectiveness of the supplement by at least 60%. You will still lose fat if you rest on your couch and watch Netflix. But if you get up and lift some weights, you will make phenomenal gains. The choice is yours.
  2. Do your cardio – Anvarol gives you a surge in energy levels and also pumps up your metabolism slightly. Cardio of any form is the icing on the cake. It will take your results to the next level.
  3. Increase your protein intake – Anvarol works even if you don’t diet religiously. But even increasing your protein intake can have such a strong influence on your muscle protein synthesis, that it would be foolish to not utilize this.
  4. Increase your fluid intake – As Anvarol flushes out the subcutaneous water, you might urinate more and hence, it is critical that you hydrate yourself. A lot of times, users don’t drink enough fluids and end up with muscles looking deflated. Don’t forget. Your muscle is 69% water. Drink fluids for the pump.
  5. Take Progress pictures – Anvarol affects people differently. Your end results will depend on your current conditioning, age, hormonal levels and gender. We recently received an email from someone who claimed that Anvarol was not working for him. But when we compared his before and after pictures, he had lost 4-inches on his waist, 5% in body fat and gained a fair bit of muscle. Don’t use guesswork. Log your journey.

5 Don’ts during an Anvarol cycle

Here’s what you absolutely do not want to do during an Anvarol cycle.

  1. Bump up your dosage unnecessarily because you are not ‘seeing’ results. Stick to the recommended dosage. It’s there for a reason.
  2. Stop midway. Complete the recommended 8-12 weeks. Rome was not built in a day. Your results may be slower than what the rest of the people could achieve. That does not mean that the steroid doesn’t work.
  3. Poor nutrition – You don’t need to count calories while you are on Anvarol. The steroid will do that for you. But that’s not an excuse to eat junk calories and expect to look like a fitness model. Ensure that you eat healthy, wholesome food.
  4. Poor sleep – Anvarol increases your levels of endogenous testosterone. With Testosterone, you generally experience an increase in HGH levels as well. HGH is closely connected with deep, restful sleep. Ensure that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.
  5. Club it with other supplements – Sometimes, people use ten different supplements and then experience random side effects that they cannot narrow down on. If you are using Anvarol, use it alone. At best, you can club it with other legal steroids. But don’t use random pre-workout supplements or stimulants with it.

Best Price for Anvarol

A lot of the websites on the internet that claim to offer Anvarol for throwaway prices are actually peddling fake Anvarol. We recently got in touch with the manufacturers and got the updated pricing sheet from them.

They currently have a 20% discount on Anvarol which you can access over here. This is the best price for Anvarol, guaranteed! You cannot find a better price anywhere for this supplement.

Why we recommend Anvarol – Anvarol is the only legal steroid you need for 360-degree body transformations. You gain muscle, you lose fat and you look ripped. It’s near impossible to find another steroid with that benefit list.

#2 – Winsol – Drop down to Single Digit Body Fat

Winsol is called ‘The Peeling Steroid’. It is currently the most widely used legal steroid in the world, because we in the midst of beach season. Everybody wants to look like they just hopped off the sets from Baywatch.

Only, that takes months of careful dieting under the watchful supervision of a team of trainers and nutritionists, which most people cannot afford. That’s why there’s Winsol. Everything you needed to get shredded in a single pill.

What results you get from a Winsol cycle?

Winsol is designed to create the same results as Winstrol, the finishing steroid used by pro bodybuilders before they get on stage. Bodybuilders want to look frighteningly big on stage. There’s a lot of mind games at work. They want to look intimidating to the competition.

So, for weeks running up to the competition, they bulk up with compounds like Dianabol and Deca. But in the last couple of weeks, they want to shred down and look peeled. That’s when they introduce Winstrol into their cycle and within 8-weeks, Winstrol does what a combo of synthetic chemicals cannot do.

That’s the same results you get with Winsol.

Accelerated Fat Loss – Winsol is a stronger cutting compound than Anvarol. It will start to burn fat from day 1 and within 8-10 weeks, you will have dropped a fair bit of body fat. Like Anvarol, this is a selective fat burner which means that your muscle tissue will be spared. The only difference here is that Winsol is not that potent at creating new muscle tissue. Sure, the bump in androgens that it provides will result in lean tissue gains. But that’s not something that we recommend using it for. If you have bulked up and want to cut down on the excess, this bad boy is your ticket.

Water flush – When you bulk up, you generally stuff yourself with carbohydrates. With carbs, comes glycogen which powers your workouts and also produces those pumps. So we don’t recommend that you cut on carbs at all. But what do you do about the 4-grams of water that every glycogen molecule makes you hold on to? That’s why you use Winsol. It will flush out all the excess water under your skin, which makes your skin look tighter. It’s like your skin is wrapped around hard muscle tissue like cling-wrap. There’s no unnecessary water to make you look soft.

Strength – Did you know that disgraced ex-Olympian Sprinter Ben Johnson was caught doping with Winstrol? If you still haven’t taken a look at Benny in his prime, do that now. He looks nothing like a bodybuilder. But he looks peeled, strong and rock hard. So why did he use Winstrol then? It was for strength. Winsol is a powerful strength booster. Strength is vital when you are trying to cut down body fat, which will usually be accompanied with a drop in calorie intake. Winsol ensures that your workouts don’t suffer. It maintains a positive energy balance and keeps up your nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.

How fast does it work?

Winsol is amongst the fastest acting legal steroids that we’ve used. It cuts fat dramatically. Many natty athletes who struggle to lose beyond 15% of body fat have used it to drop down to single digit body fat levels in just weeks.

Just like everything else in health and fitness, there are a myriad of factors that will affect the pace at which it works for you. But 8-weeks seems to be a great ballpark. For best results, use it for at least 10-weeks.

Does it cause any side effects?

Expect some minor headaches during the first few weeks of using Winsol. This is to be expected given the surge in endogenous androgens, ATP production and the accelerated lipolysis. But it’s not debilitating headaches and should subside on its own within a few days of starting the supplement.

If it becomes bothersome, reduce the dose by 50% and then continue on this dose until your body gets used to it.

5 Dos during a Winsol Cycle

Here are our recommendations to maximize your results with Winsol.

  1. Watch your electrolyte intake – Winsol will kick start a dramatic transformation during which your body will lose fluids (water due to glycogen). Many a time, this can cause an electrolyte imbalance which leads to cramping during cardio workouts. Keep your electrolyte intake in check and you should be fine.
  2. Eat at maintenance – This is one of the strongest fat burner steroids in the world. There’s no need to cut calories while you are on this. You can easily eat your maintenance calorie count and still make amazing gains. In fact, we even recommend some lean athletes to eat in a small surplus to keep up with the fat loss.
  3. LISS – There’s a common misconception that you need to do HIIT to burn fat. Not when you are using one of the best steroids to get ripped. Even LISS cardio will suffice. Don’t burn yourself out.
  4. Start Winsol when you hit a plateau – Winsol is not an ideal steroid when you are at 25% body fat. We recommend Clen for that. Instead, drop down to 15% and when you hit a plateau, use Winsol. This will get you ripped in no time. It will work even when you are at 25% mind you. The only thing to remember is that you will have to use it for 16-20 weeks until you get to 8-9%.
  5. Ramp up the dose as you end the cycle – Dosage titration is terribly underrated for legal steroids. But we highly recommend that you bump up the dosage for Winsol in the last two weeks of your cycle. If you have used it for 8-weeks and have not achieved the washboard abs you dreamt of, ramp it up by 50% in the last two weeks.

5 Don’ts during a Winsol cycle

Here are some things we don’t recommend during a Winsol cycle.

  1. Using it with fat burners – Winsol is the only fat burner you need. This is a powerful steroid. You don’t need to add another fat burner to it. It will only end up taxing your system. You can however, consider stacking it with another legal steroid.
  2. Buying it from eBay/Amazon – Legal steroid counterfeiting has touched alarming heights. Don’t get ripped off with fake, under dosed legal steroids that are commonly sold on online portals. Buy original only. You will be backed by CrazyBulk’s 60-day money back guarantee.
  3. Avoiding Cardio – Just because you are using a strong cutting steroid does not mean that you don’t hit your daily step count. Ensure that you get in at least 30-minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day.
  4. Starting with a high dose – Doubling up on your Winsol dose at the onset is not going to accelerate the results. We spoke to someone who was at 27% body fat and started to use 6 Winsol pills a day instead of the recommended 3. He ended up cramped and with severe stomach distress, despite losing 21 lbs.
  5. Having inflated expectations – Winsol will get you the body you crave. But there’s a glass ceiling to what you can achieve even with legal steroids. You will get ripped, you will see your abs, your muscles will pump and there will be veins. But don’t expect yourself to turn into Ronnie Coleman within 8-weeks. You will end up disappointed.

Best Price for Winsol

We have been seeing numerous misleading commercials that claim that you can get Winsol for as cheap as $10 a bottle. That’s not true. We have no idea what will be shipped to you in that $10 bottle. Certainly won’t be Winsol. This is a high quality supplement manufactured in an international GMP-certified facility. It contains premium quality natural ingredients.

In other words, it’s expensive to manufacture. The best price that you can get currently on Winsol is a 20 % discount that you can activate here. This is the latest price that we acquired directly from the manufacturer.

Why we recommend Winsol – Winsol is an amazing steroid. It cleaves off layer after layer of stubborn body fat while keeping your protein synthesis and nitrogen retention high. It ensures that you have the strength to power your workouts. It makes your muscles look hard and veiny. Try it today and be amazed!

#3 – Testoprime – The Bodybuilder Physique Steroid

When we talk about the best steroids to get ripped, it’s common to look towards steroids that have a direct influence on lipolysis. Naturally, steroids like Winsol, Anvarol and Clenbutrol are the first ones to be recommended.

But under all this hullaballoo, we tend to forget that even a strong androgen booster can help you get ripped without the need for any secondary steroid. In addition to losing fat, you have the added benefit of gaining a fair bit of muscle, along with other perks like enhanced libido. That’s why our third recommendation is Testoprime, one of the strongest testosterone boosting steroids we’ve tried.

Testoprime is an amazing steroid that mimics the results of a high dose of TRT. Most TRT doses average between 100-200 grams of Testosterone a week which will increase your Test levels to the upper range. With Testoprime, you can increase your serum test to around 800-900 and your free test levels to your 20s, which is more than what you can get with a standard TRT dose.

This is in fact closer to what you can achieve with a full-blown testosterone cycle.

What results you get from a Testoprime Cycle

Your results from a Testoprime cycle will be synonymous with what you can expect from a maiden cycle of exogenous testosterone. You will gain a fair bit of lean muscle tissue, you will lose fat and you will gain confidence, libido boost and energy. In other words, this will completely transform your body and your life.

But, unlike the other two best steroids for getting ripped that we have recommended in this list, this is not a pure cutting steroid. This is a well-rounded anabolic supplement that will produce some phenomenal gains.

More Muscle – Many athletes forget that muscle gain is closely associated with fat loss. The more muscle you gain, the more you lose fat because muscle is calorie-expensive to maintain. Fat on the other hand is easy to gain. When your body experiences a surge in testosterone levels, it starts to accelerate the muscle building process. Your nitrogen retention levels increase, your protein synthesis skyrockets. You start to gain lean muscle tissue under the existing layer of fat (assuming that you are carrying body fat currently). With the increase in muscle tissue, your body will start to utilize the stored fat for fuel. Also, regardless of whether you lose fat or not, gaining muscle always improves your appearance.

Multi-Pronged Fat Loss – There’s another way in which Testoprime accelerates the rate at which you lose fat. When your testosterone levels rise, it also increases the levels of DHT, a stronger anabolic hormone that has a direct effect on lipolysis. DHT makes your muscles appear dry and it burns fat directly. But that’s not all either. Testoprime also bumps up your metabolism slightly, increasing your energy expenditure even when your body is at rest. The combination will just torch every stubborn layer of body fat that you thought you would never lose.

Libido and Mood – When your levels of serum testosterone touch its peak which is around 800-900, you will start to notice an increased sexual urge. Many of the men who use Testoprime are in their mid-50s and have compared it with their teenage years, where they felt the urge to make love multiple times a day. With libido, you also get strength increases associated with Testosterone. Men also report that they feel an increased confidence that improves their overall wellness.

How fast does it work?

Testoprime is considerably fast acting if you compare it with a normal TRT protocol. Most TRT protocols take at least 12-16 weeks to peak because that’s the basic time that it takes for testosterone levels to saturate in your system. In comparison, Testoprime will start to work from week 6-8 onwards. By week 10-12, you should already be experiencing most of the positive effects of the steroid.

Does it cause any side effects?

Some men have reported a minor increase in their body hair growth. Some, who had high body fat levels when they started to use Testoprime have reported a minor increase in oiliness on their skin. Some had acne on their backs that faded as their body adjusted to the new normal hormone levels.

None of these side effects were bothersome or permanent.

5 Dos during a Testoprime cycle

If this is the first time you are using a testosterone based legal steroid, then here are 5 ways in which you can amplify your results with it.

  1. Lift Hard – We understand that a lot of men and women who use legal steroids don’t lift weights. But without lifting weights, you are undercutting the effectiveness of Testoprime. Even if you have a small home gym set up and are lifting dumbbells at home, it will still suffice to produce amazing results.
  2. Consume your carbs – Testoprime will skyrocket the anabolism troika in your body. These are protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and RBC production. As a result, glycogen storage will be amplified. This is a great time to get some amazing muscle pumps and gains. Ensure that you are getting your minimum carbohydrates every day.
  3. Consider stacks – Testoprime is an amazing base steroid. It has such a favorable safety profile that even rank newcomers can stack it with a hardcore cutting steroid like Winsol or Anvarol.
  4. Get your pictures – You are in for the surprise of your life as your body transforms beyond what you expected it to. Strip to your skivvies and get those before and after pictures to track your progress accurately.
  5. Measure your fat with a caliper – Testoprime with its glycogen boost may make you hold a fair bit of water. Some rookie athletes mistake this to be fat gain. To prevent this, measure your body fat levels with a caliper.

5 Don’ts during a Testoprime cycle

Here are some things that you should never do during a Testoprime cycle.

  1. Doing Cardio only – Cardio only cycles are the worst thing you can do for your body. Cardio itself is amazing from a health perspective. But lifting iron will also produce a sufficient amount of fat loss, and give you the muscle gains to go with it.
  2. Cutting calories – Hard calorie cuts will wreak havoc with your hormones. You don’t need to cut hard to get ripped with Testoprime. You are going to lose anyway.
  3. Using OTC PCT supplements – Testoprime does not shut you down. Don’t use random PCT supplements that claim to restart your HPTA. You don’t need those.
  4. Using stimulants – Huge pet peeve of ours. If you have been gulping more coffee and green tea hoping to burn fat, stop now. Stimulants will destroy your sleep cycle and with it, your recovery. If you want to use a pre-workout supplement, go for a stimulant free choice.
  5. Not consuming fat – Fat is a vital nutrient for hormonal optimization. Don’t fall for the fat-free diet gimmick. Increase your fat intake while you are on Testoprime.

Best price for Testoprime

When we last checked, Testoprime was completely sold out, thanks to a discount that they had running for a limited time. We are not sure whether the supplement is back in stock now, or whether that offer is still available.

There’s only one way to find out. Check their coupons and promos page over here.

Why we recommend Testoprime – Testoprime uses the old, tried and tested way to torch your body fat. If you are skinny fat to begin with, then you need muscle tissue under your fat to resemble a fitness model. Else you will burn fat and look worse than you were when you started. Testoprime gives you the muscle tissue and then peels away the fat.

#4 – The Cutting Stack

Our final recommendation is a combination of four of the best steroids to get ripped. It is called ‘The Cutting Stack’ and it is the bestselling stack of all times.

The Cutting Stack is not for the average Joe looking to drop a few pounds of weight. This is for people who wish to push beyond their genetic potential. If you have struggled to lose that pooch of fat on your belly, that cellulite layer on your thighs, or that love handle on your lower back, this is the stack that will peel it off.

If you are looking for something that drops an insane amount of body fat in a span of weeks, this is the stack you need.

What steroids are included in the cutting stack?

There are four cutting steroids included in the cutting stack.

  1. Anvarol – Our #1 pick in this list.
  2. Clenbutrol – The strongest fat burner in the world. Clen works even with hardcore bodybuilders who have used strong chemicals all their lives. Imagine what it can do to someone who’s never used PEDs before. That too when stacked with the likes of Anvarol and Winsol.
  3. Winsol – The Peeling steroid.
  4. Testo-Max – Testo-Max is the only alternative to TestoPrime that works equally well. Think of it like a muscle builder that gets you shredded too with all the benefits that we’ve covered with Testoprime.

What are the advantages of using the cutting stack?

The cutting stack will amplify the results of a standalone steroid cycle by 4x. Think about it from the perspective of the benefits that each of these legal steroids bring to the table.

Anvarol – Will help generate dry muscle tissue while burning fat from your belly.

Clenbutrol – Will burn fat at the rate of knots from all over. This is what makes this stack so effective for all kinds of athletes struggling with weight loss. Appetite suppression, thermogenesis, this is the whole 9 yards.

Testo-Max – Will ensure that you don’t lose precious muscle during the fat loss process. Also maintains your hormone levels at its peak, preventing cortisol from spiking.

Winsol – Provides the finishing touch. Flushes out any excess water that you might gain and also peels away that final layer of fat.

The cutting stack is the strongest combination of fat burning and muscle building steroids. Period.

Why we recommend the cutting stack – The cutting stack is a pre-made package of four strong legal steroids at a great price. It is best recommended for athletes who are resuming their workouts after a long time, or men and women who have gained a lot of fat but have very little muscle to go along with it.

How to select the best steroids to get ripped

With a wide range of options amongst legal steroids, it’s no wonder that first time buyers end up getting confused about which one to pick for their fitness goal.

Here’s a brief buying guide that shows you how we select the best legal steroids for varied fitness goals for ourselves and our clients.

Pick a steroid based on its USP

One of the conundrums that first time buyers face is that legal steroids often have overlapping benefits. This can only add to the confusion when you are trying to separate one from the other. So rather than looking at all the advantages, look at the USP. What is the one primary feature that the steroid offers?

  1. Anvarol – Dry Muscle Tissue with fat loss
  2. Winsol – Accelerated fat loss & Pumps
  3. Testoprime – Powerful muscle builder
  4. Cutting stack – All of the above

Which one of these is your primary fitness goal? Select the one that’s the closest match.

Pick a steroid based on your current body conditioning

It’s not uncommon for athletes to misunderstand their body conditioning levels. Someone who is skinny fat and at 25% body fat might think that they are at 18% with a fair bit of muscle underneath. This is where expectations and reality get skewed.

To gain an understanding of your body conditioning, get your body mass analyzed with a dexa scan. That’s the only accurate and foolproof way to know where you stand. Then, select the steroid that best matches your requirements. Are you a middle aged man with low androgen levels? Go for Testoprime. Have you been lifting for years and have recently gained a lot of fat? Go for Winsol or Anvarol.

Pick a steroid based on the time you need the results in

Lastly, there’s the option of picking a steroid that will work within the time frame that you need your results in. For instance, an upcoming holiday where you want to look ripped. Or a sporting event for which you need to drop a fair bit of weight.

We have highlighted the average time span needed for each one of these legal steroids to work. Select the one that matches your goal.

To Sum it up

If you notice, we didn’t harp on the ingredients and the safety profile at all because all of these are 100% natural and safe supplements. They are manufactured by reputed brands and have years of proven performance behind them. You cannot go wrong with any of these best steroids to get ripped.

We hope that this guide helps you take a shortcut towards your body goals. Do share your progress pics with us. Good luck with your training.

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