Best Steroids For Muscle Gain Without Side Effects 2021

Almost every fitness buff wants to know about the best steroids for muscle gain without side effects. It’s almost too tempting to ignore, isn’t it? All you need to do is pin a few hormones and bang! You just grow beyond what you’d ever expected to. However, you don’t want to deal with side effects either. So, you look for that perfect compound that only has positive effects and no negatives.

But, here’s a fact. There are no steroids that are side effect free. There are no free ride folks.

As long as you are talking about anabolic steroids, side effects are unavoidable.

That’s why we always use legal steroids. These are health supplements, that have strong anabolic properties, that almost mimic real anabolic hormones in terms of results.

The difference is that legal steroids are a free ride.

That’s right. You can build muscle. You can burn fat. You can look pumped. You can look buff. All without the slightest risk of any of the permanent side effects that come with real gear. However, the world of legal steroids is exploding with choices.

Two years ago, there was just one legal steroid that was immensely popular. Today, there are almost 10.

How do you know which are the ones that are beginner friendly?

The ones that can help you gain quality muscle tissue without side effects, no matter how mild they might be?

That’s what we are going to discuss today. We have handpicked three legal steroids which create the perfect setting in your body for gaining muscle mass fast.

Top 3 Steroids For Muscle Gain Without Side Effects

  1. D-Bal MaxStrongest
  2. D-BalBest Seller
  3. DecaDuroBest For Long Run

More importantly, all three have excellent safety profiles barring some mild side effects which we will also discuss. To make things clearer, we will also talk about how we selected these legal steroids so that you can source the best ones for yourself in future.

So, stay tuned.

#1 – D-Bal MaxPowerful Muscle Builder with Only One Mild Side Effect

Since we are talking about muscle builders, there’s no better choice than D-Bal Max to begin this list of recommendations.

D-Bal Max is the higher-strength/potency version of D-Bal, the bestselling mass builder in the world. More than 1-Million bottles of D-Bal have been sold so far. Most of the time, the bottles are sold weeks in advance and there are backorders for this amazing mass builder.

But some professional bodybuilders wanted to increase the potency, so that they could use it to maintain their muscle mass when they come off real steroids. The off season as they call it. So, they spoke to Wolfson Berg, the manufacturers who designed a higher strength version of D-Bal.

It is rightly called ‘Max’ because everything about this supplement is about maximizing your potential.

The Top 5 Benefits of using D-Bal Max

Let’s talk about the reasons why you should consider D-Bal Max. There are many that we can think of. But we’ll limit it to the best 5.

The Kick-In Time – Why does any athlete decide to use steroids? It is because they want faster results than what they could have achieved naturally. Then why even mess around with slow-acting steroids? D-Bal Max is the fastest-acting mass builder in the world. You will start to notice the effects within days. Some people even wake up the next day and claim that their biceps are looking pumped. We can’t say for sure whether it does work in one day. But be rest assured that it will work much faster than any other legal steroid.

Glycogen Storage – D-Bal Max is the best legal steroid for glycogen storage. The simplest way to describe glycogen is energy. Think of it like the source for the explosive strength you need for your lifts. It is also linked directly to muscle size, which we will discuss in a bit. The more glycogen your muscles can hold, the stronger you become. The harder you can lift. Many athletes report lifting 50% more weight in just 4-6 weeks with D-Bal Max.

Muscle Mass – Glycogen is also directly linked to the amount of water your muscle tissue holds. One gram of glycogen will add 4 grams of water. Now, there are some misconceptions floating around about water retention in muscle tissue making you look soft and bloated. Don’t believe that. Only 20% of your muscles are made up of protein. Muscles are 79% water. So, for bigger muscle tissue, you need to hold water in them. That’s what you get with D-Bal Max.

Alpha Mode – This is purely an anecdotal feedback that we have received from countless D-Bal Max users. It makes them feel ‘Alpha’. They feel more confident. Their mood is amazing. Its not merely the runner’s rush or an endorphin rush mind you. This is more about the mindset to conquer anything that’s in front of you.

Fat Loss – Fat Loss is not D-Bal Max’s forte. But it produces such a strong androgenic boost, along with a minor bump in growth hormones that your body is automatically burning more fat than it did. When muscle gain and fat loss occur at the same time, your body can literally transform in the span of days.

What is the only side effect that D-Bal Max can cause?

If you remember, we spoke about D-Bal Max causing one mild side effect. If you read reviews on the internet, they often make it sound like D-Bal Max is 100% side effect free. That’s not true. When you are dealing with a compound that can skyrocket your glycogen storage, alter your nitrogen retention and amplify your androgenic hormone levels, it is next to impossible to not expect even a single side effect.

With D-Bal Max, that side effect is aggression. Athletes mention that they feel more aggressive when they are on D-Bal Max. This has been confirmed even by female athletes. Some experts that we spoke to call this an extension of the ‘Alpha Feeling’ that athletes report with D-Bal. To add to this, you might have gained some massive muscle mass which makes you feel like you can take on anything.

If you know how to channelize this rush you can use it to power through brutal workout sessions. But if you have anger issues, it might worsen them slightly. So, try not to fly off the handle when you are using D-Bal Max.

Did the term ‘Roid Rage’ just pop up in your mind? We thought so. This is not roid rage. Because D-Bal Max has no roids. It is a 100% natural supplement that does not even contain a single synthetic ingredient. So, this is not gear messing with your brain. It is just your endogenous hormones making you confident.

Will you lose your gains after stopping D-Bal Max?

That depends on how regular you are with your workouts after stopping it. It also depends on how much gains you make on D-Bal Max, your age, your hormone levels and the amount of fat you are carrying.

We recently spoke to a fitness coach from a popular website and YouTube Channel, who’s been using D-Bal Max for the past six months. He’s been able to retain 95% of the gains he’s made. But he’s on TRT mind you.

We also spoke to Erika Kelly who’s a fitness coach. She mentioned that 7 of her clients were on D-Bal Max for three months in Jan. They stopped in April and since then have retained 75% of their gains. The oldest person, who’s 49, has lost about 30% of his muscle mass since then. But part of that was water loss.

To answer your question, yes you might lose some water and also some muscle in a few months after you stop D-Bal Max. But you can always restart a fresh cycle after a few weeks. That’s the advantage of using Legal Steroids. You don’t have to take extended breaks the way you do with real gear.

In fact, there are athletes who run D-Bal Max in low doses the entire year.

Do you need to PCT with D-Bal Max?

Like we said, D-Bal Max is a legal steroid. It is not an exogenous hormonal analog that will mess around with your endocrine system. PCT or Post Cycle Therapy is designed to restart a shutdown endocrine system.

In this case, your endocrine system never shuts down. Rather, it produces more hormones than it did. So, D-Bal Max actually improves the working of your endocrine system, and hence does not require a PCT. Save your money and save your body from more stress.

Final thoughts

If you always wanted to know about the best steroids for muscle gain without side effects, here’s the top pick. Go for D-Bal Max. You will gain more muscle in 12-16 weeks than you did during your lifetime. You will also end up stronger with permanent changes to your muscle nuclei. Go transform your body now.

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#2 – D-BalThe Dianabol Clone

Our next choice is D-Bal. D-Bal for a lot of athletes is the go to choice whenever they need a fast-acting mass builder. Want to bulk up for a competitive event? D-Bal is the best bet.

Want to look beefed up for an upcoming holiday? D-Bal is an infallible choice. Want to train like a beast? D-Bal is the strength booster that the doctor ordered.

Some people are confused about choosing between D-Bal Max and D-Bal.

Max is the stronger version. No doubt about it. But D-Bal has a longer track record. It has been around for 3-4 years and has been a consistent bestseller for a reason. It works. If it has worked for you in the past, why would you want to try and fix it?

That’s the thumb rule of bodybuilding and ergogenic aids. If something works for you, don’t experiment with other compounds. That’s why D-Bal remains the #1 selling legal steroid in the world.

By the way, even if you have not used any of these legal steroids, D-Bal might still be a better choice than D-Bal Max. It will give you a taste of the true potential that legal steroids hold, and prime you up for a D-Bal Max cycle for the future.

The top 5 benefits of using D-Bal

We have researched D-Bal more closely than we have analyzed any other ergogenic aid. Each time we dig deeper, we find a new reason to be in awe of this amazing supplement. But here’s our top 5 reasons for recommending D-Bal to you today.

The Excellent Track Record – D-Bal Max was designed for bodybuilders and fitness buffs with at least three to four years of training under their belt. D-Bal on the other hand is used by almost anyone who wants to gain muscle fast. That’s regardless of whether they have trained for 1 year or 1-hour. They can use D-Bal and it works amazingly well. It has worked for men, women, aged 18-75. Hard gainers, sportsmen, athletes, coaches, nutritionists, actors, influencers, social media stars, the number of people who have used D-Bal successfully is testimony to its effectiveness and safety profile.

Natural Ingredients Only – D-Bal was released on the internet after 12-months of circulation in the internal bodybuilding circle. We were one of the lucky few to get our hands on this supplement during the testing phase. We were so sure that this was a prohormone that we sent it to six independent labs for testing. Each batch came back with the same results. It’s a blend of 5 natural ingredients. Most of them are vitamins and herbs. Some are amino acids. The secret and the efficacy lie in the blend and the concentration. What this means is that D-Bal is a breakthrough in health and fitness research. No other health supplement has even come close to offering this kind of results with a natural ingredient list.

Muscle & Pumps – D-Bal’s USP is its ability to work at a cellular level, making changes that allow your body to produce more muscle tissue. It increases the production of neurotransmitters that signal to your body to produce more satellite cells. Think of these as stem cells that will fuse with the existing myofibers in your muscle adding to its size. D-Bal also increases glycogen storage and nitrogen retention, which increase muscle protein synthesis. In a nutshell, it turns muscle building into one of the primary functions for your body. Even when you are resting, your body is producing muscle tissue. To add to this, you get amazing pumps. In natural athletes, the pump barely lasts for a few minutes after you leave the gym. The max is an hour if you are using a Nitric Oxide supplement. But with D-Bal, the pumps last 24/7.

Nutritional Efficiency – Muscle building is so difficult for most people not because they cannot lift hard in the gym. It’s because they cannot eat enough. Eating more calories than what you can burn sounds simple in theory. But it’s one of the toughest things to do consistently. That’s why D-Bal is so effective. It helps you gain muscle even with a lackluster diet. You may not have the time to count your macros diligently. D-Bal will still get you the gains. You may not be able to measure your calories and eat in a surplus. D-Bal will still help you gain size. It does this by amplifying the effectiveness of every tiny gram of food you consume. A single gram of protein that you eat becomes all the more effective for building muscle. Ditto with carbs and fat.

Definition – D-Bal is unfairly maligned on the internet for being a ‘wet gains’ steroid. That’s not true. While it does increase glycogen storage and hence, water retention, it is far from a ‘wet gains steroid’. In fact, it adds some amazing definition to your musculature.

If you take a look at D-Bal results on the CrazyBulk site, you will notice that most people have gained size. But it’s not at the cost of definition. They look lean and tough, with hard muscle tissue tissue. The definition is top notch. Take any golden era bodybuilder as a reference. Arnold, Franco, they all looked big, but were far from looking soft.

What is the only side effect that you should manage with D-Bal?

Just like D-Bal Max, there’s one side effect that’s been common across D-Bal users. You might not read about this on the internet at all. But we have confirmed this with almost 65% of the users who have used D-Bal for months.

It is not a severe side effect mind you. In fact, it may not even be a side effect for most people. But yeah, some men and women have complained that this is an annoying side effect that tends to interfere with their normal life.

It’s libido. D-Bal just increases your libido to the peak. This affects people differently. But there are men aged as much as 55 who have made love multiple times in a day with their partners. What’s incredible is that each time, their strength and intensity never depleted.

We know that most middle-aged men would gladly live with this side effect. But not everybody wants to feel like a horny teenager all the time. Btw, this affects women too and can be attributed to the hormonal boost and the increased blood flow to the genitals.

Will you lose your muscle when you stop using D-Bal?

It’s highly unlikely that you will lose all your gains when you stop using D-Bal. Losing muscle is a catchall phrase that’s loosely thrown around on the internet and fuels a paranoia about bodybuilding.

We have even heard the myth that muscle turns into fat when you stop lifting. That’s just humbug. You never lose muscle if you stop lifting for a while. Muscle atrophy is a different topic altogether. That occurs with aging and disease. When you stop using D-Bal, your hormonal levels, which were at its peak will slowly start to subside.

Your body will let go of some of the water that it was holding due to the amplified glycogen storage. But these processes will happen slowly, over a period of months. By that time, you can always restart a fresh cycle of D-Bal. To sum it up, expect a loss of about 4-5 lbs. of water, some depletion in muscle size and a drop in libido. That’s about it.

Do you need to PCT after you stop D-Bal?

No folks, you don’t. We recently came across a messaging board post that spoke about an OTC PCT supplement and how it helps your body balance the hormones after using D-Bal. That’s just fear mongering.

D-Bal does not introduce a synthetic exogenous hormone into your system and hence has no bearing on the functioning of your endocrine system. If you are unsure, just check your testes a few weeks into your D-Bal cycle. If it really affected your hormone levels, your testes would have shrunk.

So, no PCT is necessary after D-Bal.

Our thoughts – D-Bal is one of the best muscle builders that has an excellent safety record. If you are okay with peak libido, then try this mass builder now and watch yourself grow every day in the mirror.

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#3 – DecaDuroMaintain Massive Muscles Year Round

Both the muscle builders that we have covered in this list are fast-acting ones. They will produce explosive gains and work great for time-specific goals. For instance, you want to bulk up fast for a holiday. You want to train at max intensity for a sporting event. You are about to go mountaineering or cross-country hiking.

But what if you want a muscle builder that keeps your muscle size stable all around the year? What if you are not looking for explosive results in days? Instead, you prefer a slow and sustained mass builder that lets you look huge even when you are not lifting?

Here’s DecaDuro for you. DecaDuro is the legal alternative to Deca Durabolin, one of the most widely used off-season mass builders during the golden era. Just like Deca Durabolin, DecaDuro is also a terrific off-season mass builder.

When you have just gained a ton of mass with D-Bal or D-Bal max and want to maintain it for the next few months, Deca is your ticket.

The Top 5 benefits of using DecaDuro

DecaDuro is one of the most beneficial legal steroids you can use. It often gets overshadowed by D-Bal and Trenorol, because people are so used to quick-absorbing compounds. But here are five benefits that are exclusive to DecaDuro. No other legal steroid will offer you these perks.

Quality Muscle Mass – During their competitive season, pro bodybuilders use a cocktail of chemicals to build muscle tissue. They throw in insulin and GH to the mix and are able to accrue massive amounts of muscle mass in very little time. But, these chemicals can only be used for a certain period of time, after which your body gets to taxed that you have to pause and allow it to reset. Deca is the only compound that single handedly helps bodybuilders to maintain all that muscle mass. Some of them may add Testosterone to the mix. But that’s about it. What that tells you is that DecaDuro is unparalleled in its ability to produce muscle tissue. It is slow, but the quality of muscle that it can produce is top notch.

Massive strength surges – One of the common gripes that athletes have when they come off steroids is that their strength drops suddenly. A drop in strength can not only reduce the amount of stress that your muscles are subject to, it can also be a mood dampener. You are no longer able to lift the same amount of weight that you did. Your rep count has dropped by up to 50%. That demotivates you. DecaDuro allows you to maintain your strength gains. In fact, most athletes report adding to their 1RM lifts when they are on Deca. This makes it an excellent choice for sportsmen who are looking to maintain their training intensity year-round.

Healing and Recovery – Perhaps no other quality of Deca makes it a favorite with sportsmen, as this one. Deca is a recovery booster. But it’s not limited to recovery after your workouts. It will also reduce pain and help your joints, tendons and ligaments heal faster. Many professional athletes use Deca in low doses year-round to help them recover sooner from injuries.

Preventing injuries becomes even more critical with the dramatic strength surges you experience while you are on Deca. Often, with the increase in strength and mass, you try to push yourself over your normal limits. That’s completely fine. You are on performance enhancement aids after all and you should definitely put in a little extra. But if you have underlying joint problems that have been undetected, the sudden lifts can stress the joints. This can cause injuries. Many a time, the injuries are too tiny to cause major problems right away.

But they keep growing until it becomes a major problem. Deca makes these injuries disappear. Your collagen synthesis is amplified which allows your joints to heal faster. Deca is also more effective than many other pain relief meds that athletes pop.

Hormonal Stability – DecaDuro is one of the few legal steroids that helps stabilize your endogenous hormone stimulation. Hormones can get skewed so easily. You are not eating enough body fat and your testosterone levels get hit.

Your amino acid levels are low and it affects your Testosterone and GH levels. If you are a fitness buff, hormone optimization is the key to your success in the gym. DecaDuro signals your pituitary to secrete more testosterone, which increases both serum Test and Free Test levels. An increase in testosterone by itself has tremendous positive benefits. Your rate of muscle mass production increases. Your metabolism is boosted slightly, which increases lipolysis. Lastly, there’s a marked improvement in your mood and cognitive performance.

Cognitive Performance – D-Bal is often credited for making a person ‘feel’ on top of his game. Deca on the other hand is credited with creating a sense of calm. You are no longer anxious. Your mood is amazing. Not even the most stressful event will bother you anymore. This calm demeanor can trickle over into all aspects of your life.

Your workplace performance can improve. Ditto with training. You are so focused with a single goal, that you are less likely to miss out on your nutritional requirements.

What is the only side effect that DecaDuro can cause?

Based on our interaction with athletes who have used DecaDuro for two years, there’s just one minor side effect that it can cause in the early days of using the supplement.

That’s mild acne on your back. This can probably be because of an increase in your free Testosterone levels. But as your body adjusts to the new testosterone levels, the acne also reduces and eventually fades away.

If it becomes bothersome, you can consider using an OTC acne-management cream.

Will you lose your muscle after you stop using DecaDuro?

No you won’t. If you have read the other reviews, you’d have noticed that we mentioned how there can be a slight loss of water when you stop using D-Bal and D-Bal Max. That does not happen with Deca.

Deca is not a strong glycogen booster like the other two. It works via different biological pathways which means that your body is not holding a lot of water when you are on Deca. So, there’s very little water loss when you stop using it. If you quit working out entirely, then you might experience some loss in muscle size. But if you continue to lift after stopping Deca, then there’s no reason why you should experience any major loss in muscle size or strength.

By the way, DecaDuro is perfectly safe for year-round use in low doses. If you ever feel that you are losing the ‘edge’ in the gym, or injuries are limiting your potential, throw in a low dose of Deca and you should be able to restore your performance again.

Do you need to PCT with DecaDuro?

Absolutely not. The original Deca Durabolin is severely suppressive even in low doses. This means that you need a full-fledged PCT after even a single dose of Nandrolone. But we are talking about DecaDuro, the legal steroid.

In case you are unsure, here’s a look at the ingredient list for DecaDuro.

  1. Wild Yam – Contains a phyto steroid, which is a legal compound. Not an anabolic steroid.
  2. Ginseng
  3. L-Arginine
  4. Alcar
  5. L-Citrulline
  6. TT

None of those ingredients are exogenous hormonal analogs, neither are any of them precursors for one of the androgenic hormones produced by our bodies. So, there’s no need to reset your HPTA, which is what a PCT is used for.

Our thoughts – DecaDuro is an underrated legal steroid. With its mass building properties and an innate ability to amplify recovery, it is one of the best steroids for muscle building without side effects.

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Understanding the best steroids for muscle building without side effects

With our list of recommendations out of the way, you might be eager to know why we selected these legal steroids and how.

Here’s some much-needed explanation, some facts and some myth busting.

How steroids work vs. How legal steroids work

First things first, anabolic steroids work in a very different way from legal steroids. Anabolic steroids are exogenous (injected/consumed) hormones, that are either derived from androgens, or are modified versions of androgens.

Our bodies have an inbuilt hormonal and metabolic management system that is well equipped to produce and maintain stable levels of hormones. When you introduce an exogenous hormone, you essentially throw a wrench into a well-oiled machinery. Suddenly, your body notices a surge in androgenic hormones. So, it pauses its own hormone production system. The exogenous androgenic hormones will also undergo aromatization by 5-alpha reductase, converting some of it into Estrogen.

Suddenly, your estrogen levels are spiking. Some of the hormones are DHT-derivatives. All of a sudden, you have a surge in DHT levels.

That’s where the side effects come into the picture. With more estrogen, there’s a risk of forming man boobs, or gynecomastia. With more DHT, you get acne & hair loss. With more testosterone, you get suppression, a shut down and testicular atrophy. There’s only one way to reduce these side effects. You take more and more chemicals to balance everything.

Legal steroids on the other hand contain only natural ingredients that stimulate the release of anabolic hormones within your body. This is called endogenous hormonal production. It’s tapping into your body’s own hormonal reserve and stimulating it to produce more of it. The biggest difference is that since you are not introducing any external hormone, your body never shuts down its HPTA system. Secondly, there’s no spillover effect. None of your endogenous testosterone ever gets converted into Estrogen. Your DHT levels will never increase beyond baseline.

In other words, legal steroids will not cause any major side effects. Amongst legal steroids, these three are the primary muscle builders, which is what brings them to this list.

Why legal steroids are completely safe

If you check the ingredient list for any of these legal steroids, you will get a fair idea of why we call them safe. All these legal steroids have 100% natural and science-backed ingredients. There are no synthetic chemicals. There are no SARMS, which are deceptive by the way. They are being hauled as safe steroids, but they are anything but safe.

We recently bumped into a post on Reddit that speaks about an athlete who developed severe jaundice after using a SARM. Oh, almost forgot to mention that a study in JAMA mentions that close to 75% of the SARMS sold online do not contain the advertised ingredient. So you never know what you are getting. In comparison, here’s what you get with legal steroids.

  1. Science-backed ingredients only. There’s not one, but multiple clinical trials that support the use of these ingredients for hormonal optimization and anabolism.
  2. Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility in the United States.
  3. Manufactured by a trusted brand CrazyBulk
  4. More than 500000 bottles sold so far.
  5. Consistently positive customer reviews
  6. Mimics the action of real anabolic steroids without affecting your HPTA
  7. No gynecomastia, no hair loss, no testicular atrophy
  8. Tiny capsules that can be consumed discreetly. No injections.

Buying Guide – Brief Checklist to select the best steroids for muscle building without side effects

Here’s a checklist that we use while selecting legal steroids.

  1. Goal Specific Steroids only – Since we are focusing on muscle building, these three are our top picks. But if you are looking for other goals, do your research. CrazyBulk has many options.
  2. The Brand – Many brands have sprung up overnight with their own versions of legal steroids. But trust us when we tell you this. Most of them are pure junk. CrazyBulk is the original brand that introduced legal steroids. No other brand can even come close to the quality they offer.
  3. Guarantee – CrazyBulk offers a 67-day money back guarantee. No other brand does that.
  4. Original website – As a rule of thumb, we always buy our legal steroids from the official website or from licensed vendors. There are only one or two licensed vendors for CrazyBulk, mind you. The rest may be selling counterfeit supplements. So, beware.


All said and done, here’s an FAQ, in case we left out on any vital piece of information.

  1. Are these the only steroids that can build muscle without side effects?
  2. A. Like we mentioned in the buying guide, we selected these because they are the best muscle building steroids. If you are looking to cut, check Anvarol and Winsol. If you are looking for a hormone boost with anti-aging benefits, check HGH-X2. If you are looking for fat loss, check Clen.
  3. Can you buy these steroids on Amazon or eBay?
  4. We do not recommend it one bit. There are at least 39 athletes who have confirmed that they received counterfeit legal steroids on these websites. They were swayed by extremely low prices and got fobbed off. Don’t make that mistake. Counterfeit legal steroids might pose the same risks that comes with counterfeit medication. You have no idea what it contains. Be safe and buy from the original website only.
  5. Can you use these steroids back-to-back or at the same time?
  6. Since they contain natural ingredients only, legal steroids are perfectly safe for back-to-back use and even concurrent use. Which means you can safely stack multiple steroids at the same time.

Final thoughts

These three are the best steroids for building muscle without side effects. There’s D-Bal Max, the most potent muscle builder on the planet, there’s D-Bal the Dianabol clone and there’s DecaDuro for sustained muscle growth.

You can even stack the three together to grow beyond what you could ever have grown naturally. Do try these steroids and keep us updated on your progress. Good luck.

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