Best-Selling Cookbook Author, Anjali Shah, Redefines Healthy Eating

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There is a preconceived notion that the journey to good health always starts with a boring diet that will deprive you of your favorite foods. This is basically why millions of health journeys fail. If you are someone who has always associated food with happiness and is trying hard to eat healthily, then Anjali Shah’s blog,The Picky Eater, can help a lot. She is a certified nutritionist and a blogger helping families worldwide eat healthy home-cooked meals without sacrificing the foods they love. She believes that healthy eating doesn’t mean a strict or boring diet. It can be a delicious pizza, quesadillas, pasta, or muffins.

Anjali Shah is a Bestselling cookbook author, nutritionist, influencer, and food blogger at The Picky Eater. Through her blog, she has helped millions eat healthily without feeling deprived. What started as a way to document her recipes online eventually turned into a blog benefiting families globally in their health journey. After obtaining her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley, Anjali pursued a certification in nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is also a board-certified health coach.

Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area where people are obsessed with organic foods and adopted a farmer’s market-driven culture, Anjali grew up to love healthy food. Things turned out pretty challenging when she married a man from the Chicago suburbs who grew up in the deep-dish pizza-loving culture. She later became a mother of two, and taking care of the family’s health became crucial. That’s when her journey as a self-taught chef started. Anjali started creating healthier versions of junk foods and soon discovered a way to cater to the food choices of her family of picky eaters. Anjali is a vegetarian and raised her two children to be healthy-eating vegetarians with her amazing recipes.

The Picky Eater is a blog where you can find hundreds of plant-based recipes covering all types of courses, diets, and cuisines. Apart from the recipes, Anjali also shares healthy tips, insights, and resources to help people adopt healthy eating as a lifestyle. Anjali investigates the truth behind food products on grocery store shelves so her readers can find the healthiest options for their families. With millions visiting the blog every year, Anjali has successfully built a community of picky eaters who love healthier versions of unhealthy foods.

As a nutritionist, Anjali is not keen on calorie control. She believes a family should eat wholesome meals without sacrificing taste. Her goal is to make healthy eating easy with recipes that are delicious, kid-friendly, family-friendly, and taste great. With this concept, The Picky Eater has become a place for people who want to eat healthy, delicious meals without being judged.

Anjali is grateful for the community she has built through The Picky Eater and the connections she has with her readers. The blog’s huge popularity has already featured it among the top food bloggers in media outlets like Cosmo, Healthline, and many more. Anjali also authored two cookbooks that became bestsellers with almost 100,000 copies sold globally. With consistent encouragement from her readers, Anjali also wants to continue growing her blog in the coming years. She wants to impact millions of families with The Picky Eaterto help parents provide healthier meals to their kids. She also wants to promote the use of organic and healthy food ingredients.

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