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Growing your own weed from seeds is a fantastic way to ensure that you have the exact strain you want. If you want to do just that, there are many seed banks that ship to the United States, making it a simple task. However, there are many more websites that are only interested in making money and could ruin your seed shopping experience. 

Purchasing seed banks can be a very complicated process, especially if you’re doing it online. With so many online seed banks showing up when you look them up, the matter gets confusing. Plus, the tangled relationship between seed banks and the law makes it important to know which seed banks can be trusted, while also receiving a quality product at reasonable prices.

Looking up to figure out the aforementioned stuff, you’ll only stumble upon promotional content which is as good as browsing through seed bank websites themselves. So, how does one go about buying cannabis seeds online? We’ll tell you exactly that, and also the best places to purchase cannabis seeds from.

If you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds without having to deal with any of the hassle mentioned above, there are seed banks widely used by seasoned growers all across the globe. Since they ship to the USA or internationally, it’s quite easy to buy good quality seeds from there. So, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 seed banks for you.

Top 5 Seed Banks That Ship to The USA:

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – Most Reliable& Editor’s Pick 
  2. MSNL seed Bank – Best Quality Seeds
  3. Ministry of Cannabis  –  Best in Feminized and Auto-flowering Seeds
  4. SeedsMan – Best for Specialized Strains
  5. The Vault Cannabis Seed Store– Best Discreet Delivery

How We Made The List of Top Seed Banks?

Here’s how all these banks were compared and decided which of them were deserving of the top 5.

  1. Quality of seeds: The first and foremost thing to take into consideration is the quality of the product that you receive. The seed quality has to be top-shelf.
  2. Strains: Another thing to consider is the range of strains offered by the seed bank. Along with the quality, the availability of your desired strain is a must.
  3. Discreet and reliable delivery: Keeping in mind the laws that vary depending on the state you live in, the seed bank should be able to deliver the goods to your doorstep successfully and with the utmost care.
  4. Customer service: As is the case with any other service providers, the seed bank’s customer service makes a huge difference. Even if a seed bank has the best seeds, poor customer service makes it a bad option.
  5. Value for money: It doesn’t necessarily need to cost a fortune to get your hands on quality cannabis seeds. Good seed banks are usually the ones with a long history in the market. Ergo, their processes are efficient, which lets them keep prices affordable.
  6. Website UI and privacy level: Since the seed banks operate through online websites, the navigability, privacy protocols, and interface of their website should be top-notch.
  7. Reputation: Last but not least, it should be good enough in the eyes of the growers who have long been buying from seed banks. 

Best Cannabis Seeds Online [Reviews]

#1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)– Most Reliable & Editor’s Pick 

If you don’t like the waiting and paying for the shipping part about MSNL, you can opt for ILGM without compromising on anything else. Even though the company only launched in 2021, the founder, David Bergman, has almost 2 and half decades of experience in marijuana growing.

This company is the way to go if you want cannabis seed banks that ship to the United States. If you’re not sure what to try, it offers a range of starter and value packs for both professionals and amateurs.

Germination and delivery guarantee: Along with the high quality and wide range of strains comes the added benefit of guaranteed delivery and germination. If your seeds get misplaced on the way, they’ll dispatch a replacement for you. And, once they do arrive, they’ll come with guaranteed germination, with free replacement surety.

Fast, free shipping: Shipping to the United States is one of the most important considerations. ILGM is fantastic because it offers a delivery guarantee and packages each order discreetly. Unlike MSNL, ILGM has faster shipping with no extra fees for it. Even though ILGM is based in the Netherlands, their distribution center in California makes the shipping times way shorter and much more reliable, not to mention free.

Good customer service: ILGM is known for its 24/7 customer service. It has a dedicated advice section for all kinds of guides on growing marijuana and a free e-book to help you throughout the whole process. As a result, many growers consider ILGM to be the top seed bank that ships to the United States. This is a great place to start if this is your first time purchasing marijuana seed online.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of I Love Growing Marijuana


  • Free shipping.
  • Discreet packaging.
  • Delivery and germination guarantee.
  • Remarkable customer service.
  • A lot of free resources on the website.
  • VIP package for regulars.


  • Extra $25 for delivery tracking.
  • Slightly higher prices.
  • Relatively fewer strains.

 #2. MSNL Seed Bank – Best Quality Seeds

With more than 20 years in the seedbank industry, MSNL is the most reputable seed bank there is. It’s based in the Netherlands, and quite famous for its service in the US. If you’re looking for best quality, award-winning weed strains, with the stealthiest possible shipping, MSNL is the place for you.

MSNL was created by a geneticist, so they grow their strains in a scientific manner. The experts at MSNL grow marijuana seeds to achieve a germination percentage above 90 and conduct comprehensive tests along with quality control elements by manual testing.

Value for money: Since MSNL has been around for more than two decades, and collaborates with local growers as well, their seeds are the best quality you get for the price. Moreover, they include at least two free seeds with every order so you can try out new strains.

Highest germination: With years upon years of testing and improving, MSNL flaunts a germination percentage higher than 90%. It’s the highest germination rate any seed bank offers. Every cannabis seed and strain is rigorously tested to ensure efficiency, viability, and consistency, thanks to the company’s emphasis on a scientific approach.

Ninja stealth: MSNL is known for its stealthy shipping options. Though it costs a few extra bucks, it’s well worth the money. Your seeds will come concealed inside an unrelated product. If you’re worried about parents, roommates, or anyone else finding out about your seeds when they get delivered, MSNL will have you covered.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MSNL Seed Bank


  • Best quality seeds.
  • A wide range of popular as well as exclusive strains.
  • Free seeds with every order.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Highest germination rate.
  • Stealth shipping.
  • Various payment options, including Bitcoin.


  • No free shipping.
  • Delayed shipping time (especially during the pandemic).

#3. Ministry of Cannabis –  Best in Feminized and Auto flowering Seeds

The Ministry of Cannabis originally began operating in Amsterdam in 2007. It’s now based in Barcelona, Spain, and has developed a strong reputation for creativity in strain breeding, testing, and production; all of which add up to great value for any cannabis seed buyer.

It has a good variety of your favorite strains, as well as their own hybrid strains. The owners of the Ministry of Cannabis have previously partnered with some of the world’s best growers and banks, so they understand what people want and how to produce it.

Variety: Their mixed packages provide great value (six seeds per package in a mixed box) and a range of feminized seeds that are customized to your preferences. Despite the fact that their range isn’t as large as other seed banks’, the strains they sell are handpicked to represent the best of the best, no matter what strain you’re looking for.

Reputation: Ministry of Cannabis is recognized as one of the best seed banks in the world. On their website, they have pages and pages of testimonials (as well as reviews elsewhere on the internet) praising them for anything from excellent yield quantity to super-fast delivery speeds.

Product quality: Though their selection is smaller compared to other seed banks, the Ministry of Cannabis makes up for it with better product quality. They aren’t interested in developing a large number of new strains, but rather in continually refining the ones they already have. They do release new strains every now and then, but only when they have a little extra time and money on their hands and are certain that the time and resources spent creating the new strain will not be diverted from developing and enhancing their core collection.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Ministry Of Cannabis


  • Free shipping for orders over 75 euros.
  • Tracking for all orders.
  • Option to buy innocuous items to make your delivery stealthier.
  • Guaranteed delivery.
  • Wide range of payment options.


  • Only accepts euros.
  • Limited selection of strains.

#4. Seedsman – Best for Specialized Strains

Seedsman is based in Barcelona, Spain, and was established in 2003. They ship worldwide and have customer service lines in the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, France, Spain, and Germany. Seedsman has two major advantages over most other seed banks: they have a large range of strains and they ship anywhere in the world. On the flip side, their customer support is not so good.

A wide range of strains: Some seed banks concentrate their efforts on a small number of strains from a few breeders. Seedsman, on the other hand, is a well-known and trustworthy seed bank that pushes the boundaries of diversity and choice. Seedsman is on the cutting edge of the industry, supplying only the best recreational and medicinal marijuana seeds to home growers and commercial cultivators all over the world. They’ve also recently expanded their product line to include a variety of branded items, ranging from books to garments to cultivation supplies.

Quality of service: The reputation of Seedsman seeds is excellent. However, the firm does not have a germination guarantee. They state on their website that if you live in a country where the seeds are legal, they will do their best to fix the problem, but this is obviously not an absolute guarantee. Overall, they’re a fantastic seed bank, but they’re not quite up to par with the rest.

Easy-to-navigate website: Seedsman’s website is one of the neatest seed bank websites. With tons of features in place to make your shopping experience a good one, the website is designed to make finding your desired seeds a matter of just a few taps/clicks. The website is divided into simple categories with headings for regular seeds, medicinal seeds, breeders, and promos etc. Under the regular seeds section, you’ll find more breakdowns by type, variety, and other qualities such as good for beginners, indoors, outdoors, mold resistant, low odor, and high yielding. The product pages themselves contain extensive information on each strain as well as a table that summarizes all of the main characteristics.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Seedsman


  • Seedsman has one of the largest selections of strains.
  • Money-back guarantee on delivery.
  • Ships across the globe.
  • Positive reviews, with separate ratings for each strain.
  • Various payment options
  • Frequent promotional offers and a loyalty program.


  • Poor customer support.
  • Slightly higher prices.
  • Slower shipping to the US.
  • Shipping guarantee comes with extra money.

#5. The Vault Cannabis Seed Store–  Best Discreet Delivery

The Vault Cannabis Seed Store, which was established in 2012, is a UK-based seed bank that is a well-known name in the cannabis industry for providing high-quality seeds, discreet packaging, and excellent customer service. They also offer reasonable rates for their goods that will not break the bank. Their website is now one of the world’s largest cannabis seed banks. They have over 100 reputable cannabis seed breeders listed, with a huge selection of strains to choose from, including some very rare and sought-after varieties. Out of all the UK seed banks, the Vault Cannabis Seeds Store has some of the most affordable rates.

Remarkable deliveries: It won’t be an exaggeration to say that their delivery service is unparalleled. They ship worldwide in super discreet packaging and provide a guaranteed delivery service to ensure you get your order. Thousands of reviews from across the globe (including the ones during the Covid-19 restrictions) testify to their stealth, rapid delivery timing, and guaranteed delivery.

Good customer support: The owners of The Vault, George and Jack, are very keen on providing the best possible customer support to everyone, even if they haven’t made a purchase yet. With an active interest in the awareness campaigns of medicinal marijuana, legalization events, and sponsoring movements, you can always rely on their remarkable professionalism when it comes to customer support. They even participate on many forums online to keep in touch with the community.

Loads of freebies: Even the smallest orders at The Vault come with freebies included. You can choose from a selection of freebies when placing your order, which gives their freebies system even more flair. So, if you order a lot, The Vault will definitely get you the best bang for your buck with a lot of freebies of your choice.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of the Vault Cannabis Seed Store


  • The bigger your order, the more you get.
  • High-quality seeds at very affordable prices.
  • Delivery guarantee. 
  • Fast deliveries all across the globe (even during the pandemic).
  • Good customer service.
  • Owners take an active interest in the growers’ community.
  • Rich internet presence.
  • Great customer reviews.


  • No germination guarantee.
  • Deliveries outside of the UK are charged.
  • Little to no information about germination (due to the illegality of cannabis seeds’ germination in the UK).

Things To Consider Before Buying Cannabis Seed Banks Online: Buyer’s Guide

The legality of marijuana growing in the US:

Before we go any further, it’s important to get the legal aspects of marijuana cultivation straight. If you’re a resident of the United States, you would be aware that the purchase of cannabis seeds, shipping them across state borders, and their growing is federally prohibited, despite the legalization of marijuana in some states. States, on the other hand, are not obligated to follow federal law. As a result, state laws essentially decide if marijuana growers face criminal risk for their home grows in the vast majority of cases. But state laws differ significantly. There are only 16 states where growing marijuana for recreational purposes is legal. Below is a list of those.

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Illinois (only with restrictions and licensing)
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey (only for licensed growers)
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Washington, D.C. (only with restrictions and licensing)

With the addition of more states that allow growing marijuana for medicinal purposes, the number goes a bit higher. The states that allow growing marijuana for medical use only are as follows.

  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma (only with a medicinal license)
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota

The remaining states do not allow the cultivation of marijuana for any purposes. Now, it’s important to note that, even though some states allow cultivation of cannabis, it’s still federally banned. As such, transporting it between state borders or importing it internationally is still illegal and your package might get confiscated by customs if you’re ordering from these seedbanks. Not to worry, though. We have some tips that you can follow to avoid getting your seeds confiscated by the customs.

  • Order in small-to-medium quantities

If you’re considering buying a large quantity of seeds, divide it into separate small- and medium-sized orders. That way, you can avoid the attention a large order might have attracted as well as the risk of having to lose a large sum of money.

  • Opt for cryptocurrency as your payment method

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are designed to be untraceable. If the seed bank you’re buying from accepts cryptocurrency payments, using that option makes it impossible to trace it back to you. Many reputable seed banks even offer discounts if you’re using cryptocurrency. So, if you’re concerned about your payment linking the purchase to you, use cryptocurrency.

  • Make use of discreet shipping options offered by seed banks

Almost all the seed banks that ship internationally have discreet shipping options that you can use. Discreet shipping is normally more expensive to compensate for the additional time and materials required, but it can be worthwhile. The best way to protect your plants and avoid trouble is to keep your growing practices secret. Discreet shipping typically involves concealing cannabis seeds inside other, unrelated items like DVD cases, T-shirts, pens, or flashlights. If the box is opened, it would appear to be something else. This will help ensure that your seeds pass through customs, and it will also be useful if you live around someone who is nosy or suspicious.

Tips on buying marijuana seeds online:

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you should know a few more things to make the most of your online seed purchases.

  • Be well aware of the law: Depending on the state you live in, make sure your knowledge of laws regarding cannabis cultivation is thorough and up-to-date.
  • Go through the seed bank’s terms and conditions: Not knowing the terms and conditions of the seed bank you’re ordering from can be bad for you if some technicalities kick in to the situation. Always go through those to make sure you’re prepared to deal with any setback if something goes wrong.
  • Choose a seed bank according to your needs: Even the best seed banks vary in comparison with each other. In some cases, one would be a better option, in others another would be your best bet. For example, if you’re looking for unique strains, a seed bank that focuses on breeding would be the best for you. So do plenty of research about a seed bank, with your needs in mind, to make sure it’s the right seed bank for you apart from being a legit one.
  • Keep the customer service and germination rate in mind: Look for customer feedback on the internet before ordering from a seed bank. A good seed bank takes care of its customers, provides quality seeds, and makes good on its claims. This way, you will eliminate any risk by making sure the seeds you’re buying are reliable and will do the job.
  • Look out for limited payment options and stealth shipping: If the seed bank has limited payment options and doesn’t offer stealth shipping, it might not be worth it to risk your money buying from it. It’s even better if the seed bank accepts cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are the most common method of payment for cannabis seeds. Litecoin, Ethereum, and XMR are some of the other cryptocurrencies that are used, but bitcoin is the most common.

FAQs About Marijuana Seed Banks:

Q. Can cannabis seeds go bad?

Marijuana seeds can be refrigerated and kept for a long time. They can last a few months without going bad, even a year if stored in a cold, dry, and dark location, but they can last a decade if refrigerated.

Q. What Seed Banks are legit?

Most of the online seed banks are legit. However, there are still some scam sites that might dupe you. In case you’re worried about the authenticity of a seed bank and don’t know how to go about buying from it, it’s safer to opt for trusted options. You can go for the seed banks mentioned in this guide without having to worry about scams.

Q. Is it safe to buy seeds online?

In theory, buying seeds online is illegal as per federal laws. However, in practice, it’s a commonplace thing to order seeds. At worst, you run the risk of getting your seeds confiscated by the customs and receiving a letter informing you of it. You only lose your money with no additional prosecution. If you buy your seeds with a delivery guarantee, the only thing you will be losing is a little bit of extra time that the seed bank will need to send you your replacement for the confiscated seeds.

Q. Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds online?

The answer to that depends on the place you’re living in. As mentioned earlier, ordering from international seed banks is illegal in most cases. Only when you’re ordering from a seed bank that is in the same state as you, and your state allows cultivating marijuana, is it legal to purchase and grow marijuana.

Q. Are online seed banks reputable and trustworthy?

They are in the majority. However, before purchasing from a seed bank, you must do additional research on it. You can always opt for the established names in the seeds industry if you find anything suspicious about a seed bank.

Q. How much does it cost to buy seeds online?

It depends on the seed bank and the strain you choose. Expect to pay a lot more if the strain is exclusive. Otherwise, a good seed bank that has been around for a long time will have some pretty affordable options for you.

Q. Are there any seed banks in the US?

There are various seed banks that ship to the USA. If a seed bank is focused on delivering fast, you can usually get your goods within 4-15 days. Most of the famous seed banks usually deliver within that time frame. For a more accurate estimate, you can look up the exact delivery times on the seed bank’s website before ordering. Make sure you read customer reviews to make sure their estimates are based on reality and not just false promises.

Q. What’s the best way to pay?

Safe debit card and credit card processing, check or postal money order, cash in the mail, bank deposit/wire transfer, and the preferred option—Bitcoin—are all available payment methods. Buying cannabis seeds online with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is the safest choice. It’s also a great way to get extra discounts and free seeds with your order.

Q. What will my bank statement show?

Charges made through your bank are discreet and do not contain terms like “bean,” “cannabis,” or “marijuana,” etc. To get a more detailed explanation of the seed bank’s payment processing, you can contact the company directly.

Q. Is my payment information safe from online theft?

A safe link can be checked by looking at the site’s SSL certificate, which appears as a closed padlock in your browser’s address bar. When making a purchase, an SSL secure checkout encrypts your payment details, shielding you from cyber theft. So, if the seed bank you’re buying from has an SSL secure checkout page, it’s good to go. Otherwise, avoid buying from that seed bank.

Q. Is It safe to send cash?

Sending cash has worked out for thousands of buyers when it comes to the seed banks listed above. If you’re not sure about sending cash to a seed bank, you can always try making a small purchase. Make sure to wrap up your cash in a paper before putting it inside an envelope. Once you know it’s okay to send cash, you can buy your usual amount of seeds without any worries.

Q. Is there a money-back guarantee on my seeds?

Many seed banks cover your delivery with a replacement guarantee. Most even guarantee germination, with a free replacement otherwise. If your purchase comes with those guarantees, it’s just as good as a money-back guarantee. Some seed banks don’t have delivery/germination guarantee, so make sure to look up their delivery success rates and germination rates before buying from them.

Q. What does a healthy cannabis seed look like?

Cannabis seeds with tiger stripes or a mottled pattern are fat, rounded, dark brown or grey, and healthy. They’ll have a shiny, glossy finish and a firm shell that won’t break when subjected to light pressure. Immature seeds are tiny, brittle, light green or white, and will not germinate. It is probably too old to germinate if it feels light, is very dry, or cracked. (Note that a few strains produce white seeds; if this is the case, the product notes should warn you.) Moreover, there should be no traces of mould or other pathogens on your seeds.

Q. What seed bank has the best genetics?

Since seed banks sell cannabis with various genetics, there is no definitive answer to this question. However, before you buy from any seed bank, make sure you know what you want to achieve so you can choose the right cannabis seed for you.

Q. Are there any seed banks in the United States?

The number of seed banks in the United States is increasing. Many jurisdictions, however, prohibit people from purchasing seeds to grow themselves. Instead, US seed banks sell to farmers and manufacturers who have been licensed by the government. You may be able to buy cannabis seeds in person from a seed bank or pharmacy if you reside in one of the states where marijuana is legal. However, because of the way US law operates, shipping cannabis seeds between US states will get you in more trouble than getting them shipped from another country. This makes it impossible for US seed banks to function, as they are unable to send their seeds to consumers in other states, even if both states have legalized marijuana. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll face legal penalties for sending seeds across state lines, it’s still possible. So keep your seeds to yourself if you buy them.

Q. How do seed banks work in the US?

Since each state has its own marijuana seed laws, most seed banks rely on an old souvenir law to get around the legal snags and continue doing business. They are free to mail the seeds to you as a souvenir or for bird food/fish bait as long as they are not germinated. If you go to the website of any big seed bank, such as ILGM, you will see a disclaimer page that states this.

In Conclusion: Which Is The Best Seed Breeder on The Market?

It can be scary to order cannabis seeds online for the first time, and it’s important to ensure you get your seeds from a reputable source. Not only will this guarantee your safety and protection, but it will also prevent you from being duped or ripped off with low-quality seeds, or even no seeds at all. Thankfully, purchasing seeds online is a straightforward and easy process. If you’re just getting started, you may want to order from a few different sites so you can sample a variety of strains. All you need to do to get started is to make sure you buy seeds from a reputable, legit seed bank.

Our top choice in seed banks is ILGM, since it nails the criteria we have of a good seed bank. But any of our top 5 seed banks that ship to the United States will be a great option if you’re thinking about starting to grow your own weed or simply searching for a new bank to try. They all have positive customer reviews and reputations, so you can expect high-quality seeds from them. Of course, some of them outperform the others in certain areas, so it’s up to you to choose the best depending on what you need. 

And with that our guide on best seed banks comes to an end. You’re all set to not only find the best seed banks, but to evaluate the quality and value of the seeds you’re buying. We hope that this buying guide comes in handy in your search for a seed bank. Have fun growing!

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