Rechargeable flashlights are the new cool, as these versions offer incredible performance as their counterparts with disposable batteries. The best rechargeable flashlights shine bright even though they make use of little energy. Most individuals who have barely tested these flashlights with rechargeable batteries in recent times might come as a surprise that they are quite durable.

The new set of rechargeable flashlights available in the market can offer steady light for several hours. Most have water-resistant features in place and come constructed for a variety of purposes. This article holds stellar options for those who are planning on purchasing a suitable rechargeable flashlight.

Top 6 Best Rechargeable Flashlights

1. Nitecore TIP SE Rechargeable Flashlight         

Key Features

  • Aluminum material
  • Four brightness levels
  • USB-C charging port

Price: $30

The fully reflective optical lens that comes with this flashlight can emit up to 700 lumens, which is quite remarkable. The Nitecore TIP SE Rechargeable Flashlight has a microprocessor of lower power that works on the automatic hibernation, alongside the 5A ultra-low plastic drain. This item’s maximum runtime reaches 50 hours, as it uses a 500mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery.

With an integrated ATR technology, this flashlight’s output is regulated based on the ambient temperature and working conditions. This feature ensures that the optimal performance of the light is maintained. The product uses a USB-C port for charging, making it quite convenient for users to get their flashlights powered. Not to forget, it supports a reversible charging cable plug-in.

The aluminum alloy construction of this flashlight is quite substantial, having a hard-anodized finish. It is resistant to wear, as its wear-proof ability ensures that it lasts for an extended time. For additional protection, the Nitecore TIP SE Rechargeable Flashlight has a waterproof feature that works well for the charging port and can prevent moisture-related damages.

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There are two primary user modes available for use; the DEMO mode and the DAILY mode. With the DEMO mode, the flashlight works for 30 seconds and shuts down automatically. This mode of the flashlight comes fully designed for short-time illumination and EDC. Alternatively, users can make use of the DAILY mode that offers constant illumination for an extended period.

Hence, this mode is suitable for outdoor purposes such as camping and long trekking. Interestingly, the flashlight gets momentary or direct access to the TURBO. It works well for any status that deals with long-range searching. It is easy to carry about, as users can vouch about its lightweight (26 grams). Furthermore, the flashlight has a length of 60mm, and the beam light is white in color.


  • It is handheld and weighs less
  • It has a sturdy construction
  • It offers convenient charging


  • The protruding switch can cause the flashlight to activate when in contact with a surface

2. Streamlight Strion LED 74751 High lm Professional Rechargeable Flashlight

Key Features

  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • C4 LED technology
  • Black body made of aluminum

Price: $118

This flashlight has an excellent construction that makes it quite durable, and it is the perfect choice for most professionals. Building inspectors and police officers, and all other professionals that require a flashlight can use this option. The big size might seem to dissuade some folks, but they actually weigh less (5.2 ounces).

Since this flashlight with rechargeable batteries is not heavy, it can be relatively easy to raise them and focus on whatever inspection needs to be done. Interestingly, they are quite tough and sturdy, as many users testify about their durability. Even when dropped on cemented pavements, there were no reported adverse effects except it occurred in an extreme situation.

The Streamlight 74751 Strion LED High lm Rechargeable Professional Flashlight’s LED technology comes constructed to be shock-resistant. Hence, its ability to withstand shocks when dropped. This flashlight can get powered with a DC or an Ac charger; so, you can plug it into your car or the electricity source on the wall of your home.

About 500 lumens get put out for roughly one hour with the flashlight’s High setting, and with the Medium setting, it puts out 250 lumens for about two hours. For this flashlight to last for more than three hours, you can use the Low setting at 125 lumens. This handheld flashlight also comes with one charger holder.

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The aircraft-quality aluminum anodized finishing reveals an attractive and sturdy exterior of the flashlight. Many users appreciate this feature. It further offers a rigid grip, which many professional users find quite fascinating. Not to forget, the pocket grip can keep the flashlight safe in the pocket of users without falling off.

There is a LED indicator that reveals the charge status when the flashlight is being charged, and the grooved barrel can quickly adapt to a gun mount that is quite long. Those willing to try this item for the first time would love its excellent feature, alongside the clamp charger holder. Again, the flashlight can control overcharging when plugged into a power source using the digital control circuit.

When it comes to choosing suitable flashlights, it is crucial to learn about their lifetime, as stated by the manufacturer. This flashlight has a 50,000 hour lifetime, which is quite incredible. The excellent construction of the head ensures that it doesn’t keep rolling when users set it down. Thus, it allows easy usage with this little but smart hack. The charge time of the rechargeable batteries is about 3 hours, and once fully charged, it can shine brightly.


  • It has up to 50,000 hours lifetime
  • Rigid aluminum finishing
  • The item comes with three AAAA alkaline batteries that can run for 60 hours


  • Some individuals find the push button becoming erratic after a while

3. Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90 LED Flashlight

Key Features

  • It is tough and reliable
  • Compact design
  • The item comes with a waist strap and micro USB cable

Price: $43

The super-bright Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90 LED Flashlight offers a maximum of 900 lumens, with light stretching over two fields of football. Simply put, the light can shine across about 1000ft, and it is totally zoom-able. The “wide to narrow” light appearance beam is fantastic. Users like the fact that the flashlight has five adjustable settings, including SOS, High, Strobe, Low, and Medium.

The LED has an extended lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, which is quite remarkable for an emergency lamp. Its long-lasting performance is quite admirable, as the flashlight can start shining bright after reaching six hours. Buyers would be delighted to know that this item also comes with a Micro USB cable that allows convenient charging.

It is rated “IPX5” and, as such, has excellent water resistance that can withstand even heavy downpour. Not to forget, the flashlight braves the cold, as it still illuminates under cold conditions (freezing temperatures) that reach up to 10 degrees F.

Aside from this, the shock resistance of this product is quite excellent, with its superior quality aluminum frame that can handle challenging situations. The portable size of this rechargeable flashlight is perfect. It comes in handy for users who would like to fit the flashlight into their pocket.

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The anti-slip feature of the lamp would help users greatly as they hold onto the flashlight, as it prevents it from slipping off frequently. Charging this piece does not involve any hassles. The chip integrated into the LC90 comes built to ensure a safe charge for the batteries.

Thus, there would be no overheating report during charge, and the battery would not suffer from wear and tear. Lastly, the flashlight’s non-fading illumination is tremendous, as the brightness doesn’t get reduced at every instance the LC90 goes on. The flashlight ensures that there is great consistency in its illumination.


  • It offers non-fading brightness
  • It possesses water-resistance features
  • It charges with great ease


  • Some persons find the charging switch tasking to unscrew

4. STANLEY FATMAX Rechargeable SL10LEDS 2200 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Spotlight Lithium-Ion Flashlight

Key Features

  • 10 hours runtime
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Ergonomic rubber grip

Price: $50

The best rechargeable flashlights come in handy to aid in emergencies and shine brightly for extended hours. The SL10LEDS is an excellent option within this category, which offers up to 2,200 lumens alongside 10Watt “ultra-bright” LED. The great news is that the battery gets charged and can last for the next 12 months. With a low setting, the flashlight has a runtime of seven hours.

Unlike some other options available in the market, this flashlight with a rechargeable battery has a pivoting stand that can offer users a hands-free operation. It is possible due to the trigger lock that comes with the flashlight, which is relatively easy to use. Whether on a camping trip or other outdoor activities, the STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS would be ready to help.

For emergency situations with power outages, this product can provide a swift and bright lighting alternative. Charging the spotlight can be relatively easy, as it can be done at home or in a vehicle, thanks to the DC and AC charging adaptors that come with the product. It would interest buyers to know that this rechargeable flashlight comes with three varying position triggers.

Hence, they can comfortably utilize the off pivoting, low pivoting, or high pivoting. There is also a port status that has an indicator ring that tells if the flashlight is charging. The flashlight has a dimension of 9 inches x 4 inches x 11 inches and has a weight of 2.05lbs. One limiting factor of using this flashlight is that it cannot withstand being submerged in water, as it does not come constructed to do so.

The rugged construction is quite remarkable. The flashlight has excellent durability and can serve its purpose for an extended period. It is quite affordable for a flashlight with its superb features, and its performance is worth its cost.


  • It offers a hand-free operation with its trigger lock
  • It consists of top-quality charging adaptors
  • Shines bright and last for extended periods 


  • It does not come constructed to be submerged in water

5. Fenix 2018 Upgrade PD35 V2.0 1000 Lumen Flashlight

Key Features

  • Lightweight flashlight
  • 430 hours runtime
  • The lumen output of 1000

Price: $70

A flashlight that buyers can consider in a case of a power outage, outdoor activity, or some other emergency is the Fenix PD35 V2.0. This upgraded version of the rechargeable flashlight comes with great features that make it suitable for adverse weather conditions. Thus, individuals can effectively use it under heavy downpours, snow, or sleet.

This flashlight’s IP rating is IP68, making it totally submersible in water for up to 2m depth. It can offer 1000 lumen output while operating with a simple off/on control through the tactical tail cap. The five adjustable brightness levels make it perfect for flexible use. As such, the lamp has varying runtimes on the Turbo setting; the flashlight gives up to 1000 lumens while it lasts for about 170 minutes.

Similarly, the rechargeable flashlight can last for 310 minutes when set on High (providing 350 lumens). The Mid setting offers up to 150 lumens and ensures that the flashlight stays for about 745 minutes. Users also can set the flashlight on Low setting or Eco setting to make it run for a more extended period.

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Users love that the lamp has 273 yards peak beam distance and 15,600 cd peak beam intensity. This item comes with both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, and the non-rechargeable battery can last for 430 hours. The compact size is excellent for those seeking a portable flashlight to carry along for short trips. They can even hold the PD35 flashlight in their pocket.

The side switch and tail switch combination come out as a perfect, revealing, and excellent and durable stainless steel piece. This package’s other components include a holster, spare o-ring, the instruction manual, and a totally removable pocket clip.


  • It is easy to operate
  • It comes constructed to be lightweight
  • It is compact-sized


  • Some users do not like the color temperature

6. Olight S30R III EDC LED 1050 Lumens Rechargeable Flashlight

Key Features

  • 1050 lumens
  • It measures 4.49 inches long
  • USB cable

Price: $80

The smaller size of this flashlight from the Olight brand is quite admirable. Many users like the fact that it comes constructed to allow them to carry it with ease. Interestingly, it is still lightweight even after its battery installation, as it then has a weight of 4 ounces. So, it comes in handy for regular use every day.

One other likable feature of this item is its versatility. It comes with a sturdy construction clip that fastens it to a belt, bag strap, and even hat. Not to forget, the tail cap has a strong magnetic feature that works effectively in attaching the lamp to metal surfaces. Thus, allowing a hands-free operation whenever users need them for an important task.

It further allows fast charging and has a desktop magnetic dock that gets held on any surface that appears smooth. The 3-section cups aid in securing it on the smooth surface. The Olight magnetic cables are also compatible with the charging port of this flashlight. Hence, users can get one from the market, as the Olight magnetic wires do not come with the lamp.

The smooth aluminum reflector that the flashlight reflects offers a focused beam that is totally improved. As a complete package that provides the right solution in darkness, this product comes with a rechargeable battery and convenient carrying clip. It also comes with a USB charging cable, charging dock, and a holster to improve the rechargeable flashlight.

This item has a 4.49 inches x 0.98 inches x 0.98 inches and weighs 3.88 ounces. These features and more puts this lamp among the list of the best rechargeable flashlights in the market.


  • It offers a high power output
  • It allows fast charging
  • It comes with a desktop magnetic dock for the charger


  • The magnetic dock might attract metal flakes

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Best Rechargeable Flashlights: the Buyer’s Guide

Whether for outdoor activities or handling some emergencies within the home, flashlights can come in handy for your needs. The comfort and convenience that the flashlight offers are quite tremendous and aids in the dark. All camping activities and trekking in poorly lit areas can become relatively more comfortable with the availability of flashlights.

The best rechargeable flashlights have a high performance like most of their counterparts with removable batteries. However, there are various features embedded in these flashlights with rechargeable batteries. Since these features vary from one flashlight to the other, it can be such a daunting task to make the right choice. Hence, this guide would help buyers out in choosing the best option.

Buyers can comfortably look out for the following factors to ensure they pick the best rechargeable flashlight worth its cost.

The Light Output

The best rechargeable flashlights have high outputs that work well in providing improved brightness. The light output is often measured in lumens. Buyers can quickly lookout for those with higher outputs whenever they decide to make a purchase. The good news is that many of these flashlights have multiple mode settings that allow the user to scale through different brightness levels.

There is no doubt the flashlight’s utility is also influenced by its brightness. As buyers consider this factor, they should also make an effort to access the type of light that the lamp emits, the distance throw, and the beam intensity. This would influence their choice and ensure they make the right decision.

The Run Time

Users’ threshold performance from flashlights is thanks to the run time, and rechargeable flashlights in the markets have varying run times. Some may take up to 4 hours and even more, ensuring that users gain more out of the lamp once fully charged. However, users shouldn’t exhaust the light’s energy; anything below a 30% drop on the flashlight’s battery is wrong.

Nevertheless, the best rechargeable flashlights’ LED devices come constructed to provide users up to a year’s worth of peak performance. But soon, the lumen count may start depreciating, which simply signifies that there is a need for changing the LED to access improved performance.

Flashlight Switches

Tactical situations require switches that respond fast and can meet up with emergencies. So, when buyers are interested in choosing a flashlight, they must look out for the considerable difference in switches. There are those with swiveling bezels that take the user between various lighting modes.

The flashlights with locking functions can help prevent the lamp from coming up when placed in the user’s pocket. Similarly, users can rely on flashlights that use raised buttons or flush-mount buttons on the lamp’s body’s surface. Aside from these, the market holds various rechargeable flashlights with rear taillights, which gives users a defensive grip on the torch.

Impact and Water Resistance

If all flashlights in the market have a low ability to withstand impacts, it will offset their purpose. There are many occasions that the torch slips and falls. Still, the best rechargeable flashlight has excellent impact resistance that withstands such shocks. Professionals such as law enforcement agents should consider buying flashlights with hardened steel or rubberized casings.

For added protection, lamps with great drop-rating features would prevent lens and LED damages. Users should also try to go through the IPX water-resistant rating for these flashlights. If they need the torch around water or wet areas, they can choose between IPX4, IPX7, and IPX8.

Other crucial factors that can influence the choice of rechargeable flashlights include the beam types, bulb types, flash modes, and regulated output. It will help if buyers consider getting lamps with LED bulbs, as they are among the best and most powerful options in the market.


The best rechargeable flashlight helps in various emergencies and activities that require alternative light. They are durable, practical, and shine brightly across long distances, which is quite admirable. It can be quite challenging for many professionals and individuals who need rechargeable flashlights to choose out of the plethora of options. Hence, a glance through this review and buyer’s guide would offer great insights for making a more natural choice.

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