As men start aging, their DHT levels may become pretty intrusive, triggering an inflammation – prostate enlargement. One excellent way people can get rid of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) is by getting a healthy prostate. With the best prostate supplements, male folks can effectively support their prostate health.

Reports reveal that about 50% of men reaching 50 years have prostate enlargement. Such a condition can be pretty excruciating and keep men in excellent discomfort. Hence, the need to tackle prostate enlargement and various effective supplements can help. This review holds some of the best products available in the market.

Ranking the Top 5 Best Prostate Supplements

Here are some of the best supplements that help men with prostate enlargement; they are pretty practical and have various benefits.

  1. ProstaStream
  2. VitaFlow
  3. ProstaMend
  4. Prostate 911
  5. Prostate Plus

1. ProstaStream

Prosta Stream

This high-end prostate supplement comes formulated with natural ingredients. As a dietary supplement, it aims at providing full support for those facing prostate enlargement, ensuring they have a healthy prostate. The sales page of the supplement suggests that Frank Neal created the formula of ProstaStream.

Neal claims that ProstaStream comes under GMP certified AND FDA registered facilities. This supplement is only available after years of pragmatic trials and experiments that prove the supplement good. It offers the best results in having one lead a BPH-free life and works as a dependent solution for permanently getting rid of BPH.

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ProstaStream contains natural ingredients that include:

  • Zinc
  • The bark of Pygeum africanum
  • Plant sterol complex
  • Saw palmetto berries
  • The bark of Cat’s Claw
  • Tomato
  • The leaves of Stinging Nettle
  • Vitamin B6 and E
  • A proprietary blend of juniper berry, quercetin dihydrate, Uva Ursi, D-Glucarate, Buchu leaf, Pumpkin seeds, etc.

Other ingredients include copper, red raspberry, selenium, green tea, Annona muricata leaves, the stems and buds of Broccoli leaf, and other high-performance natural ingredients. For those who are keen on knowing how to use this dietary supplement, the basic pack of ProstaStream (one bottle) contains 30 capsules.

Also, the manufacturers suggest that it lasts for a month. Thus, it would be appropriate for men to consume a pill of this dietary supplement daily. Interested folks can also consult a health practitioner for more details. The manufacturers of the supplement offer the basic package containing a bottle of supplement for $69. However, consumers can get discounts on ordering larger quantities.

The famous box of three bottles goes for $177 ($59 for each bottle). Similarly, the best value package goes for $294 ($49 for each bottle). The refund policy for this product is customer-friendly. Buyers can comfortably get a refund if they don’t get good rewards within 60 days after purchase.



  • It does not contain any GMOs
  • It is vegetarian
  • There are no stimulants
  • It has 100% natural ingredients


  • It might not be suitable for those who are allergic to soy

2. VitalFlow


The frequent bladder issue that men face can be pretty disturbing. Still, VitaFlow works effectively as a dietary supplement for keeping the prostate in good health. The ingredients employed for making this supplement were from the purest locations. The formula offers the male folks the best result achievable to kick out frequent bladder problems.

For folks to enjoy the benefits of this supplement, VitalFlow contains the following.

Copper – VitaFlow contains copper, a trace mineral that serves as a cofactor for various enzymes. It falls in a similar classification as zinc mineral, and they both work together for kicking out prostate inflammation.

Plant sterol complex – It is excellent for keeping the body of consumers protected.

Vitamin B6 – This ingredient in the supplement helps fight bacteria and keeps the body free and safe from potential infections.

Selenium – This ingredient is for exposing the hidden DHT levels and getting such flushed out of the body.

A blend of Mushroom – The three combinations of Japanese mushrooms, Shiitake, Maitake, and Reishi, helps flush away DHT toxins from the consumer’s body.

Saw Palmetto – This Ingredient in VitaFlow ensures that the body does not convert a good amount of testosterone to DHT.

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Male folks who desire better prostate health can take two pills of VitaFlow per day. It would be best if they take drugs every morning and follow them with enough water. Thus, consumers can last on a bottle of VitaFlow for an entire month, as it contains 60 capsules.

A bottle of VitaFlow supplement costs $69, which is worthwhile. However, interested folks can get theirs at a discounted rate if they purchase in a larger quantity. They can obtain three bottles for $177 with the standard package order. A better deal is buying six bottles at $294 with the premium package order.

VitaFlow review

VitaFlow comes with an excellent refund policy, as buyers have 60 days money-refund guarantee. If they do not notice satisfactory results during this period, they can request a complete refund from the company.

3. ProstaMend


This supplement works well to reduce prostate enlargement of men who consume it and keep down the frequent bathroom visitations. Suppose many of the men include a ProstaMend supplement with a healthy diet. In that case, they can get tremendous results for prostate inflammation that might lead to diseases and infections.

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ProstaMend is of all-natural ingredients; thirty-two different extracts. However, some of the top ingredients include:

Annona muricata

This ingredient in the supplement makes it pretty compelling for tackling inflammations and even cancer. For most folks out there, this can come in handy as an alternative to radiation and chemotherapy for treating cancer.

Mushroom Blend

This ingredient is in many effective supplements for prostate health. As such, it makes ProstaMend lowers the risk of consumers developing Alzheimer’s disease. It also reduces the risk of developing heart diseases, offers healing from cancer, and enhances the body’s functionality.

Other ingredients include extracts from nettle leaves, zinc, copper, selenium, etc.

Interested consumers should start taking two pills of the supplement per day and take enough water. Those with some underlying health issues must conduct a health practitioner before embarking on the journey of having a healthy prostate with ProstaMend.

This effective formula from Phytage Labs has no reported setbacks yet. Still, it is recommendable for people with serious health concerns to first discuss with their physician before consuming the supplement. Also, these natural ingredients can have some adverse effects when taken with other medications.

ProstaMend review

There are various packages that the manufacturers of this supplement offer and those with a higher-order quantity can have some discount. However, a bottle of ProstaMend is for $69. People can get three bottles for a reduced cost, at $177, and six bottles at $294. If users start having a regret after purchasing this product, they can quickly return the supplement and get a refund. The manufacturers ensure that those who return the supplement within 60 days after purchase can get a full refund.

4. Prostate 911

Prostate 911

Prostate 911 is an excellent dietary supplement that works effectively for shrinking enlarged prostates and restoring men’s good prostate health. These supplements are very safe, as they come formulated with 100% natural ingredients. This herbal formulation is a breakthrough amidst all the various urinary tract and prostate health issues men face.

Prostate 911 contains the following effective ingredients:

Saw Palmetto

Suppose men start adding Saw Palmetto to their daily diet. In that case, they are sure to experience less hair loss and have high testosterone levels. This supplement incorporates the ingredient into a capsule, and daily consumption would reveal an excellent result.

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Stinging Nettle

This ingredient in the supplement makes it pretty compelling for concerns relating to BPH urinary tract symptoms.


This ingredient comes formulated in the supplement, can help increase the urinary tract by getting the muscle fibers loosed.

Aside from these ingredients mentioned above, many other natural ingredients work together to improve male prostate health.

Two pills for each day would work fine for those trying to enhance their sexual function and improve their prostate health. According to the reports on the official website of Prostate 911, people can start noticing tremendous effects soon after consuming the pills. However, it would be best to take the drugs for at least four to six weeks.

Prostate 911 review

A bottle of Prostate 911 has a regular price of $120. Still, the manufacturers have decided to cut on the cost for people in need of the supplement. With the “special VIP offer,” people can now get the supplement for as low as $69.95. With total confidence from this supplement’s manufacturers, they offer a money-back guarantee within 90 days after purchase. Once the person returns the supplement, following a non-satisfactory result, the buyer’s account gets credited with the total money.

5. Prostate Plus

Prostate Plus

It is no longer news that the rise in DHT levels as most men age can lead to weight gain and hair loss. Similarly, such a situation can lead to significant impacts on prostate inflammation. Thus, folks need to seek a better and easy solution to kick these problems out. With the right ingredients in Prostate Plus, the supplement can offer fast and practical improvements to prostate health.

The supplement contains the following ingredients

  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)
  • Red Raspberry
  • Vitamin E
  • Graviola
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Extract from green tea
  • Selenium chelate
  • Extract from Cat’s Claw
  • Extract from saw Palmetto
  • Extract from Broccoli
  • Extract of plant sterol complex
  • Mushroom blend (Shitake, Reishi, and Maitake)
  • A proprietary blend (containing Uva Ursi, Parsley, Cayenne, Quercetin, Pumpkin, Juniper, and more)
  • Tomato powder

Folks who want to start taking this supplement should try to reach out to medical practitioners for advice, as self-medication is not advisable. However, two pills for each day would go a long way to improving prostate health. If consumers start noticing any adverse reactions (none has “been reported” so far), they should discontinue immediate effect.

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For those considering getting a bottle of this supplement, it goes for $28.95. Still, the company offers a discount on purchases that deal with more quantity. Buyers can order two bottles at once and get them at the cost of $52.96 instead of the standard price of $57.90. The same goes for those willing to purchase three bottles at a go, as they can get it for $79.44.

Prostate Plus review

This supplement’s manufacturer builds strong confidence in customers’ minds, as they ensure them that the pills would work effectively. Thus, they offer customers a credible return policy backed up with 180 days money-back guarantee.

Factors for Choosing the Best Prostate Supplements

The formulation of various dietary supplements for prostate claims improves the flow of urine and tackles all BPH symptoms. However, people might find different types of prostate supplements in the market. Hence, this article reveals the best supplements based on the following factors:

  1. Dosages

Male folks must get the right supplements that keep them free from issues peeing and handle other prostate issues. Hence, they need prostate dietary supplements that come formulated to have high dosages. So, this article’s options hold supplements with high dosages that can handle all BPH-related symptoms and work effectively.

  1. The Suitable Ingredient

The ingredients in the supplements mentioned above are excellent for curing prostate issues, as they are scientifically certified to have excellent medicinal properties for improving the male’s urinary flow. Selenium, Zinc, Plant sterols, and other notable ingredients have been linked to improving prostate health based on various researches.

  1. Value and Price

People often search for pretty affordable things and offer excellent value. Such a factor is something one cannot overlook, and there are some supplements in the market that are unnecessarily overpriced. The prostate supplements in the list above are of great value and come at prices that seem fair. Also, this article compiled supplements with varying prices to allow interested folks to have a variety of price options that they can choose.

  1. Clinical Trials

The best prostate supplements come backed-up with proves that makes them suitable and beneficial. Such dietary supplements pass through various clinical trials that ascertain them as suitable for treating BPH concerns. It remains predominant, even though the ingredients employed for the formula have already proved to be effective. Good prostate supplement companies have claimed that their product has gone through clinical trials.

  1. Benefits

The products in this article have products with reasonable advertised benefits. Folks must not only choose a supplement based on extraordinary claims. A proper analysis would help those in need of the supplement choose the right ones.

Benefits of Dietary Prostate Supplements

There are various proven benefits of prostate supplements, and some of these benefits include:

Improved Urinary Function

For older men, the function of their urinary system starts decreasing. So, the best prostate supplements come formulated to ensure that it improves the male folks’ urinary functions. They work effectively for improving such urinary symptoms that seem associated with BPH. There is no doubt that BPH causes the prostate gland to enlarge and further blocks the urine’s free flow.

Supports Prostate Health

With the presence of ingredients like saw palmetto extract that has proved to decrease prostate cancer cells’ activities and growth, men are sure to have a healthy prostate. So, they can comfortably urinate and have their prostate maintain healthy sperm. Similarly, this increases the sexual desires of men and makes them more active.

Decreased Inflammation

The antioxidant properties in the natural ingredients employed in making these dietary supplements help decrease inflammation, protect the body against chronic diseases, and prevent cells from getting damaged.

Regulating Testosterone Levels

The effects of frequently taking such supplements can help male folks have boosted testosterone levels. They work effectively in decreasing the activities of the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. Hence, these supplements effectively preserve the body’s testosterone levels.

Prevents Hair Loss

Since the best prostate supplements can keep the hormones at balanced levels, they also help prevent hair loss. The primary cause of hair loss in older male folks is DHT, and these supplements can prevent DHT formation.

Setbacks of Prostate Supplements

There has not been any predominant linking of prostate supplements to any side effects. It is likely due to the use of the best quality ingredients and the purity in formulating the supplements. However, folks who seem allergic to any of the supplement’s natural ingredients might start facing some issues. With the supplement not present in physical stores, folks can only get to purchase them online.


Does Prostate Supplements for men work?

The concern of the effectiveness of various prostate supplements available in the market is less-disturbing. They come with high-performing ingredients. Many of these ingredients are part of different traditional remedies for such issues. Interestingly, various scientific back-ups certify ingredients in the best prostate supplements to be effective.

What should one know about prostate supplements?

Prostate supplements are dietary natural formulated supplements that work well in improving a man’s prostate health. As a core part of the male reproductive organ that comes sized like a walnut, the prostate gland’s health is quite crucial. It is located right under the urinary bladder, which allows the proper passage of urine.

As the male folks start getting old, mostly the population of men who have attained 50 years and above, they start having a greater BPH risk. An enlarged prostate often results from a hormonal imbalance and can cause a blockage of the urinary tube. Such a condition can cause some significant discomfort.

Hence, prostate supplements for men come formulated with effective ingredients that improve urinary tract functionality. They energize the body and keep the man’s sexual drive on track. Again, they have great potential for reducing the risk of other diseases and infections, ensuring the body remains fit.

What constitutes the best prostate supplements?

The best supplements for a healthy prostate often comes formulated with effective natural ingredients such as:

The Bark of Pygeum africanum

This ingredient is among the best available prostate supplements on the market. Interestingly, many folks use this tree’s bark for formulating various traditional medicine for treating BPH symptoms and multiple concerns related to the kidney.


The natural trace element zinc is often part of various foods humans consume. When it comes to modulating the colon, immune system, kidney, and stomach, zinc minerals have great potentials. Research points out that people who have prostate carcinoma or BPH lack zinc, and these supplements can provide them with this mineral.

Plant sterol complex

This ingredient comes from excellent plant materials. They have anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-atherogenicity effects. Also, much research reveals the connection between plant sterols to decreased levels of cholesterol.

Saw Palmetto berries

These berries are from the Serenoa repens tree. They are reportedly in various traditional medicines that support male health. Those who ingest these berries have a lesser risk of having inflammation. It prevents hair loss and elevates urinary tract health. As such, it is present in many prostate supplements out there.

What possible risks lie with the consumption of prostate supplements?

There are, indeed, very few risks associated with consuming prostate supplements. As far as the concern goes, such dietary supplements would help men build and maintain a healthy prostate. However, the few side effects are very mild, ranging from slight headaches to nausea and some digestive issues.

With the natural ingredients in these supplements, people can face fewer chances of battling with side effects. Similarly, there are no stimulants in many of the options out there; hence, folks concerned about such can rest assured. For those that would not want to take stuff with GMOs, the prostate supplements are often GMO-free.


An enlarged prostate can cause various other health issues that raise concerns for male folks. Affected males might pee frequently and have a reduced sex drive, which can be pretty disturbing. However, the best prostate supplements can serve as an extra measure, alongside a healthy diet for healing prostate function.

For perfect maintenance of a healthy prostate gland and kicking out various urinary tract symptoms associated with BPH, prostate supplements seem like the ideal solution. They contain the best ingredients and are 100% natural. There are multiple options in the market, and this review exposes some top options that interested folks can purchase.


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