Best Probiotics for Women Over 50: The Top Picks for 2022

Best Probiotics For Women Over 50

Vaginas are resilient, and remarkable at self-maintaining their harmony and balance. And when something is thrown out of balance, it doesn’t take long for the body to alert you. 

Believe it or not, a quick and easy way to determine if things are thriving in the vaginal microbiome can be through checking in on vaginal pH. Just like in high school chemistry, when you tested how acidic something was with that little colored litmus paper. 

And if you find you’re looking for ways to support a more balancedvaginal microbiome in addition to a healthy gut, you’re in luck. 

Finding the best probiotics for women can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. The industry isn’t highly regulated in many ways, which leaves it up to the consumer to decide which probiotics for women are right for you. Let’s look at how we came up with this list of probiotics for women, some of the benefits, and the five best probiotics for women on the market today. 

How We Chose The Probiotics For Women Over 50 On This List 

Choosing the best probiotics for women isn’t difficult if you know what to look for. 

When choosing a probiotic designed to support and balance a woman’s pH, the biggest question you can ask yourself is: why do I want to take a probiotic? 

What Is The Vaginal Microbiome

When you think of a microbiome, perhaps you immediately think of the gut. But a microbiome is made up of the many microbes’ genetic material that live on and in the body, including bacteria, viruses, and yeasts. 

The vagina is made up of a dynamic and complex community of bacteria — the most common type being the lactobacillus species — that work together to create a typically well-functioning ecosystem that supports the body from a whole host of different perspectives. Lactobacillus species produces lactic acid, which is a necessary component of a healthy and highly acidic vagina. 

According to research it is believed that the lactic acid bacteria may act as a microbial soldier of sorts — beyond its duty to help maintain a proper pH level — they may also help protect the microbiome by supporting healthy bacteria balance. 

Changes are you want probiotics for women to contain the bacteria strains that will help support a healthy gut and vaginal flora. As we tested out the products on this list, we kept a few key ideas in mind. 

Next time you go shopping for probiotics for women, look for these features. 

  • Third-party lab testing. Most probiotics aren’t regulated by the FDA, which means that you can’t always trust what’s on a label — an unfortunate truth. Third-party lab testing offers accurate results that back up the words on the label so you can learn which brands are trustworthy and which ones to pass on. 
  • Strains targeting women’s health. The body contains more than 10,000 microbial species, which is quite a number. Of course, probiotics supplements likely won’t contain 10,000 different strains, but there are ways to focus on supporting a woman’s health. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are the two most common strains in the vaginal microbiome and women’s gut and are the most studied for their benefits. 

Probiotics For Women Over 50 Benefits

The human vagina has over 50 species of microbes living there. The most common and also most researched of these strains is Lactobacillus acidophilus. It’s believed that these Lactobacillus strains can disrupt unhealthy bacterial growth and are crucial to a healthy and balanced vaginal microbiome. When you’re looking for the best probiotics for women, you’ll want ones that contain Lactobacillus strains because they’ll not only support vaginal health but they’ll also help balance and manage a healthy gut microbiome too. 

A variety of issues can cause gut and vaginal microbiota imbalances. Some of those include: 

  • The use of antibiotics
  • Diet (especially one high in sugar)
  • Stress and environmental factors
  • Other health conditions 

More research is still needed on the gut microbiome, causes of a bacteria imbalance, and how probiotics for women’s health can help with these issues. 

Below you’ll find the five best probiotics for women. Each of these options is third-party lab tested and offers strains tailored to probiotics for women’s health. 

Five Best Probiotics For Women

You want the probiotics for women benefits, and now it’s time to find the actual probiotics that may offer those results. These are the five best probiotics for women over 50 on the market today. 

1. Overall Best Probiotic for Women: Probulin Women’s Total Care

  • Price: $$
  • CFU Strength: 20 billion CFU

Probulin Total Care Women’s UT Probiotic is easily ranked best overall for total body support. It contains four unique probiotic strains for the female urinary tract that include : 

    • Lactobacillus fermentum
    • Lactobacillus plantarum
    • Lactobacillus reuteri
    • Lactobacillus rhamnosus

Developed by a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor, Jason Mitchell N.D., Probulin Total Care Women’s UT Probiotic are a cut above the rest with effective delivery using a system that protects and nourishes these beneficial bacteria so they arrive alive. 

Probulin Total Care Women’s UT Probiotic capsules are shelf-stable, vegan, and free from soy, gluten, dairy, and GMOs and is one of the best probiotics for women for women over 50 out there.  

Probulin Women’s Health Probiotics are some of the best probiotics for women that money can buy. Probulin uses one of the most effective methods of delivery for probiotics. Why does delivery matter? As we discussed above, if the strains don’t arrive alive to their destination, what’s the point? 

Probulin uses a “seaweed submarine” that creates a barrier around the probiotics. Even after the probiotic powder is exposed to 1.5pH stomach acid for 60 minutes, the probiotics inside the Seaweed Submarine are still dry and protected. How cool is that? This Women’s Health blend contains 12 broad-spectrum yet targeted strains, prebiotics that keep the probiotics fed and happy during travel to the gut, and postbiotics. It’s gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and GMO-free. It’s also vegan. 

Buy Probulin Women’s Health Probiotic here.

2. Happy V Women’s Daily Prebiotic + Probiotic

  • Price: $$$$
  • CFU Strength: 20 billion CFU

Happy V Women’s Daily Prebiotic + Probiotic utilizes nine clinically proven strains to help support the body’s gut, vaginal, and yeast health. They pride themselves on the delayed-release capsules, no artificial ingredients, and free from all major allergens. Similar to Probulin at the top of this list, Happy V is vegan and non-GMO, so you know you’re only putting the good stuff into your body. You’ll love these probiotics for women over 50 even more because they offer complete manufacturing transparency, providing the unique experience of owning their cGMP, FDA-registered manufacturing facility. 

Buy this here.

3. Garden Of Life Raw Probiotics Vaginal Care 

  • Price: $$$$
  • CFU Strength: 50 billion CFU

You’ll find 38 probiotic strains in these tiny capsules, as well as a yeast-digesting enzyme that offers greater support for balancing the vaginal flora and the gut. Like Probulin, Garden of Life Vaginal Care Probiotics contain both Lacto- and Bifido- strains of probiotics that target the needs of a woman’s body. As with most Garden of Life products, this one features a vast blend of probiotic strains, a yeast-digesting enzyme blend, and a raw fruit and veggie blend that helps balance the gut and vaginal microbiome. When it comes to probiotics or women over 50, this is a solid choice.

Buy this here.

4. Happy Mammoth Probiotic Power Greens

  • Price: $$$$
  • CFU Strength: 30 billion CFU

Why not get your greens and probiotics at the same time? With Happy Mammoth Probiotic Power Greens, you get the best of both worlds, especially for those of you who don’t eat enough veggies (you know who you are!). Happy Mammoth Probiotic Power Greens pack a powerful punch with a combination of organically grown cruciferous vegetables and other vital nutrients. Some of the perks of this probiotic include: 

  • Gut-friendly certification. It is free from 69 known gut irritants. 
  • Heavy metal tested to ensure you’re getting the safest of ingredients. 
  • Free from artificial fillers or sweeteners, preservatives, binding agents, or any other junk you don’t want inside your body. 

If you need to add a little pep to your step, you can purchase the Happy Mammoth Probiotic Power Greens here

5. Renew Life Ultimate Flora Women’s Care Probiotic 

  • Price: $$$
  • CFU Strength: 25 billion CFU

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Women’s Care Probiotic is a blend of 12 probiotic strains that target women’s health. Like Probulin, they feature a delayed release to give the probiotics a better chance of arriving alive at their destination. You’ll find bifido and Lacto strains popular in each of the best probiotics for women over 50. These are the most common strains found in the reproductive tracts, and they’ve shown promise in protecting the gut against imbalances. 

Buy this here.

The Takeaway – The Best Probiotics For Women Over 50

It’s possible to find the best probiotics for women by looking for transparent, compliant, and mindfully crafted brands. Probiotics or women over 50 offer a targeted experience that helps balance the microbiome in the gut, urinary tract, and vagina, leading to a healthier life, better digestion, and a boost in immune support. Get started today with the first on our list, Probulin Women’s Health Probiotic. Your body will thank you! 

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