Top 10 Probiotics For Men

We’re just going to say it: We don’t know a single man who doesn’t enjoy his time on the throne. But, like women, men have specific needs when it comes to probiotics for men that may help support a harmonious gut and microbiome. And when this balance gets thrown off for any reason–be it due to occasional stress, lifestyle or a response to food many men may rely on the benefits of probiotics to support their gut health and reclaim their reign. 

But not all probiotic formulas are created equal. While everyone may benefit from a daily probiotic, there are targeted probiotic formulas designed specifically for the unique needs of men and women. 

Today, we’re going to look at the 10 best probiotics for men and explore why, when it comes to probiotics, benefits for men.

Choosing the Top Probiotics for Men: What to Know

When it comes to probiotics benefits for men, some may be looking for additional gut support, immune function support, or maybe even probiotics for men over 50. While more research needs to be done on probiotics and how they impact each of these different processes, it’s worthwhile to look at the knowledge currently available about the gut -brain connection and how beneficial it is to support the trillions of bacteria that call the human body home. 

What To Look For In A Men’s Probiotic

When seeking out the top probiotics for men, there are some things to look for to ensure you’re investing in a product that is going to make it to your intestines alive and support your system.   — After all, if all of the bacteria die before they make it to your gut, what use will they be? Good probiotics are intended to support the gut microbiome and body, so how do you find a product that might fit the bill? 

What to look for in the best probiotics for men: 

  • An effective delivery system that ensures the bacteria arrive alive
  • Bacteria strains that target your specific needs
  • Prebiotics that feed the probiotics en route to their destination
  • Formulations that are free from common allergens, chemicals, and GMOs
  • Shelf stability — again, survival is everything! 
  • Shipping the your probiotic cold and protected 

So Why Did We Research the Top Probiotics for Men? 

So that More Might Actually Obtain the Many Probiotics Benefits For Men!

Most men admit to being a little lax when it comes to proactively supporting their health. This is why we wanted to make it easy. Before we dive into the top 10 probiotics for men, let’s take a quick look at some of the potential benefits of probiotics for men. 

May Support the Good Bacteria in the Gut

Probiotics may be beneficial for everyone because they are intended to help support the good bacteria in the gut and other places in the body for specifically targeted formulations. The diet has been known to greatly impact the microbiome of the body, and probiotics may help with balancing the flora in the body. 

May Ease Digestion

Stomach upset is never fun, but having a more balanced microbiome may curb the occasional discomfort. If you’re looking for overall digestion support, probiotics may be a helpful addition to your regimen. They have been used for over a century to help support stomach struggles, so it’s worth a deeper look into the impressive research.

May Encourage a Healthy Gut-Brain Connection

Your gut and your mind are deeply linked. (No one knows this better than men!) 

In fact, the gut is often called the second brain. Over the past years, there have been a ton of studies focused on the gut-brain axis, a bi-directional communication network between the gut and the brain. All the more reason to make sure your overall digestive health is in tip-top shape.

May Support Immune Function

Probiotics have the potential to help support function of the immune system in the body. Studies have shown promising results in the relationship between probiotics and immune function. 

The 10 Best Probiotics For Men

Now it’s time for the good stuff — the best probiotics for men! It can feel overwhelming to sift through all of the different probiotics brands, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 probiotics for men based on the quality of the product. 

1. Probulin Total Care Probiotic

  • Price: $$
  • CFU Strength: 20 billion CFU

Probulin Total Care Probiotic is a top-choice for anyone looking for total body support, and perhaps even more so for men thanks to the 15 strains in this 20-billion CFU probiotic blend. Research has revealed that taking higher CFU may be unnecessary. Between 10-20 Billion daily is all you may need.  It contains prebiotics and postbiotics that support the entire journey for the probiotics. Combined with the proprietary MAKTrek 3-D Delivery System, it offers an unparalleled experience in gut health and digestive support. Total Care Probiotics are formulated by a board-certified naturopath and are third-party lab tested to ensure efficacy and stability.  Probulin always ships your product cold & protected to ensure better protection from heat while shipping and they are offering all LA Weekly readers 25% off site-wide with promo code PRB25!

2. Garden Of Life Raw Probiotics For Men

  • Price: $$$$
  • CFU Strength: 85 billion CFU

Garden Of Life Raw Probiotics For Men is another excellent option of probiotics tailored specifically to the needs of men. Similar to Probulin Total Care Probiotics, the Garden of Life Probiotics are a whole food probiotic that emulates consuming fermented foods. These probiotics pride themselves on being “raw” — uncooked, untreated, and unadulterated bacteria.

3. Seed Daily Synbiotic

  • Price: $$$$
  • AFU Strength: 53.6 billion CFU

Seed Daily Synbiotic is a unique brand that only offers one product for all. This brand offers beautiful packaging, guaranteed delivery and contains a proprietary formula of 24 studied strains and prebiotics for gastrointestinal and whole-body health. In addition, Seed takes things a step further, like Probulin, by offering education surrounding the uses and benefits and misconceptions of probiotics and the bacteria in the body.

4. Nutrition Essentials Probiotic

  • Price: $
  • CFU Strength: 900 billion CFU

Nutrition Essentials Probiotic is a shelf-stable probiotic blend on the more affordable side for those looking for gut support on a budget. Like the other probiotics brands on this list, it adheres to good manufacturing practices, contains no GMOs or allergens, and is made in the United States.

5. Life Extension Florassist GI With Phage Technology

  • Price: $$
  • CFU Strength: 15 billion CFU

Life Extension Florassist GI With Phage Technology probiotics may have a long name, but they’re doing the good work to create a probiotic that aims to support digestion and immune function effectively. If the bacteria don’t arrive alive, then there’s no point in taking them.

6. Natures Plus Gi Natural Probiotic Men

  • Price: $$$
  • CFU Strength: 60 billion CFU

Natures Plus Gi Natural Probiotic Men contains 21 unique strains, with 4 clinically-backed strains to support men’s health and wellness. This blend also contains saw palmetto, which Natures Plus claims may help support normal prostate health. This probiotic blend for men contains a combination of beneficial bacteria and the prebiotics required to help keep the probiotics alive until they get to the gut.

7. ProBioCare For Men

  • Price: $$
  • CFU Strength: 50 billion CFU

ProBioCare For Men is a probiotic blend that contains 33 live strains and vouches for its delayed release delivery system that is required for the bacteria to make it to the gut and not dissolve on the way there. In addition, the capsule is acid-resistant and is said to support the body in various ways. This budget probiotic is a great option!

8. PROBIOGEN Men’s Vitality Probiotic

  • Price: $$$
  • CFU Strength: 4 billion CFU

PROBIOGEN Men’s Vitality Probiotic utilizes a breakthrough Smart Spore Technology that helps the bacteria survive and thrive on its way to its destination. Like Probulin, PROBIOGEN agrees that a higher CFU count is not always better or necessary. However, what matters is the effectiveness of the delivery and health of the probiotics. These probiotics are DNA-verified and contain what they claim are key health nutrients for the prostate. 

9. Renew Life Ultimate Flora Men’s Care Probiotic

  • Price: $$$$
  • CFU Strength: 90 billion CFU

The Renew Life Ultimate Flora Men’s Care Probiotic is another popular and well-loved probiotic brand for men. These non-GMO probiotics contain 12 different strains and 90 billion live cultures. While the delivery system isn’t as transparent as Probulin Total Care Probiotic, they vouch for transparency in their strains and guarantee that the bacteria listed in the product will arrive alive.

10. hyperbiotics PRO-MEN

  • Price: $$$
  • CFU Strength: 5 billion CFU

Hyperbiotics PRO-MEN is a budget-friendly and simple probiotic blend designed specifically for men. With 6 targeted strains and 5 billion CFU, hyperbiotics PRO-MEN is designed to make it to the gut and deeper intestinal tracts with a delayed delivery system for maximum potential. In addition, each capsule contains prebiotic fiber to help nurture the probiotics and is shelf-stable — no refrigeration required. 

Men may seek support for various categories in life—immune function support, overall digestion and even endurance. While probiotics for men aren’t a magic pill (as is the case for any supplement), they may make a great addition to any man’s daily wellness routine to help support overall wellness. 

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