3 Best Pre-Workout For Women – Detailed Guide 2021

The marketplace for pre-workout supplements is bustling with choices. Sadly, the options are scarce is you are a woman. If you look at the bestselling pre-workout supplements, almost all of them are geared towards men. How do you find the best pre-workout for women then? That’s where we step in. Let us explain.

Men’s pre-workout supplements are crammed with more amino acids than what women generally need. They are generally crammed with stimulants too. Oh, almost forgot to mention that almost every popular formula contains creatine, which female athletes absolutely hate because the general consensus is that it might make them look bloated. That’s not entirely true. But we get the averseness.

To that end, we have handpicked the best pre-workout for women. We have three options for you. All three are carefully selected on the basis of their ingredients, their popularity amongst female athletes, and lastly, their favorable advantage list.

Top 3 Pre-Workout For Women

  1. PowherBest overall
  2. Intensive Pre-TrainBest for lifters
  3. Pre Lab ProBest advanced

Towards the end, we will also show you how you can quickly skim through dozens of pre-workout supplements and pick the best one for your goal.

So, stay tuned.

#1 – PowherRazor Sharp Focused workouts (Editor Choice)

Our first pick is Powher, a female-focused supplement brand that offers one of the best pre-workout supplements for women, that we’ve seen in a long time. Powher addresses all of the concerns that we briefly-touched on.

But that’s not the primary reason why it made it to the top of this list of recommendations. That credit goes to the razor-sharp focus it gives athletes. Every time you hit the gym with Powher, you get undivided attention, clubbed with intense surge in energy levels.

Lastly, it has a clean ingredient list, which is one of the primary factors that we consider while selecting supplements for women. Let’s dive in and analyze Powher closely.

What is Powher?

Powher, which is a made-up word for ‘Power’ is a supplement brand from UK that focusses solely on female-centric products. They have a bestselling fat burner in addition to the pre-workout supplement that we are discussing today.

Update – Powher now offers an amazing nootropic supplement too, once again specially designed for women. Do check it out in case you are considering a nootropic for performance enhancement.

The Powher Pre-workout supplement offers women with a clean and stimulant-free choice, which is a rarity in current times. Also, it’s a wholesome formula that works regardless of whether you are focusing on aerobic or anerobic training.

Top 5 Benefits – Ingredients Linked

Powher offers many advantages which are impossible to acquire through a single supplement. In most cases, you’d have to use at least three supplements to get these benefits. With Powher, you get it through an easy-to-make powdered formula.

You can just throw it in to a shaker/blender, add some water or juice and give it a whirl. You are all set to power through your workouts. Here are the top 5 benefits of using Powher pre-workout supplement.

  1. Razor Sharp Focus – Powher is one of the best focus enhancers that we’ve seen. Focus is terribly underrated when it comes to its application in exercise. Everyone knows what focus can do in the workplace or when you are staring at a deadline. But the gym is a place where you can do with some added focus. Think about it. We are surrounded by gizmos, which are increasingly invading our personal lives. So much so, that we find women spending more time lollygagging in front of the mirror with their cell phones than working out. Powher contains Beta-Analine, a powerful amino acid that increases carnosine concentrations in the brain, allowing you to bypass common distractions and stay razor focused on your workouts. This is also immensely beneficial for multitasking women who may hit the gym after a tiring day at work. Powher ensures that your attention span doesn’t dwindle one bit.
  2. Intense Energy – Remember what we said about Powher providing energy without being crammed with stimulants? That’s because it contains a near-miracle ingredient called enXtra. enXtra is a patented botanical ingredient that is being considered as an alternative to caffeine` for providing the same energy and alertness, without the crash. In other words, you get the much-needed boost in exercise performance, without having to bother about the crash that follows. Also, because it is caffeine or stimulant free, you will not experience sleep disturbances, day time sleepiness or the other side effects that are conventionally linked with caffeine intake.
  3. More muscle contractions & quicker recovery – The third benefit from Powher, comes from another amino acid that gets a prime spot in that ingredient list. It is Taurine, a very beneficial amino acid for pre and post-workout use. When used pre-workout, Taurine increases the ability of the muscles to contract and work harder. If you lift, or are involved in any type of intense eccentric training, Taurine will make life easier for you during your training sessions. But what makes this such an amazing ingredient is the other innate abilities it possesses. Taurine helps to prevent muscle cramps and may amplify the rate at which you recover after a workout. It also restores your levels of muscle glycogen by the way.
  4. Reduces exhaustion – When you step into the gym, you want to give it your 100%. But at times, we are limited by our bodies. We have all the focus and attention in the world. But our bodies just refuse to back it up with the kind of intensity we need. The end result is that exhaustion sets in a lot sooner than we wanted it to. Powher contains Oxyjun, an extract from Arjuna Terminalia bark. This has a plethora of positives. But in a pre-workout setting, there are two that stand out. Firstly, it improves the capacity of the heart to pump during exercise, which allows you to keep your intensity without fatigue setting in. Secondly, your muscle contractions and ejection fractions are more enhanced. There’s more. In the long run, Oxyjun is cardio-protective which is the exact opposite of what most stimulants are. So, even if you use Powher to help you get through an intense workout program, it’s less likely to cause even temporary cardiac problems. This is a 100% safe ingredient.
  5. Amazing Pumps – Lastly, there’s pumps. Pumps are the obvious first benefit that comes to mind when we talk about Nitric Oxide. There’s no denying the fact that pumps are satisfying. But Nitric Oxide has many benefits that go beyond muscle pumps. It’s a vasodilator, which increases the flow of blood into your muscle tissue. With blood comes nutrients and hence, quicker recovery from intense workouts. Powher contains RedNite, a concentrated and purified form of Nitric Oxide extracted from organically-grown beet. The extract is standardized to 1.5% – 2.75% natural nitrates, giving you more bang for your buck as opposed to using run-of-the-mill beet supplements.

Other noteworthy ingredients

Apart from these five, which are the standout ingredients, Powher Pre-workout formula contains a blend of vitamins and amino acids.

There’s Vitamins B6, B-12 & Pantothenic acid, which is an immensely beneficial blend for overall wellness. These also offer cognitive benefits by the way.

There’s L-Citrulline, Tyrosine, Lysine & Coconut Water, a blend that will maintain your electrolyte balance and help boost recovery.

Lastly, there’s only 100 mg of caffeine, which also is sourced from Green Coffee Bean. So, it’s natural caffeine as opposed to a synthetic version. That’s like 2.5 cups of coffee. A very low dose of caffeine for a pre-workout supplement. We have seen some bestselling men’s pre-workout supplements with almost 1000 mg of caffeine.

5 Advantages of using Powher vs. Conventional Pre-workout supplements

As you might have noticed by now, the Powher formula contains handpicked ingredients, each one of which serves a purpose. Other than this, here are the top 5 advantages of using Powher as opposed to a random pre-workout supplement being hyped on the internet.

  1. Low Caffeine Formula – Powher is a low-caffeine formula. It contains just 100 mg of natural caffeine. But the results are on-par with any stimulant-crammed supplement. There will be no dip in performance, thanks to enXtra, the natural caffeine alternative that keeps you supercharged through your workouts. By the way, enXtra also amplifies the effect of the tiny amount of caffeine already in the formula.
  2. Natural Ingredients – Natural ingredients is a term that’s thrown around loosely in the health supplement industry, to the point that it has become a cliché. But Powher’s ingredient list is primarily loaded with natural ingredients. Even the caffeine and the beetroot extract are natural, so is enXtra, the caffeine alternative. Botanical extracts are 100% safer and better than synthetics.
  3. Made in UK –Powher is one of the top supplement brands in the UK. The supplements are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility. Goes to show that this is a quality supplement with science-backed ingredients.
  4. Great reviews from female athletes – The number of professional athletes as well as recreational users who are on Powher Pre-Workout supplement are steadily increasing. Despite being around for over three years, their reviews have been largely positive. That’s not just on their official website mind you. It’s also on messaging boards.
  5. Overall wellness – Powher is a potent pre-workout performance booster. But the overall focus of the supplement is towards general wellness. The ingredients are amino acids, vitamins and herbal extracts such as Oxyjun, which are cardio protective.

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Our thoughts – Regardless of whether you are looking to enhanced energy, better mental clarity or strength to push through intense workout sessions, Powher is an excellent choice. It comes from a reputed brand and has great reviews. Hard to beat the combo.

#2 – Intensive Pre-TrainBest pre-workout for lifters

With strong is the new skinny being the mantra for female athletes, almost anyone trying to stay fit, is also lifting heavy weights. That’s what brings Intensive Pre-Train into our list of recommendations.

‘Intensive Pre Train’ comes from CrazyBulk, one of the most popular health supplements brands in the world, credited with changing the way recreational athletes workout. That’s due to their legal steroids range of supplements.

Almost instantly, a doubt pops up in the minds of most women reading this.

Is this pre-workout supplement also like their legal steroids? Will it make us bulky? Will we look like a bodybuilder?

But that’s where you are mistaken. ‘Intensive Pre Train’ is 100% women friendly because it has just three ingredients.

None of those is caffeine, any other stimulant, or a hormonal ingredient. So, there’s absolutely no scope of this being a pre-workout supplement for men. It is perfect for use by female athletes too, as made obvious by the hundreds of positive reviews it has garnered over the years.

Top 5 Benefits of Intensive Pre-Train – Ingredients Linked

To be honest, we didn’t expect much from a product that has just three ingredients. In comparison, almost every pre-workout supplement has at least 10-15. How can this even match up to the competition?

More importantly, athletes have such diverse requirements from their workouts. How can you solve those requirements with a supplement that has just three ingredients? That’s where CrazyBulk’s team of researchers shine. This has been consistent even with their legal steroids range. The products may contain just three or four ingredients. But they can match the results produced by multi-ingredient blends.

Here are the top 5 benefits of Intensive Pre-Train.

  1. Stable Energy Surge – Energy surges are tough to control. They can help athletes power through strenuous workout sessions for sure. But if they are not stable, the crash after the surge can leave athletes reeling. If you are a working female who juggles a hundred responsibilities, you can ill-afford a crash that leaves you debilitated. To this end, Intensive Pre-Train contains enXtra, the same ingredient in Powher. enXtra provides the same, intense energy levels that you would get with a strong shot of caffeine or your favorite stimulant stack. The difference here is that your energy levels will be stable for up to 5-hours, even after the workout. enXtra is a botanical extract, sourced from Alpinia galanga, a spice that is commonly used in Asian cooking. It is 100% safe and a better alternative to stimulants.
  2. Train without distractions – There’s another advantage that comes only with enXtra. It’s unabridged, razor-sharp attention. enXtra works via a biological pathway called ’Attention Network Function’ or ANF. This allows your brain to allocate resources according to the task at hand. So, if you commonly find yourself distracted in the gym or on the track, Intensive Pre-Train will tick that problem off. You get both, mental energy and intense focus that allows you to train without distractions. When you are in the gym or on the track, all that you will be able to think of is the next rep and the next set.
  3. A stronger, healthier you – Intensive Pre-Train allows female athletes to lift heavier weight. The ingredient that makes this possible is KSM-66, a patented extract of Ashwagandha that changes the way your muscles respond to stress and grow. KSM-66 is sourced only from the roots of the Ashwagandha plant and is considered to be one of the strongest versions of the herb. It increases muscle endurance and can also aid in hypertrophy. This explains why many female pro-bodybuilders are using Intensive Pre Train. KSM-66 can provide a minor bump in testosterone levels mind you. But it does not affect any other hormone levels and the bump in Test is certainly not strong enough to call it non-female friendly. Besides, KSM-66 offers so many perks that go beyond the slight bump in T. For instance, it increases your resistance to stress. It is a powerful adaptogen. Intense workouts are generally very stressful phases and having a strong adaptogen is one way to stay one step ahead of stress. KSM-66 will also improve your quality of sleep and make you calmer, by reducing anxiety. It’s one of the best ingredients in a pre-workout supplement.
  4. Fat Loss – While Fat Loss is not a primary goal for any body who uses a pre-workout supplement, most females wouldn’t complain about this. The ingredient that makes this possible is Thiamine or Vitamin B1, that encourages the body to tap into sugar from foods for energy to fuel your workouts with. As a result, you are less likely to store surplus sugar as fat. Also, more energy generally translates into more intense workouts, which can lead to fat loss. While fat loss is not a direct benefit of Thiamine, you can definitely get leaner with it. Just like most B-Vitamins, Thiamine can also assist with post exercise recovery and reduce fatigue.
  5. Improved cardiorespiratory performance – Lastly, Intensive Pre-Train improves your cardiorespiratory performance. KSM-66 supplementation has been associated with an increase in VO2 max by almost 13% in just 8-weeks. That’s without any changes in vital parameters such as respiration at rest or Blood pressure. In other words, if you are looking to perform more intensely during cardio, or if high intensity compound lifts leave you drained, then Intensive Pre-Train is your ticket to success.

Noteworthy Ingredients

Usually, we use this section to discuss other ingredients that may not get their due credit in a formula. But in this case, it’s just three ingredients that do all the heavy lifting.

Well, for once, it certainly made the job easier for us. We didn’t have to scrutinize the label, nor did we have to worry about finding hidden synthetic stims in it.

5 Advantages of using Intensive Pre-Train vs. Conventional Pre-workout supplements

Intensive Pre-Train is the best pre-workout for women who seek clean label products with minimal ingredients. But that’s not the only advantage that this supplement brings to the table. Here are five reasons why it’s made to this list, edging out some of the most aggressively-marketed supplements.

  1. Manufactured by CrazyBulkIn case you were unaware, CrazyBulk happens to be the most reputed brand of health supplements in the world now. The brand is owned by Wolfson Berg, a company with one of the largest teams of scientists and researchers. It’s no wonder that they have been able to create such an effective pre-workout supplement with just three ingredients. With CrazyBulk, comes trust and assurance of product quality.
  2. Zero stimulant formula – As we have mentioned repeatedly, we prefer formulas that contain minimum caffeine or stimulants. Powher has just 100 grams of caffeine. But Intensive Pre-Train has zero. It’s a zero stimulant pre-workout formula. This means that you have ample room to consume your daily dose of caffeine without worrying about sleepless nights. Your pre-workout formula is not eating into your caffeine intake. Secondly, workout with stimulants is crash-free.
  3. Strength – Every pre-workout formula will deliver energy through one ingredient or the other. But how many of them are geared to increase your muscle strength? Intensive Pre-Train is. As far as we know, this is the only supplement in this space that offers this advantage. It’s a huge one.
  4. Lipolysis – Based on feedback from multiple recreational fitness buffs, Intensive Pre-Train when clubbed with a minor calorie deficit can produce substantial fat loss. This allows you to get two goals without the need for adding a separate supplement. You get stronger, bigger muscles and a trimmer waistline, all from one supplement. Isn’t that amazing?
  5. Cardiovascular performance – Cardio is generally tougher than lifts. But any supplement that claims to boost cardiovascular performance contains stimulants. Stimulants amplify your heart rate and that’s one way to boost your cardio. But Intensive Pre-Train improves your cardiovascular performance by boosting your VO2 Max, a much safer way.

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Our thoughts

Intensive Pre-Train is a winner all the way. It is a bodybuilder-recommended pre-workout supplement with a distinct formula. It offers some advantages that no other supplement does. Most importantly, it is 100% stimulant free. For us, that alone is a big thumbs up. What about you?

#3 – Pre Lab ProMost Advanced Pre-Workout Formula

Our third recommendation is Pre Lab Pro. We don’t blame you if you’ve not heard of it. Pre Lab Pro is a fairly young, and recent addition to the overcrowded world of pre-workout supplements. But it manages to stand out from the competition with one of the most advanced formulations we’ve ever seen.

Not only does it tick off the common boxes (goals) that one seeks while looking for a pre-workout supplement, it also offers some distinct advantages which we will touch upon in a bit. If you didn’t get convinced by ‘Intensive Pre Train’ because it contains only three ingredients, then here’s one with a lot more.

Top 5 Benefits of Pre Lab Pro – Ingredients Linked

We’ve never seen a supplement company that’s as serious about product quality as Pre Lab Pro is. They have a detailed quality control process that extends beyond their internal QC checks. In addition to this, they use concentrated extracts only. This is something that even big, reputed brands are guilty of cutting corners with.

For instance, Beet Root extract is almost ubiquitous in natural pre-workout drinks. But given a chance, most brands will use a normal beetroot extract that’s cheaply procured in bulk. That may work, mind you. But you can never be sure of the exact concentration of nitrates. It’s just an educated guess that you base your workouts on.

In comparison, Pre Lab Pro uses REDNITE®, a standardized extract that’s 25 times more concentrated than regular beet. Here are the top 5 benefits of using Pre Lab Pro.

  1. Muscle energy and fatigue resistance – Since we were discussing Beetroot, let’s talk about Nitrates. Pre Lab Pro, with 1500 mg of Rednite, provides you with a powerful surge in Nitric Oxide levels. This triggers multiple positive effects through different biological pathways, some of them on a cellular level. Your blood pressure during exercise remains stable, because it is a powerful vasodilator. While your blood pressure levels drop, the blood flow into your muscle increases, bringing with it a plethora of nutrients. Your recovery is amplified. But did you know that nitrates in beet can also improve your resistance to fatigue? You can perform better with the same amount of oxygen. This is called the aerobic cost of exercise, which Pre Lab Pro reduces.
  2. Amplified recovery – Don’t you hate it when DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) hits you like an express train? Even worse when you don’t have DOMS, but just have delayed recovery from workouts. This can happen due to various reasons. Lack of proper nutrition is one possible reason. But in women, this can even be hormonal or due to electrolyte imbalance. Pre Lab Pro aims to solve this through different ways. For starters, the Nitric Oxide boost provided by Rednite gets things rolling. But there’s Setria®, a blend of L-Glutathione and L-Citrulline, which amplifies the results even further.

This is a combination of two amino acids, which Pre Lab Pro calls ‘2-IN-1 ERGOGENIC STACK’. Well, that’s a pretty accurate description. These amino acids are the closest that you’ll get to natural ergogenics. They fuel your muscles and clear the lactic acid build up allowing you to hit the gym a lot sooner. You’ll spend less time walking around with painful thighs and spend more time under the squat rack.

  1. Intense Mental Energy – Sorry to sound like a broken record. But mental energy is the key to consistent performance in the gym, without a dip in intensity. How do you get this vital cog in the wheel? If most other pre-workout supplements are to be believed, caffeine is the magical ingredient. To be fair, caffeine does offer some proven benefits. But it’s the concentration that bothers us. 500 mg of caffeine is not a normal dose. It can create an acute surge in focus. But it’s a temporary one. After a few minutes, you’ll find yourself jittery and unfocused. You’ll be unsure of what to do.

Pre Lab Pro contains only 80 mg of caffeine. That’s a super low dose. However, the effects are as pronounced as a 500 mg dose or even more. That’s made possible because of the combination stack of ingredients such as Suntheanine® L-Theanine, Ajipure® L-Tyrosine and NutriGenesis® B-Vitamins. As you would have noticed, all the ingredients are concentrated versions. More potency without an increase in dose.

  1. Great Mood – Any workout and nutrition-based program can potentially cause a cascade of hormonal fluctuations & changes in neurotransmitter levels which can manifest in the way you feel. Have you ever felt depressed, or overly anxious during a workout program? Have you ever felt demotivated mid-way during a workout program?

Part of this can be attributed to stress, while some of it can also be due to neurotransmitter depletion and CNS fatigue. With a blend of natural ingredients, including some antioxidants and B-vitamins, Pre-Lab Pro helps to improve your resistance to stress. It also contains ingredients with cognitive benefits that calm you down. Along with the added mental clarity, you will also feel calm and equipped to tackle anything that’s thrown at you. The L-Tyrosine in Pre Lab pro maintains your neurotransmitter levels at its peak even when you are undergoing the most rigorous training session.

  1. Pumps – Last but not the least, there’s pumps. We are all human and we love watching our muscles get engorged in the mirror after a good set of iron lifting. The Nitrates in Pre Lab Pro, along with the blend of aminos that maintain the Nitric Oxide surge for double the time, will give you amazing pumps with a hint of vascularity. This is what makes the workouts worth it after all. We have already explained the other innate benefits of pumps, haven’t we?

Other notable ingredients

Along with the concentrated versions of the amino acids, and the potent NO boosting Rednite, Pre Lab Pro contains an impressive blend of vitamins.

There’s Vitamin D3, which is one of the most vital vitamins for athletic performance, hormonal homeostasis, as well as overall health. What’s ironical is that most men and women have low levels of Vitamin D3.

It also contains Vitamin B2, B6, B7 & B12, all essential vitamins in a plethora of biological functions. The most notable amongst which are muscle repair, recovery, protein synthesis and cognitive function.

There’s potassium, Iron & Himalayan Pink Salt for maintaining electrolyte balance.

5 Advantages of using Intensive Pre-Train vs. Conventional Pre-workout supplements

Pre Lab Pro offers many unique advantages that we’ve discussed in the benefits section. But here’s a glimpse into some of the top reasons why we recommend this best pre-workout supplement for women in the blink of an eye.

  1. Third Party Tested Supplement – Pre Lab Pro is the only supplement in this list that undergoes an independent third party test for quality. Every batch of the supplement first undergoes an internal quality check, after which it is sent to an accredited third-party lab for further testing.
  2. Advanced Ingredients – Many of the ingredients in Pre Lab Pro, have been recently discovered. Well, they were being researched for years. But it was only in the last couple of years that a viable formulation was launched. This means that its highly unlikely that you’ll find a formulation this advanced.
  3. Concentrates only – All the ingredients in Pre Lab Pro are concentrated forms that have been standardized and altered for easier absorption, or increased bioavailability. This makes this a superior blend as compared to any other pre-workout supplement.
  4. Low-Caffeine formulation – Pre Lab Pro contains only 80 mg of caffeine. That’s just two cups of coffee from your daily intake. The low stimulant formula translates into less jitters and crash-free focus.
  5. Manufactured in a top-tier facility – Pre Lab Pro is manufactured in a facility in the UK, that’s registered with the FDA, is NSF cGMP compliant, is 21 CFR Part 111 and Prop 65 Compliant, and is USDA organic certified. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The brand has many other certifications that are impossible to find with much-higher priced supplements that hog advertisements in leading health magazines.

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Our thoughts – Pre Lab Pro is for athletes who seek a fast-acting, pre-workout formula that offers benefits that go beyond the obvious. It will give you the alertness and the energy you seek. But with that vitamin blend and the botanical extracts, you are looking at a formula that will improve your overall wellness too. By the way, Pre Lab Pro comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. That’s ample time to test a pre-workout supplement, don’t you think? Give it a shot today!

Buying Guide – How to select the best pre-workout supplement for women

If you are new to the whole pre-workout supplements space, it’s difficult to not get blindsided by all the hype and marketing. Fancy labels, colorful websites, exotic-sounding ingredients, manufacturers do everything that they can to sway you into buying overpriced supplements that don’t work.

That’s why we have created this buyer’s guide to help you select the best pre-workout supplement for women.

Low Stimulant Formulas

The concentration or strength of stimulants in a pre-workout supplement is the easiest way to gauge its quality. A supplement that’s loaded with caffeine or other stims will work. But it will leave you feeling like a mess. That said, there is no standard guidelines for the amount of stimulants that can be added to a pre-workout supplement. So we use the FDA recommendation as a benchmark. For adults, it is about 400 mgs. Assuming that you’d want your morning cup of joe, as well as some more coffee during the day, we consider about 80-100 mgs to be the maximum caffeine that a pre-workout supplement should contain. Anything more and there’s a serious risk of caffeine related side effects.

Natural ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, the more natural ones the better. This extends to natural versions of ingredients which are generally synthetically sourced. For example, caffeine or Vitamin D3. Both of these can be synthetically derived. But we have selected supplements which use natural variants. Powher for instance, uses natural caffeine soured from Green Coffee beans. Pre Lab Pro uses fish oil for Vitamin D3. At the same time, we watch out for artificial colors and sweeteners.

Science Backed Only

Are all the ingredients backed by enough research? There can always be one-off studies that recommend a certain ingredient. But these are generally sponsored studies and have a strong bias towards that ingredient. That’s why we have carefully chosen supplements with ingredients that are backed by more than one clinical study, over the years. For instance, Rednite, which has multiple clinical trials that support it. Ditto with KSM-66, which has been recommended in multiple clinical trials.


We are not brand slaves. But we pay careful attention to the brand that manufactures the supplements we recommend. Do they make exaggerated claims? Are the ingredients high quality ones? Do they have a customer support team? How responsive are they?

The perks

Lastly, we carefully analyze what benefits a pre-workout supplement offers. If it’s just a minor surge in focus, you can achieve that with a strong espresso shot. A pre-workout supplement has to go beyond that. Some benefits that we look at are, faster recovery, stable energy levels, increased muscle contractions, mood enhancement, cognitive enhancement and possibly, fat loss.


Here’s a list of common questions that athletes have about pre-workout supplements in general.

  1. Are pre-workout supplements necessary?
  2. In the old days, most people would get around with a strong shot of caffeine. Specialized pre-workout supplements were unheard of. But in today’s times, people generally live more stressful lives. Women in particular are multitaskers and handle multiple responsibilities which leaves them burdened and overworked. That’s why the best pre-workout supplement for women contains ingredients that give them the edge. We’d say that if you have an option to amplify your performance safely, why wouldn’t you choose it?
  3. How long do Pre-workout supplements take to work?
  4. That depends entirely on the formula. All the supplements that we have recommended here are fast acting formulas. You should start to feel the effects in about 15-30 minutes. Also, we have picked powders which generally get absorbed a lot sooner as compared to pills.
  5. Can we take these supplements with coffee?
  6. If an evening cup of joe is your habit, then don’t let these pre-workout supplements stop you from having that. All of these are low caffeine formulas which leave ample room for you to consume your favorite beverage during the day. We cannot live without our coffee and wouldn’t force you to live without it either.

Final thoughts

Ensure that you club the best pre-workout for women with adequate and precise, post exercise nutrition for best results. With the right intensity, you should definitely notice a marked improvement in your performance.

To summarize what we covered, Powher, Intensive Pre-Train and Pre Lab Pro are our top choices. Do read the reviews and the ingredients carefully and select the one that matches your goals. Good luck.

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