Best Online Programming And Design School: Why It’s Time To Try Something Different

Searching for the best online programming and design school can seem like a daunting task, with so many options out there to choose from. When you look for your perfect school, there are many things to take into consideration, including accessibility, affordability and reputation. 

One thing you may not think about – and you should – is the value of some of the newer schools in the online university category. New schools are often smaller schools, which in turn means you’ll be getting a lot more guidance, help and support from your instructors. A new school also allows you to personally tailor your education, as opposed to forcing you within the rigid confines of tradition. 

One of the best schools for online education is South Pasadena’s very own Perpetual Education.

Not only is it the COVID-safe option (online instead of in person), but it allows for flexible scheduling (perfect for working adults and parents) and costs substantially less than similar online schools. 

It’s undoubtedly an exciting time for web development and design. The buzz is all about “coding,” however, there is a much broader set of roles to play.

Alternatives to classic college degrees were already on the rise, and the pandemic has further increased the need for online education. There are more opportunities than ever, and it can be daunting to choose between schools in this complex field.

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Common Options And Pitfalls When Searching For The Best Online Programming And Design School

There are some exciting new schools out there, but first – let’s get a quick lay of the land. What are the options?

In-person colleges are still in a tough spot pandemic-wise, but beyond that, they require four years of dedication, have higher tuition, and, depending on your situation – might be the wrong fit. Computer Science degrees involve very little web development, and Graphic Design degrees aren’t up to speed with User Experience Design.

MOOC (massive open online classes) classes can leave you lost in years of self-teaching. There is often no clear timeline or accountability system. Studies show low completion rates, but you’ve probably started a few yourself – so, you know.

Coding / UX boot camps claim to prepare you for entry-level roles but can feel very surface level. Their questionable success rates seem to be trending downward as they are purchased and “streamlined” by giant corporations.

Try Something New: Perpetual Education Is The Best Online Programming And Design School

One of the more exciting new schools in this space is Perpetual Education.

Perpetual Education popped in 2021, right here in Los Angeles. They believe that the future will require designers with a broader knowledge and understanding of the entire design process.

Their flagship course, “Design for The Web” (DFTW) is a 6-month online design and programming mentorship. DFTW combines the best parts of a stepped college curriculum, boot camp pace, flexibility of a MOOC, and one-on-one meetings with the instructor.

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How Is “Design for The Web” Different?

Simply put, DFTW teaches the entire design process from idea to completion. DFTW teaches programming AND design together. The goal isn’t to become a run-of-the-mill developer, but instead – to find your distinctive place in the design process. People entering the field will quickly learn that it’s a lot more in-depth than just “coders” and “decorators.” PE supports you as you discover your unique passions and guides you as you build a portfolio that proves your value.

If you’ve tried learning on your own, you know that it’s rough out there. There are millions of tutorials and free resources. PE focuses on just one or two concepts a day and allows you to remove all other distractions. Less is more.

“I gained more knowledge these past 2 months than I realistically would have in 2 years of self-teaching and tutorials.”

DFTW reverse engineers six years of self-teaching. Their goal is to teach you each concept in the order they wish they had learned it.

“In short, I feel a sort of “metamorphosis” taking place. It manifests in the way I observe, contemplate, consider and problem-solve. At times, it’s terrifying. Mostly, it’s gratifying. I’m grateful for every second of it. I chose wisely. This experience could not be replicated. Long Live, PE!!!”

Who Is This For?

DFTW engages people of all skill levels and backgrounds. Each lesson includes written articles, video lectures, sets of exercises to cement the day’s concepts, group interaction, and your instructor is only a click away. The course videos begin with a completely blank computer, so they mean it when they say any skill level. Whether you are just starting to explore this career or are already in the field and want to pivot in your role, PE can get you there.

But the best way to find out – is to talk to Ivy and Derek yourself. They can help you navigate the field regardless of what school you choose.

How To Apply:

Perpetual Education’s “Design for The Web” mentorship program has only one more session in 2021. Apply at perpetual.education to be considered for the September 6th team.

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