From the dankest flower to the drippiest oil to the best smoking accessories and the coolest THC and CBD products, you’ll find everything you need and more in this year’s Best Of L.A. Cannabis 2022 by LA Weekly! If you’re looking for the good smoke and want to save some coin ahead of the holidays, be sure to check these out: 



There are many options for your cannabis wants and needs. Thank you for choosing or considering SEVEN LEAVES with your dollars.  It keeps us able to produce, harvest and deliver fresh indoor flowers to hundreds of menus across the State weekly. Your purchase provides jobs for the incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and hardworking team at SEVEN LEAVES

The founders of SEVEN LEAVES have been in the industry since 2008. The brand was founded in early 2017. As it was at the start, it is today; still a self-funded, family style business. Thanks to you. |

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PBR High Seltzer: Energy Guava

The newest innovation from Pabst Labs is here to be your new pick-me-up. Add a little THCv to Pabst Labs’ classic High Seltzer, and you have yourself an energy boost without the jitters. The slightly sweet, floral flavor of guava is a flavor you’ll return to again.

Pabst Labs infused high seltzer kicks in faster than your average edible, so you won’t be left waiting to catch a buzz. 

With 10mg THC & 5mg THCv, it only takes about 15 minutes to feel the effects. So crack a 12oz can of Energy Guava PBR High Seltzer, and you’ll be feeling divine in no time. | @pabstlabs

Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan Rolling Trays and Smoking Accessory Organizers

Give the revolutionary Blazy Susan rolling tray a spin and transform your cluttered coffee table into a tidy and organized conversation piece – your smoke seshes will never be the same. Try out some of our perfect Pink Papers while you’re at it, and smoke in style! | @blazysusan



It’s all in the name, TRADITIONAL™. Who we are and what we do is synonymous with loyalty and trust. Born and bred in Los Angeles in 2005, our ethos has always been to exceed and set the standards for the cannabis industry.   Ask for Traditional at your local dispensary or visit our two LA shops – located in DTLA and Mid City (Pico). | @losangelestraditional

Terp 400 x 250

Terp Crush Prerolls – Powered By Desert Underground

A mouth-watering 0.8g flavored preroll. This novel pre roll format is equipped with high-quality, pure flower and a flavor capsule in the crutch. Try all our flavors in Indica or Sativa. Fire it up. Crush the filter. Enjoy the flavor!  Available NOW!!  Ask for Terp Crush at your Local Dispensary. | @terpcrush


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