Everyone want’s to gain muscle mass the fastest way possible. However, when it comes down to building mass, you have to be very consistent in your training, diet, and supplements.

Using muscle building supplements can make a big difference in how fast you will grow new muscle mass. But these supplements can also help speed up recovery and improve performance in the gym. Supplements that help you gain muscle or strength are also called muscle building supplements.

The biggest problem nowadays is to choose from the many supplements on the market. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of best muscle building supplements to make it easy for you to understand.

The 7 Best Muscle Building Supplements For Muscle Growth

In this article, we will show you the best muscle building supplements on the market. Note that we only include products that are safe, worth your money, and are effective.

The following supplements have been carefully selected by effects, studies, reviews & price.

To sum it up:

  1. Sapogenix – click to check price
  2. Ecdysterone – click to check price
  3. Annihilate – click to check price
  4. Enhance – click to check price
  5. Arachidone – click to check price
  6. Epitech – click to check price
  7. Formula XII – click to check price

We’ve reviewed every product individually and compiled a summary, which you can find below.

#1. Sapogenix

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In the first place, we have Sapogenix, which is probably one of the most known muscle builders. It contains a patented blend of plant anabolics, which are considered as legal steroids.

Most ingredients belong to a group called saponins, which are known for their growth in plants. Researchers found out that these saponins could have effects on muscle mass in humans.

Most users reported an increase of lean muscle mass between 4-10 lbs after just one cycle of Sapogenix. Most users also noticed a drastic increase in strength and performance in the gym, which is a bonus if you’re looking to gain muscle and strength.


  • Natural Plant Anabolic
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Insane Power Output
  • Easy-To-Take
  • Rapid Muscle Recovery
  • Advanced Absorption Formula


  • Considered Expensive

Takeaway: Sapogenix is an excellent muscle builder and is number one on our list of best muscle building supplements. It contains a highly potent blend of saponins. Many people consider it to be a legal alternative to steroids.

#2. Ecdysterone 

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Ecdysterone by Huge Nutrition is probably one of the most anticipated products on this list. This product contains a stunning 1000mg of 20-Hydroxyecdysone and cycle dextrin per serving.

We’ve seen supplements with ecdysterone before, however never with the cycle dextrin added. This will result in increased absorption and bioavailability of the active ingredient. You will have more muscle strength and mass than any other product.

Researchers found out that this product was very strong. They found out that ecdysterone was even more potent than Dianabol, which is a powerful anabolic steroid. It can increase protein synthesis in humans, which results in muscle growth.

Most users of this supplement noticed an increase in lean muscle mass but also in performance.


  • Powerful Muscle Builder
  • Increase Protein Synthesis
  • Enhanced Absorption
  • Improved Recovery
  • Stackable With Other Supplements


  • Not For Stingy Persons Since It’s Quite Pricey

Takeaway: Ecdysterone is one of the most promising muscle builders on the market with a highly potent ingredient that has been proven to increase muscle mass. Together with the cycle dextrin for extra absorption, you cannot go wrong with this muscle builder.

#3. Annihilate

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Annihilate is a very interesting muscle-building supplement containing the highly anticipated ingredient Laxogenin.

Laxogenin is also known as 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin and belongs to a group which is called brassinosteroids.

Researchers found out that this brassinosteroid could increase protein synthesis in humans and, therefore, could be marked as a muscle builder.

Other effects that are associated with Annihilate are more power and strength, faster recovery, and performance in the gym.

A general cycle of Annihilate would be between 8-12 weeks, and you should expect to gain at least a couple lbs.

Annihilate is often stacked with other supplements or used as a bridge between different cycles.


  • Increase Strength & Power
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Reduces LDL
  • Speed Up Recovery
  • Natural Muscle Builder
  • No Side-Effects


  • Perfect For Beginners But Not For Advanced Lifters

Takeaway: Annihilate contains a very potent ingredient called Laxogenin. It’s known to increase strength and muscle mass. The great thing about this supplement is that it doesn’t have any side-effects and is completely natural.

#4. Enhance

Try Out Enhance Today – Click here

Enhance is a natural testosterone boosting supplement. Like the name says, it will boost your testosterone naturally. Enhance contains 11 key ingredients that are all known to increase testosterone.

Having higher testosterone levels will help you build muscle faster and also help with muscle strength.

The unique thing about this muscle building supplement is that they only included the clinical dosage per ingredient. Every ingredient in Enhance has the actual dosage used in the studies. Many competitors include a fraction of the active dosage.

Another great thing is that every ingredient has been researched on the effects on natural testosterone levels.

Ingredients in Enhance are 4000IU Vitamin D3, 20mg Zinc, 400mcg SelenoExcell, 1.5g Byroviron Extract, 1g Korean Mistletoe, 600mg Ashwagandha, 500mg Long Jack Extract, 500mg Primavie, 500mg Safed Musli, 200mg Boron Citrate, and 200mg Macuna Pruriens Extract.


  • Boost Natural T-Levels
  • Enhance Muscle Mass
  • Improve Libido
  • Strength & Power


  • Perfect For Beginners But Not For Advanced Lifters

Takeaway: Testosterone boosters are perfect muscle-building supplements that will give you that extra boost in muscle, strength but also energy. Enhance is the most comprehensive t-booster on the market, mainly focused on gaining muscle mass.

#5. Arachidone

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Arachidonic Acid(ArA) has been on the market for years. However, no one actually knew how powerful this ingredient is for gaining size and strength.

Do you want to know how potent it is? Well, let me show you a study on Arachidonic Acid. After eight weeks of using this supplement, they gained a stunning 3.5 lbs. They also noticed an increase in power and strength.

Another intriguing effect of ArA is the increased inflammatory, resulting in enhanced muscle pumps while working out.

Arachidone by Huge Nutrition contains a stunning 1500mg per serving, making it the most dominant ArA supplement on the market.


  • Increased Muscle Pumps
  • Enhanced Vascularity
  • Improved Anaerobic Power
  • Support Protein Synthesis


  • Could increase inflammatory

Takeaway: Arachidone is a fascinating supplement that has been proven to increase total muscle mass by 3.5 lbs. in 6-8 weeks. It will not only help you build muscle faster, but it will also improve pumps while training.

#6. Epitech

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There are not many natural muscle building ingredients out there that work. However, some ingredients have been proven to increase muscle mass, and epicatechin is such an ingredient.

Epitech is an epicatechin supplement containing a stunning 250mg per serving. Researchers found out that epicatechin can lower myostatin but also increase strength in the bench press and leg press.

Myostatin is a myokine protein responsible for muscle cell growth. Lowering this protein means that your body can gain more muscle mass.

Epitech is not just your regular epicatechin supplement. It also includes two different ingredients that will help your body absorb the active ingredient. This makes Epitech one of the most potent muscle builders on this list.


  • Lower Myostatin
  • Gain New Muscle Mass
  • Improve Strength
  • Potent Antioxidant


  • Not As Potent

Takeaway: Epitech is a great product to stack with other muscle building supplements to improve growth. It’s a natural product that can lower myostatin and enhance muscle mass.

#7. Formula XII

Try Out Formula XII Today – Click here

Formula XII is an intra-workout supplement designed to fuel your body while working out but also functions as a post-workout supplement. It contains all the necessary nutrients and ingredients your body needs to get an absolutely killer workout.

It contains a blend of ingredients known to help with building muscle and recovery, and performance. For example, it includes 5g creatine monohydrate and 3.2g Beta-Alanine, which are both known to significantly increase muscle mass and performance.

Formula XII is a must-have for athletes that are willing to take it to the next level. It will help you increase your workout performance, making you lift more weights but also more repetitions.

Other ingredients are 10g Cluster Dextrin, 5g Organic ModCarb, 3g Betaine Anhydrous, 2g L-Ornithine HCL, 1g D-Ribose, 125mg Grape Seed Extract, 100mg Alpha Lipoic Acid, 40mg Magnesium, and 5mg Bioperine.


  • Boost Workout Performance
  • Increase Muscle Recovery
  • Helps With Muscle Growth
  • Includes High-Quality Carb Sources


  • It contains fast-acting carbs, so it could interfere with keto diets.

Takeaway: Formula XII is a perfect supplement to add to your supplement and workout routine. It combines staple ingredients like creatine, beta-alanine, and fast acting carbs to optimize your workout performance. These ingredients all have been proven to increase muscle growth in both men and women.

What to look for in a muscle building supplement?

There are so many various supplements you can buy, and most claim to be very useful. However, not all of them work in terms of building muscle mass.

The most known supplements for muscle gains are probably creatine, whey protein, mass gainers, and BCAA’s. While they have their place in terms of effectiveness, they are also very mild.

The supplement market keeps evolving, and new supplements are being developed—for example, plant steroids like Sapogenix or Ecdysterone. These supplements have been proven to work way better in terms of muscle growth and strength. Another thing to mention is the fact that these have no side effects at all.

When you’re looking for a new supplement, always make sure to read the label and understand what you’re putting into your body. We’ve compiled a list of muscle building supplements that are all safe to use but also effective. You can’t go wrong with picking one of the supplements on this list.

3 tips on growing muscle

As mentioned earlier, building new muscle mass is a complex process that requires you to be very consistent. We’ve selected some tips on how to grow muscles the fastest way possible.

1. Eat sufficient calories 

Your body requires a certain amount of additional calories to be able to build new mass. If you’re not eating enough, you will not gain new mass.

You’re probably wondering: how many calories do I need to eat to gain muscle?

The answer is simple. You could calculate it yourself or use a macro calculator, which will tell you exactly how many calories you need to eat.

Another thing to mention is that your body also needs a sufficient amount of proteins. Proteins are essentially the building blocks for new muscle cells. Research has shown that the optimal amount of protein is 1.6g per kg bodyweight.

2. Progressive overload

Everyone knows that you need to work out to be able to build new muscle mass. Without adequate training, your body will even lose muscle mass.

However, when you’re training, you need to train smart and hard. You will need to progressively overload your muscles to make new muscle mass.

Try to train at least three times a week and hit every body part. So yes, also your legs, guys!

Try to improve every training by either more reps or weights. That way, you can keep track of your progress.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is probably the most undervalued factor in the muscle-building process. When you work out, you will tear down your muscle fibers. While you are asleep, your body will recover your muscles and grow them, if you have enough nutrients.

A study researched the different effects on muscle and fat-free index if you sleep 8.5 hours and 5.5 hours. The group who slept for 8.5 hours preserved 60% more muscles and burned 55% more fat than the 5.5-hour sleep group.

So, make sure to get between 7-9 hours of daily sleep. Not only will this help you with building muscle, but it will also make sure you have enough energy for the next day.

The Bottom Line

Supplements can be very effective in maximizing your muscle gains. We’ve compiled a list of supplements that will help you with growing muscle and improve strength.

Sapogenix and Ecdysterone are your best bet when it comes down to gaining muscle mass. But any of the products on this list have their benefits.

These supplements will only work if you have your diet and training in check. You will need to eat enough calories, train with a progressive overload, and get enough sleep.  If you follow these steps and combine them with the right muscle building supplements, you will have an easy time gaining size.

If you’re not quite sure if you can take these supplements, always make sure to contact a health professional.


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