Supplements are known to help you immensely with building muscle. We all know that training hard and eating enough calories is mandatory. However, adding supplements to your training regime will not only help you with gaining mass, but it will also help you stay motivated.

Combining supplements is called stacking and has many benefits. Some ingredients work better if you combine them, making them have synergetic effects.

However, which supplement stacks are best for building muscle mass? In this article, we will show you which stack we would recommend using and why.

The 4 Best Muscle Building Stacks

The following muscle building stacks have been selected by ingredients, quality, effects, and price. The primary purpose of these supplements is to gain muscle and recover faster. On this list, you will only find muscle building stacks that work and deliver actual results.

A quick summary:

  1. Advanced Anabolic Stack – Check Price
  2. Huge Mass Stack – Check Price
  3. Muscle Building Essentials Stack
  4. Ultimate Mass Stack

Below you can read the in-depth review on each stack. You will see what products are added and the function they have in the muscle building process.

1.     Advanced Anabolic Stack

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First on the list is the Advanced Anabolic stack from Huge Nutrition. It contains two products called Sapogenix and Ecdysterone. Both are known to be great muscle builders, and that’s why this stack is on the first spot.

Sapogenix contains a blend of ingredients known as natural plant anabolics. Many users claim that this product helped them gain serious muscle mass.

Ecdysterone is a supplement with the active ingredient beta-ecdysterone added. The unique thing about this muscle builder is that it has an extra absorption blend, which results in a higher potency of the ingredient. This has never been seen before in the supplement industry.

If we take a look at the research it shows that Ecdysterone is a potent but natural ingredient that has been shown to have a higher anabolic rate than real anabolics(1).


  • Insane Lean Muscle Stack
  • Explosive Strength & Power
  • Natural Anabolic
  • No PCT Needed
  • Increase Protein Synthesis
  • Easy To Take
  • Proven Results


  • 1 x Sapogenix
  • 1 x Ecdysterone


  • Only a 30-day cycle


After reviewing the Advanced Anabolic stack thoroughly, we concluded that it’s by far the best muscle building stack for muscle gain of 2021. The combination of the supplements makes it very unique and never seen before. Users of this stack gained a significant amount of lean muscle mass without any side-effects. If you’re serious about your fitness or bodybuilding goals, you should consider adding this stack to your supplement arsenal.

2.     Huge Mass Stack

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Try Out The Huge Mass Stack Today – Click Here

The Huge Mass Stack is a genuinely unique stack with the main focus of building muscle mass and strength. It contains four different products, which all have a different function.

This stack contains Enhance, which is a natural testosterone booster and known to improve natural t-levels. Everyone knows that increasing your testosterone levels will help you immensely with muscle gains but also with strength.

The Huge Mass Stack also contains Annihilate and Epitech, which include the active ingredients laxogenin and epicatechin. Both are known to either increase protein synthesis or reduce myostatin.

It also contains Arachidone, which is an arachidonic acid supplement. Researchers found out that it can increase lean muscle mass up to 1.5kg after a month(2).


  • Improve Muscle Mass
  • Boost T-Levels
  • Enhanced Muscle Pumps
  • Reduce Myostatin
  • Simple & Effective


  • 1 x Annihilate
  • 1 x Arachidone
  • 1 x Enhance
  • 1 x Epitech


  • Not for people that don’t like to swallow lots of capsules


The Huge Mass Stack is perfect for people who want to try something other than the regular muscle building stacks you see these days. It contains very unique products that are proven to work by actual science.

3.     Muscle Building Essential Stack

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Transparent labs’ muscle-building essential stack is a more complete and traditional stack than others on this list.

It contains the pre-workout Preseries Bulk, which helps you get energy, pumps, and performance while working out. Pre-workouts will give you that extra power to lift more weights in the gym.

It also contains creatine, which has been proven to increase strength and power in the gym(3). When you’re growing stronger, you can lift more weights, which will lead to more muscle mass.

Another benefit of this muscle building stack is that it has whey protein added. Protein is a necessary nutrient for your body to grow muscle.


  • Contains Fundamentals
  • Increase Performance
  • Whey Protein Included
  • Supports Overall Health
  • Perfect For Beginners


  • 1 x Preseries Bulk Pre Workout
  • 1 x Creatine HMB
  • 1 x Krill Oil
  • 1 x 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein


  • Basic stack
  • Not for people that don’t like stimulant pre-workouts


This stack contains all the fundamentals and is perfect for lifters that are just starting. It includes the basics, like a pre-workout, whey protein, and creatine. You shouldn’t expect to gain the same amount of muscle as the Advanced Anabolic Stack. However, it’s still an excellent stack to use in your bulking phase.

4.     Ultimate Mass Stack

Screen Shot 2020 12 30 at 4.13.00 PM

The Ultimate Mass Stack by STEEL Supplements contains 3 Andro supplements. Andro’s are oral synthetic anabolic activators that are often called prohormones. It’s said to give you lean muscle and strength. These supplements all include unique liposomal technology giving them a higher bioavailability.

We’ve tried looking for research on these ANDRO’s, but there wasn’t much research available. However, most users do experience some muscle gains, and combining them could give a synergetic effect.

We noticed that this stack could give you side-effects that look similar to those of anabolics. After using this Ultimate Mass Stack, a post cycle therapy is needed. We’ve seen similar results with the other stacks on this list and therefore would recommend them instead.


  • Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increases IGF-1 & GH
  • Could Lose Bodyfat
  • Not Liver Toxic
  • Hardcore Stack


  • 1 x 1-Andro
  • 1 x 19-Nor-Andro
  • 1 x 4-Andro


  • Requires A PCT
  • Not Many Research Available


The Ultimate Mass Stack will most definitely help you with getting lean muscle mass. However, there is limited research available on the effects, and therefore, we would advise using other stacks on this list since they had comparable results.

What To Look For In A Good Workout Stack

Before looking into a good workout stack, it’s essential to mention that you need to have your diet and training in check. You’re going to gain much more muscle mass when you’re eating right and training hard. Combine that with a good workout stack. You will absolutely crush your fitness goals.

An excellent muscle-building stack should contain a couple of muscle building supplements that have been proven to work by either science or user reviews. Always make sure first to read the reviews on the supplements in the stack and also check the labels.

When we selected this list, we checked the ingredients in the supplements, the reviews, price, and if there is any research available.

The Bottom Line

Muscle building stacks are very useful in building muscle fast. When using these stacks, it’s essential to combine it with a good training and diet regime.

This list is a good starting point in finding the best muscle building stack that fits your fitness or bodybuilding goals.

We would recommend trying the Advanced Anabolic Stack since it’s simply the best in terms of muscle-mass.

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