If you’re a millionaire man and still single, why waste any more time at local clubs? Why not find the absolute best locally and around the world? After all, part of the appeal of a wealthy man is that he has exquisite tastes. 

The best way to conduct that search is through an online dating service – one that caters to wealthy men looking for attractive women. In this discussion, we’re going to list seven of the best-reviewed dating companies that target millionaire singles and the beautiful women who can get their attention. 

Our number one selection was Seeking Millionaire, a site with an adaptable search field, high member count, and a unique approach to rich men dating in the modern age.  There’s 7 more sites that made our list of top picks, below.

7 Best Millionaire Dating Sites (Rich Men Dating Websites)

  1. Best site for rich men – Seeking Millionaire
  2. Best site for women seeking long term relationships – RichMeetBeautiful
  3. Best site for flings with wealthy men – What’s Your Price
  4. Best millionaire dating app – Millionaire Match
  5. Best new millionaire dating site – EstablishedMen
  6. Best platform for wealthy professionals – Elite Singles
  7. Alternative to seeking.com – SugarDaddie.com

1. Seeking Millionaire – Best Dating Site for Rich Men to Use

From the makers of Seeking Arrangement comes the niche focus group, SeekingMillionaire. The site launched in 2007 and currently has a network of members reaching over 20 million and specifically interested in an “arrangement” of wealth meets beauty. 

The Seeking Millionaire website not only offers a special arrangement, but also goes one step further and encourages long-term love and commitment among its members. The site matches users together, for wealth and beauty, as well as other important qualities like compassion, personality, and honesty. 

Wealthy men or women can look for a relationship on their own terms, one defined by pampering, allowances, and enjoyable travel. The Seeking website is not only one of the most popular sugar daddy websites, but also gives you the option to have a more meaningful relationship rather than just a sugar-baby-with-benefits.


  • Well known name featured on high profile magazines
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Millionaire certification
  • Date a millionaire for free if you’re a female college student


  • Not quite millionaire dating, since members can make $200,000 a year and still qualify
  • Part of the larger Seeking network, meaning the millionaire site does not have 20 million unique members


  • $59.95 a month
  • $46.65 for 3 months
  • $39.99 for 6 months

Read the seeking review here

2. RichMeetBeatiful – Best Millionaire Site for Relationships

Rich Meets Beautiful doesn’t like the word “sugar daddies” since they encourage “elite matchmaking”, meaning attractive and high-earning single men. It’s easy to see the target audience for Rich meets Beautiful is male millionaires looking for independent-minded but still beautiful women. Sugar babies by definition are not invited. 

The dating site does offer verified millionaires and a more serious scientific-based matchmaking system. Members are shown profiles that are “ideal” for their unique personality, based on a checklist of preferences. The site also has a high female to male ratio, unlike many other rich themed sites. 


  • Sugar babies can date a millionaire free
  • Verification process for men, lifestyle questionnaire for women
  • Free anonymous preview of the site
  • Matchmaking as well as filter searching


  • Writing messages requires premium account
  • Site frowns about sugar daddy dating/baby relationships – more love-centered


  • $59.99 for 3 months
  • $49.99 for 6 months
  • $39.99 per month for 12 Months

3. Millionaire Match – Best Millionaire Seeking Millionaire App

Millionaire Match dates back to 2001 and currently has over 4.5 million active members, with certified millionaire profiles. The site embraces “successful” members, meaning they don’t do sugar dating, but elite millionaire matching. 

You can meet someone “as successful as you are”, indicating you can meet another millionaire, someone who understands your journey and rise to success. Millionaire Match aims to help CEOs, celebrities, athletes, lawyers, and other entrepreneurs who appreciate how hard it is to find someone they actually respect, and could love in a serious relationship. 

It’s easy to find flings, but not easy to find a rich person who has both soul and personality. That’s where MillionaireMatch carves out its niche. 


  • MillionaireMatch has a forum, blog, and let’s meet option for community fun
  • Advanced search filtering to find a compatible partner
  • Not a sugar dating site – but a place where millionaires can meet a millionaire online
  • If you change your mind about someone, you can delete messages, conversations, and photos even after you send them


  • No video chat feature
  • Elitist in the sense that lower-income singles cannot join


  • $70 per month
  • $45 a month for 3 months
  • $35 a month for 6 months

4. Established Men – Best Site for Beautiful Women Seeking Rich Men

Established Men is an online matchmaking service that is focused on helping beautiful young women find mature and wealthy men to date. The site, which dates back to 2009, isn’t very straightforward about its aims or the benefits it offers members. The site is fairly minimal. 

However, Established Men does allow both men and women to start searching their local area immediately for a date, and does promise strict guidelines for member registrations. The staff responds within 24 hours after a registration and will delete any sketchy profiles, including ads by prostitutes or escorts. 


  • Ability to search for immediate last minute dates nearby or more customized searches
  • List public photos and share private photos with selected users
  • Free for females to join and they outnumber men four to one
  • Leave voice mail messages anonymously


  • The site copy is not especially friendly, particularly it’s announcement of no refunds!
  • Free membership is mostly non-existent


  • $79 for 1 month
  • $49 per month for 3 months
  • $25 per month for 12 months

5. WhatsYourPrice – A Rich Man Dating Site With a Twist

What’s Your Price has an intriguing concept in its approach to rich men dating – bid on the woman you want to date, and what you’re willing to pay for her allowance, expenses, and companionship. The site wants to make the sugar dating scenario easy for everyone involved. Men are assured quality dates and women get verified rich profiles to browse. 

The theme is “leveling the playing field” for men, by putting a price on such a confusing subject as sugar dating, and also making it fun for women to take more interesting men. The site also spares members most of the awkward chat, instead getting straight to the point. 

You browse, you bid, and then you go on the date as agreed upon, without any promises or games. 


  • Unique concept that will appeal to men who don’t like to play games
  • Average first date price is $125 – not bad for a wealthy date
  • Only the first date has a recommended bidding price, after that it’s negotiable
  • Fairly detailed questionnaire to find a better match


  • If you low-ball a price, don’t be surprised if you get a counteroffer for more money for that first date


  • $50 for 100 credits
  • $150 for 450 credits
  • $250 for 1000 credits

6. SugarDaddie.com – Newer Alternative to Seeking

With over five million members, SugarDaddie is one of the most successful wealthy men and beautiful women dating sites online. The upscale matchmaking service has been finding sugar dating partners since 2002 and also helping its members to find love and romance, but offering dating advice. 

SugarDaddie offers millionaire male profiles, local matching or swiping, sugar daddy dating or baby relationships, and no-strings-attached affairs in addition to long-term relationships. The site has offices in the U.S. and U.K. and helps men find the ideal relationship they want, while also helping women find successful, ambition, and attractive partners.


  • You can join, browse, and create a profile without ID or income verification
  • Try out forums, instant messenger chat, email, and 
  • Customer service via telephone, not just email


  • No sending messages on the free plan
  • Your profile is “graded” and your quality score determines whether you can use the site – take your time filling out your profile!
  • You have to use all features of the site to increase your grade


  • $39.99 per month
  • $26.66 for 3 months
  • $22.49 for 6 months
  • $14.16 a month for 12 months

7. Elite Singles – Best Site for Wealthy Professionals

Elite Singles lives up to its name, by offering an “elite” match, that is millionaires for millionaires, and other career professionals. The site is so focused on finding love for professional career singles that it doesn’t even have a fling locator like most apps. Instead, you take a personality test, fill out a profile and then wait for your matches. 

The site does not require that all members are millionaires, but does require members to be career focused, highly educated (85 percent of members are college graduates) and what they consider “high quality prospects” and people rich in more ways than just their bank account. 

With an advanced Five Factor Model-based test, Elite Singles is one of the most reliable matchmaking services for the higher-income class.


  • Some of the most educated singles with over 80 percent having a college background
  • Matchmaking system to introduce you to matches that fit your personality
  • Or search 20 wildcard matches a day
  • Manual profile verification by the staff


  • Very limited free preview, with limited browsing
  • Site highly recommends career professionals who make over six figures – not sugar babies


  • $57.95 for 3 months
  • $44.95 for 6 months
  • $31.95 for 12 months 

FAQs About Millionaire Dating Sites

I’m wondering where to meet rich guys online…can you help?

If you’re serious about meeting a person who shows financial responsibility and great ambition, then don’t waste time with catfish-friendly websites. Just like there are fake female profiles, there are also fake millionaire profiles. 

That’s why the top millionaire date sites offer verification features, either required verification, or an optional badge that indicates to women you’ve been proven to be the real deal. Once you join, (with free membership offered in some cases) you could wait to be approached or start a conversation with an attractive and wealthy man. 

How are millionaire dating sites different from normal dating sites?

Millionaire dating sites prosper on the basis that a high volume of wealthy, ambitious and successful men stay members. For some websites, beautiful singles outnumber verified millionaires, giving an advantage to the single men. 

According to Elite Singles, millionaire online dating has a slightly different feeling than traditional dating, namely that rich men are well educated, experienced and cultured, and have very high expectations for their dates. 

Beautiful women who date rich men must not only be confident and attractive, but also come across as educated and charming. She brings out the best in the person she’s dating, showing interest in the conversation and keeping up with him intellectually as well as emotionally. 

Is there a special verification process to join a rich man millionaire dating site?

Most verification processes involve the same steps to become a certified millionaire: 

  • Start your registration with a detailed profile and possibly a questionnaire
  • Upload photos and make sure they are clear and current
  • Sign up for the premium service
  • Verify your account with an ID
  • Attach a financial statement verifying your funds, such as a bank statement or tax return

Some sites will only require elite status, such as over $200,000 per year, while others might require millionaire earnings or assets.

How do I know if members on millionaire dating sites are really millionaires?

The verification process, represented by badges, indicates the dating site has verified both their ID and their financial records. Verification should be the only way you trust anyone who claims to be rich. 

Remember also that rich men tend to be career-oriented by nature. He has nothing to prove, but a high degree of confidence and expertise in his chosen field, or multiple subjects. According to Forbes magazine, many millionaire men use dating sites rather than actively looking for dates because: 

  • They work long hours and have limited time to socialize
  • They don’t want to date anyone they work with
  • They have specific preferences and are usually not attracted to the average woman from a club/bar
  • They want to date someone who is used to dating rich men – and knows how to be a good date

What are the requirements for women to join a millionaire dating app?

While beauty and a pleasant appearance is a prerequisite, don’t underestimate the importance of intelligence, maturity, and wisdom – positive qualifies he will associate with a woman of high-value and compatibility. 

While women usually don’t have to verify their income or identity (unless it’s a millionaire-meets-millionaire singles site) their photos should be high quality and their profile text should be enticing. 

Yes, Single Women Can Meet a Millionaire for Free

Rich millionaire dating is certainly not comparable to using a hookup site or even a matchmaking site. Millionaire dating sites are centered around building quality profiles, including verified rich men who are career professionals, and women who can carry a conversation with a well-traveled man. 

Our top choice was Seeking.com, for its high membership totals, as well as the ability users have to customize the relationship, either love, long-term, short-term, casual, or purely recreational. Rich Meets Beautiful also ranked high for its serious approach to matchmaking, long-term dating, and finding love even when your career comes first. 

Finding love and romance when you’re rich is not easy. Being wealthy and single or looking for a wealthy man comes with its own set of unique challenges. Thanks to modern rich dating apps, however, it’s never been easier to find love on your own terms!


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