Kratom is quickly becoming a go-to, thanks to its energizing benefits to the human body. 

While it is also used as a sedative, in this article, we’re focusing on kratom’s use as a stimulant and a great natural alternative to coffee or medication. One of its most popular benefits includes a boost in energy and motivation when taken at the right dose.

In this article, we’ll list the best kratom strains for improving your energy levels, how it does this, the correct dosages to take, and where to buy it. 

What Are the Best Kratom Strains for Energy in 2021?

People take different strains of kratom to achieve specific effects. If you’re interested in taking this natural herb to boost your daily energy and improve your focus, then you must understand the best strains for that mission. 

Below, we’ve listed the best strains to use for increased motivation and focus.

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da is a strain that comes in two main varieties for energy and focus: white and green. The Green Maeng Da strain has a calming and soothing effect on users even though it helps with focus. The results are long-lasting and will keep you stimulated and concentrated for hours before the effects subside. 

White Maeng Da is a unique hybrid developed by kratom lab creators. These creators originally intended to make the most potent strain of kratom on the market, and most people would agree that they succeeded in their goal. 

White Maeng Da is one of the best kratom strains for energy and focus and is a stimulant thanks to its active flavonoids and alkaloids.

Benefits of Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom, both the green and white strains, are some of the best kratom strains for energy and focus because they both:

  • Increase in body energy. Both strains come with an increase in body energy. The energy boost comes on gradually and can last over six hours.
  • Improved mental function and stimulation. Maeng Da kratom improves cognitive function. The alkaloids in this strain trigger receptors in the brain, resulting in better focus and concentration. Users report that this strain is a good stimulant for hours of work or study. 
  • Boosted confidence and mood. Although a stimulant, it comes with relaxing effects that bolster self-esteem and mood. It helps in socialization and produces euphoric effects, which are great for enjoying the moment. 
  • Anxiety relief. This strain has soothing effects that can relieve anxiety, much like tea. It is also mildly stimulating, ensuring a balanced sensation.
  • Pain relief. Maeng Da relieves pain and discomfort, making it perfect for those with chronic pain. 

Maeng Da kratom is for those who need a boost in energy and focus because it improves concentration while relieving anxiety. If you are new to kratom, we recommend starting with Green Maeng Da because it’s less potent. 

White Borneo

White Borneo is one of the lesser-known strains out there. This strain provides stimulation, mental clarity, pain relief, and stress relief at higher doses. Several white strains of kratom can offer these benefits, but White Borneo is unique in that its spectrum of effects depend on how much you consume. 

 Lower doses will give you mental stimulation, clarity, and a small amount of pain relief. In higher doses (taken carefully), you’ll achieve more stress relief and relaxing effects. The effects differ based on how much you want to take.  

Benefits of White Borneo Kratom

White Borneo is one of the best strains for energy and focus because it leads to:

  • Energy boost. If looking for the stimulating effects of kratom, going with White Borneo is a great choice. Lower doses of the strain can be a perfect coffee alternative.
  • Relaxation. White Borneo is stimulating at lower doses, but it can have relaxing effects at higher doses. If you want help going to sleep, you can use White Borneo to find some relaxation.
  • Mood enhancement. White Borneo kratom, just like many other strains, is a great mood lifter. It’s known for bringing about a sense of euphoria and happiness for those who take it regularly.
  • Pain relief. Those with chronic pain may find relief with White Borneo. This strain is known to help those with mild and moderate chronic pain and inflammation.
  • Focus and concentration. White Borneo, like other strains of kratom, helps you achieve mental clarity. It does this without the jitters you may get after a cup of coffee, making it perfect for long days of work. 

The effects that you enjoy from White Borneo depend on how much you decide to take. Remember that you should always start with a lower dose if you’re new to kratom, especially with White Borneo. This strain can be a bit more potent than others, meaning you should be extra cautious with serving amounts.

Green Indo

Green Indo balances pain relief with energy-boosting properties. There are many kratom strains out there that provide the same effects, but Green Indo is unique in that it’s not as potent as others. Green Indo presents itself as a milder and softer strain of kratom, giving it a perfect balance of pain relief and stimulation. 

 Like its sibling strains Red Indo and White Indo, Green Indo is one of the best kratom strains for energy and focus because of its mildness. At full dosage, it still offers milder effects than the doses of other green strains. Lower doses are perfect for those who want a minor boost in cognitive function rather than a mood change. 

Benefits of Green Indo Kratom

Green Indo has both stimulating and relaxing effects, much like any other strain of kratom. However, these effects are softened and milder than different strains. 

  • Mental stimulation. If you need a cup of coffee to stay focused but do not like the coffee jitters, this strain is perfect for you.
  • Relaxation. This strain is a very mild sedative. If you have general anxiety or stress, Green Indo can help you relax.
  • Mood and confidence boost. Thanks to its mild mental stimulation and relaxation effects, Green Indo can also provide a confidence boost. You might not feel happy immediately, but it will lift your spirits enough to feel better if you feel stressed out.
  • Improved focus. Green Indo is for increasing your attention span and concentrating better on work. It encourages you to focus for extended periods, making it perfect for focus and energy.

One of the best benefits of Green Indo is its mildness. If you are new to kratom and you want energy and focus, this is one of the best strains to try first. It’s better than coffee because you will not get the shakes. You also will not get the full force effect of more potent strains. Green Indo’s maximum dosage is a fraction of the impact of other varieties.  

How Does Kratom Work for Energy and Focus?

Different strains have unique effects on the body. The younger the strain is, the more energetic and lively the results will be. Since all of these strains (White/Green Maeng Da, White Borneo, and Green Indo) are young, all are great at giving you energy, focus, and motivation. 

Kratom has similar effects to stimulants and opioids but is not an opiate. There are two compounds in kratom leaves: 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. These two compounds produce sedation, pleasure, and pain relief effects by interacting with receptors in the brain. It also interacts with other brain receptors to stimulate the brain and provide focus and energy. 

 The overall effect of kratom is like opiates, despite kratom not being categorized as one. When taken in smaller amounts, most users report increased energy, sociability, and alertness. When taken in larger amounts, users report being more relaxed, sedated, and having reduced pain. One of the reasons you must be careful with this product is because taking the wrong amount can result in the wrong effect.

 The best route for beginning kratom users is to start with smaller quantities to see how you react. By starting small, you will better notice the effects on your body and can tailor your dosing schedule to best suit your unique circumstances. 

If you’re a veteran kratom user, and you’re wanting better energy and focus from using kratom, it may mean it’s time to change the strain you’re taking. Of course, it’s not recommended to mix strains, but changing the strain you’re taking to fit your needs may be your best choice. 

Where to Buy the Best Kratom for Energy and Focus?

Now that kratom has piqued your interest, you might be wondering where you can find the best products. Here are the top three places to purchase your kratom for energy and focus.

1. Kona Kratom

Kona Kratom is a vendor specializing in several Southeast Asian variants. One of their biggest goals is to offer exceptional kratom products at a great price, and we believe they’ve accomplished that. Kona Kratom has a great selection of products in their store. From White Borneo to Green Indo, their experts promise to find you the perfect strain for the effects that you want out of your kratom. 

Kona Kratom also offers wonderful customer service and an excellent money-back guarantee. All you need to do is order your kratom online from Kona Kratom and receive it in the mail (free US shipping). Once you receive your order, you should try your kratom products. Should they not be up to your standards, you can return your order with no risk involved. 

Kona Kratom truly sets the standard for vendors because they offer outstanding customer support, a great money-back guarantee, and an awesome array of products.

2. Star Kratom

Star Kratom is a vendor that differs from the rest because they sell primarily liquid kratom. Kratom comes in many forms, such as powders and teas, but it also comes in a liquid state. The liquid is not only convenient but more concentrated. If you’re looking for a different way of consuming kratom, consider Star Kratom. 

Star Kratom is one of the few American Kratom Association-approved vendors. They offer high-quality and 100% organic products. They also have eight different labels and extremely competitive prices, especially for products as high-quality as theirs. If you prefer to enjoy your kratom in liquid form, look no further than this vendor.

3. VIP Kratom

When looking for kratom online, you might have standards to ensure you’re getting the best possible product. This is where VIP Kratom comes in. If it’s not high-quality enough, they refuse to sell it on their site. This sets VIP apart from other vendors on the market – you know you’re getting the best of the best when you shop from them. 

VIP also doesn’t give their products fancy names. It lists its products by the name of the strain instead of complicated or hard-to-understand marketing names. This company has zero marketing fluff, meaning they’re laser-focused on the product and getting you what you need. Their customer service is fantastic, and always willing to help you find what you need from their site. If you have any questions, their employees will be happy to answer them. 

If you shop from VIP, remember that they offer free shipping on orders over $49.99. We recommend you order several products to last you a long time and enjoy their free shipping. 

Conclusion — Using Kratom for Energy and Focus 

Kratom is a natural pain reliever, mood booster, and relaxant, which is reason enough to use it. However, many don’t know that it’s also great for boosting energy and focus. Kratom is perfect for people who work long hours or need to study extensively. 

Purchasing one of these three strains (Maeng Da, White Borneo, or Green Indo) and taking it in small doses can help you feel more energized and focused while you work.  

Make sure to research exactly what you need for your use before purchasing and ask as many questions as you need from the vendor (we strongly suggest buying from one of the companies we listed). 

So, what’s stopping you? Increase your focus, motivation, and energy levels with this natural solution, and buy your kratom from one of our vetted vendors. 

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