Best Hybrid Mattresses of 2022

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Hybrid mattresses, being an offshoot of innerspring and foam beds, are a relatively recent type of mattress. Since they are a newer mattress type, shoppers might not know what to look for in a good hybrid mattress. Naturally, choosing a poorly made hybrid mattress might leave a person struggling to fall asleep.

To help make our readers’ mattress shopping faster and easier, we rounded up some of our top recommendations for the best hybrid mattresses.

Best Hybrid Mattresses to Buy in 2022

Mattress Name Highlights Offer
Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Plant-based memory foam top is more breathable and responsive than traditional memory foam Click For Lowest Price
Zoma Hybrid Affordable hybrid with cooling gel memory foam, buoyant transition foam, and pocketed coils Click For Lowest Price
Vaya Hybrid Inexpensive design maximizes the materials’ comfort potential to support most sleep styles Click For Lowest Price
GhostBed Flex Gel memory foam with cooling, airy fibers and a breathable mattress cover Click For Lowest Price
Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid Soft plant-based foam with underlying buoyant foam to limit sinkage Click For Lowest Price
Saatva Latex Hybrid Organic cotton with antimicrobial barrier and organic wool with Talalay latex Click For Lowest Price
Bear Hybrid Celliant® fabric cover paired with cooling gel foam and coils Click For Lowest Price

Best Hybrid Mattress Overall: Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid


  • Price Range: $1084 to $2238
  • Mattress Height: 12 Inches
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium (5 to 6 on the firmness scale)
  • Available in: twin, twin XL, full (double), queen, king, California king, and split king
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 20 Years
  • Shipping: Free

Recommended For

  • Most sleeping styles
  • Eco-conscious shoppers 
  • Couples seeking a hybrid mattress to share
  • Hot sleepers seeking a cooling hybrid mattress

Mattress Highlights

  • Bio-Pur® foam made to improve on traditional memory foam
  • Motion isolation and responsive support from pocketed coils
  • Durable foam base keeps the coils standing straight

No matter how well made, a singular mattress just cannot be the perfect choice for everyone. Some sleepers require a firmer bed, others a softer one. Still, it’s possible to create a mattress that suits most sleepers, which is why the AS3 Hybrid tops our list of recommendations.

Amerisleep has addressed the problem of the “right mattress” by offering beds in five distinct firmnesses. The AS3 model is their medium feel, designed to provide an even balance between adaptable support and pressure-relieving cushion.

There are three layers inside the 12-inch AS3 Hybrid:

  • First is a layer of Bio-Pur® foam. This combines standard memory foam materials with plant-derived oils for a more eco-friendly foam that adapts swiftly and keeps cool at night.
  • Next is the pocketed coil layer with edge support along the sides. The coils are wrapped to contour to movements without motion transfer.
  • Last is the foam base that gives the coils a surface to bounce off, limiting sagging.

We recommend the AS3 Hybrid for side, back, and combination sleepers. Due to the Bio-Pur® foam’s breathable nature, we also recommend it for hot sleepers looking to stay cool and stop sweating. Lastly, we recommend couples with different sleep styles looking to share a mattress to consider the AS3 for its near-universal comfort.

Every Amerisleep mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty. The warranty provides sagging protection for any indentations over 0.75 inches deep. 

It’s best to deal with sagging before it deepens beyond an inch, as the lack of support can cause back pain and other issues. This is why Amerisleep offers a replacement mattress before the problem reaches that point.

Best Cooling Hybrid Mattress: Zoma Hybrid


  • Price Range: $699 to $1598
  • Mattress Height: 12 Inches
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium (6 on the firmness scale)
  • Available in: twin, twin XL, full (double), queen, king, California king, and split king
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Shipping: Free

Recommended For

  • Hot sleepers looking for a hybrid with multiple cooling features
  • Side, back, and combination sleepers
  • Athletes and other active individuals
  • People with chronic pain and similar conditions

Mattress Highlights

  • Gel-infused memory foam for a cooling, hug-like sensation 
  • Responsive transition layer mimics latex’s feel
  • Airy pocketed coils with edge support 

Zoma has built its mattress-making reputation on years of experience and an in-depth understanding of restorative rest. Their mattresses are designed to promote swift sleep onset and deep, uninterrupted sleep to maximize recovery.

The Zoma Hybrid is a counterpart to their original Zoma Mattress, a bed designed to help athletes sleep better by ensuring a cool surface that minimizes disruptions. However, while athletes of all levels can and do enjoy a Zoma mattress, people with less active lifestyles can still benefit from its features.

Four layers make up the 12-inch Zoma Hybrid:

  • First is a layer of gel memory foam. Because traditional memory foam tends to hold onto absorbed heat, many manufacturers mix in cooling gels to help heat escape faster.
  • Next is a layer of latex-like Reactiv™ foam. Zoma created this material to make it easier to move across the mattress, plus it limits the sinkage that can cause spinal misalignment.
  • Third is the pocketed coil layer with edge support. The coils leave space for air to circulate, speeding up heat dissipation.
  • Last is a foam base for a stronger support structure.

The Zoma Hybrid is backed by a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty.

Best Hybrid Mattress for the Money: Vaya Hybrid


  • Price Range: $449 to $899
  • Mattress Height: 12 Inches
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium (5 to 6 on the firmness scale)
  • Available in: twin, twin XL, full (double), queen, king, and California king
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Shipping: Free

Recommended For

  • Budget shoppers of all sleeping styles
  • Hot sleepers
  • Couples with different sleeping preferences

Mattress Highlights

  • Lightweight, responsive Vaya Comfort Foam top
  • Corner-to-corner edge support from coils
  • Sturdy, thick foam base for greater durability and value

Hybrid mattresses tend to cost a not-insignificant amount, with prices usually exceeding those of a similar foam or innerspring mattress. This is because hybrid mattresses are a mix of high-quality materials, so the higher price tags compensate for greater production costs.

However, Vaya has experience with using high-quality materials in a budget-friendly way. Their original foam mattress is affordable yet contains plentiful amounts of durable materials for long-lasting comfort. Vaya followed up their first success with the Vaya Hybrid, a model with a simple design meant to maximize comfort and support potential.

The 12-inch tall Vaya Hybrid has a basic three-layer design:

  • The first layer is Vaya Comfort Foam, a conforming material lighter than traditional memory foam.
  • The second layer is a pocketed coil core with corner-to-corner edge support.
  • The final layer is a thicker-than-average foam base for a longer-lasting mattress structure.

Like the classic Vaya Mattress, the Vaya Hybrid is designed to suit all sleep styles. Single sleepers who favor any position can enjoy the Vaya Hybrid, as can couples interested in an inexpensive mattress that supports both partners. Plus, its lightweight and airy materials make it a good choice for hot sleepers and people who live in warmer climates.

Your purchase of a Vaya Hybrid includes the assurance of a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress: GhostBed Flex


  • Price Range: $1695 to $3700
  • Mattress Height: 13 Inches
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium (6 to 7 on the firmness scale)
  • Available in: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split king
  • Sleep Trial: 101 Nights
  • Warranty: 25 Years
  • Shipping: Free

Recommended For

  • Shoppers who want a luxury mattress to complete the bedroom
  • Side sleepers and select back and combination sleepers
  • Hot sleepers interested in a cooling mattress

Mattress Highlights

  • Two layers of gel memory foam with cooling fiber on top
  • Ghost Bounce layer adds responsiveness and contouring
  • Pocketed coils with specialty edge support

GhostBed has an array of mattresses and other sleeping accessories, from adjustable beds to sheets and pillows. While all of their mattresses and other products are well-made, they single out the GhostBed Flex mattress as their luxury hybrid model. If you want to upgrade your sleep, the Flex might be the way to go.

The GhostBed Flex has a medium to medium-firm feel that suits most sleeping styles. The 13-inch mattress has six layers, wrapped in a quilted cover with cooling fabric:

  • First, is cooling fiber woven into the fabric cover, providing for an inch of airy, cushioning material.
  • The second is an inch-thick layer of gel memory foam to hug the body and stay cool as you sleep.
  • The third is another gel memory foam, also an inch thick, meant to deepen the bed’s pressure and pain relief capabilities.
  • Fourth is the transition layer, the unique Ghost Bounce layer. Ghost Bounce is engineered to meld latex’s buoyancy with memory foam’s conformability.
  • Fifth is a pocketed coil core for a truly weightless feeling. GhostBed’s hybrid also contains their proprietary Spirited Edge™ support along the sides.
  • Sixth is a high-density support base for mattress structure.

The GhostBed Flex comes with a 101-night sleep trial and a 25-year warranty.

Best Soft Hybrid Mattress: Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid


  • Price Range: $1574 – $2098
  • Mattress Height: 14 Inches
  • Mattress Firmness: Soft (3 on the firmness scale)
  • Available in: twin, twin XL, full (double), queen, king, California king, and split king
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 20 Years
  • Shipping: Free

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers who want a mattress that hugs the body
  • Petite sleepers seeking a bed with cushioning
  • Heavier sleepers interested in a soft and supportive mattress

Mattress Highlights

  • Thick, conforming layer of plant-based Bio-Pur® foam
  • Buoyant transition layer of Active Flex foam
  • Soft, breathable mattress cover for consistent surface temperature

As previously mentioned, Amerisleep is a brand focused on providing a versatile range of mattresses. The softest model they offer is the AS5 Hybrid, designed to feel plush without any sink spots that can cause discomfort.

An AS5 Hybrid contains four layers:

  • The first layer is the unique Bio-Pur® foam, a breathable and responsive plant-based material.
  • The second layer is Active Flex foam, a material that is designed to increase the surface’s responsiveness without affecting its plush cushion. Thanks to Active Flex, the mattress adapts quickly to movement while minimizing the chances of spine misalignment.
  • The third layer is the pocketed coil system with edge support.
  • The fourth layer is a firm foam base, providing coil stability.

Side sleepers of all sizes can enjoy the feel of the AS5 Hybrid, as can select combination sleepers. Softer mattresses like the AS5 are particularly beneficial for petite sleepers who need a surface that quickly conforms to the body. The AS5 Hybrid is also excellent for heavier sleepers who crave a plush mattress that won’t feel unsupportive under their weight.

The Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid, like all other Amerisleep mattresses, comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.

Best Natural Hybrid Mattress: Saatva Latex Hybrid


  • Price Range: $1099 to $2199
  • Mattress Height: 12 Inches
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium-Firm (6 to 7 on the firmness scale)
  • Available in: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split king
  • Sleep Trial: 180 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years
  • Shipping: Free

Recommended For

  • Eco-conscious shoppers seeking a mattress with organic parts
  • Shoppers sensitive to synthetic materials
  • Back sleepers and back pain sufferers interested in a medium-firm mattress

Mattress Highlights

  • Organic cotton and wool top covering for a breathable, plush surface
  • Talalay latex comfort foam feels cool and pleasantly firm
  • Base of cotton and wool helps to hold the entire mattress together

Many shoppers are interested in mattresses with natural latex foam in an effort to be more green with their choices. For others, it’s a matter of necessity because synthetic materials irritate their bodies and trigger allergy symptoms. Whatever the reason, if you’re seeking a natural hybrid mattress, we recommend the Saatva Latex Hybrid.

Five layers make up the 12-inch Saatva Latex Hybrid:

  • First is a certified organic cotton cover. Not only is the material hypoallergenic and naturally breathable, but Saatva applies botanical Guardin® antimicrobial treatment to the cover. This non-toxic treatment limits the growth of bacteria and mold.
  • Second is GOTS certified organic New Zealand wool, adding a touch of temperature-neutral cushion. The wool also adds fire protection and resists bacteria and dust mites.
  • The third layer is a 3-inch layer of Talalay latex, a breathable material that contours to the body. The latex is zoned to create five support zones, with added back support and greater pressure relief. The latex foam also resists allergens such as mold spores and dust mites.
  • Fourth is a pocketed coil layer. The coils are made with recycled steel and are arranged to provide zoned support across the body. The sides of this layer feature edge support.
  • Fifth is a base of organic cotton and wool. This base anchors the hand-tufting that keeps the above layers in place while also providing a sturdy surface to keep the coils standing straight.

The Saatva Latex Hybrid includes free setup upon delivery, a 180-night sleep trial, and a 15-year warranty. Saatva will reach out to you after purchasing the mattress to arrange an appointment window for your mattress setup. They will place the mattress wherever you like and even haul away your old mattress for free.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Athletes: Bear Hybrid


  • Price Range: $1095 to $1995
  • Mattress Height: 14 inches
  • Mattress Firmness: Medium (6.1 on the firmness scale)
  • Available in: twin, twin XL, full (double), queen, king, and California king
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 20 Years
  • Shipping: Free

Recommended For

  • Hot sleepers who lie on their sides or back
  • Athletes and active people
  • Chronic pain sufferers

Mattress Highlights

  • Celliant® converts body heat into infrared energy
  • Two foam top layers for cool, compressive comfort
  • Buoyant transition foam and coils for a swift response time

Our final recommendation would have to be the Bear Hybrid. Now, Bear is a mattress company that targets athletes with features that promote cooler, deeper sleep and overall recovery.

Every Bear mattress has a mattress cover with Celliant® fabric, a material that not only absorbs body heat but also turns it into infrared energy. Once converted, the infrared energy penetrates the body and increases local blood flow, which improves the body’s overall operations. The Bear Hybrid has a hand-quilted Celliant® mattress cover for comfortable sleep.

Underneath the Celliant® cover is three foam layers, pocketed coils, and the support core:

  • The first foam layer is plush gel foam for additional cooling comfort. According to Bear, this layer “delivers a cooling, cloud-like feeling every night.”
  • The second layer is premium comfort foam designed to adapt to different body types and positions.
  • The third layer is a responsive transition foam for extra airflow and pressure relief.
  • The fourth layer is pocketed coils with specialty edge support.
  • The fifth and final layer is high-density foam for supportive stability and lengthy durability.

The Bear Hybrid comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

As the term suggests, hybrid mattresses combine elements from other mattress types, namely foam and innerspring mattresses. A hybrid mattress has a spring base and at least one top layer of cushioning foam. The driving conception behind a hybrid mattress is to improve on both foam and innerspring beds.

Innerspring mattresses have a reputation for feeling uncomfortable as they age and lose support. Some sleepers may also find that an innerspring mattress does not conform enough to relieve pressure. 

Meanwhile, memory foams are popular with sleepers precisely because they contour to the body for pressure relief. However, traditional memory foam beds have a tendency to retain too much heat, letting it build up and cause sleep disturbances.

How Much Does a Hybrid Mattress Cost?

On the whole, hybrid mattresses are one of the more expensive mattress types, but many individual models are relatively affordable. A queen size hybrid may cost between $1000 to $2000, depending on its materials and thickness. For example, memory foam costs less to produce than latex, so a memory foam hybrid should have a lower price than a latex hybrid.

For shoppers who want to conserve their funds, we recommend smaller sizes and one of the best budget mattresses. However, while a well-made budget mattress can provide a good night’s rest, it may lack the comfort features found in a more upscale model.

How Long Will a Hybrid Mattress Last?

A hybrid mattress tends to last about seven years on average. Because hybrid mattresses are a relatively new mattress type, that number may increase as more models come out with innovative features.

As with any other mattress type, you can extend the lifespan of your hybrid mattress. Covering it with a mattress protector and rotating the mattress regularly are familiar, straightforward ways to keep any type of mattress in good condition.

Protectors prevent spills and other accidents from damaging the bed’s materials while rotating the hybrid mattress every three to six months keeps you from wearing it down by sleeping in the same spot, night after night. Scheduled rotation is a vital part of preventing premature sagging.

How Is a Hybrid Mattress Constructed?

A hybrid mattress must contain at least three layers:

  • A comfort layer of foam
  • A layer of pocketed coils
  • A durable base, usually foam

The comfort layer is usually memory foam, sometimes polyurethane foam or latex foam. To qualify as a true hybrid mattress, the comfort layer must be at least 2 inches thick. A too-thin comfort layer cannot provide the contouring cushion needed for pressure relief.

High-quality hybrid mattresses typically contain a fourth layer of transition foam between the comfort layer and coils to minimize sinkage and buoy the body.

Pros of a Hybrid

As mentioned above, the point of a hybrid’s design is to maximize the comfort potential of innerspring and foam mattresses. So a hybrid’s most significant advantages are that it’s a cooling and cushioning mattress with quite a lot of bounce.

Many owners of an innerspring mattress grow dissatisfied because the mattress just doesn’t flex under their bodies well enough for full-body pressure relief. This is because the thin foam and fabric used to cover the coil support are rarely thick enough to cushion the body, particularly heavier areas like the shoulders and hips.

However, hybrid mattresses don’t have the same issue, thanks to the top layer of foam that completes the bed. Every hybrid mattress should have at least 2 to 3 inches of foam, providing plenty of contouring material for different positions.

The coils inside a hybrid mattress are also an improvement on the traditional coil setup in a standard innerspring bed. Because hybrid manufacturers focus on pocketed coils that react independently to motion, a hybrid mattress isn’t going to carry motion across the surface the way an innerspring mattress would. Hybrids are a popular choice with couples for this reason.

So hybrid mattresses have quite a few advantages over traditional innerspring mattresses, but what about foam mattresses? Well, while well-made polyurethane foam and hybrid mattresses have the comparable pressure relief and motion isolation features, hybrids have the edge in at least one area—staying cool at night.

Traditional memory foam mattresses have a habit of retaining body heat due to the way the foam is structured, its density leaving little room for airflow. With a top foam layer to the foam base, heat can have a difficult time escaping the bed. Hybrid mattresses make heat dispersion easier with their roomy pocketed coils.

Hybrid Mattress Pros

  • Thick foam top prevents pressure build-up in the body
  • Coil base promotes airflow through the mattress
  • Responsive bounce with minimal motion transfer

Cons of a Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses aren’t perfect, the same as any mattress type. There is a list of drawbacks that shoppers should keep in mind as they consider hybrid mattresses.

What stops most shoppers from trying a hybrid mattress is the average price tag. As we mentioned previously, many models cost upwards of $1000 for the larger sizes. 

There’s also the typical weight of a hybrid mattress. The springs and thick foam tops can establish a heavy mattress that’s inconvenient to set up and move. For many, a hybrid’s heavy nature may be a minor inconvenience. People with movement difficulties may find it challenging to change the sheets on a hybrid mattress or regularly rotate it.

Lastly, the coils that support the bed can have a variable life expectancy, depending on their thickness and craftsmanship. The average hybrid mattress lasts about 7 years, which does fall short of the 8 or more years you can expect from a well-made memory foam mattress and the 10+ years a natural latex mattress provides.

And as the coils wear out and begin to sag, the bed loses much of its comfort and support. It’s not uncommon for a sleeper to wake up sore and aching after resting on an aging mattress. Plus, you might have a difficult time falling asleep if the coils are so old they’ve started squeaking under movements.

Hybrid Mattress Cons

  • High prices
  • Heavy and potentially hard to move
  • Coils may squeak or sag with age

Memory Foam vs. Hybrids vs. Innerspring vs. Latex: Which is best?

Hybrid mattresses are an excellent type of mattress, but that’s not the same as being the only one worth considering. There are three other common mattress types — memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattresses.

Memory Foam vs. Hybrids

Memory foam mattresses are popular because they conform to the body’s curves, easing pressure points that can build up over time. This quality is due to the material’s pressure and temperature sensitivity.

While many hybrid mattresses contain a top layer of memory foam, a classic memory foam mattress will feel different from a memory foam hybrid. A memory foam mattress tends to hug the body closer and lets the sleeper sink into the bed, while the bouncy coils of a hybrid promote a more “on top of the mattress” feel.

One of the other more significant differences between a memory foam and a hybrid mattress is the price tag. Memory foam mattresses are available at all prices, so people living on a limited budget often choose an inexpensive yet comfortable memory foam mattress when they need a new bed.

Latex vs. Hybrids

An all-natural latex mattress is one of the longest-lasting mattresses, with many models comfortably lasting around two decades. Latex is a more buoyant material than memory foam, though like memory foam, it conforms to the body. 

Like hybrid mattresses, latex mattresses are an expensive type because of their high production costs. Some shoppers do find the price worth the expected durability, but others may pass and choose a less costly memory foam bed that provides similar amounts of comfort. Latex is also a heavy material, which can make an all-latex mattress challenging to move.

It’s important to look at the details of a latex mattress because there are natural and synthetic varieties. A synthetic latex mattress has a much shorter lifespan and is far less eco-friendly than a genuine latex mattress.

Innerspring vs. Hybrids

Traditional innerspring mattresses are the other “parent” behind the modern hybrid mattress, along with foam beds. They have been around for decades and consist of a simple design, containing a coil layer sandwiched between cushioning materials.

The coil system inside a traditional innerspring mattress differs from what you would find in a hybrid. Many basic innersprings contain unwrapped coils that are interconnected, letting movements ripple across the surface. Couples may find that sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress leads to one partner disturbing the other during the night.

An innerspring mattress also tends to have thinner comfort layers than a hybrid mattress. This feature is particularly uncomfortable for side sleepers, who need a thick cushion to relieve pressure points in their shoulders and hips. When it comes to bouncy mattresses suitable for side sleeping, we always point to hybrid mattresses instead of traditional innerspring beds.

Choosing the Right Firmness Level

Finding the right mattress firmness is a vital part of experiencing a good night’s rest. Sleeping on a too-firm or too-soft mattress is one of the more reasons people wake up with sore backs and other aches and pains. 

What complicates the search is that there is no such thing as a “bad” firmness level. The best firmness for one sleeper is the wrong firmness for another and vice versa. To choose the right firmness level, it’s essential to understand how to judge firmness based on your sleep style and body type.

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position affects how pressure is distributed across the body, determining which areas require more support to prevent aches and pains. Because of this, every sleeping position has a firmness range that particularly suits its needs.

When it comes to side sleeping, pressure tends to concentrate in the shoulders and hips. A good mattress for side sleepers features a softer feel to create a conforming surface. We would recommend mattresses with a soft, medium-soft, or medium feel. You may also see mattresses suitable for side sleeping categorized as “plush” instead of “soft.”

Back sleepers require a relatively even surface to keep the spine in its neutral alignment. A medium-firm to firm mattress can be a good choice, though many back sleepers enjoy a medium mattress with responsive support.

Stomach sleepers are the style with the highest risk of spinal misalignment. When you lie on your stomach, gravity is likely to push your belly into the mattress. A surface with little give prevents this sinkage, which is why we recommend firm mattresses for stomach sleeping.

Combination sleepers switch between two or all three positions. Since they shift throughout the night, the mattress needs to be able to keep up with their movements. Hybrid mattresses are excellent for combination sleepers because they promote buoyancy, keeping the sleeper on top of the mattress for easy movements. We suggest medium feel hybrids to adequately provide for all sleeping positions.

Body Type

Your body’s size and shape is a crucial factor because it affects how much you push down the mattress’s surface. This determines how quickly the bed conforms to your body, in turn influencing how the bed feels. 

For example, a mattress on the firmer end of the spectrum can feel softer to a plus-size person due to how much they press down on the surface. The pressure of their body causes a firm bed to conform quicker than it would to a smaller individual.

Conversely, petite sleepers may find the typical mattress for their sleeping feels too firm because of how little pressure they place on the bed. Smaller sleepers often find the most comfortable mattress for them in the softer end of their sleeping range.

More Buying Considerations

We’ve discussed what firmness and type to consider as you shop for the best mattress. However, when it comes to hybrid mattresses, there are a few additional things to consider, such as how you can judge the foam and coils, where to buy a hybrid mattress, and what base you should pair with your hybrid.

About Hybrid Mattress Foam Density and ILD

Foam density and ILD are technical elements that contribute to a mattress’s comfort and durability. Many shoppers get by and find their perfect mattress without considering these traits, but complete knowledge of a mattress’s inner workings gives you the best idea of how it will feel and hold up.

You may be familiar with the definition of density, but as a reminder, it’s essentially a measurement of how much matter occupies a given space. When it comes to foam in mattresses, density is an expression of the pounds of foam per cubic foot. This measurement gives an idea of how heavy and sturdy the foam is.

Naturally, the more matter contained in a given area, the heavier it is. So high-density foam can make a mattress quite cumbersome to lift. However, the added material can also help the mattress stand up better to extended use.

Some people confuse density with firmness and think that a higher density automatically means more firmness, but that’s not strictly the case. While it would be incorrect to say density cannot impact firmness, it’s far from a perfect 1:1 relationship.

Some of the best soft mattresses have higher-density foam layers for durability. Conversely, there are also firm mattresses with low-density foams to save on production costs.

Indentation load deflection, commonly shortened to ILD, is a measure of how a foam compresses under weight. Again, while ILD can give an idea of firmness, with higher numbers possibly indicating a firmer feel, it’s not a perfect indicator of firmness. 

How ILD is measured can vary by manufacturer. Plus, the ILD only gives a sense of how a single foam layer reacts and not how the mattress as a whole adapts to compression.

About Coil Gauge and Coil Counts

While density and ILD are ways to judge a hybrid’s foam layers, coil gauge and coil counts give you a better idea of how the support core will feel. Not only that, but these two qualities can also determine the hybrid mattress’s overall durability.

Coil gauge refers to the thickness of the wire that makes up a coil. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the coil is. Thicker coils are more durable, but thinner coils can provide better contouring. It’s common for manufacturers to use a mix of coils with different gauges to offer more responsive support and to establish firmer sides with thicker coils along the edges.

Coil count is, as the term suggests, the number of coils inside the mattress. Naturally, too few coils can mean the mattress feels unsupportive. The exact number of coils needed depends on the mattress size and the precise setup of the coil system.

Where to Find a Hybrid Mattress

While it is perfectly possible to find a local mattress showroom with a selection of hybrid mattresses, for the best deals and broadest selection we suggest online shopping.

The best online mattresses usually have lower prices than what you would find in stores for a similar mattress. This is mainly because online retailers have fewer overhead costs to meet, and they usually choose to pass the savings onto the consumer.

Plus, it’s hard to beat the convenience of ordering online and having a bed delivered right to your home. Most online companies sell mattresses in a box, where the mattresses are safely compressed by machines, then rolled up and slipped inside a relatively small box. 

This trick keeps a mattress from taking up too much space inside a delivery vehicle. The best mattresses in a box are quick to regain their shape once you take them out of the package.

Hybrid mattresses can be compressed without damage due to their design, as can latex and memory foam mattresses.

Some shoppers may hesitate at buying a mattress they’ve never seen, let alone tried out. This is why most online mattresses include a lengthy sleep trial that gives you a few months to test the mattress at home. If you find it’s not for you after testing it out, you can usually return the mattress for a full refund.

Do You Have the Proper Bed Base?

If you’re switching from an innerspring mattress to a hybrid, it’s essential to check if your current bed frame can sufficiently support the mattress. While both are spring mattresses, hybrid mattresses require a different kind of support due to how the interior springs are spaced and the foam base.

Traditional innerspring mattresses benefit from being paired with a box spring. The coils inside a box spring line up with the ones inside an innerspring mattress, deepening its bounce and shock absorption capabilities. However, a hybrid mattress can sag prematurely if it is placed on a box spring.

Instead, we recommend platform bed frames with solid or slatted surfaces, as well as traditional bed frames with close-set slats. The slats inside a bed frame should be no more than 3 inches apart—if the slats are too far apart, parts of the mattress may sink and stretch the bed out of shape.

You can also supplement a hybrid mattress with one of the best adjustable beds on the market. In fact, if you’re interested in pairing a bouncy mattress with an adjustable bed, we can only recommend hybrid mattresses. The coils inside an innerspring mattress may bend out of shape if paired with an adjustable bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hybrid mattresses need a box spring?

No, you do not need to keep a hybrid mattress on a box spring as you would with a conventional innerspring mattress. A hybrid mattress’s interior springs are set too close together for a box spring’s coils to support them. 

When it comes to hybrid mattresses, we suggest solid or slatted surfaces for consistent support. If you choose bed slats, check that they are no more than 3 inches apart.

What are the benefits of a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are popular for their cool and conforming design that promotes comfort. They combine elements of innerspring and foam mattresses, yet many sleepers consider a hybrid mattress an improvement on both designs.

A hybrid mattress offers more cushion than a traditional innerspring mattress, thanks to its thick foam top. The coils inside a hybrid mattress also tend to withstand wear and tear better than conventional innerspring coils. Meanwhile, a hybrid mattress naturally does a better job of keeping cool than a foam mattress, thanks to its coil base.

Are hybrid mattresses cool?

Yes, hybrids are usually some of the cooler mattresses on the market. Their coil support system leaves more space for air circulation than a layer of sturdy, dense foam. Many also feature comfort foams with cooling infusions or added ventilation for better heat dissipation. 

To literally top it all off, cooling mattress manufacturers may wrap the hybrid’s layers in a breathable cover fabric for a consistent surface temperature.

What is the best hybrid mattress for the money?

Finding the right hybrid mattress for the money means focusing on its expected value and not just its price. A good hybrid mattress with lots of value will feature durable materials for long-lasting support and comfort. Manufacturers such as Vaya, Amerisleep, Zoma, GhostBed, and more understand the importance of offering high-quality mattresses at affordable prices.

We also recommend hybrid mattresses that include free shipping and full refunds to keep you from incurring additional charges.

Are hybrid mattresses good for back pain?

Yes, hybrid mattresses are some of the most comfortable mattresses for your back. The thick foam comfort layer molds to the curves of your back and hips, decreasing the tension build-up that can erupt into back pain. 

The pocketed coils contour to the back as well, providing support and pressure relief. Some hybrid mattresses even include targeted lumbar support for greater relief.

Last Note on Hybrids

Hybrid mattresses are shooting up in popularity thanks to their mix of features, such as being bouncy yet cushioning or offering a natural coolness. You can search for the perfect hybrid mattress without ever leaving your home by browsing a selection of online retailers or stick to our top-tier recommendations for streamlined shopping.

Remember, considering what firmness will best match your sleep style is a crucial part of choosing the right hybrid mattress, as is picking a hybrid with a good sleep trial to let you decide if the bed is right for you or not.

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