Best HHC Carts: Buy HHC Vape Cartridges From Top Online HHC Brands Of 2022 

There is a new vape in town, taking the smokers’ world by storm. HHC carts or hexa-hydrocannabinol cartridges have come to save those bored with the usual variants of cannabis-such as delta-9 THC and CBD. 

However, HHC is suffering from the same fate that every new product in town goes through. Information about the exciting cannabinoid product is not available as it has freshly arrived in the market. Even worse, thousands of wild opinions are roaming the internet. Some of which are ill-researched and often outright false. 

We have researched for a long time, fact-checked claims about HHC carts, and only then did we arrive at the best brands in this category. We will also guide you to choose the best HHC carts and answer your questions about the product.

Top 4 Best Brands of HHC Carts On The Market: 

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best HHC Carts & Vape Cartridges; Editor’s Pick
  2. HollyweedCBD – Most Potent HHC Cannabinoids & HHC Cartridges 
  3. Delta Extrax – Popular HHC Vape Carts Of Hemp Market
  4. Diamond CBD – Top Hemp Brand For HHC Vape & Carts

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks: 

#1. Exhale WellnessOverall Best HHC Carts & Vape Cartridges; Editor’s Pick

Exhale Wellness, a well-known brand in the delta-8 THC space, has recently released HHC cartridges. The company is located in Los Angeles, California, and entered the cannabis business based on years of experience in organic food. 

If you have heard about their products before, go for their HHC cartridges without hesitation. The carts have the same quality as their previous offerings. In addition, they have a lot of safeguards in place to protect your health. Their carts come in three flavors — Sour Candy, Pineapple Express, and Purple Space. 

Exhale offers a Certificate of Analysis on all potent HHC carts, ensuring that the product is safe to consume. Also, they offer an array of hemp products available in the HHC compound. So, they have mastered this segment, making it a dependable brand. 


The company has a better understanding of the hemp plant, given its background in farming. As a result, they know better methods to extract the therapeutic qualities of hemp. 

Their delta-8 products are one of the best HHC vapes in the market. So given that HHC is a relatively new product, it is better to buy from proven potency rather than experiment. 

A third-party lab tests every product they release, and the reports are available on their website. The quality testing report issued by the lab contains the list of ingredients and their composition, making this a safe brand. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness


  • Ingredients are vegan and do not contain dairy, gluten, or artificial colors
  • U.S. hemp-grown HHC extract
  • Free shipping to all locations within the U.S.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Timely delivery

Customer Reviews 

Exhale’s HHC carts are their latest launch, so specific reviews have not come in yet. However, users’ thoughts about their cartridge system and the flavors are abundant. Users appreciated the high quality of the vapes in general. In addition, they were pleased that the brand informed everything beforehand, and they felt safe using it. The carts helped them calm their nerves and cheer up after a hard day at work. 

Many customers pointed out that the cartridges tasted better than expected. Especially the Sour Candy flavor was a hit among the consumers. 

#2. Hollyweed CBDMost Potent HHC Cannabinoids & HHC Cartridges

Hollyweed is the smoothest and the most consistent brand in the market. If you like the taste and the feel once, you can keep buying them for the nature of the product never changes. 

Such quality comes in handy when you experiment with a new product such as HHC. There are very few reviews about how HHC feels when you inhale, so a consistent product will help you appreciate it better. 


Hollyweed is probably the best in business to relieve anxiety and stiffness in the muscles. It has calming and similar effects on your body, reducing the day’s stress. In addition, you might manage pain through regular use. 

It also has a consistent taste and smell. This became possible due to a streamlined production process with ingredients bought from the exact location, making it smell and taste the same every time you use it. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD


  • About 30 seconds after inhalation, you can feel the effects
  • Very potent effects
  • 30-day refund
  • Lab sheets present on the site
  • Attentive customer service department


  • Shipment delay on holidays

Customer Reviews 

As Hollyweed has just ventured into the HHC market, specific reviews about the product are unavailable. However, the brand has been widely accepted as among the best for hemp-based products. 

In general, buyers appreciated the customer service department who was responsive. They attended to all the complaints about late delivery and resolved issues quickly.

#3. Delta ExtraxPopular HHC Vape Carts Of Hemp Market

Even though the brand has just entered the HHC cart space, raving reviews about the product have started to come in. The brand is famous because of the number of ingredients they use in their HHC carts. 

Specific reviews about each product are available, so we can know what to expect. That is what makes this brand the most valuable in the HHC cart market. Not many brands have been tried and tested as the product is new. So, if you are looking for assurance and want to know about the exact nature of the product, Delta Extrax is the way to go. 


Delta Extrax comes in three flavors — Blue Widow, Cherry Pie, and Straw Nanna. Each flavor has a distinct flavor profile. 

Blue Widow is a hybrid strain of the blueberry and White Widow flavors, which has a pleasant aroma that smells of citrus and pine. The strain is Sativa dominant which gives you an energizing effect. 

Cherry pie is a hybrid strain of Granddaddy Purp and Durban Poison strains. The flavor will mostly be sweet, and you expect a tart taste. It is a mix of both Sativa and Indica. Lastly, Straw Nana is a sweet and fruity flavor, primarily made of the Indica strain enriched with THC-O. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Delta Extrax


  • Independent reviews for each flavor
  • Immediate rush after a few puffs
  • The description of the flavors matches the taste
  • Appropriate amount of high
  • COA available
  • All-natural


  • Weak packaging

Customers Reviews

The Cherry Pie flavor was the most reviewed by customers. The Blue Widow was the second most reviewed flavor, followed by Straw Nana. 

Most of them talked about the long-lasting buzz they got from smooth and small puffs. Many also claimed that the products from this brand help them with their anxiety and arthritis pain. Moreover, customers noted that the familiar burning sensation felt especially by those new to HHC carts was absent. 

#4. Diamond CBD Top Hemp Brand For HHC Vape & Carts

Diamond CBD meets its hemp needs from farms in Kentucky and Colorado. The brand specializes in choosing suitable hemp varieties and subjecting them to a process that maximizes the impact. The Artisan vape carts come with 900 mg of HHC, which lasts long. 

Diamond CBD has a large team consisting of doctors and agriculturists who strive hard to give the best hemp available in the market today. These professionals are given specific tasks and take care of different stages of production. Thus, quality is maintained at each step of the process, ensuring a pure and high-quality final product.  


Cannabinoids derived from hemp and built with CBD (cannabidiol) as a base are the primary ingredient in these vape cartridges. Diamond CBD interacts peculiarly with your endocannabinoid system. This system in our body influences appetite, the sensation of pain, mood swings, and even memory. So, the HHC cart offered by this brand directly manipulates the system and helps in soothing your nerves and making you appear relaxed. 

The website is very user-friendly and has a lot of features to help you navigate better. The site mentions that Artisan HHC vape carts contain 900 mg of oil mixed with cannabis-derived terpenes or natural terpenes or strain-specific terpenes.

If you visit the site, you’ll find a lab sheet as well. This sheet shows all the tests done and that the product contains less than 0.3% THC in all the products. Moreover, you’ll also know that the products are safe from toxins and heavy metals.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD


  • Smooth tinctures in the HHC Vapes, intended to diagnose/treat stress
  • Sustainable hemp
  • Save 60% on subscription
  • Third-party tested
  • The HHC Vape cartridge is available in Grape Ape flavor and Blue Dream
  • The cartridge won’t clog quickly
  • Express delivery option and a 30-day return policy


  • Some consumers complained about not feeling the effects quick enough

Customer Reviews

The hemp-derived HHC carts were a recent launch, with only a few customer reviews available specifically for each product. However, Diamond CBD is well known for its delta-8 products. Customers, in general, were thrilled by the frequent offers and sales offered by the company leading to cheaper HHC products. 

How We Chose The Best HHC Vape Cartridge Of Hemp Industry:

After passing stringent criteria, each brand mentioned in the article made the final list. 

  • Brand

As HHC has entered the market recently, it is better to go for proven talent. So, the first thing we looked at was how the company has performed with its earlier releases. Next, we checked whether the customers were happy with their Delta-8 products. 

We thoroughly read the information posted by the HHC brands on their websites and social media and ignored those that did not have a site. It helped us understand where they procured their ingredients and their production process, also the brand reputation.

  • Reviews 

While HHC cannabinoids are new, reviews of specific products have started coming in. Reviews for the HHC carts are available on YouTube, Reddit, and other independent platforms. We sifted through them and noted them down in the review section of the products so that you can make a well-informed decision.

We read many customer reviews from independent websites to impartially select the best brands in the market. However, we did consider the customer thoughts listed on the brands’ websites. 

  • Customer Service 

It is natural not to trust the product when buying a new commodity. Also, each consumer’s taste will differ. A product adored by some may find no takers among the others. 

Thus, it becomes crucial to have a customer service department that responds to queries. So, we chose those brands which quickly answered buyers’ questions and attended to their issues. More importantly, we chose those with a money-back guarantee and promised faster delivery. 

  • Proper Testing

Sometimes, producers with in-house testing mechanisms may alter the results to suit their needs. Thus, it becomes vital that we only choose the brands which will send their product for third-party labs to get them tested. So, we picked the brands which did that. 

Also, each product should accompany a detailed lab report which will list the ingredients used in them. It should be dated and signed by the lab which tested them. In this way, we will know that it is genuine. 

  • Ingredients 

As you will inhale the product, it is crucial to make sure that the ingredients do not contain harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, sometimes, some firms may use banned chemicals during the preparation process to increase the impact or enhance the product’s shelf life. Understandably, we ignored the brands which included such questionable substances. Only the brands with Controlled Substances, sanctioned by controlled substances act, are included.

  • Feel and Variety

The impact and feel of the HHC cart are of prime importance, deciding whether a product is a hit or a miss. Suppose a product does not work as intended. In that case, it does not matter, even if they have a stellar customer service department. 

So, we carefully observed the reactions recorded by consumers on various platforms to check whether the product was working as advertised. Also, the brand should offer a variety of flavors to satisfy customers with varied tastes. 

  • Pricing

As HHC is a reasonably new product, brands mustn’t charge a truckload of money. Therefore, we only chose forge hemp products that offered heavy discounts or the best prices in the first place. 

Buying Guide – Best HHC Brands For HHC Vape Carts

As we have been saying from the start, HHC has hit the market only in the past year. So even your friends and colleagues are just experiencing the stuff for the first time. This is why you need to know what to check for before buying a product.

  • First-Hand Information

Don’t blindly believe in what your friends say. Do your research before settling on a brand. Ask your friend for the source of information and check it out. 

It is probably safe to start if several articles quote a particular brand among their “best” list. However, go through several such articles before deciding on one. Also, once you pick a brand, visit their website and go through their offerings. So, in essence, be patient, don’t order a product immediately.

  • Safety Comes First 

You must know whether a brand is using any banned compounds. Have a glance at the lab report and go through the ingredients. If even one of them sounds alarming, google and find out the nature of the compound. Your health comes first. 

If the company claims that they are testing their products in-house, avoid them. Instead, go for companies that send their products to labs outside their circle of influence. 

  • Read the Reviews

Before ordering, try to go through the reviews for the specific product you intend to buy. Sometimes, product-specific reviews may not exist for fresh products like HHC carts. In such cases, you can look at reviews for the brand’s other best HHC carts as the delivery system mostly remains the same. 

Ensure that you read the reviews on an independent platform. For instance, if a blog mentions both the pros and cons of an article, they are probably genuine. On the other hand, if a website only lists the advantages of a product, then tread cautiously. 

  • Try a Few 

Don’t buy HHC & other cannabinoids in bulk. Always order just one or a few and try before going for more. Also, try multiple flavor options before choosing one for long-term use. Each variety has its advantages, so don’t hurry to settle. 

  • Don’t Fall for Traps

Some brands advertise that their products cannot be detected by drug tests. Don’t fall for these claims blindly. Instead, read the consumer review section to see if someone has recounted an experience to validate the claim. Maybe what they claim is true, but better to be safe than sorry. 

Some brands advertise that their HHC vape carts take just one or two inhalations for effect to kick in. That claim might be accurate, but again, read the independent reviews to check the claim’s integrity. 

  • Quality of the Base

The hemp plant used for creating your HHC vape cartridge should come from a trusted source. First, try to find out whether the origin of the plant is within the United States. Good quality hemp will enhance the effect and reduce the risk of getting poisoned from low-quality pesticides. 

FAQs Regarding HHC Vape Cartridges & HHC Vapes

Q1. What is HHC? 

Hexahydrocannabinol, or HHC, is a cannabinoid found in hemp plants. However, it constitutes less than 1% of the plant. So, to manufacture it in large quantities, they break delta-8’s structure and replace it with hydrogen atoms, resulting in HHC. 

Q2. How is HHC different from delta-8 and delta-9? 

They all belong to the same family. However, the feel and taste differ vastly due to small molecular changes. In terms of potency, HHC is somewhere between delta-8 and delta-9. However, due to the placement of the hydrogen atoms, HHC has a higher shelf life and preserves the strength for a more extended period than the other two. 

Q3. How to dose HHC?

It depends on what you expect from the product. If you want to reach the peak quickly, you can always go for a higher dosage. 

However, be careful! It’s a new compound, and you are most probably trying it out for the first time. Start inhaling it in smaller doses. After a couple of inhalations, please wait for some time for it to kick in. Depending on your capacity, HHC cannabinoid will either take you to the next level in just two to three puffs or may take longer. So, experiment with smaller doses and figure it out yourself. 

Q4. Is HHC legal?

Yes, it is legal. It is naturally occurring, and by extension, all the products built around can be sold and mailed in the United States. However, do check your state laws before purchasing since some states have their own rules.

Q5. How do you feel after taking HHC? 

It stimulates your body and mind and will have a soothing effect on the nerves. There will be minor changes to the heart rate. Sometimes, even your body’s temperature will undergo some changes. However, once the effects kick in, you will feel euphoric. 

Q6. Are there any health benefits of HHC? 

If taken in the right quantities, HHC cannabinoid will help you manage chronic pain and help you sleep better. HHC will help you prevent vomiting and relieve nausea if you have motion sickness. In general, it enables any person to calm down and help with their anxiety issues. 

Q7. What to avoid after consuming HHC?

Don’t operate heavy machinery after consuming HHC. Try not to drive immediately after inhaling it, especially if you are inexperienced. 

HHC can have varied side effects depending on how your body receives it. For example, you might feel dizzy and confused immediately after consuming it. However, such effects will go away if you start using regularly. In addition, you might feel hungry more often. Nevertheless, most of these are temporary. 

Final Thoughts – Best HHC Vape Cartridge Of Hemp Market

HHC is an exceptional cannabinoid that will help you escape the tried and tested taste of conventional hemp-based extracts. HHC Vape Cartridge is the best and the safest way to consume them. If you use it regularly in proper doses, it will give you the desired effect. 

You need to research and choose the best HHC Carts. Make sure to try at least four to five brands and flavors before deciding to settle with one. 

Finally, as it is a new product, companies are still in experimental mode. As a result, there are only a few reviews on the internet about hemp-derived HHC products. So, make sure to review the products you try. In this way, the pros and cons of all HHC products will be available in the public domain soon.

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