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Hangovers are an inevitable part of drinking. Whether you drink occasionally or regularly, waking up in the morning feeling rough is something most of us experience.

Hangover pills are natural supplements that are designed to support your liver process alcohol more efficiently, as well as neutralize the by-products of alcohol metabolism.

Nowadays, you’ll find so many options out there so it can be difficult to choose which hangover pill is actually the best for your needs.

In this article, we’re going to review the top products on the market right now based on the ingredients, company reputations, and effectiveness.

At the end of this review, we explain in detail how hangover pills work and the best ingredients to look out for. So, if you’re interested in the science, make sure to read on to the end.

With that said, let’s get straight into our pick of the best hangover pills.

5 best hangover pills

  1. AfterDrink – Best Overall
  2. Cheers
  3. Flyby
  4. Purple Tree
  5. NoDaysWasted

1) AfterDrink – Best overall

AfterDrink is a well-known brand that has gained popularity for having one of the best all-round formulations.

It includes all the top ingredients you’ll want to see in a hangover pill including, Dihydromyricetin (DHM), Milk thistle, B vitamins, Ginseng, NAC, and ginger to name a few.

In fact, AfterDrink contains a total of 23 ingredients that work in harmony to aid recovery from all angles.

All the ingredients are natural and no artificial colors, fillers, or flow agents are used in the manufacturing process.

In addition, all the ingredients are standardized which means whatever dose you see on the label is what you get.

Furthermore, it’s manufactured in the USA in a GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified facility

That’s why for us it ranks in the top spot for the best hangover prevention pill on the market.

How to use AfterDrink

The recommended dose is 3 capsules before your first drink and 3 straight after your last


  • Most effective hangover prevention pill
  • No artificial ingredients
  • High potency standardized ingredients
  • Money-back Guarantee


  • Only available online

Buy AfterDrink from their Official Website

2) Cheers

Cheers used to be called Thrive and were one of the first hangover prevention pills ever on the market.

Their formula is backed by a US-granted patent and boasts the highest amount of DHM in any hangover pill available.

Cheers pills are also backed by a guarantee that you’ll feel at least 50% better after drinking. If you don’t, they’ll refund your money.

How to use Cheers

The manufactures recommended taking between 2 to 4 capsules after your last drink.


  • High DHM dose.
  • No proprietary blend
  • Feel 50% better guarantee


  • Artificial coloring used on capsules

Buy Cheers from their Official Website

3) Flyby

Flyby is one of the top hangover pills on the market and includes most of the ingredients you’ll want to see.

The inspiration behind the formula came about when founder, Eddie Huai, was on a trip to South Korea. Over there, he tried a few hangover prevention products that worked really well.

As a result, he decided to bring the formula back to the US and utilize the traditional herbs used in Asia to create his very own hangover pill.

How to use Flyby

The dosing regimen for Flyby is the same as for AfterDrink. Take 3 capsules before your first drink and 3 after your last.


  • No artificial substances
  • Affordable hangover pill


  • Uses proprietary blend

Buy Flyby from their Official Website

4) Purple Tree

Purple tree is another hangover pill that’s gained popularity over the last few years. That’s because It’s by far the cheapest product on the market so it’s great if you’re on a tight budget.

What’s different about them is that they use willow bark extract in their formulation which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

With a cheaper price point, naturally, some ingredients we normally like to see are missing. This includes vitamin B3, ginseng, ginger, and vitamin C.

How to use Purple Tree

They recommend taking 2 capsules before, during OR right after drinking. In terms of dosing, it’s a little less clear compared to the others in this review so you’ll have to test it yourself to see what works the best for you.


  • Best budget option
  • Natural anti-inflammatories


  • Missing some ingredients
  • Use gelatin capsules that are not suitable for vegetarians/vegans

Buy Purple Tree from their Official Website

5) NoDaysWasted (DHM detox)

Despite being a simple supplement, DHM detox hangover prevention pills have gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

As the name suggests, the formula is built around the key ingredient Dihydromyricetin which we go into more detail about later in this article.

This hangover prevention pill comes in convenient packets that contain two capsules in each. That means you can easily carry them in your bag while out drinking.

How to use NoDaysWasted

The manufactures recommend taking 2 capsules (one packet) during your night out or straight after your last drink.


  • Good value for money
  • Simple dosing
  • Convenient packaging


  • Artificial flow agents used to pack capsules
  • Use a proprietary blend

Buy DHM detox from their Official Website

What to look for in hangover prevention pills

Now that we’ve covered our pick of the best hangover pills on the market, let’s take a closer look at the key ingredients to look out for.

They work by providing your body with natural ingredients that support alcohol metabolism, liver health, and contain antioxidants that clear up free-radicals produced when alcohol is broken down.

For this reason, hangover prevention pills contain a selection of ingredients that address the following aspects separately.

Alcohol metabolism

Dihydromyricetin (DHM): Dihydromyricetin has been shown in animal studies to speed up alcohol metabolism.(1)

Prickly pear extract – Shown in human studies to reduce the severity of hangovers.(2)

Ginseng – Shown in human studies to accelerate alcohol break down.(3)

Support liver health

B vitamins – Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6 are essential cofactors involved in the metabolism of the food and drink we consume. Requirements go up during periods of over-indulgence.(4)

Milk thistle – Used traditionally for centuries as a hangover prevention aid. Studies show that the active ingredient in milk thistle, silymarin, is effective in protecting the liver from toxins.(5)


N-acetyl-cysteine – Also known as NAC, this amino acid is the precursor to glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant.

Vitamin C – Most people associate vitamin C with immune health, however, it’s also an antioxidant that neutralises free-radicals.

Alpha lipoic acid – A well-known antioxidant amino acid.(6)

Ginger – The active ingredient in ginger is called gingerol. It’s one of the best known natural anti-nausea remedies around.

With the science out the way, let’s dive straight into how hangover prevention pills work.

Do hangover pills work?

So, do the hangover prevention pills mentioned in this article actually work?

The simple answer is, yes, they can help in reducing the severity of hangover symptoms. With that said, they are not hangover cures and they will not completely prevent hangovers.

Ultimately, alcohol has so many negative effects on the body that no single product is ever going to completely mitigate its action.

The best way to prevent a hangover is to drink less alcohol. Hangover prevention pills work by supporting recovery to a certain extent. And none of the products in this article claim to be a cure.

Therefore, if you’re expecting to wake up hangover-free, you will be disappointed.

Who should use a hangover prevention pill, and why?

Everyone suffers from hangovers differently. It’s estimated that up to 20% of people don’t even get hangovers.

Generally speaking, it’s fair to say that for most of us, hangovers get much worse when we hit our 30’s. Over this age, even a couple of drinks is enough to negatively impact your energy levels and ability to concentrate the next day.

This is around the time when the benefits of hangover pills are seen the most. They are designed for those of us that are starting to feel the effects of drinking small amounts of alcohol as we get older. At this point, they are the perfect addition to your recovery ritual.

Hangover pills are not a “get out of jail free” card. Therefore, if you’re planning on getting wasted, these products may not make much of a difference.

How to use hangover prevention pills

The hangover pills in this article are all designed to be taken before, during, or straight after your last drink. If you forget to take this dose and wake up in the morning hungover, It’s too late.

The reason being, the nutrients in hangover pills need to work while alcohol is still in your system to support metabolism and normal liver function.

Aside from following the instructions on the product packaging, you’ll still need to take all the standard precautions when it comes to drinking alcohol. These include avoiding eating on an empty stomach and drinking enough water.

Things to consider when looking for a hangover prevention pill

With so many hangover prevention pills on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Aside from the ingredients, which is by far the most important factor, there are some other things you may also want to consider:

  • Is the product easy to travel with?
    Holidays are probably the time when you’re most likely to make use of hangover prevention pills. Can you easily pack your hangover pills with you in your suitcase? What’s the size of the packaging? Does it come in handy packets? Although you may not think of these questions now, these are all things to consider when choosing which hangover prevention pill to invest in.
  • Is the dosing easy to follow?
    Some of the hangover pills on the market require you to take a different number of pills depending on the number of drinks you have. Obviously, it’s not ideal to track this while on a night out.
  • Try to avoid proprietary blends
    Unfortunately, lots of manufactures use proprietary blends in their formulation. It’s a way of cutting corners to produce a cheaper product. It’s also a way of manufactures hiding exactly how much of each ingredient is included. Knowing exactly what the doses are is important because it determines whether a hangover pill is going to be effective or not.
  • Avoid stimulants
    None of the products in our list of best hangover pills contain stimulants like caffeine. However, there are several products out there that do. It’s a cheap way to boost energy levels. But high doses of caffeine can exacerbate dehydration and make you feel jittery and on edge. All of which is not ideal when hungover.

Are hangover prevention pills safe?

The hangover prevention pills mentioned in this article are made from natural ingredients that are regarded as safe for consumption in dietary supplements.

We’ve specifically avoided products that contain stimulants or medicinal compounds which are much more likely to give side-effects.

Nevertheless, it’s always possible to have a reaction to particular ingredients. So, if you experience any side-effects, stop taking the product and discuss it with your doctor.

It’s also essential that you read the ingredients label carefully to make sure it doesn’t contain anything that you are known to be allergic to.

Conclusion – What is the best hangover prevention pill?

Hangover pills are becoming really popular nowadays. Everyone is on the lookout for something natural that will reduce the severity of their hangover symptoms.

Thankfully, we now have natural options to help support your recovery and we’ve covered some of the top hangover products on the market right now.

All the hangover prevention products in this article are good options. But for us, the best one is AfterDrink. The formulation is well rounded, it doesn’t contain artificial fillers, it’s made in the USA and is ultimately the most effective.

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