Best Gold Investment Companies List Unveiled for 2022

Disclosure: Select companies listed here may provide compensation to, a leading gold investment newsletter and financial journal. This is how we maintain our free service for consumers. Extensive research goes into our financial reports in compiling this list.

As far as investing is concerned, many people focus on the stock market as their main investing vehicle. It’s true that this is a good option but it’s only one option of many that are available to everyone.  After the recent inflation reports, our advisors encourage Americans to seriously consider adding commodities such as precious metals to their retirement portfolio.   Our staff has extensively researched the precious metals space and recently updated our list of the top gold investment companies of 2022.

By investing in silver and gold and other precious metals, you can spread out your investment risk and add further stability to your portfolio in case the stock market were to crash. This stability comes whether you open a self-directed IRA or were you to personally invest in precious metals.

If there is a major stock market crash prior to your retirement, and you need access to your money fast, you’ll definitely have to incur losses and significant drawdowns. But if you have precious metals propping up your portfolio, your overall losses wouldn’t be nearly as devastating as they would be if you were solely invested in the stock market.

Precious metals companies provide the fastest and easiest way to begin investing while adding diversity to your portfolio. They make it possible to quickly and easily buy palladium, silver, platinum, and gold coins and bars. A number of these companies even have the option for their customers to invest in cryptocurrencies. If you would prefer or physically owning gold coins and bars that you buy and store at home, there are even investment companies that will sell you physical precious metals. They will deliver them directly to your door, office, or anywhere else you deem fit. Otherwise, there are many different companies that help investors diversify their retirement portfolio with a self-directed gold IRA, in which the investments are stored in an IRS approved depository.

There are more and more gold ira companies to choose from these days, which makes it very hard for brand-new investors to pick wisely when they get overwhelmed by the massive amount of choices. Competition is healthy in any industry, and it’s very fierce in the gold investments industry, which we feel is a good thing as it keeps every company on their toes.  

Our Best Gold Investment Companies List

We recently unveiled our list of the best gold investment companies, and this was after an exhaustive search through third party files, consumer sentiment, longevity, analysis of fees, and of course, most importantly, polling consumer reviews.  


goldco ira

What We Like about this gold ira company:

  •   Their selection of gold and silver coins and bars is perfect for precious metals IRA accounts
  •   They make the gold IRA rollover process simple and easy to do.
  •   The team members at Goldco are ready and available to provide guidance and assistance to their customers. They are always ready to answer questions during the rollover or setup process as well.
  •   The Better Business Bureau gives Goldco their highest rating: A+

What We Dislike

  •   This excellent company doesn’t sell palladium or platinum for gold IRA customers, but don’t let that stop you from obtaining a free gold investing kit, because 95% of investors don’t have an interest in those metals.  Gold and silver are the top two precious metals investments by a country mile.  

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Goldco is the #1 company on our list even though there is so much wonderful competition in the marketplace. This company has excelled tremendously and received an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. The business consumer alliance gave them their highest AAA rating as well. This tells us that this company is well-established, has an excellent reputation, and remains reliable and trustworthy for their customers.

Their main claim to fame is specializing in silver IRAs and gold IRAs, which is better known as a self-directed precious metals IRA. Adding these investment options to your portfolio provides a tremendous amount of diversity while keeping your wealth safe from the insane volatility of the stock market. Each of these investments in silver and gold are popular and quite lucrative. The value of these investments tends to increase when the economy and stock market are in trouble, like they are right now.

Silver and gold precious metals have a high demand because they are used in industries like the tech industry, medical industry, and the manufacturing industry. This means these commodities have a real-world use as well as being valuable for their monetary worth as investments. And the need for these commodities will grow and grow in the future as our society becomes more advanced from a technological standpoint. When it’s time to retire or you decide to sell your gold or silver to cash in, you’ll see how easy it is to sell your investments. Unlike real estate and other investments that are difficult to sell, it’s very easy to liquidate precious metals for the going market rate because they are in such high demand.

This company specializes in helping their customers with opening and funding self-directed IRA accounts. This is a different avenue of investing besides purchasing stocks and bonds. It’s a fairly simple process to set up a self-directed gold IRA that includes:

Visit the Goldco website and fill out the online application. This makes it possible to open a precious metals IRA account. Next, you should pick the option you intend to use when funding your account. This can happen via rollover or transfer. Once Goldco has your funding and deposits it into your account, you can start purchasing gold and silver investments.

You have the option to purchase coins or bars made of silver or gold for your precious metals IRA. The minimum purity level requirement for gold purchases is 99.5%, based on rules created by the IRS. As long as your investments meet these purity levels, you can add them to your precious metals IRA.

The best gold investments include:

  •   Gold American Eagle Coins
  •   Gold American Buffalo Coins
  •   Gold Bull Deal American Coins
  •   Gold Lucky Dragon Coins
  •   Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  •   Gold Royal Mint Lunar Series – Year of the Monkey Coins from 2016
  •   Gold Royal Mint Lunar Series – Year of the Rooster Coins from 2017
  •   Gold Royal Mint Lunar Series – Year of the Dog Coins from 2018
  •   Gold Royal Mint Lunar Series – Year of the Pig Coins from 2019
  •   Gold Saltwater Crocodile Australian Coins
  •   Gold Eagle American Proof Coins

At Goldco, customers can invest in different options like PAMP Suisse gold bars or other investments from the Perth Mint. Plus, they also sell a wide array of silver investment opportunities which are perfect for precious metals IRA account investors. The silver investments are an additional way to add even more diversity to your portfolio once you begin investing in silver and gold.

The IRS has specific rules for those who intend to invest in silver for a precious metals IRA. The silver investments must remain 99.9% pure to qualify for an IRA account. There are many wonderful silver coins and bars with IRS approval that you can choose from as a Goldco customer. 

A brief list of some of their top silver IRA investments include:

  •   Silver American Eagle Coin
  •   Silver American Eagle Coin
  •   Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  •   Silver Lucky Dragon Coin
  •   Silver WWII Victory Coin
  •   Silver WWI Coin
  •   Silver Saltwater Crocodile Australian Point
  •   Silver American Eagle Proof Coins
  •   Silver Britannia Royal Mint Lunar Series – Year of the RAM Coins from 2015
  •   Silver Britannia Royal Mint Lunar Series – Year of the Monkey Coins from 2016
  •   Silver Britannia Royal Mint Lunar Series – Year of the Rooster Coins from 2017
  •   Silver Britannia Royal Mint Lunar Series – Year of the Dog Coins from 2018
  •   Silver Britannia Royal Mint Lunar Series – Year of the Pig Coins from 2019

Goldco provides their customers with assistance when setting up their brand-new server self-directed IRA accounts. If you already have an IRA account in existence, this company will help you with a rollover so that it becomes a precious metals IRA. Rollovers are permitted with a few different types of retirement accounts, so you can quickly raise the funds over into a self-directed IRA from your already existing IRA account. Ask one of the team members at Goldco to begin the rollover process on your behalf or to find out if you are eligible for this type of account funding.

If you open a silver or gold IRA account through Goldco, you will experience the wonderful tax benefits that are made available to traditional IRA account holders as well. And you have the opportunity to contribute $6000 per year to your account to help your investments grow if you are younger than 50 years old. If you are 50 years old or older, you can contribute $7000 per year in this account. And you’re allowed to begin withdrawing from this account penalty free once you’ve reached 59 ½ years old.

To find out more about Goldco and to learn about their gold IRA account setup process and more, please stop by their website and request their free precious metals buyers guide. This guide will provide lots of knowledge and insight into setting up your account, funding it, and choosing the right investments. You’ll learn a tremendous amount of information very quickly in this condensed and value-packed report.

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Augusta Precious Metals

augusta la

What We Like about this gold ira company:

  •   The precious metals IRA account setup process is easy and their team is ready to assist you
  •   They sell a wide range of gold and silver products for IRA investing and personal investing
  •   They have numerous storage options for precious metals IRA account holders

—> Visit their official website.

What We Dislike

  •   They only share their list of IRA approved precious metals coins to customers who contact them via phone or email

Augusta Precious Metals is a very reliable company to say the least. They are a great choice to work with if you decide to invest in precious metals to secure your retirement future. They have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and other high marks from companies like Google, Facebook, the Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustlink.

Customer service as their main claim to fame and it’s something they take really seriously. They have a great staff in place to make sure their customers have the best possible experience when doing business with them. They also focus on customer transparency by making the investment process simple and easy to understand while providing personalized service. This guarantees that they can meet individual clients’ specific needs.

Their main specialty is opening precious metals IRAs and diversifying investments on behalf of their clients. They do this to help prevent portfolio losses when the stock market enters a downturn. They have simplified the account setup process and provide tremendous support to their customers by helping them from beginning to end.

Do you already have an existing retirement account? One of their team members will help you decide if it’s best to rollover or transfer this account into a self-directed IRA.

This phenomenal company has a tremendous selection of silver and gold coins to choose from and they all have IRA approval for your precious metals account. Their selection of silver and gold coins includes the following:

Gold IRA Coins

  •   Gold American Eagle Coins
  •   Gold Eagle Canadian Coins
  •   Gold American Eagle Proof Coins
  •   Gold American Buffalo Coins
  •   Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

Silver IRA Coins

  •   Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  •   Silver Canadian Eagle with Nest Coins
  •   Silver American Eagle Coins
  •   Silver Soaring Eagle Canadian Coins

For account holders of precious metals IRAs, Augusta Precious Metals can connect you with an excellent storage facility in the United States. Their storage options include places like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Bridgewater, Jackson, Wilmington, Salt Lake City, and other US-based locations.

Investors also have an opportunity to purchase silver and gold for their personal investments that have nothing to do with IRA accounts. Investing in these offerings definitely has their benefits and can help you improve your overall bottom line while protecting your portfolio as well.

To begin buying investments from Augusta Precious Metals, you must set up an account on their website and then fund it via rollover or transfer. Afterward, you can begin picking your favorite coins and bars to purchase. You even have a chance to buy premium silver and gold bullion from this company. Some of their best precious metals investments include:

Silver and Gold Bullion Investments

  •   Random Year Silver American Eagle Coins
  •   Gold Bars – 1 Ounce
  •   Gold Bars – 10 Ounces
  •   America the Beautiful Cumberland Gap – 5 Ounces
  •   $1000 Face Value Bag of Silver Coins and 90% Silver
  •   Silver Bars – 100 Ounces
  •   Silver Bars – 10 Ounces

Silver and Gold Premium Investments

  •   Mercury Silver Dime
  •   Ben Franklin Silver Half-Dollar
  •   Morgan Silver Dollar
  •   $5 Golden Liberty Coin
  •   $10 Gold Indian Coin
  •   $20 Saint-Gaudens Coin
  •   Canadian Gold Arctic Fox from 2014 – $10 Coin
  •   Royal Canadian Mint Gold Eagle from 2017 – .25 Ounces
  •   British Gold Standard Coin – .25 Ounces

When you purchase silver and gold from Augusta precious metals, you have access to free insurance and free shipping. They will ship the package to you in discrete and secure packaging for extra protection.

Birch Gold Group

birch la

What We Like about this gold ira company:

  •   Customers can buy precious metals for their IRA accounts or personal investments
  •   They have a team ready to provide account setup assistance and investment advice to all of their clients
  •   The Better Business Bureau gave them an A+ rating

—> Visit Birch Gold for more information.

What We Dislike

  •   Annual insurance, management, and insurance fees are charged by the company

Birch Gold Group is an excellent company that has made their customer needs a top priority since 2003. They help their clients tremendously by discovering the perfect amount of silver, gold, palladium, and platinum to add to their budding portfolios. And they guarantee that this is the top way to create portfolio diversity while protecting their overall wealth and well-being.

The customer service team at Birch Gold is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and trained regarding everything related to gold and other precious metals. They provide investment advice and they are willing to answer any and all questions, which means you are left in the right hands.

For those who realize that a diversified portfolio is an absolute must, you can feel confident that Birch Gold group will help with the gold IRA account setup or rollover process to help you enhance your retirement investments further. Open an account with the company and rollover or transfer the funds needed to begin investing in your account. And once your account is active, they’ll guide you and help you choose the perfect precious metals investments to secure your retirement future.

Are you unsure of the proper steps to take next? Contact the company and one of their team members will walk you through the entire process from beginning to and. They’ll also make important recommendations along the way to help tweak your strategy to perfectly meet your investing needs. Once your decisions are final, a specialist from Birch Gold will purchase your chosen investments on your behalf.

You must keep your precious metals IRA investments safe and secure in a depository with IRS approval. Birch Gold Group provides their customers with a number of different storage options. The most popular option of theirs is to store your precious metals with a company named Delaware Depository. This company has $1 billion worth of insurance, so your investments are always safe and protected.

From a purity standpoint, each precious metals IRA investment has purity level minimums that they must meet. The gold purity level is 99.5%. The silver purity level is 99.9%. And the purity levels for platinum and palladium are 99.95%.

Once you begin working with this company, you have access to a wide array of precious metals bars and coins including the following:

Gold IRA Investments

  •   Gold American Eagle Coins
  •   Gold American Eagle Proof Coins
  •   Gold American Buffalo Coins
  •   Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  •   Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  •   Gold Australian Kangaroo Coins
  •   Various Gold Bars and Rounds

Silver IRA Investments

  •   Silver American Eagle Coins
  •   Silver American Eagle Proof Coins
  •   Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  •   Silver Australian Kookaburra Coins
  •   Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  •   Silver Mexican Libertad Coins
  •   Various Silver Bars and Rounds

Platinum IRA Investments

  •   Platinum American Eagle Coins
  •   Platinum Australian Koala Coins
  •   Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  •   Platinum Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  •   Various Platinum Bars and Rounds

Palladium IRA Investments

  •   Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  •   Various Palladium Bars and Rounds

Birch Gold sells a wide array of platinum, palladium, silver, and gold investments that have IRA approval. But they also sell other types of precious metals investments that you can buy for personal use. There top silver and gold non-IRA offerings include:

Gold Investments

  •   Gold American Eagle Coins
  •   Gold Gyrfalcon Coins
  •   Gold American Buffalo Coins
  •   Gold Indian Head Eagle Coins
  •   Gold Cub Coin
  •   Gold Polar Bear Coin
  •   Various Types of Gold Bars and Rounds

Silver Investments

  •   Morgan Silver Dollar Coin
  •   Peace Silver Dollar Coin
  •   American Eagle Silver Coin
  •   Half-Dollar Walking Liberty Silver Coin

Noble Gold Investments IRA Company

noble la

What We Like about this gold ira company:

  •   Opportunity to Invest in Digital Currencies
  •   Multiple Storage Options Including Facility in Texas
  •   Investment Choices Include Silver, Palladium, Platinum, and Gold

—> Visit Noble Gold Investments  for more information

What We Dislike

  •   Gold IRA rollover minimum investment is $5000

For those looking to invest with a reliable company, look no further than Noble Gold. This company has scored high marks with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. Then they guarantee that their clients will get expert guidance in helping make the perfect financial decisions that will match their preferences while creating a real-world financial plan. They have created a simplified process to make it easy for clients to invest without feeling stressed out or hassled.

Noble Gold maintains memberships with the Royal Canadian Mint, Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustlink. They remain in good standing with all of these organizations because their customers are always satisfied and provide excellent ratings and reviews.

Setting up a Noble Gold account is simple because they created an easy-to-follow process. Precious metals IRA investing offers account holders protection by providing portfolio diversity. Plus, there are tremendous tax breaks involved with gold IRA accounts just like traditional IRAs, so making returns are positive to secure your financial future.

To create an account with Noble Gold, please visit their website to get started. There is a link on the website to begin the account creation process. Fill out the form and send it to them. Wait for one of the team members to contact you to finish the account setup process. You will receive expert help with rollovers or fund transfers to begin investing with your new account.

After you’ve successfully funded your account, you can start picking precious metals to add to your gold IRA. They have a wide selection of palladium, platinum, silver, and gold coins and bars to choose from and they all have approval from the IRS. A list of their top precious metals IRA investing products include:

Gold IRA Coin Investments

  •   Gold American Eagle Coins
  •   Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  •   Gold American Eagle Proof Coins
  •   Gold Australian Kangaroo Coins
  •   Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

Gold IRA Bars Investments

  •   Lady Fortuna Pamp Suisse Gold Bars
  •   Perth Mint Gold Bar – 1 Ounce
  •   Johnson Matthey Gold Bar – 1 Kg
  •   Pamp Suisse Gold Bar – 100 G

Silver IRA Coin Investments

  •   Silver American Eagle Coins
  •   Silver America the Beautiful Coins
  •   Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  •   Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  •   Silver Australian Kangaroo Coins

Silver IRA Bars and Rounds Investments

  •   Highland Mint Round – 1 Ounce
  •   Highland Mint Bar – 5 Ounces

Platinum IRA Coins and Bars

  •   Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  •   Platinum American Eagle Coins
  •   Platinum Baird & Co. Bars

Palladium IRA Coins and Bars

  •   Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  •   Palladium Credit Suisse Bar – 1 Ounce

Besides using Noble Gold to open a self-directed IRA, you can also purchase investments for your personal portfolio while buying palladium, silver, gold, and platinum. They even sell collector coins and rare coins to customers as well.

Their rare or collectible coins have independent grading. They are also certified by the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation or the Professional Coin Grading Service. They sell their investments in a sealed holder to guarantee they arrive in perfect condition. Noble Gold also sells collectible and rare coins including the Morgan Silver Dollar, the $20 Kellogg Coin from 1854, and the 4-piece Indian St. Gauden Set.

They even sell a wide range of a specific type of investment known as Royal Service Packs. Every one of these packs is available in a wide range of prices and has preselected precious metals within. 

The various options include:

  •   The Noble Cavalier Pack Retails for $5000
  •   The Noble Knight Pack Retails for $10,000
  •   The Noble Baron Pack Retails for $23,000
  •   The Noble Viscount Pack Retails for $50,000
  •   The Noble Earl Pack Retails for $100,000
  •   The Noble Marquess Pack Retails for $250,000
  •   The Noble Duke Pack Retails for $500,000

They also sell the Noble Ambassador, which is a customizable pack that allows you to pick and choose your investments. This is the best option for anyone who isn’t a citizen in the United States.

After you want your precious metals investments, Noble Gold will ship the order to you or your depository discreetly and securely. Not only will your investment get to where it needs to go safely, but it will also get there very quickly because they have partnered with excellent suppliers who offer competitive prices. They even provide their customers with a buyback program in case you ever need to sell your precious metals quickly at some point down the line.

Noble Gold takes great pride in providing professional customer service to all of its customers. They do not attempt to use pushy sales tactics and they ensure that their team is trained and possesses the necessary knowledge to help you grow your retirement portfolio with physical precious metals.


Regal Assets

What we Like about this gold ira company:

  •   IRS approved storage facilities are secure
  •   Numerous storage options that are segregated and fully insured
  •   Cryptocurrency IRA investing is available

—> Visit Regal Assets

What we dislike about this gold ira company:

  •   When compared to other companies, their precious metals selections aren’t nearly as diverse

Regal Assets is a wonderful company to work with if you’re looking to add diversity to your portfolio by investing in cryptocurrencies and precious metals. Tyler Gallagher founded this company more than 10 years ago, but it has grown into a trusted and reliable investment company all around the world.

Regal Assets is a member of the Forbes Finance Council, which is a prestigious membership because the company has to be hand selected by Forbes in order to qualify. They have a wonderful team of trained specialists that help their clients choose the perfect investments while providing guidance to help them make important financial decisions for their future.

Regal assets has a large and well-rounded selection of precious metals investments to choose from including coins and bars that all have IRS approval. They sell silver, platinum, palladium, and gold. And if you like to begin investing with them, visit their website and fill out the online form. Give them the information required to set up an account, transfer your funds via the transfer process, and after the account is set up, you can begin picking coins and bars for your portfolio. The whole process is very easy and only takes a few minutes to get started.

If you already have a retirement account in existence, you should speak with a regal assets team to initiate a precious metals IRA rollover. Certain accounts need to meet eligibility requirements, but if you meet the requirements with your account, you can begin funding your new account very quickly. A Regal Assets team member will be happy to help you with this process.

This company undoubtedly has a huge selection of palladium, platinum, silver, and gold coins and bars that all meet the approval of the IRS. Gold purity levels include 99.5%, silver purity levels include 99.9%, and platinum and palladium purity levels include 99.95%.

We’ll now take a look at the various coins and bars that you can purchase from regal assets to add to your precious metals IRA portfolio:

Gold IRA Bars

  •   Credit Suisse Gold Bars – 1 g
  •   Credit Suisse Gold Bars – 2.5 g
  •   Credit Suisse Gold Bars – 10 g
  •   Credit Suisse Gold Bars – 20 g
  •   Credit Suisse Gold Bars – 50 g
  •   Credit Suisse Gold Bars – 1 ounce
  •   Credit Suisse Gold Bars – 10 ounces
  •   Credit Suisse Gold Bars – 1 kg

Gold IRA Coins

  •   Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  •   Gold American Eagle Coin
  •   Gold Britannia Coin
  •   Gold South African Krugerrand Coin
  •   Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

Silver IRA Bars and Coins

  •   Johnson Matthey Silver Bars – 10 Ounces
  •   Johnson Matthey Silver Bars – 100 Ounces
  •   Silver Britannia Coin
  •   Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  •   Silver American Eagle Coin
  •   Silver Australian Kookaburra Coin

Platinum IRA Coins

  •   Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  •   Platinum Australian Koala Coin
  •   Platinum American Eagle Coin

Palladium IRA Bars and Coins

  •   Credit Suisse Palladium Bar – 1 Ounce
  •   Credit Suisse Palladium Bar – 10 Ounces
  •   Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

Regal Assets has a way of standing out from the crowd because they also offer their customers cryptocurrency IRA’s. This is an added way to diversify a portfolio for retirement even further by buffering US dollar inflation and the stock market volatility. At regal assets, customers can invest in different cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar, Zcash, XRP, and Tezos.

Customers have the option to choose from a variety of crypto currency investment packages. These products exist to help make the investing process even simpler, which many beginners often find overwhelming.

The investment packages have precious metals coins and bars that are already preselected. Customers have the option to choose Regal Assets packages that include the following options:

  •   The Merchant Package Costs $5000
  •   The Knighthood Package Costs $10,000
  •   The Legacy Portfolio Costs $25,000
  •   The Kingship Portfolio Costs $50,000
  •   The Dynasty Portfolio Costs $100,000
  •   The Coronation Portfolio Costs $250,000

How to Pick the Best Gold IRA Companies

Choosing a company that sells precious metals can certainly be a bit challenging. This is your hard-earned money that you have to trust them with. That’s why so many people have identified and reviewed the top gold companies in the industry today. And it’s the reason why we put together our list of the top five Best organizations. 

Take a look at our list and pay close attention to the companies. Look at the services they provide and really assess their products. Figure out which company best meets your needs and preferences because they are likely going to be the ideal match.

Expectations and Reputation

Be careful when considering a company to work with when making a large investment purchase. Do your research and discover if a company is reputable and trustworthy. Consider how long they’ve been in business and use this and customer reviews to make an informed decision. Check their standing with Consumer Affairs, the Business Consumer Alliance, and the Better Business Bureau.

Options for Investments

Please take some time to consider the various investing options that companies offer. In a perfect world, you should compare multiple companies against one another to see if their products match your financial needs as perfectly as possible. As an example, certain companies only offer precious metals for gold IRAs. Other companies offer investments for personal investments and precious metals IRAs as well. And still others sell collectible coins, rare coins, and more.

Look closely at the types of precious metals that they sell. Beside silver and gold, do they sell platinum and palladium for precious metals IRAs? Is that something you want to invest in? Do they have a good selection?

Or maybe you’d like to invest in cryptocurrencies as well. If You Think Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum is a good idea, you should find a company that offers this option too.

Fees & Charges

Remember to look at the fine print when dealing with a company that charges fees for their services. Are they transparent about their pricing? Do they provide their customers with free shipping and insurance? Is there a yearly administration fee? Find out about the fees before making your final choice.

Customer Support and Services for Clients

Many companies offer a simplified gold IRA account creation and funding process, but it still seems overwhelming to some. You may have to pay for certain charges or if you fail the transfer funds you can be stuck with fees and penalties. Keep in mind about all of these different things and make sure you have a knowledgeable guide leading you toward precious metals IRA investing success.

First, you should connect with a team member that will help you by providing a step-by-step process. You also want to work with a company that can provide advice and guidance if you are hesitating and unsure of yourself.

Our #1 Choice

We truly believe in each and every one of the gold investment companies that we recommended because they all have great reputations, they are trustworthy, and they are reliable. But out of each and every one of these companies, one of them really stands out amongst the crowd. That company is Goldco, which is why we have picked them as our #1 choice.

This company stands out for the following reasons that include:

BCA and BBB High Ratings 

Goldco has received the highest A + rating from the Better Business Bureau. This means they have excellent standards of quality, service, and they also offer top-notch products. The Business Consumer Alliance has also given this company their highest AAA rating.

Team Members Have the Best Training

When doing business with Goldco, you’re doing business with a team that you can trust. Their team members are knowledgeable about all of their services and products and always offer their customers the best advice. If you have any questions or concerns, or need clarification about anything, you can get accurate information by contacting them immediately.

Wide Array of Precious Metals Products

Even more important, Goldco sells a plethora of IRS-approved coins and bars that you can add to your gold IRA portfolio. This makes it possible to have a truly diversified portfolio that will act as a buffer against major corrections and the stock market.

Based on all of our research, Goldco is the top company to work with by far. Please visit their website and sign up to open a self-directed IRA account or ask for their free gold IRA guide if you need further information.


Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Precious Metals like Gold and Silver?

If you’re looking for an effective way to diversify your portfolio, then investing in precious metals is a good idea. Over the long term, precious metals have had an excellent performance that has even been in the stock market from a historical standpoint.

Even more so, the value of precious metals is typically retained over time. There is a limited supply and these metals are finite, which means they are often rare and gives them an added value as well.

We all know that precious metals are used to make jewelry like gold rings and silver chains, but they also have industrial uses as well, which puts them in high demand. Since many technological innovations use silver and gold, they will experience an increasing demand for many years to come.

If you’re looking to expand your overall portfolio, it’s definitely a good idea to start investing in precious metals. They protect against the volatility of the stock market while acting as a safe haven against inflation as well.

If you have all of your money tied up in the stock market, you can lose everything if the market were ever to crash. This would devastate your retirement prospects and cause great financial harm to you and your family. But if you keep a portion of your money in precious metals, you’ll have a safety net and something that you can fall back on in case the worst were ever to happen.

It’s very easy to liquidate precious metals as well if you need to sell them quickly. Since they are in high demand, there is always someone willing to purchase them from you. Real estate and other investments do not have the same level of liquidity.

When Is the Right Time to Buy Gold?

Obviously, buying gold when the price dips is always a good idea. But if you plan on investing for the long term, you can buy gold at any time because it will gain significant value year-over-year as long as you’re willing to wait out the years when the price dips.

In the past 50 years, gold has increased in value by 10% per year on average. Some years were awful, but other years were tremendous, which makes up for the shortfall and helps gold to consistently gain more value over time. The same thing can be said for silver, platinum, and palladium as well.

What Is a Gold IRA Account?

The real name for a gold IRA account is a self-directed individual retirement account. This type of account gives you the option to buy physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for your retirement investments. This is an alternative way to invest instead of buying traditional stocks and bonds. This type of account has many tax benefits like other individual retirement accounts, but the fees are often a bit higher because of administration, storage, and insurance fees.

What Is the Best Percentage of Precious Metals to Add to My Portfolio?

In truth, only you can really answer this question because you know how much money you’d like to invest and feel comfortable with it. On average, many investors will only tell you to invest 10%-25% of your portfolio in precious metals. But if you prefer protecting your wealth against inflation, a difficult stock market, or an ailing economy, you may want to take a much bigger position and invest more money by buying more gold, silver, and other precious metals.

So, it’s very difficult to share a specific percentage at this time. Just invest a percentage of your portfolio that you feel comfortable with and you can’t go wrong.

Should I Use All of My Money to Buy Gold and Other Precious Metals?

Have you ever heard the saying, “You should never put all of your eggs in one basket?” In this particular case, the saying definitely applies. You do not want to put all of your money in gold just in case the gold market was to crash. This is the same thing with the stock market as well, which is why many people like to hedge their bets and invest in gold as a powerful alternative.

Remember, the value of gold can definitely dip at any time, and it certainly does at different points. But overall, the value of gold will continue to rise roughly 10% per year. Some years it might rise 100%. Other years it might fall 80% in value. You have to be prepared to handle these fluctuations, which is why it’s best to protect your portfolio with precious metals but not invest your entire fortune in this specific type of investment. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket.


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