CBD oil has become one of the most highly sought-after products of the 21st Century, and today, thousands upon thousands of Americans swear by it as it has offered them relief to counteract everything from stress to aches and pains.  CBD oil is easier to find than ever thanks to its enormous popularity that has risen over the last decade, but that doesn’t mean that just any CBD oil product on the market is guaranteed to satisfy your most specific needs. Besides the fact that some companies simply produce higher-quality, more effective CBD oils than others, the other factor is that certain types of CBD oils are more likely to give you results.  Overall, it’s believed that full spectrum CBD oil is the most effective option of all.

We know that shopping for CBD can be intimidating, with so many products to choose from these days.  To help make things easier, we’re going to talk about the best full spectrum CBD oils that you’ll find on the market, based on extremely strict standards that determine quality, effectiveness, safety, and more that should be considered when buying any type of CBD oil.

Top 5 Full Spectrum CBD Oil Brands of 2022

To come up with a list of the top 5 full spectrum CBD oils out there, we had to stick to an extremely strict list of standards that we applied to an absolutely dizzying variety of brands that exist on the market.  We paid attention to things like ingredients, extraction methods, sourcing of the hemp plant, reviews and more to finally come up with the very best of the best.  Here are the five full spectrum CBD oil brands that we came up with after a lengthy process of weeding through just about every oil that we could get our hands on.

#1: FAB CBD – Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil

#2: NuLeaf Naturals – Lots of Formula Options

#3: Premium Jane – Best Manufacturing Methods 

#4: CBDistillery – Most Affordable

#5: PlusCBD – Best Flavor Selection

How We Created Our List of Top Full Spectrum CBD Oils 

Trying to figure out which CBD oils are the absolute best on the market is no easy task.  The process may sound overwhelming, but we’ve been in this industry long enough to know exactly what to look for in terms of the big determining factors that indicate overall quality, safety and effectiveness.  It doesn’t help that, naturally, every CBD oil brand promises that their product is the very best available.  But things like lab reports and ingredient lists don’t lie, and that made it quite easy to narrow down our selection quickly.

So, what are the factors that indicate the superiority of a specific CBD oil formula?  Here are the things that we looked for, and you can look for them too when shopping for any hemp product that’s on the market.

  • How the brand sources their hemp
  • How effective a product is based on reviews
  • Whether or not a company is federally compliant 
  • Third-party lab reports
  • Whether or not the brand carries full spectrum CBD 
  • How devoted a brand is to educating customers on the effects and properties of CBD products 
  • How much information is on a CBD oil bottle’s label, pertaining to the ingredients, milligram strength, instructions and more 

Once we simply focused on these specific factors, we quickly realized how many brands completely fall short, while others rise to the top of the superiority list.  This allowed us to finally determine the absolute best full spectrum CBD oils around.

5 Best Full Spectrum CBD Oils To Buy 

#1: FAB CBD – Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil

FAB CBD is a company that hemp enthusiasts feel comfortable with as they go above and beyond to offer transparency to customers.  They work strictly with organic hemp farmers in Colorado to ensure the best raw plant material, and also engage in third-party testing using the strictest protocol.  All of the products from FAB boast naturally sourced, clean ingredients, while they offer a generous variety of formulas to try for different user needs.  While they offer all kinds of unique hemp products, it’s their full spectrum CBD oil that continues to be the most popular offering of all, acting as a tried-and-true favorite.

FAB CBD Highlights

  • Organic, local hemp material
  • Strict lab-testing policy
  • Natural, plant-based ingredients 
  • Wide variety of product options
  • Transparency with customers
  • Extremely helpful customer service

The CBD Oil from FAB CBD

FAB CBD’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil checks all of the boxes and then some, offering up an extremely bioavailable formula that allows for maximum absorption into the body, while coming in a wide array of milligram strengths per 30ml bottle, ranging from 300mg all the way to 2400mg.  This is key as it allows users to choose their own potency level based on their needs.  The formula is completely plant-based, with a generous selection of natural flavors like berry, citrus and vanilla to keep the taste buds happy.

  • Generous flavor vareity
  • Plant-based, clean formula
  • Wide variety of milligram strengths
  • Organically grown hemp 
  • High bioavailability 
  • No international shipping

#2: NuLeaf Naturals – Lots of Formula Options

We love NuLeaf, and so does the hemp community at large, who trusts this company with all of their daily CBD needs.  NuLeaf offers a seed-to-sale approach to customers to inform them on every single aspect of their manufacturing, starting with the cultivation of the raw hemp material all the way to the packaging.  The brand refuses to use any fillers or additives in their products, and they work strictly with Colorado-grown hemp that’s fully organic to be pesticide-free.  The brand has been in operation since 2014, and offers quite a large selection of hemp products that feature CBD, CBG, CBN and other beneficial hemp derivatives.

NuLeaf Naturals Highlights

  • Lots of great cannabinoid-specific formulas
  • Organic hemp from Colorado 
  • Clean, plant-based formulas 
  • Seed-to-sale transparency
  • Third-party test reports easy to access

The CBD Oil from NuLeaf Naturals 

NuLeaf’s CBD Oil uses a full spectrum extract and contains only the most minimal amount of ingredients to allow the hemp to speak for itself.  This gives the body every naturally occurring compound found in hemp, in the levels that would exist in the pure, raw plant.  There’s only hempseed oil in the formula besides the hemp extract, which is rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients as an added plus.  You can find strengths ranging from 300mg to a whopping 6000mg to suit your specific needs.

  • Wide variety of strengths
  • Just two ingredients 
  • Made with hempseed oil
  • Unflavored
  • Some may prefer flavored CBD oil 

#3: Premium Jane – Best Manufacturing Methods

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Premium Jane is a company that takes their role in the hemp industry seriously.  They have employed some of the best chemists, agriculturists and hemp experts in the field to ensure that each product they formulate exceeds industry standards and gives customers the level of quality that they deserve.  Their catalog is pretty impressive in terms of its size and diversity, offering something for everyone, from mouthwatering CBD gummies to bath bombs that relax the body and mind.  They’re also a brand that provides vegan formulas to customers, showing that they understand the specific needs of those who live a vegan lifestyle.  Each step of their manufacturing process is carried out meticulously, with cutting-edge extraction methods, purification methods and more.

Premium Jane Highlights

  • Large product selection 
  • Organic, locally sourced raw hemp material
  • Loads of knowledge on the hemp plant
  • Plant-based formulas 
  • Lots of vegan choices
  • Non-GMO
  • Technologically advanced manufacturing methods 

The CBD Oil from Premium Jane 

Premium Jane offers some of the best-selling full spectrum CBD oil out there, offering a generous selection of cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients and more in a user-friendly format.  With their tinctures ranging from 300mg to 2500mg per 30ml bottle, users will have an easy time finding the ideal potency level for their daily needs, while treating themselves to mouthwatering, naturally derived flavors like Mint Chocolate, Citrus and Peach Nectar.  Each formula contains only lab-tested hemp extract, MCT oil and naturally derived flavoring.

  • Clean, natural ingredients 
  • Nice selection of milligram strengths
  • Delicious flavors
  • Good brand aesthetics
  • Simple formulas
  • Somewhat expensive 

#4: CBDistillery – Most Affordable 

One of the most recognized names in the hemp industry is CBDistillery, known best for their straightforward products that address all kinds of needs while being surprisingly affordable, resulting from the brand’s commitment to doing virtually everything in-house.  The brand knows their stuff when it comes to hemp, which enables them to offer all kinds of unique formulas that are hard to find elsewhere, like formulas that utilize superfoods for synergistic effects with cannabinoids, and a surprising array of CBN-based formulas as well.  The brand is never a disappointment when it comes to quality, and they offer one of the best customer service teams you’ll find anywhere to answer any and all questions.

CBDistillery Highlights

  • Wide variety of products
  • Unique product formulations 
  • Clean, simple ingredients 
  • Great prices
  • Fast shipping 

The CBD Oil from CBDistillery

CBDistillery offers a wide array of CBD oils including broad spectrum and CBD isolate options, but their full spectrum oil is their most popular by far.  This tincture is unflavored, containing only full spectrum hemp extract and MCT oil, to offer gentle effects to the body while still delivering enough CBD to experience the results that are desired.  Strength options range from 300mg to 3000mg per 30ml bottle.

  • Affordable cost
  • Great variety of milligram strengths
  • Lots of unique formula options 
  • Minimal ingredients 
  • Unflavored options
  • Some may prefer flavored CBD oils 

#5: PlusCBD – Best Flavor Selection

Another great company is PlusCBD, who has built their reputation over the years by providing customers with consistently exceptional CBD, as well as some of the best customer service anywhere.  This brand has a strong science-based approach to formulating CBD products, using the latest research to determine how best to offer an effective hemp formula to customers.  They use dazzling aesthetics to make their products seem like little pieces of luxury, and their Reserve line in particular offers extremely powerful and cutting-edge blends of hemp derivatives and other beneficial ingredients.  They offer everything from top-notch CBD oils to spectacular topicals, and pet products as well.

PlusCBD Highlights

  • Highly advanced formulas
  • Science-based 
  • Natural ingredients
  • Large product selection 
  • Great customer service

The CBD Oil from PlusCBD

PlusCBD is best known for their CBD oils, which come in a huge variety of strengths ranging from 5mg to 50mg per serving, and offer a delicious selection of appetizing flavors like Lemon Ginger, Dark Chocolate Mint and more.  These full spectrum oils combine hemp extract with olive oil and naturally derived flavoring extracts to provide nothing but that which exists in mother nature.  These non-GMO CBD oils are free of pesticides as they come from organic hemp plant material.

  • Great flavor options
  • Wide selection of milligram strengths
  • Organically grown hemp
  • Clean ingredients
  • Diluted in olive oil
  • A bit pricier than average

Understanding the Different Types of CBD 

There are three main types of CBD oil on the market, according to the type of hemp extract that they contain.  All of the 5 oils we mentioned above contain full spectrum hemp extract, but you can find both broad spectrum and CBD isolate options as well.

  • Full Spectrum: Full spectrum hemp extract contains every occurring compound found in hemp, in the amount that it exists in nature.  It’s the only type of extract to contain the amount of naturally occurring THC found in hemp, which is 0.3%.  Note that this amount is federally legal, and completely non-intoxicating.
  • Broad Spectrum: Broad spectrum hemp extract is a THC-free alternative to full spectrum, as it contains every naturally occurring compound except for THC.
  • CBD Isolate: CBD isolate is a type of hemp extract that contains only 100% pure CBD (cannabidiol), with no other compounds present.  Because there are no terpenes in CBD isolate, you will notice that the extract has zero flavor, aroma or color, as cannabinoids themselves do not have these types of properties.

Why is Full Spectrum CBD Oil the Best Option?

Full spectrum CBD oil is considered to be the most effective and most beneficial in terms of its diversity of properties.  As full spectrum extracts contain the complete variety of chemical compounds in the plant, you’ll receive the benefits of each individual cannabinoid, terpene, flavonoid and nutrient with each serving.  Beyond that, only full spectrum hemp extract offers the entourage effect, which refers to the complete synergistic benefit of consuming all of the compounds together at once.  This synergistic effect allows the compounds to boost the bioavailability of one another for a stronger CBD experience overall. There are a lot of options out there, so doing a bit of research into finding the strongest oil can really pay off.

What are the Benefits of CBD Oil?

As a cannabinoid, CBD attaches itself to cannabinoid receptors located in each system of the body to enable a process of regulation that can bring a feeling of balance and wellbeing to the body and mind.  These are the most common benefits associated with CBD oil:

Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil

In general, CBD is considered safe and gentle on the body.  But, those who are particularly sensitive, and those who have very low tolerances may experience the following:

  • Grogginess/brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Appetite changes
  • Reduced blood pressure 

Is There Any Specific Dosage Guide for Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

CBD oil is usually administered sublingually, and for this method, a full milliliter typically acts as a standard dose.  The dropper cap that comes with your bottle is designed to hold a milliliter at a time, to make dosing easy.  

CBD oils come in a wide array of milligram strengths, and to determine how many milligrams are in each serving, simply divide the number of milligrams in the bottle by the number of milliliters.  If you had a 1000mg bottle containing 30ml of oil, that would equal 33 milligrams per serving.

While there are general dosing guidelines, the appropriate dosage for each person depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Tolerance (beginners may feel the effects more strongly)
  • The nature of their endocannabinoid system (some people simply respond better to specific dosages due to their unique bodies)
  • What they’re trying to address (more severe issues may respond best to higher dosages)
  • Their weight (higher doses may be best for those with higher body weights)

When it comes to the proper dosage of CBD oil for most individuals, we recommend 33 milligrams per serving, which is what you’ll get per dropper when you purchase a 1000mg 30ml bottle, which is considered standard.  Take this amount daily for 2 weeks before deciding whether or not you should adjust your dosage, as it can take this long for the body to fully adjust to your new routine.  Because CBD is nontoxic, you can generally tolerate higher doses if necessary.

How to Use CBD Oil 

CBD oil is quite a user-friendly product, and a versatile one as well.  It can be added to food or even administered topically, but it’s far more common to take it as a tincture.  This means that the product is administered to the sublingual tissue (below the tongue) for a unique method of absorption.

To take CBD oil, simply fill the dropper cap that comes with the bottle with oil, and then pour the full amount beneath the tongue.  Wait for about 60 seconds before swallowing.  The effects should take place somewhere between 15 to 45 minutes later.

How to Shop for CBD Oil Legally 

CBD oil is completely legal as long as it contains a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC, and comes from the hemp plant.  The good news is that it’s very rare to come across CBD oil that’s not compliant with federal law.  But, to really ensure that the CBD oil you’re eyeing is legal, follow these tips.

#1: Buy from a Legitimate Source

Of course, you’re more likely to end up with fake or illegal CBD oil if you’re buying from a non-legitimate source, like a random person selling it online or from the black market.  Only buy from trusted brands like the ones above, that have established reputations throughout the hemp industry.

#2: Read the Label

Reading the label is important, because CBD oil should always have hemp listed in its ingredients, showing you that the CBD oil does not come from the marijuana plant.

#3: Look at Lab Reports

All CBD products should come with third-party lab reports that can be found on a company’s website.  This is where you’ll be able to find objective information about how the CBD oil is made, and most importantly, the amount of delta 9 THC found in the product.  If the amount exceeds 0.3%, then you know that the product is not compliant with federal hemp laws.

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

Countless Americans have found that CBD oil is an essential part of their daily routine, whether they’re struggling with pain, sleep, stress or a general lack of balance.  And, the large majority will tell you that full spectrum CBD oil is the one that makes the most of a difference, thanks to the entourage effect that can allow for stronger properties and a higher likelihood of each individual need being met.  Meanwhile, CBD oil is legal, safe and non-addictive, which means that it can be taken in the long term without any real concern of any kind.

Despite the rising popularity of CBD oil, there are still companies out there that are getting away with making cheap, low-quality products.  That’s why you always want to be extra careful when it comes to the brand that you’re buying from.  These  brands above are producing some of the highest-quality, most effective full spectrum CBD oil on the market, and that’s why we encourage you to check out their formulas if you’re ready to incorporate this product type into your regimen.

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