Our neighbors to the North are following California’s lead and introducing THC edibles to their legal market. Despite prohibitive advertising regulations, there will be an explosion of new cannabis products into Canada. 

Today we will review the best THC edibles you can buy in Los Angeles throughout California. These edibles will be sure to make their way into the Canadian market. 

Gone are the days of nondescript pot brownies and space cakes that lack any nutritional information. In their place, we have tasty treats made by gourmet chefs, nutritionists, and food scientists. The THC edibles available to us are professionally packaged with nutritional information, making for a safer consumer experience. 

When will weed edibles be legalized in Canada? 

  • Edibles will become legal in Canada on October 17th 2019.
  • It is more realistic that the Canadian market will not see THC edibles on product shelves until mid-December. The lag is because health Canada must be notified 60 days before selling any products. 

What will the impact of legal weed edibles be in Canada? 

  • Deloitte put out a recent report that estimates that Canada’s second phase of legalization will bring about $2.7 billion to the Canadian economy. 
  • Edibles will account for $1.6 billion of this figure. 

What are the regulations of THC edibles in Canada? 

Compared to California there are more regulations around weed edibles in Canada. Health Canada has imposed strict branding requirements. Products must be:

  • Plain, child resistant, and cannot appeal to children. 
  • Packaging must have distinctive THC markings.
  • Edibles must state the equivalent dried flower amount. 
  • Cannabis edibles are not allowed to contain more than 10mg of THC per packaged product. 
  • Cannabis edibles are not allowed to contain vitamins, minerals, nicotine or alcohol. 

All of this means that the best THC gummies for sale in California, will need to adjust their offerings to pass these stringent laws in Canada.

So, while the Canadian market awaits its first Cannabis edible products, we’ve chosen five of the best edible brands currently being sold in California, that will soon be heading to Canadian shelves. 

How to Buy THC Edibles

Time for the good stuff: how to buy THC edibles. If you’re Canadian, we recommend that you buy your Cannabis edibles through licensed government retailers such as the Ontario Cannabis Store, BC Cannabis, and Société Québécois du Cannabis. US customers of legal states can use this store locator to find a cannabis store that sells edibles near me (you). 

Whether you’re Canadian or America, we recommend that you buy your Cannabis edibles through licensed government or private retailers.Since the legalization of THC edibles is relatively new on both sides of the border, consumers must be wary of unscrupulous companies out to make a quick buck. The following criteria were used to create our list and we recommend using the same when searching for THC edibles. 

  1. Third-Party Tested and Independently Verified
  2. Organic and All-natural
  3. Flavor
  4. Price
  5. Amount of THC

When taking edibles, always take with food and wait two hours to feel the full effects. It’s best to start with a low dosage and increase as you see fit. If you feel like you’ve eaten too many THC edibles, relax and allow the effects to work through your system in a few hours. Some CBD may also help your body get back to normal. 

Best THC Edibles

  1. Budderweeds – Mixed Variety Pack 

Budderweeds is one of the most popular brands in North America, and their number one on our list for their quality and price. We recommend their mixed variety pack of THC gummies so that you can enjoy their most popular flavors: orange dreamsicle, strawberry, and wildberry gummies. 

Their mixed variety gummies are accessible not only because of their friendly price point but also because they are organic, vegan, and gluten-free. Their THC edibles are made in-house as culinary professionals use a GMP certified facility to infuse each gummy with 10mg of pure THC. 

The great thing about Budderweeds is their commitment to safety. All of their THC products are third-party lab tested. You can scan the QR code found on the packaging to see the batch third-party lab test results. Not only are there no heavy metals, pesticides, or toxins, but there are also no artificial flavors or preservatives — Budderweeds THC gummies are 100% all-natural. 

  1. KushyPunch – Strawberry Sativa Gummies

KushyPunch THC gummies are one of the best-selling gummies in California. They use locally sourced, highly potent, full-spectrum cannabis oil. They have a great selection with Sativa (strawberry), Hybrid (tropical punch), Indica (plum), Private Reserve (pink lemonade), Recover (black and blue raspberry), and KushyCBD (peach). 

KushyPunch’s 100mg strawberry Sativa gummy is their most popular flavor. Each gummy has 10mg of THC and is low in calories with low sugar. They are also 100% organic colored & flavored, Non-GMO, and free from peanuts, dairy, gluten, and fat.

  1. Discreetly Baked 

Discreetly Baked is luxury cannabis. These award winning cannabis edibles are some of the most delicious you’ll ever eat. They are a wide range of THC infused chocolates to choose from. My personal favorites were the cannabis infused White Chocolate, and the THC infused Mint Chocolate. 

Discreetly Baked cannabis edibles are meticulously crafted from the purest ingredients, for example their classic white chocolate bar has a classy, silky creamy finish. The Discreetly Baked THC edibles are ideal for cannabis consumers with a love for chocolate, and a refined palate. All of their edibles are elegant in size, their smooth curves makes them ideal for nibbling, savouring and sharing. 

Discreetly Baked cannabis edibles have been a hit in California, the Canadian Market is in for a treat! 

  1. Kiva – Blackberry Dark Chocolate

These award-winning chocolate bars have been around since 2010 and come in a variety of flavors: Churro Milk Chocolate, mint chocolate chip dark, CBD dark chocolate 5:1, Raspberry & Cream white, ginger and dark chocolate, espresso & dark chocolate, vanilla chai milk chocolate, blackberry dark chocolate, mint Irish cream milk chocolate, and tangerine dark chocolate. Each chocolate bar contains 100mg of THC.

Their blackberry dark chocolate is award-winning. It won Best Edible, 2013, San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup, and Best Edible 2013, Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup. Ingredients include: Semisweet chocolate (Sugar, Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Potassium Carbonate, Lecithin (Sunflower and or Soya) Vanilla), Cannabis Extract, Natural Flavors.

  1. Plus – Sour Watermelon Gummies

These Sativa sour watermelon gummies are one of the best-selling gummies in California. Plus makes our list because they bring over forty years of food manufacturing experience. The team includes Michelin-star chefs and Ivy League chemists. 

Each low-calorie, kosher gummy contains 5mg of THC, which is a lower strength than other THC edibles on our list. This particular flavor is known for its uplifting effects and is ideal for use in the daytime. 

Weed Edibles For Sale

Budderweeds, an AAXLL Brands Company, has the best THC gummies for sale today. If you’re looking for THC chocolates, go with Discreetly Baked. Both these brands offer the best value for the high-quality for which they are made. While these two edibles are our favorite, the other THC edibles on our list make some of the best cannabis edible products on the market today. 

A collaboration of food experts, scientists, and food manufacturers are needed to create these excellent products. The results speak for themselves. People love the THC edibles on our list because of the bursting flavors and the creative, giggly feelings that come with the THC.

We strongly recommend choosing THC edibles that have third-party lab results available. Companies that don’t test their products risk having heavy metals, toxins, or pesticides in their products. 

Remember, Canadian consumers can buy weed edibles at legal cannabis stores such as the Ontario Cannabis Store, BC Cannabis and Société Québécois du Cannabis. Californian customers can use this store locator!

All the THC edibles that we listed are well-reviewed by a diverse range of publications and users and we encourage you to enjoy responsibly. 


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